Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Séralini study shows Roundup damages sperm

Anthony Freda Art
Activist Post

A new study in rats found that Roundup altered testicular function after only 8 days of exposure at a concentration of only 0.5%, similar to levels found in water after agricultural spraying, writes Claire Robinson, Managing Editor of GMO Seralini.

The study found no difference in sperm concentration, viability and mobility, but there was an increase in abnormal sperm formation measured 2, 3, and 4 months after this short exposure.

The study, the first to measure the delayed effects of exposure to Roundup onsperm in mammals from a short exposure, was conducted by a team including Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini at the University of Caen, France.

Roundup was found to change gene expression in sperm cells, which could alter the balance of the sex hormones androgen and estrogen. A negative impact on sperm quality was confirmed, raising questions about impairedsperm efficiency. The authors suggested that repeated exposures to Roundup at doses lower than those used in agriculture could damage mammalian reproduction over the long term.

The study’s findings should raise alarm in farm workers, as well as people who spray Roundup for municipal authorities and even home gardeners. People exposed to lower doses repeated over the long term, including consumers who eat food produced with Roundup and people who happen to be exposed to others’ spraying activities, should also be concerned.

Those who want to conceive a child should take special measures to minimise their exposure, including eating organic food and lobbying for a ban on Roundup spraying in their neighbourhoods.


Roundup is the major pesticide used in agriculture worldwide; it is a glyphosate-based herbicide. Its molecular effects are studied following an acute exposure (0.5%) of fifteen 60-day-old male rats during an 8-day period. Endocrine (aromatase, estrogen and androgen receptors, Gper1 in testicular and sperm mRNAs) and testicular functions (organ weights, sperm parameters and expression of the blood–testis barrier markers) were monitored at days 68, 87, and 122 after treatment, spermiogenesis and spermatogenesis. The major disruption is an increase of aromatase mRNA levels at least by 50% in treated rats at all times, as well as the aromatase protein. We have also shown a similar increase of Gper1 expression at day 122 and a light modification of BTB markers. A rise of abnormal sperm morphology and a decrease of the expression of protamine 1 and histone 1 testicular in epididymal sperm are observed despite a normal sperm concentration and motility.


• We investigated the effects of a glyphosate-based herbicide after an 8-day exposure of adult rats.
• We have shown a significant and differential expression of aromatase in testis.
• We have observed a diminution of mRNA expression of nuclear markers in spermatozoa.
• These results suggest changes in androgen/estrogen balance and in spermnuclear quality.
• The repetition of exposures of this herbicide could alter the mammalian reproduction.

An acute exposure to glyphosate-based herbicide alters aromatase levels in testis and sperm nuclear quality.

Estelle Cassault-Meyer, Steeve Gress, Gilles-Éric Séralini, Isabelle Galeraud-Denis
Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology Volume 38, Issue 1, July 2014, pp. 131–140

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unclezip said...

I'll be in the other room...plotting.

Hash said...

Welcome to Police State Amerika.. where we will beat your crippled, shoot your challenged or suffering and kill your dog (one every 28 minutes) .. all in to "protect and serve" welcome home boys, you think the war was bad..?? no way it's better here "safe" in your home and person..
The offending Officer should be charged with felony animal cruelty

A Closer Look said...

I'll say it again: somehow, something serious has gone wrong with cop training in this country. It's as if they've been re-programmed or something. I'm old enough to have many years life experience and this trend for cops to maim and kill not only pets but people too for no reason, and get away with it, is really new -- especially the getting away with it part. We need to find out what's changed in the way they are being hired, trained and deployed and put a stop to it. Let's start with compulsory drug testing of cops, because most of them look and act like they're on 'roids.

singularity said...

Whether the surge of out of control police tactics is an artifact of the growing police state or a deliberate strategy by TPTB to intimidate and foster learned helpless, the end result is going to backfire as the public grows increasingly angry and unforgiving of such behavior.

Roger Williams said...

This is exactly what folks concerned about these matters have been saying for decades. What a fine article and one that deserves wide circulation. Thank you. Now, will the courts release some of the dozens of children who were forced to take these awful drugs?

Mr Charrington said...

Be careful citizen Hash we don't want to have any accidents befall you for subversion speak.

dale ruff said...

I see an analogy: psychiatric drugs should only be prescribed after testing to filter out those vulnerable to adverse reactions.

All gun transfers should require universal background checks to filter out those vulnerable to abuse (such as criminals, the insane, etc.)

We register dogs but not guns?

I propose both genetic testing before prescribing drugs and
background checking before allowing gun possession, with the same basic reason of filtering out those who could be harmed and may cause harm.

dale ruff said...

Murder rates started to drop after the Brady Act took effect in 1994. The gun and murder volume reached a peak in 1993 and within 5 yrs,both dropped 40%. All advanced nations that have made stricter gun laws have seen this decrease: Japan decreased its gun murder rate by 99% since the 50's. Australia decreased its gun murder rate by 50% since the mid 90's, when it enacted new stricter laws.

When the gun murder rate drops, the overall murder (and suicide and accidental death) rate drops along with it. Of 34 other advanced nations, the average gun murder rate is 90% lower than the US (99% lower in the gun free zones of Japan and UK) and the overall murder rate is 80% lower.

Another lesson is that the longer gun laws are in force, the more effective they are.

dale ruff said...

This is a case of correlation is not causation. Along with technological increases in modern time has coming growing inequality, the proliferation of guns and other factors which correlate with suicides.

Guns are "successful" in 80-90% of suicide attempts. The most common means--drugs--is successful only 3% of the time, with guns, 10-20% get a chance at treatment and recovery, while with drugs, 97% get a second chance.

Easy access to guns, according to all evidence relating to guns in the home, guns in states, and guns in advanced nations, is correlated with increased murder and suicide for the simple reason that guns are so much more efficient in killing than other means (knives, rocks, etc).

Guns acts as a multiplier for violence, whether self-inflicted or homicide.

Leo Hohmann said...

Thank you for reporting this important story. People need to know about this. I've reported on the same issue for recently:

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ishmael2009 said...

I think the real question here is: what drugs did the author of this particular piece of tin-foilery consume before writing it?

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