Request for an Investigation of Documented Weather Modification

Jerry Leonard
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I’m an engineer residing in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC and I have been documenting large-scale, aerial chemical-dispersals from aircraft over the city through time-lapse photography.

Here is a time-lapse video of a massive, all-day dispersal on Sunday 1/26/14.

Here it is sped up by 2x, for those pressed for time:

Photos and real-time video of the skies over Charlotte being nearly completely covered in a chemical haze on this same day can be found here (from various spots around the city).

These spraying operations can change a clear blue sky to a chalky white sky, from horizon to horizon, in a matter of hours.

My research to understand the reasons behind these chemical dispersals over my house and city (through what looks like jet contrail amplification) has led me to propose that these jet-aerosol spraying events are a sub-project of a global “geoengineering” program known as “solar radiation management” which is being conducted through so-called “stratospheric particle injections.” (“Geoengineering” is the large-scale manipulation of earth’s physical systems.)

Indeed, a survey of the patent and technical literature reveals that the deliberate intensification of jet contrail formation is considered the most cost-effective method under consideration as a technique for weather modification and global warming amelioration. To implement this agenda with jet-aircraft, geoengineers are discussing the use of fuel additives, customized engines, after-burner injections, and extra fuel tanks for dispensing experimental chemicals.

The scope of these stratospheric aerosol geoengineering projects needs to be understood by the public because, despite their far-reaching goals, they are being implemented “under the radar,” all over the world, even as their well-paid proponents admit these programs could create a global ice age or alter global rainfall patterns and affect the food supply for billions of people.

Alarmingly, the intensity of the spray incidents over Charlotte, N.C. seems to have increased dramatically in 2014. I have posted numerous time-lapse videos of these chemical dispersals on, the most recent being a massive, all-day chemical spray incident that occurred Sunday, 2/2/14. Here are two time-lapse views of the afternoon:

And here is a recent time-lapse video of a chemical “sheet” being dumped over my house on January 9, 2014:

The pervasive white haze in the sky that resulted from the spreading of “persistent contrails” over Charlotte on these days is curiously consistent with the predicted side-effect of proposed climate engineering programs discussed in recent news articles (“Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter”).

Some of these articles advocate the deployment of dedicated fleets of aircraft as part of a “Climate Change Manhattan Project” effort [Stanford Environmental Law Journal] to inject millions of tons of reflective atmospheric aerosols over cities. This would, in effect, create artificial volcanoes to reflect sunlight back into space.

Other means proposed for launching millions of tons of chemicals into the stratosphere for geoengineering operations include particle-spewing smokestacks on ships at sea, tethered balloons dispensing chemical slurries pumped up from the ground, and exploding artillery shells packed with experimental chemicals.

Although it may be shocking to the uninitiated, field studies have already been conducted and published on the large-scale creation of man-made clouds using “controlled particle sources” dispersed from smokestacks on ships, so that the reflectivity of the atmosphere could be modified and measured.

For example, here is a recent technical article describing a large-scale field experiment (named E-PEACE) which employed ships at sea involved in “engineering air pollution to brighten clouds.” In this experiment “the controlled emission of smoke-generated particles” was exploited to create reflective clouds so that the effect on localized solar warming could be measured.

And the controversial SPICE project (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering), which was a UK government-funded field-test designed to “assess the feasibility of injecting particles into the stratosphere from a tethered balloon for the purposes of solar radiation management,” was only halted at the last moment due to a patent dispute.

While researchers are exploring large-scale field trials with ships and balloons for stratospheric aerosol experiments, numerous feasibility studies have been published showing that the aircraft delivery system is the most cost-effective method for “reengineering” the atmosphere on a truly global scale.

Along those lines, field experiments have recently been conducted in which military aircraft induced man-made cirrus clouds over England through “persistent contrails,” so that changes to the reflectivity of the atmosphere could be measured. And, as is discussed below, a custom fleet of drone aircraft has already been designed for a longer term effort aimed at dispersing one million tons of sulfuric acid per year into the stratosphere, for twenty years.

As a result of several years of investigation and observation, I believe this strategy of employing aircraft for a “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” effort is already being quietly implemented through the US government by self-serving billionaires, like Bill Gates, under the pretext of fighting global warming.

Consequently, I have written an extensive request for a congressional investigation into aerosol experimentation over North Carolina, which can be found here:

Request for Congressional Investigation Into Geoengineering (pdf):

I have also started an online petition at to call attention to these chemical dispersions over my house and city.

