Friday, February 7, 2014

Washington Destabilizes Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

The control freaks in Washington think that only the decisions that Washington makes and imposes on other sovereign countries are democratic. No other country on earth is capable of making a democratic decision.

The world has witnessed this American self-righteousness for eons as Washington overthrows one democratic government after the other and imposes its puppet, as Washington did in Iran in 1953 when the CIA, as it now admits, and as Ervand Abrahamian proves in his book The Coup (The New Press, 2013), overthrew the elected government of Mossadeq, and more recently the elected government of Honduras and many governments in between.

Currently Washington is working overtime to overthrow the governments of Syria, Iran again, and Ukraine. Washington has also targeted Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Brazil, and in its wildest dreams the governments of Russia and China.

On January 26 Syrian government advisor Bouthaina Shaaban asked Wolf Blitzer, a propagandist for Washington and the Israel Lobby, on US TV why the US government, speaking through Secretary of Stare John Kerry, has the right to decide who is to be the government of Syria instead of the Syrian people. [Polls show that Syrian president Assad’s approval ratings exceed those of every Western leader.] Even the slimy Blitzer wasn’t slimy enough to answer, “because we are the exceptional, indispensable people.” But that’s what Washington thinks.

Washington will soon be back at work on destabilizing the government of Iran again, a habit I suppose, but for the moment Washington is focused on destabilizing Ukraine.

Ukraine has a democratically elected government, but Washington doesn’t like it because Washington didn’t pick it. The Ukraine or the western part of it is full of Washington funded NGOs whose purpose is to deliver Ukraine into the clutches of the EU where US and European banks can loot the country, as they looted, for example, Latvia, and simultaneously weaken Russia by stealing a large part of traditional Russia and converting it into US/NATO military bases against Russia.

Perhaps Putin, an athlete, is distracted by the Olympic Games in Russia. Otherwise, it is something of a puzzle why Russia hasn’t put its nuclear missiles on high alert and occupied the western Ukraine with troops in order to prevent Ukraine’s overthrow by Washington’s money. Every country has citizens that will sell the country out for money, and western Ukraine is overflowing with such traitors.

As we have seen for decades, Arabs and Muslims will sell out their people for Western money. So will western Ukrainians. The NGOs financed by Washington are committed to delivering Ukraine into Washington’s hands where Ukrainians can become American serfs and this integral part of Russia can become a staging ground for the US military.

Of all the violent protests that we have been witnessed to, the Ukrainian one is the most orchestrated.

On February 6, Zero Hedge, one of the intelligent and informed Internet sites, posted a leaked recording from the despicable Victoria Nuland, an Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama Regime. Nuland is caught discussing with the US envoy to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, Washington’s choice for who heads the next Ukrainian government.

Nuland is incensed that the European Union has not joined Washington in imposing sanctions on the Ukrainian government in order to complete Washington’s takeover of Ukraine. Nuland speaks as if she is God with the God-given right to select the government of Ukraine, which she proceeds to do.

The EU, as corrupt as it is by Washington’s money, nevertheless understands being made rich by Washington is no protection agains Russian nuclear missiles. Nuland’s response to Europe’s hesitancy to risk its existence for the benefit of US hegemony is:

“Fuck the EU.”

So much for Washington’s attitude toward its captive allies and the peoples of the world.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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Anonymous said...

Is it okay to love America but hate the government?

Anonymous said...

Nuland being Jewish should be very careful what she says.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it okay to love America, we should.
It's not the government that is bad it's the criminals that have infested it.

Why do you think people from all over the world at one time wanted to come here.
It was when we were a nation of laws. Good laws that protected the weak.
Freedom of speech, religion, of illegal search and seizure.

We've allowed the criminals to take over because we are too busy with TV, phones and any other excuse to make us irresponsible citizens and good little cowards.

Just keep going along to get along. See where it has you so far.


Anonymous said...

Here in Brazil we had a military coup in 1964 that resulted in a military dictatorship which lasted for 20 years and changed the history of our nation. Many who dared defy the dictatorship were tortured and/or killed.
Guess who was envolved in the coup, helped and supported it?

canobs said...

Excellent article___Previous orange revolution funded by the CIA-NED,banksters agent G.Soros NGO,s succeeded in installing a U.S. puppet, later population realized the trick, and then elected democratically the actual leader__EU convinced to join NATO instead of having its own military force and power, and the Euro currency voluntarily attacked by GoldmanSachs to weaken the already ailing union, __ is now proposing Ukraine a trade agreement permitting multinationals to privatize and control Ukrainian resources, BUT prohibit Ukrainian workers entering other EU countries, so refused by actual Ukrainian leaders__ Then, perfect occasion for CIA-NED-NATO to make a false flag and finance start a civil war.

Anonymous said...

I think America has become a "non-issue" on the World Stage. Hell, we haven't won a War since WWII and don't have the money to even think about fighting a major power.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of our nation has grown to amazing levels while here we destroy what made the United States the coveted destination of so many immigrants seeking opportunity and freedom--I hope Putin regains his priorities soon enough to remind us of the dangers of arrogant adventurism and unwarranted interference in other nations' business

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