Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anti-NDAA "Take Back Concert Tour" Comes to Albany, New York June 7th

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After a successful fund raising campaign by People Against the NDAA, the only Anti-NDAA/NDAA Resistance Concert series in the nation is coming to Albany, NY this weekend, on June 7th!

Get tickets, on sale now, here
The event will represent a huge coalition of people from across the spectrum, including third parties such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party. The current list of performers and speakers are:

Confirmed Artists:

Hip-hop legend Immortal Technique, Hard Rock band Saving Abel, the Lefty Williams Band, The Siren, Jordan Page, Stellar Young, The Ameros, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Carl Daniels, Shattel, Knowle'ge, Jplus, Sin-City, Iron Bar Collective, Shyste, JB, Mic Lanny, Ses Da Great, John Jamz, and Apocalypz.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jill Stein, Shahid Buttar, Dan Johnson, Howie Hawkins, Carl Arnold, Chris Edes, and the awesome Jesse Calhoun, who led the campaign to successfully defeat the NDAA in Albany!

Doors open at 3:30PM, at The Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, New York.

Together, we will be joining hands, as a coalition, for an awesome night, from the Libertarian Party and Marijuana Legalization, to March Against Monsanto and Raw Revolution, to fight back against the NDAA. We will have the chance to educate nearly 4,000 people on the NDAA's detention provisions, and give them the other side of the story. If you are in the area, come join us and see how the resistance has grown!


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Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Jesse Calhoun until today.

Most of his videos are annoyingly unintelligible.

I finally was able to get a useful impression when I dug up (not without some extra effort) http://www.calhounformayor.com/jesse-calhoun-interview-on-capital-tonight/

The only thing I find "awesome" about this portly educrat is that he makes Dan Johnson sound good. He even made the young interviewer on "Capital Tonight" sound sincere and savvy.

Anonymous said...

And what is the agenda of these speakers. Might it include such delusions as globull warming, more government, and fight the man by rallying around our vision of America.

Throw anyone into the mix with an agenda that can only be achieved through granting them political power and you not only get the possibility of controlled oppostion you also get the shining example of a liar personified, like Obama. You know- the fool that said you could keep your insurance policy and then made sure that option was killed by his party's control of the senate prior to 2012, the worm that promised to close Guantanomo, the jackal that enhanced spying on everyone, the war criminal bringing drone terror to nations we are not at war with, etc.

Stop being pawned. Just because someone adopts some of what you might personally agree with does not mean they would not destroy you, those you love, any chance at individualism, any shred of morality, or the last vestige of freedom to impose their vision of utopia.

This is the failure of America. To listen to individuals that believe they have the answers, they should be obeyed, and they should be worshipped.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a HOOT! Wish I could be there. Peace

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