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Russia approves request for military force in Ukraine

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Only two hours after Russian President Vladmir Putin requested permission from the Russian Parliament to take military action if needed to secure and protect Russian interests in the “territory of Ukraine,” the Parliament granted him such permission in a unanimous decision on Saturday March 1, 2014.

In his formal request to Parliament, Putin stated “I'm submitting a request for using the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine pending the normalization of the socio-political situation in that country."

Putin argued that the “extraordinary situation” in Ukraine was putting the lives of Russian citizens and military personnel at risk. Putin was referring to those individuals who are stationed at the Russian naval base in the Crimean peninsula that has been in operation since the early 1990s.

Although the decision itself was a major one with wide-ranging implications for the future state of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin attempted to lighten the concern held by many over the Parliamentary decision. Karasin stated that the recent decision does not mean that Russia is currently or immediately planning to send any additional troops to Ukraine. Karasin stated that “There is no talk about it yet.”

Vladmir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, spoke to Russian television station Rossiya 24 where he stated that “while the president ‘got the entire arsenal of means necessary for settling this situation,’ he hadn't yet decided whether to use the Russian military in Ukraine or recall the ambassador from Washington.”

Peskov also stated “He will make these decisions depending on how the situation will develop. We would like to hope that the situation will not develop along the scenario it's developing now — that is inciting tensions and making a threat for the Russians on the Crimean Peninsula."

It is important to point out that the terminology of the resolution includes the phrase “territory of Ukraine,” leaving open the possibility of Russia’s insertion of troops beyond even the extremely pro-Russian Crimea. Much of the Eastern portion of Ukraine is also decidedly pro-Russian.

On the international stage, however, Putin’s recent request and the Russian Parliament’s granting of that request has caused a stir to say the least. The Russian decision comes only day after U.S. President Barack Obama warned that “there will be costs” if Russia takes military action in the Ukraine.

These statements were addressed by members of the Russian Parliament as the discussion over whether or not to grant Putin’s request. In fact, in an ironic turn echoing the Syrian crisis, a deputy house speaker stated that Obama had “crossed a red line” and stated that the upper house recommended that the Russian Ambassador to the United States be recalled.

In addition to the approval of the request to use military force, Russia is also pressuring the recent –foreign-backed Ukranian government from a different direction. State gas company Gazprom recently released a statement announcing that Ukraine owes $1.59 billion in past due bills for gas imported into the country. Sergei Kuprianov, the Gazprom Spokesman, stated that the unpaid bills would endanger a discount program given to Ukraine by Russia. The discount had lowered the price of gas from around $400 to about $268.50. The loss of such a discount will no doubt cause Ukraine’s poor financial situation to become even worse, particularly if it is successful in securing loans from the IMF and all of the austerity requirements that will inevitably come along with it.

To anyone who has a passing knowledge of the nature of color revolutions and destabilization efforts in years past, the recent protests in Ukraine were an obvious example of foreign meddling in the domestic affairs of yet another Eastern European nation.

The neo-Nazi fascist regime that recently seized power with the aid of the United States and the West is by no means a democratic breath of fresh air.

Still, from the initial spates of violence coming largely from the direction of the protesters to the pro-EU and pro-IMF demands, it was clear from the very beginning that the Ukrainian people were being callously pulled back and forth between two world powers indifferent to any interests but their own.

These powers, the United States and Russia, have been covertly jockeying for more and more control over Ukraine, a strategic location for both countries, for the last several years. Yet, as the United States’ power and influence begins to wane and Russia’s begins to increase on the world stage, the risk of both powers clashing over Ukraine in a direct fashion becomes a bigger possibility by the day.

While tensions between the United States and Russia have escalated over the last three years due to the Syrian crisis, Ukraine is more than a simple sphere-of-influence region for Russia. It is a sphere-of-influence region that borders the homeland. For this reason alone, the level of importance attributed to Ukraine by Russia is obviously higher than that of Syria in the long run.

Interestingly enough, it is for this same reason that the United States considers Ukraine such a vital sphere-of-influence nation as well. That is, the fact that Ukraine lies on the doorstep of Russia.

