City Takes Family’s Two Mini Dairy Goats; Pay Thousands in Fines or Same to Rewrite Code

Mini goat plays with toddler

By Heather Callaghan

Why is there such a concerted and simultaneous effort across the states to keep you from practicing healthy self reliance while not disturbing anyone?

The Agenda 21 lovin’ code enforcers are at it again, stoking situations and aggression where there were none – and that is what is most disturbing to peace.

A Visalia, California family was initially threatened $1,000 in fines per day for having two miniature dairy goats in their ample-spaced, fenced back yard. A mom decided to have them because she physically cannot breastfeed, and Visalia in the San Joaquin Valley prides itself on being “green” and tolerant of natural lifestyles. Apparently the city wants her to choose between GMO soy formula, paying fines in punishment OR paying over $3,500 for their having to rewrite the code. In the meantime – how does she get her Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats back?

Sorry, city – you “want” the code, you write it – the way it was before. No one asked you to complicate it. Why do your residents bother paying you at all?

The city does not want her to have them – why is it petitioning her to do their job and foisting the cost on her when the residents already pay these costs? If the goats are such a burden, how does paying thousands undo that, and thereby allow it to magically be a “right again”? Think about it – if fears of “smelliness” are a problem (completely unfounded) – how does paying money fix that? It only grants a temporary “privilege” until another issue is unearthed or another resident is targeted.

By dangling her property and food source with unreasonable demands, this is an obvious power play that has nothing to do with safety, peace or even social sameness. It’s about crippling dependence and punishment.

Owner Gingi Freeman told us:

I am currently fighting my city to return my two miniature dairy goats that provide milk for my babies since I cannot produce breast milk – my breast milk was removed as a teen from a birth deformity – and I use the milk to make organic baby formula.

The city initially threatened to fine me $1000 a day that I had the goats. Now they are willing to change the municipal code to allow my small goats that break no noise, health or trespass ordinances, but only if I foot the bill for rewriting the zoning code, which is $3598.

Andrew Mastricola of Food Freedom USA has also written more about Gingi’s efforts to allow Food Producing Animals in residential areas. See and support Gingi at the city council meeting on June 1st. Additionally, Gingi has answered all arguments that people frequently use to rationalize bad behavior from overreaching local government agents (because armchair critics don’t want to make efforts to stop being drowned in codes). These bureaucratic actions are unreasonable, forceful and senseless.

Are you “Pro-Goat” and wish to follow this story? You can learn more at where Freeman is keeping all the information together for those interested. Their action steps are here:

Her GoFundMe accepts donations to take actions that allow miniature goats in the city and to help her get her milking goats back: Follow on Twitter.

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17 Comments on "City Takes Family’s Two Mini Dairy Goats; Pay Thousands in Fines or Same to Rewrite Code"

  1. tsk tsk….i have only one question to ask.

    why do americans have so many guns?

    Do they believe in protecting their rights including property rights from theft and fraud?

    People like this and others (who reside in close proximity) should protect their rights and their neighbor rights…at all costs.

    It only takes a few run-ins before the word gets out and the masses get upset with outright theft, and the government’s ability to kill you for resisting against a crime against you and your property.

    so back to my first question.

    anyone have any answer or is america the land of gun collectors?>

    • Perhaps they are trying to raise two young children, and don’t cotton to the idea of CPS giving them to pedophile rings? I mean, it’s just a wild guess.

      Don’t expect others to have the same views as you (as they are not methods, and you probably don’t have the courage of your own stated convictions), when you obviously haven’t acted upon your own advice.

      • A little trigger happy with the censorship, no?

      • you guys censored the word “s3x” spelled correctly? Seriously?

      • A new audit of the California foster care system has revealed that over 1,000 foster home addresses match those of registered s3x offenders, according to the Los Angeles Times.

        It seems that child welfare official failed to compare the addresses even after they were told to do so in 2008. According to the Sacramento Bee, about 600 of the highlighted offenders were considered high risk.

        The matching addresses involved both foster care facilities and homes, according to the Sacramento Bee.

        — from Huffington Post

    • It’s a land of gun collectors. While there are homeowners who have a single gun for home defense, there are others who have 5 or more; mostly collectibles. The survuvalists will have an AR-15 or two, perhaps an AK-47 and several handguns like a 44 madnum, a 45 and a smaller semi automatic pistol. But most humans are not the psychopaths that are in government, and while there are government abuses all over, the threat to the average citizen is pretty much non existent. Most of the suburbs are practically crime free. The cops know enough to not hassle the locals in the suburbs. And responding with an armed defense of your rights will get you branded by the media as a radical extremist. And the government response will be a quick siege, where they end it violently, or get a plea agreement to ‘lesser’ charges. The US is about to go bankrupt very soon. Then things will get interesting.

