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WIFI: There's Something In The Air!

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Peter Paul Parker
Activist Post

Have you ever caught a cold from a friend or work colleague? Did you see the germs go through the atmosphere and enter into your body and then do you harm, causing you dis-ease? Did you sense the dis-ease when it first started to manifest? I would imagine the answers to these questions would be no, as personally, I haven’t; but, then again, even though my name may suggest it, I am not a superhero. This is exactly what WIFI is doing to all of us and we are not even aware of it.

In my personal life, cancer cases are going off the charts, which is ringing alarm bells on all fronts for me. Is Electromagnetic Radiation anything to do with this rise in cancer rates, which will soon reach 1 in 2 people? The World Health Organization has just released a rather bleak report saying cancer will rise by 70 % in the next 20 years. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence that WIFI may be causing this.

The BBC showed a Panorama documentary in May 2007 discussing the effects of WIFI and how it came to be in the UK. The program concluded that WIFI is similar to radiation from mobile phones. Sir William Stewart was also interviewed who, at that time, was the Chairman of the Health Protection Agency. He stated ‘You can choose whether to have mobiles’. You have no choice with WIFI. He also said ‘There may be changes in cognitive function. There were some indications that there may be cancer inductions’.

Sir William Stewart was asked by Tony Blair to look into the effects of radiation from mobile masts. He concluded that there were molecular biology changes with the cell. The report recommended masts should not be placed near schools. From this recommendation back in 2007 we now have WIFI antennas inside the classroom, which are mini masts. They give off three times more radiation than when standing in direct line of the mast. What an unbelievable turnaround of events, and a lack of Duty of Care to the general public. Tony Blair has more questions to answer over this money-making scheme, along with his Iraq war debacle. The Health Protection Agencies stance today states “There is no consistent evidence of health effects from RF exposures below guideline levels and no reason why schools and others should not use WIFI equipment”. This is a very ambiguous statement to say the least!!!

Dr Mike Repacholi, founder of  ICNIRP, who also worked with the World Health Organization stated there were no known health effects on the WHO website back in 2007. Prior to setting up ICNIRP, he worked for the phone industry defending their right to place masts in controversial locations. He was then re-employed by the phone industry after working for WHO and ICNIRP also. This is the man who set the guidelines for our exposure to this type of radiation. There seems to be a conflict of interest here, as does appear in many cases of big business controlling the political system for their own profit. And all this has been done in plain sight.

ICNIRP, is an International group of scientists the government relies on to set radiation limits but their studies do not recognise any biological effects. It bases our exposure limits on a thermal effect. The radiation has to be so strong that it heats up your organs before it is restricted. That’s why our safety limits are so high. Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China all have exposure limits thousands of times below ours. In Saltsburg the government advised against WIFI altogether.

The French National Assembly has adopted a bill to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by wireless technologies – cell phones, tablets, WIFI etc. This bill will mean the following:
  • A ban on WIFI in all childcare facilities for children under the age of 3.
  • Cell phone manufacturers will have to recommend the use of hand-free kits.
  • A ban on all advertising targeting children under 14.
A recent International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report suggested that EMF exposures can be more devastating in children because their brain tissue is more conductive, their skulls are thinner, they have smaller brains with softer brain tissue allowing radiation to penetrate more effectively. And, a potentially longer period of exposure due to use beginning at an earlier age. This new French bill seems to have taken these concerns into account.

Dr Ian Gibson, former Norwich North MP said in the BBC documentary ‘The British government were not adhering to the guidelines they commissioned. Industry ‘rules’ in this area and the precautionary principle and the safety of people who may benefit to some extent, from the technologies, are completely dismissed’.

Sir William Stewart also wants a new investigation. He stated ‘There are people who are electro sensitives and feel the effects. They are the human canaries of the future’. So yet again we have another example of human guinea pigs. Do we really want our children to be the canaries in the coal mine? If the technology has not been tested for the pulse radiation that it emits, then how can this be deemed to be safe? Tony Blair and his Billion pound contracts with the telecommunication industries obviously wanted to ignore this fact.