Although the reasons for considering Ukraine an extremely important part of the world by both the United States and Russia cannot simply be boiled down to that of a border issue, the fact remains that the potential for a direct collision between two world nuclear powers is a possibility if the meddling continues. It is time for the American people and the rest of the world to stand up and demand that the meddling in the affairs of other end immediately.

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Anonymous said...

The anti-Christ needs to get America and its 300,000,000 guns out of the way of their plans for global control. So, he's poking the bear! And the bear is coming out of hibernation! Setting up positions all around us. Good luck to us all!

Glen Dooer said...

One thing about Putin he will give you a fair hearing before you are found guilty,,,another dictator in the making...

dale said...

Excellent article.

michael tew said...

I noticed a lot of very aggressive anti-Putin posts on Raw Story, so I decided to hold my nose and check out what the corporate media are saying about this situation. They appear to be pushing the idea that the coup carried out by the far right parties in Ukraine is actually the oppressed Ukrainian majority acting on their democratic ideals by kicking out the Russian puppet president. A preposterous fantasy. There are people described as "experts" pushing this bullshit, and the media hacks are lapping it up. It appears that the US establishment is determined to instigate a major confrontation with Russia. Do they think the Russians are unable to defend their territory? Don't they remember Stalingrad?

In WW2, the Russians fought 200 German divisions, while the combined British and American forces never confronted more than 20 German divisions. Are these idiots in Washington so confident of their superior military might, that they will risk an all out nuclear war?

Population reduction is coming - whatever the source of the ongoing climate disruption, rising sea levels and massive desertification in the tropics and elsewhere will produce hundreds of millions of climate refugees, mostly heading inland from the coasts and north to Canada, Scandinavia and Siberia. Do they intend to murder billions of people by initiating a global war, with nukes, in order to pre-empt the incalculable costs of these migrations? Or is it that the capitalist economic system is in terminal decline and they need a global conflagration to wipe the slate clean and start again?

Anonymous said...

Georgia Guidestones #1 Statement:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

How are you going to get rid of 7 BILLION people? World War 3 with Nukes, Scorched Earth, Famine, Mass Chaos. Of course, they (the Elite Cabal) intend to murder billions of people because they do need to wipe the slate clean AND they do not want Billions of people using their resources.

Murdering, greedy, self-absorbed, narcissistic pigs, they are and nothing more. People need to rise up against them before it is too late. Our government is being held hostage by them and has been for awhile.

tomas rader said...

Waiting for the first unmarked neutral armed drone to get a SAM up its ass in uke or russian airspace. Then again the russians might just start taking out those geo sync sats in orbit over the east bloc. Either way the eyes and ears go down and those brave drone pilots in souped up cargo containers will be staring at blank screens going WTF just happened?

tomas rader said...

Buck Mckeon looked excited about the prospects of renewed cold war. Can u imagine what the USA would do if right wing cubans seized the mexican gov and were headed north with Venezuelan troops? I'm sure we would stand down in san diego.....right?

Hide Behind said...

I would not want to be in Russian military, no matter the Branch, if smy shooting war with Ukranian proxies.
THE Russianmilitary is not capable of Defeating UKranian military, The US ISRAEL and NATO have hundreds of Armored fighting vehicles and all manner of long range artillary along with noth surface to air and surface to surface tactical missles all primed and petroled up at worlds largest land mass military storage I installation in Afghanistan .
When US/ Israeli Nd Blackwater trained and led Georgian invasian of Oserria tjey lost hundreds of atmored vehicles because they broke down long before sndb the ones thay finished the trip were runningvon parts of those hunfdreds of broken armor.
They lost an estimated 12 top line helos and 7 of its top of line most advanced combat aircraft.
RUSDIANS WERE STRIPPING DEADMGeorgian Black Water and US special ops bodies and all of Georgian deads personal wrbning and combat packs and clothing.
They are sround 25 years behind US in Weaponized and self capanle powered satelite offensivr and defensive technology.
Russia has to be forced to fight and tp dependvon a corrupt broken andbmorally drfeated molitary.
As snmouncef the new Crimean loan is coming out of oligarchd pockets not out of a non existent to bare minimum sovereihn currency.
Russia may have to fight US and our red mevk flag wavers will get to be ubrr patrioys and cheer enemy body count.
I do not see a nuke wsr but if Russia launched the firs ones I would say that they had more than enough legitimate readons for doing so.

