Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saudi Royalty Declares Peaceful Dissent Punishable by Indefinite Detention

Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

Under new law, archetypal of any oppressive regime with a plan to keep the society under its thumb, Saudi royalty declared that peaceful opposition to whatever they do is ‘terrorism’, and can be punishable by locking the agitator of ‘public order’ in a cage indefinitely. The ‘counter terrorism bill’ declares that the Saudi government can use force on individuals who commit ‘actions that threaten Saudi Arabia’s unity, disturb public order, or defame the reputation of the state or the king.’

With our modern understanding of history brought to us via the World Wide Web, not the history taught in public school, but the real history you must dig deep into for real facts, it is overwhelmingly obvious what this bill is about. It is the same archetype, the same playbook of past greedy, dull tyranny brought into the modern era.

King Abdullah was the face of approval for this law, as he signed it into law Sunday.

The bill defines terrorism as things that have nothing necessarily to do with violence, criminalizing- “any act carried out by an offender … intended to disturb the public order…to shake the security of society… stability of the state… expose its national unity to danger… suspend the basic law of governance or some of its articles,” as cited by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Of course, the security of the society ruled by the state is defined by the people oppressing, taxing, and imprisoning the citizens of the land that the royal Saudis claim ownership of. The stability of the state is directly at the expense of the citizens.

Civil disobedience is explicitly forbidden in this bill, which punishes those who inhibit “governmental authority to carry out or prevent it [the government] from carrying out an action, or to threaten to carry out acts that lead to the named purposes or incite [these acts]”.

This bill also functions as a declaration of war of sorts against the citizens of Saudi Arabia, similar perhaps to the US’ NDAA and other similar moves taken by Britain, Canada, Ukraine, and Thailand to name just a few. In Saudi Arabia, it gives the ruling class the ability to do intense Internet surveillance, phone tracking, and even the ability to ‘lawfully’ raid homes of suspected ‘terrorists’, often people voicing a peaceful opinion that doesn’t sit well with the ruling class of Saudi Arabia.

After the ‘security forces’ lock a dissident in a cage, they can be detained for up to six months with a seemingly flexible possibility of extending the asylum for another 6 months at the will of the ruling class.

The world is watching as governments unify against us with similar anti-dissent laws. People want the simple right to self-ownership, and every day the unity between citizens grows globally. Perhaps this is the Saudi ruling class’ reaction to the global paradigm shift.


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Jackson Compton said...

Screw those bastards!

Anonymous said...

When is this going to become law in the US? I don't doubt that it will, just don't know the timing...

olduvaiblog said...

It's as Noam Chomsky has stated: "...While methods vary sharply from more brutal regimes to more free societies, the goals are in many ways similar: to ensure the 'great beast', as Alexander Hamilton called the people does not stray from its proper confines. Controlling the general population has always been a dominant concern of power and privilege..."

And it's not just authoritarian regimes; 'democratic' nations almost always put draconian/totalitarian legislation in place following a domestic or global crisis, many of which are manufactured by the elite in the first place...

Anonymous said...

olduvalblog, you would do well to look more deeply at Gnome Wronsky before quoting that turd. When you discover the truth of him, you'll pull him down from that pedestal you put him on. I know...I know...another hope gets depressing, but it is what it is. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

look who our ''allies'' are. israel and saudi arabia. try and find two countries more abusive than those 2 countries. neither mesh with what america has always stood for. why now?

Anonymous said...

the royalty and the sheeples dont seems to grasp that tomorow it could (or should) read; the peoples have declared all authority criminal and immoral, those caught will be hung on the spot.

they are doing the revolution thing over and over again, always getting to the same place they where before, while they just have to embrace EVOLUTION !

Anonymous said...

The enemy of my enemy is my Friend...

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this basically how they run things already? As if putting it down on paper is gonna make realer for them somehow. These sheetheads are 1/3 of that great terrorist triumvirate israel-USSA famous for nine:eleven and so much more. Unworthy CIA son (died like nine times) of Bush's buds Bin Laden concocted for posterity fur sure.

Anon feb 5 @9:51a- is sooo right.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Manning got worse in the USA. He got it via presidential decrees and signing statements by Bush and Obama.
Guantanamo bay has prisoners held 10 years plus with no charges..........wait, I know you people will tell me they are guilty and dangerous terrists. Why not give them a fair trial.
At least the Saudis put their fascist crap into laws. The USA just has its dictators do the same or worse, like murder by drone done by Obama and surely by the next guy too.

Anonymous said...

The state and the king already have a bad reputation, so what's to defame?

Anonymous said...

Civil disobedience in a nation where women and children are considered property will only apply to the men. Rights are only for the elite and powerful, everyone else has to support them or be incarcerated in FUSION centers.

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