Professor Henry Lai, Dr Gerd Oberfeld, and Dr Olle Johansson all appeared on the Panorama documentary and spoke of the dangers of this type of radiation. I am not promoting the BBC in any way, but here are the links to the documentary.

Wireless communication devices are listed as a 2B carcinogen. The TUC document, Occupational Cancer: A Workplace Guide[1], advises that establishments do not introduce class 2B Carcinogens.

Page 6 states that “Caution should be used to prevent exposure to substances in Group 2B”.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999[2], and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) [3] means that the first step must always be to remove the hazard altogether if possible.


Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation - SafeSpace Cell Phone ProtectorIt seems to me that anyone who is reading this article from London Underground should be approaching their union representatives to get this technology removed from the tube system.

Wireless radiation that children are being exposed to in the classroom has caused so much concern amongst pediatricians in America, 60,000 of them have written to congress urging the removal of WIFI technology from schools.

I have been in touch with Professor Olle Johansson who also says ‘There is growing scientific evidence that children are likely to be more vulnerable to pulsed microwave radiation than adults, and new research shows there may be other serious effects on behaviour and learning ability. There is general agreement among scientists that electromagnetic fields penetrate into the brain of children more than in adults because children’s skulls are thinner. There is also a broad consensus that children are more vulnerable to adverse effects from radiation because their bodies are still developing.

The World Health Organisation, in 2011, classified electromagnetic fields from wireless information as possible carcinogens. The Council of Europe’s Environment Committee in its Resolution no. 1815 from May 2011 calls for strong measures to protect the public against harmful effects of radiation, including a ban on mobile phones and wireless Internet in schools with regard to children’s health’.

Here is the professor talking about the BioInitiative report with over 2,000 references to the harmful effects of this radiation.

You can download this report from the Ministry of Health’s website from here.

The BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS.

Also I have been in touch with Barrie Trower, who has written and published the 2013 WIFI report.

This is entitled WIFI – A Thalidomide in the making. Who cares? That is what I ask myself every day. It seems to me that so many people are bamboozled by the ever-increasing intensity of this meme we live in and are not looking at what is happening around them. This is a very frustrating place for the people who have woken up and are putting themselves out there to make a difference. Now is your chance to get involved and do something constructive.

You can download  a copy of the 2013 WIFI report from our website together with a notice you can send to your head teacher to say that they have now received this information and are responsible for the detrimental effects of this technology under their Duty of Care to the children. Allow the Headmaster to respond and see if you can get the WIFI removed with just the information. If this doesn’t happen for you, we need you to confirm the headmaster is not going to take the WIFI out of the school, send us this information and any correspondence you have with the school and we will take the matter further on a larger scale.

Here is the link to the page:

We also urge you to write to your local MP, MEP and councillors with the downloadable letter again from and send it through the website Please collect all responses, both good and bad as we are going to collate all evidence and will be seeking criminal negligence charges from these people if they do not act. This is the wording of the UK’s statute. "The failure to use reasonable care to avoid consequences that threaten or harm the safety of the public and that are the foreseeable outcome of acting in a particular manner." Once our civil servants have received this information, they are responsible for the harm done to our children and teachers through the use of this technology.

What our children are subjected to is really intolerable for us as a species. After a baby has been conceived, it is bombarded by microwave radiation in the womb because of the soup we live in today. When the baby is born, the first kick start to the immune system is from the bacteria from the vaginal tract, which is now compromised because of the bad diet many mothers eat, like pre processed and fast food. Then up to the age of two, while still developing the immune system, the baby can be subjected to up to thirty vaccines, which can result in completely destroying the immune system.

Then the use of bisphenol A in plastics, aspartame in sweets and other dangerous additives will also be attacking the immune system. Add GM food to the mix, together with the increase in aluminum, strontium and other such toxins in our air , leads to a complete health implosion of epic proportion.