Anonymous said...

@Tomas Rader
Exactly. The U.S. government's hypocrisy here is simply.... well.... it's pretty much par for the course to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Re: Glen Dooer said...

One thing about Putin he will give you a fair hearing before you are found guilty,,,another dictator in the making...
March 1, 2014 at 4:38 PM

This "Dictator" has a 65% approval from Russian citizens and had to ask the Russian Duma for permission before sending troops to Ukraine. Does that sound like a dictator to anyone?

Anonymous said...

The breathtaking hypocrisy of little turds like Wm Hague has to be seen to be believed.
If I were Putin, I would have said, "We do not take instructions from 16-year old schoolboys". ( Hague first appeared as such on the "world stage" when addressing the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool some years ago. ) The vilest of the vile.
The "Ukrainian Government", as it terms itself, is the product of a recent unlawful putsch. It has no legitimacy under the terms of its own Constitution, and therefore simply reveals the bankruptcy of the disgusting western "powers", who would doubtless even support head-sawing cannibals if it suited their agenda.
As we have seen.

Anonymous said...

Great article!
The west are masters when it comes to setting others up for a fight. Using intimidation, manipulation and provocation are the three tools they use to create chaos...then attempt to ride in like the cavalry to save the day...the day they themselves created...all the while making someone else look like the bad guy.
Yep, we're the bad guys all right. And until we do something to stop it, we the American people are just as responsible for their miscreant ways as they are...

Anonymous said...

I refuse to allow someone to pull me down in to the little details and argue.


The American government has been infiltrated by greedy and corrupt criminals that have no worries about starting a war because these cowards won't fight it.
They will send you.
They are doing all sorts of harmful things in YOUR name, and if this escalates in won't just be Russia involved, China will have to step in because this is just another insane step of Washington's incremental imperialistic take over.
Any idiot can see the pattern, and this is what is so bizarre.
Washington's broken playbook is like watching a football game where they keep running the same play over and over again and the defense, ( oh, that's you americans) are fooled by it every time, like they've never seen it before.

If we end up getting nuked no one is going to care.
They'll say good riddence. The american people were just as insane and corrupt as their leadership because they never did anything about it.

As Einstein said, the world won't be destroyed by the evil perpetrators, it will be by those standing around watching and doing nothing.



Hide Behind said...

No person alive today signed and then mailed any Declaration of Independence to the ¿¿¿¿¿¿ €Who the hell you gping to mail them too?
There are people from Canada, Britian and Europe, Japan anf the biggest gorrilla in room, Israel, that have far more influence in how United States is governed than do those who,
hypenated or not, call themselves Americans.
There is at the core of nation a very large grouping that depend upon militaryvadventurism as their only means of existence they signed on to a Declaration of Dependence that today cost taxpayers over 500 billions$ annually , retired and ill military pensioners and their dependents.
Then you have 10 million going to school on gov backed credit cards and grants that in vast majority of gields require even more dependency of government.
Wherevwouldvall the money the wanna be soldiers that buy black guns and asdociated junk be without a military to worship.
It is said by economist that just your militRy black ops carties a 1.25 trillion$cost and employs a dependency of over 1 million signed up individuals.
You have your flight inspector molestors and all the vast bureaucracy that are signed up dependents to DHS and today over 200, 000 students from grade 1 through life in military schoolins as ROTC and Civil Air Patrol .
Then you have the red white and blue hoods
of the streets youths AmericaCORP signed up for dependence.
All the above go far beyond patriotism into 1984 on steroids as even in that novel there were not NGO's killing and running snatch and grab or private intel and security of state.
About 100 years too late tp bring out old parchment with Devlaration of Independence upon it; blamr your grandfathers and dads even great grand paps for whetevyour nation isvtoday, A. Nation dependent of multi national vorps killing and stealing, that you eithrr support or try to jide yout depence wjolevkissing booty

Anonymous said...