Indeed, these geoengineering programs must be put under intense scrutiny.

Recent revelations of US government programs which sprayed radioactive particles over American cities, not to mention Operation Large Area Coverage, and the Green Run Experiments, or more recently the catastrophic showering of Iraqi cities with depleted uranium and white phosphorus, show the dangers of blindly assuming that these current aerial spraying incidents over US cities will not contain harmful chemicals.

And apparently, the EPA has no interest in protecting the public from experiments that will expose them to deadly particles. In fact, the EPA is carefully conducting such experiments, all over the country.

Recent exposés concerning lethal EPA “gas-chamber”/particulate-exposure experiments being conducted at universities around the country (including North Carolina—with the blessing of the state medical boards) on the elderly and children only reinforce the need for vigilance. For example, the progress reports on one project conducted at the University of Southern California openly state they are trying to induce repeatable genetic changes in children through exposure to calibrated pollutant mixtures (in order to validate their asthma causation models).

I can’t help wonder if the EPA is trying to determine the likely health impact of these stratospheric particle injection experiments, much like the Atomic Energy Commission injected plutonium and other radioactive substances into pregnant women, as the atom bombs were being developed.

Democracy Now described this long-range test program:

In a gruesome plot that spanned 30 years, doctors and scientists working with the US atomic weapons program, exposed thousands of unwilling and unknowing Americans to radiation poisoning to study its effects.

Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans

Democracy Now (Source)

A Closer Look: The Pretext For Large-Scale Exposure To Particulates

I propose that what I am documenting in the alarming time-lapse videos taken over my house are field trial experiments in which the spatial coverage of jet contrails is “artificially amplified” so that their reflectivity and therefore their resultant impact on global warming can be more accurately measured and differentiated from natural cirrus clouds.

This type of amplified contrail experimentation to create man-made cirrus clouds in order to increase “radiative perturbations” for modeling accuracy (increasing the signal-to-noise ratio) was called for in a publication by a British defense agency (DERA—Defense Evaluation and Research Agency):

The global temperature response to such a small radiative perturbation from contrails is unlikely to be detectable in most climate models unless the signal is artificially amplified… A better calculation of radiative forcing from contrails is feasible using an artificially amplified forcing. This would help understand the climate response … particularly as there is evidence that the climate may be more sensitive to inhomogeneous forcings (e.g. from aircraft) than forcings from other well-mixed gases. This could be done in parallel with refining contrail coverage input data.

“Identifying the uncertainties in radiative forcing of climate from aviation contrails and aviation-induced cirrus,” (Source)

The BBC recently published time-lapse photos of military aircraft doing exactly this — flying in circular loops deliberately creating contrail-induced cirrus clouds so that the cooling effect of the man-made, sun-blocking clouds could be measured:

The strange coil-like feature on the right of the image is a contrail left by a military aircraft flying in a circular holding pattern. Eventually, these became indistinguishable from clouds that arise naturally.

Dr Haywood and his colleagues investigated the impact of these man-made clouds. In an article published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, they describe how it had both a cooling and a warming effect.”

How aircraft contrails form cloud (Source)

Here is the technical paper (“The radiative forcing due to a distinct pattern of persistent contrails that form into contrail-induced cirrus”) summarizing the measurements of the “radiative forcing” (the net reflectivity change in the atmosphere measured from satellites and ground stations) that these aircraft were able to achieve by inducing artificial cirrus clouds over an area of 50,000 square kilometers with persistent jet contrails—just as the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency had recommended.

Is the heavy spraying by aircraft that I have been documenting over Charlotte, NC a component of this large-scale experimentation?

As jets create an artificial haze of aviation-induced clouds over Charlotte, it is intriguing that a recent article on geoengineering in Scientific American predicted just such a scenario:

The white haze that hangs over many major cities could become a familiar sight everywhere if the world decides to try geoengineering to create a cooler planet.

Geoengineering Could Turn Skies White,” Scientific American, June 1, 2012

It seems likely that the jet-induced haze I have been observing and recording is part of a global geoengineering agenda.

An expansion of this type of aerosol spraying program to the international realm was recently given tacit approval (under the guise of regulating climate engineering or “geoengineering”) by both the US Congress and the British House of Commons.