The baby does pick up on the electromagnetic frequency of the mother and fathers heart, where studies prove that a more emotionally balanced child will develop when held close to the heart area frequently, as opposed to ones that are not. This part of a child’s development is also being compromised by the pulse radiation, that doesn’t appear in nature, and will be disrupting the energy flow from parent to child.

My final note would be to draw your attention to Manly P Hall’s speech on the magnetic field we have around us as human beings.

This has again been looked into in recent times, even though it is ancient knowledge, and this pulse radiation from wireless technology does not occur in nature. Therefore we are currently having to deal with an ever growing soup of radiation, and we don’t understand the consequences of our actions. Human history is distorted, contrived and controlled to a certain extent, who knows what is the ultimate truth. All I am sensing is this is the wrong path we are taking with untested technology. It is about profit, not safety. Pink Floyd sung about ‘Welcome to the Machine’. In this case with the EMF soup we live in, it is ‘Welcome to the Coal Mine’. You are the canary this technology is being tested upon!!!

Here is an interview on the People’s Voice featuring Professor Olle Johansson and Peter Parker talking to Richie Allen about the problems with WIFI, and what we can do about it.

Here is the Ministry of Healths Get WIFI out of schools video.

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Peter Paul Parker has been a musician for most his career. He started as a bass player and moved onto become a producer and writer of songs and music. Peter has also  now moved into the health arena and is a Bach flower practitioner, a Vegetarian and dietary consultant and part responsible for setting up the Ministry of Health. Peter is an activist in the UK with the Committee of 100 who are setting up alternative government, and is a blogger highlighting the troubles our world faces. He has also written the album Anahata recently as an expression of love for his new awakening.

Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation - SafeSpace Cell Phone Protector

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Anonymous said...

you forgot smart electricity meters which constantly put out powerful bursts of RF radiation on same frequency band as wifi 24 hours a day.
Which are probably even more dangerous and people are being forced to put in their homes.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of garbage. Magnetic field of the human body? Really? The body is a small proportion of minerals and wholly water and then some carbon. The hocus pocus of the magical properties of humans is just that....

"In my personal life, cancer cases are going off the charts, which is ringing alarm bells on all fronts for me. " - - - What does that mean? what cancer cases? Cancer rates have been stable for decades dear sir. And the chance of dying from cancer is around 33% and always has been.

I suggest you study cancer rates for individuals younger than 60 years old and get back to us. If cancer cases were rising for the general population at a statistically significant rate, there are plenty of amateur and professional biostatisticians that would be ringing the bell. If you want a good study of increasing cancer among newborns and those younger than 65, I suggest you study Fallujah where USA has left thousands of tons of radioactive material from spent munitions. Its a horror show!! And it is the most blatant example of war crimes and unaccountability for injuring and killing innocent people. Why not start there and forget the speculative and hyped WIFI dangers?

And do you really believe the hype from BBC and Ministry of Health (UK)??? They are definitely known to be liars and major whores of disinformation.

I suggest you get your priorities and facts straight before shoveling out this crap.

Anonymous said...

there are plenty of other sources of carcinogenic causing compounds including pesticides, nuclear reactors (Fukushima), munitions, weapons and more. And the focus is on an intangible source like wifi? Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous to you 10:04 AM commenter. Not so ridiculous to those of us who experience negative effects from WiFi even being present. I am one of those people. Whenever I turn on my wireless signal from my router, I get an intense pressure in my head that leads to headaches. I stick to wired computing because of it. Consider yourself fortunate that you don't experience the same.

Those toxic compounds you mention are indeed bad for people, but to disregard the electromagnetic soup we are being bombarded with daily from not only cell phone towers and broadband internet, but satellites in space is foolhardy. We are indeed bioelectrical in nature. Our very processes depend on electrical signals being transmitted within our bodies. These wireless signals are just another form of pollution we do not need that are making us sick, along with GMOs, Geoengineering, and the thousands of untested chemicals they create our products with.

keeperofthefire said...

disreguard the last two closed minded/braindead comments!!!this is real and we need to take positive actions for our family's health!!

keeperofthefire said...

disreguard the last two stupid comments,this is real and needs our positive actions to protect our family's health!!!!