I have to believe that were the US and its NATO partners in crime to pull the trigger militarily in this situation, it might just turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel's back in regards to the American people's tolerance of their corrupt government.

Even the most dimwitted American knows that a war with Russia is the exact type of scenario that a lot science fiction movie plots use as the cause of a post-apocalyptic world (Terminator 2). So, this isn't a situation that would require much explanation on one's part as to how bad of an idea it is for the US to be mucking around in Russia's sphere of influence. I'm constantly seeing analysts on CNN talking about "what are the options", and of course when they start talking about the military options you have your usual sugar coating with words like "limited", "no boots on the ground", or "non-unilateral", etc. Yeah, we've heard it all before.

It would be a real shame for WW3 to break out just because the bankers want to continue to delay the inevitable. A real shame indeed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent apex globalist theater that pulls the strings on hard-wired human reactions.

"... the Ukrainian people were being callously pulled back and forth between two world powers indifferent to any interests but their own."

That is the sad and horrible truth and yet there are at least two more layers of intrigue above this geopolitical fray, or more likely this exaggerated conflict. When the meme of China as rival military and economic foe (recall the article on future drone wars between the US and China, for example) begin to crumble, Russia became plan B.

Remember, the US economy is in a deadly contraction and the global elite are itching to start the process of dismantling the dollar as the reserve currency on the way to their more perfect global currency and global technocracy. Now is the time for the creation of major DISTRACTIONS and SCAPEGOATS.

As Sibel Edmonds remarked in a Corbett Report interview, Putin must appear tough on US and western aggression to appease the Russian people. Meanwhile, he has personal bank accounts outside Russia holding millions of dollars. When Russia's economy was deliberately imploded in the mid 90s, Trilateralist Larry Summers, former US Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs executive, was sent by the international banksters to advise Putin on the privatization of the Russian peoples' state owned assets thus creating eight billionaire oligarchs with internationalist sympathies and a massive concentration of capital. This was a turning point in the deep capture of Russia's political and economic power base, greatly weakening "the bear's" autonomy. Certainly, Russia is still a powerful military power in its own right and has the ability to negotiate better terms for itself on some level, that doesn't change the hierarchical structure of international power as it now stands.

Don't forget, the US military has been hosting thousands of Russian troops for several years. Why would a potential adversary be allowed access to US military intelligence? It wouldn't. The apex globalists in the west don't view the Russian military as a threat, they have been assimilated into the larger global governance paradigm.

And, yes, if you are student of Putin's rise to power it is clear he has a ruthless opportunist mentality. Given Russia's history, it should be no surprise that modern day Russia operates on a propaganda basis of manufactured consent and bread and circus routines just as the US does.

The international globalist machine operates like a mafia and rooting for Russia or Putin vs. the US plutocracy is like choosing between the Gambinos and the Genoveses. Pick your poison, lesser of evils perhaps, or just maybe you are being played again in the apex globalists' game of N-dimensional chess.

The heart of the globalist empire is being used to further centralize power, we knew this was coming. What is the end game here and is it possible for us to lose sight of controversy surrounding the growing surveillance police state with thousands of drones set to fill our skies some time next year?

The bottom line is we should not let contrived or exaggerated geopolitical tensions distract us from seeing the bigger picture and the destruction of our civil liberties here at home.

MetapoliC the best said...

The ones who talk bad about Putin - that shows me how much you know about what is really going on. You simply no nothing and you are being kept fed up with total bullshit from television. Putin is the best man do fight Bilderberger and no matter what they say about Russia, we all know that Russians are the ones who want peace and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

Like I said Hide Behind.
I never let fools pull me down in their jibberish.

I clearly see the big picture I don't care how much you think you know the broken playbook.


Your words sound like that of an apologist for the criminals who have stolen power.

If you lack the fortitude to fight for what is right then stand back.

I for one am not afraid, so go and hide behind something.

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