      • lol…

        Wait until they take what is yours possibly including your children.

        So how do you deal with a psychopath? I loved to hear your rational approach.

        Face it….you’re afraid of the “State” and its power. If a psycho entered your house and was going to take your daughter and your car, and you had a gun accessible….what would you do? Oh yeah….wait for the US to go bankrupt.

        • They are going broke. and they don’thave the resources to control the populace, so they get the populace to do it through dear programming, as you so blantantly display. I’m not afraid of the state. the state is failing. And then you resort to straw amn taxtics. What does a psycho entering my house have to do with the government? And I don’t have a daughter. Go back to licking boots. You don’t seem to be capable of thinking for yourself.

          • the government does not go broke or bankrupt like an individual. It just dissolves and reforms. Just like your pension plan you are banking on…lol

            And the US is not going bankrupt soon. What other country or currency has more support than the USD?? If you believe that, then go live there and exchange your currency. We’ll be the last to fall….so to speak. So stop spreading your BS.

            You are one of “those” that believe in being passive or waiting for god to save us as the answer. You are a simpleton who believes in fairy tales.

          • Yes, the government does go broke, just like any other corporation. You’re about to see it in Greece next, then the rest of the governments will start to go broke, as well. They don’t just dissolve and reform like you imagine. And what’s with LOL” Am I talking to a twelve year old?

            And yes, the US will soon go bankrupt. As for which country has more support, you have obviously not been paying attention. Obama replaced the CEO of GM, to install one who invested the bailout money in China. China has been buying tons of gold. As for currency, the dollar is worthless, propped up only by the rigged stock market through high speed trading and the derivatives market. You obviously know nothing about international banking or finance. Put the glass pipe down and wake up. Two thirds of the US GDP is consumer spending. Explain to me how long you think that can last. Then you might be able to tell me what BS is.

            And quit with the straw man and ad hominem arguments. Get some formal logic education if you want to argue with an adult. You are the idiot who believes in fairy tales. You believe in politicians, who are the worst liars on the planet. You might as well believe in Santa Claus. I bet you think the great depression was all a hoax, or that it could never happen again. It will be look like a minor downturn compared to wat is about to happen. I don’t know how you could possibly hallucinate my views into fairy tales, you imbecile. Then again, you probably only read the comics.

          • you idiot.

            ALL governments have been broke since their inception and will always be broke. How long has the US and other governments continued to operate and a functioning entity even thought they are “broke” or indebted?

            When you can print money, you can sustain yourself for a long time. The USD is the world reserve currency and will remain so until the masters are ready for a change.

            More than 50% of americans are indebted and are essentially bankrupt. But guess what clueless, thing continue on. People don’t file bankruptcy and continue their indebtedness for years and years. You have been sold on the black and white theory of the monetary system.

            They are leading us where they want to be. At some point in time the gov will resigned from most of its entitlement obligations….that’s what most of orchestrated financial calamity has been about for the past 14 years. In as little as 10 to 15 years, they will accomplish their goals of eliminating all gov entitlement spending and many of the unsustainable elderly population will be dead or facing death. Only the rich and productive will survive.

            This is just a culling of the herd and I must say its overdue. I’m tired of tax moneys being used to replace a hip for a 85 yo patient or whatever they want to keep them eating and crapping. Many of these people have brought these problems on through their own choices. Guess what….the gov is merely making changes so that in the very near future, you and only you, will be responsible for yourself. So if you want or need a heart transplant, I hope you have the bucks and the wherewithal to get it. Otherwise, you are sh#t out of luck, and its time to clock out.

            don’t think for a moment that the elitist moneychangers are not in control. THey know exactly what they are doing Sure they make mistakes, but they have ALWAYS achieved their long term goals. The monetary policy you speak of is the drivel they have driven into your head. THere is only one policy, and its theirs and you’ll never be privy to it.

  2. So many things…I can’t make cookies or cakes and sell them out front because I’m not licensed with an FDA approved kitchen. I can’t have a garage sale unless I register with the town and pay for a permit. They are blocking us at every turn.

  3. ignasi orobitg gene | May 19, 2015 at 12:55 am |

    any food that used milk improves 100% if untreated.

  4. When it comes to government in the U.S., when it comes to food, medicine, the very air we breath, if it is good for you, the government will try to outlaw it. If it will give you cancer, diabetes, brain damage, or early death, the government will try to make it mandatory. Explain that one to me without admitting that the minions in D.C. are evil.

  5. GMO soil milk is toxic. It has so much estrogen you’re literally feeding your baby liquid birth control bills.

  6. What a bunch of NAZIS

  7. Meanwhile, the city probably accepts ne’er-do-well urbanites and drug dealers keeping vicious pit bulls (made vicious by the urbanites) or other dogs on their property.

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