Anonymous said...

and there are now plans to provide the whole planet with free wifi, is it virgin? Also the danger to health increases with signal power, so in effect we have what could be deemed a ' cancer ray ' beaming down on the planet, targeting any nation they like for increased cancer rates. A eugenics dream come true.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of loons. Yes, even the PTB cannot be protected from WIFI and other electro magnetic are they endangering themselves?

Wifi is here to stay until the next generation of data transmission. And there's nothing you can do to about it. If you want to listen to this undocumented and unscientific babble from government sources (including BBC), then that's your choice.

Power Unseen said...

When I was a radio Ham, the text books sometimes suggested not to stand in front of an antenna radiating appreciable power at microwave as they were harmful. One watt and ten watts was mentioned in the chapter. Another book mentioned a study that probably came out before mobile phones took off, linking hams to an increased risk of leukemia. I then gave it up.
I gather officially it is in the same class as lead, tobacco and aspestos. You don't get owt for nowt. I notice a few European countries are taking steps to reduce exposure of vulnerable groups.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the negative responses here. This is a very good article but some people are just in denial.
Someone wrote: "even the PTB cannot be protected from WIFI and other electro magnetic waves" - yes, they can. There exist materials and ways. They are a bit expensive but you could shield your whole house (your mobile phone wouldn't work any more inside the house, though, but who needs the stress of being within reach all the time?).

Anonymous said...

The negative responses? I'll tell you why. Search engines are capable are finding articles like this and the denialists quickly swoop down and proclaim study showing harm as garbage. They're paid comments by the corporations.

Anonymous said...

GMOs, Fukushima contamination, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, lead paint, hydrogenated fats/oils - WIFI is NOTHING compared to these. In fact, when I see an article like this I wonder if it is written as a diversion from real problems. Schools would be better off feeding kids organic foods and making sure they get plenty of sunshine and not worry about this type of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Such a human response, to information being shared, from a good source, with references.
Keep your heads in the sand. Denial.
Tomorrow is Monday. Pack your kids off to school. Northing here to see.
Until a cancer diagnosis.
Wake up, this world is sick. Your kids need you to WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

@March 2nd 2:57

Why marginalize people such as myself who feel noticeable physical effects from WiFi signals? Those things you mention are indeed issues we must tackle, but just because you can neither see nor *feel* (like myself and others) the negative effects of wireless signals does not negate the harm they do. This is indeed another component to the damage they are doing to us. Include all of the metals that persist within the human body (aluminum, mercury from tooth fillings, etc.), and the signals are that much stronger because it makes people more electrically conductive.

I have many mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth, so maybe that is why I experience a strong pressure in my head whenever I turn on my wireless router signal. The strange heavy pressure builds until I get a headache. I only turn the WiFi when I use my printer, but without fail I experience the same pressure whenever I do so.

One could call what I'm talking about "anecdotal evidence", but it is absolutely real to me. There is no explaining it away. Consider yourself fortunate you don't have to experience what I am describing.


Anonymous said...

WRT March 1, 10:04 AM commenter, please read this report: . Worldwide cancer rate IS on the increase (14M/year) and the usual cause; smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity (obesity), lead/asbestos/chemical and radioactivity etc. are no way near increasing at the same rate. So we should have an open mind as to a possible link to something which is also increasing at a similar (or higher) rate; microwaves from most modern gadgets and related masts etc. Please remember the facts; there are over 3000 peer reviewed scientific articles linking EMFs to biological, cellular and DNA effects and at much lower power than the present guidelines. Note, also that these guidelines and all industry testing is related to thermal effects only, i.e. ~1 degC warming of a plastic maniquin head filled with water for a period of ~6 minutes only. The World Health Organisation has classified EMFs as a possible human carcinogen (Class 2B) for a good reason. Telecoms is a ~$2T industry and perhaps that says everything!

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