To carry out this agenda, Bill Gates (a major funding-source for geoengineering efforts) even commissioned an aerospace company called Aurora Flight Sciences to design a custom drone aircraft designed to disperse one million tons of sulfuric acid droplets per year (for twenty years) into the atmosphere for solar radiation management/geoengineering purposes (the study can be downloaded here). (Gates has investments in “stress-tolerant” seed companies that could gain in value due to the controlled introduction of these climate and soil/precipitation stressors. Conveniently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also helps manage and operate the “Svalbard Global Seed Vault” in Norway (colloquially referred to as the Doomsday Seed Vault). The “seed vault is an attempt to insure against the loss of seeds in other genebanks in case of large-scale regional or global crises.” Will a Bill Gates managed enterprise control what remains of the world’s non-patented seeds, as his sulfuric acid drones circle the earth destroying native agriculture in favor of stress-tolerant plants?)

I believe my observations are capturing part of this global effort to put reflective particles into the atmosphere, as summarized by John Holdren (President Obama’s top science adviser), so that the potential for increasing the earth’s reflection coefficient (also known as its albedo) to fight global warming can be evaluated:

There are a variety of schemes that have been discussed for geoengineering. The classic example, is injecting reflecting particles into earth orbit that would deflect some of the sunlight that would otherwise be warming the earth. — Dr. John Holdren, President Obama’s Science Advisor

This high-level support for the geoengineering of our atmosphere has resulted in it being intensely studied by scientists around the world, although the general public remains largely unaware of this development.

Harvard Professor and Bill Gates’ climate modification consultant David Keith has made numerous statements at geoengineering conferences and other venues suggesting that mass-spraying of both aluminum and sulfuric acid from aircraft could be used to reduce global warming. Keith has even boasted that he could create a global ice age with this technology.

And as the New York Times prints editorials by Keith, under cartoonish titles such as “Blocking The Sky To Save The Earth,” NASA is conducting closed-door sessions on methods “to blot out the sun”:

…at the weekend scientists gathered in a closed session organized by NASA and Stanford University to discuss researching such a strategy. The idea is called geo-engineering: using technology to tinker with the Earth’s delicate climate balance.

NASA looks at plan to blot out Sun (Source)

Are such experiments to blot out the sun being conducted over Charlotte? If so, what chemicals are being used to make the skies white and who approved this?

Professor David Keith of Harvard has written numerous articles and studies proposing the mass-dispersion of “condensable vapor from aircraft” as a geoengineering tool. The chemical he seems to favor dispensing by the mega-ton is sulfuric acid (H2SO4):

Here we describe an alternate method in which aerosol is formed rapidly in the plume following injection of H2SO4, a condensable vapor, from an aircraft. This method gives better control of particle size and can produce larger radiative forcing with lower sulfur loadings than SO2 injection.

Efficient formation of stratospheric aerosol for climate engineering by emission of condensible vapor from aircraft,

GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 37, L18805, 5 PP., 2010 (Source)

Keith also oversaw the Bill Gates-funded effort to design a drone aircraft to spray the stratosphere with 20 million tons of sulfuric acid. As The Economist summarized:

The most straightforward option, according to the report, would be to develop a vehicle capable of flying at altitudes of 20-25km (about 65,000-80,000 feet), distributing ten tonnes of acid a flight.

… About 80 such planes would allow the delivery to the stratosphere of a million tonnes of acid every year at a cost of one or two billion dollars over an operational life of 20 years.

“Geoengineering: Lift-off”: Research into the possibility of engineering a better climate is progressing at an impressive rate—and meeting strong opposition, The Economist, (Source)

Based on my research, the chemical dispersions over Charlotte look like the 2nd phase of a 3-phase implementation scheme outlined in the British House of Commons investigation into the regulation of geoengineering. This phase was described as “enlarging the scope” of “limited field-studies” of the geoengineering technology now being developed and tested in “phase 1.”

In his editorial in the New York Times entitled “Blocking the Sky to Save the Earth,” Professor Keith also proposes a multi-phased approach to “flooding the atmosphere with man-made particles” using aircraft. In this approach, Keith envisions blocking the sky with “synthetic particles made from metals or ceramics designed to scatter sunlight selectively” using aircraft in an increasingly expansive series of “real-world tests of various technologies” to “reduce the uncertainty surrounding geo-engineering”:

At first, tests might use existing research aircraft like NASA’s ER-2, a heavy version of the U-2, to release small payloads of particles and then measure the effects on solar radiation and the ozone layer. If these early tests showed the risks were low, enough material could then be released to have a detectable climate impact…

David Keith, et al, “Blocking the Sky to Save the Earth,” New York Times, September 19, 2008 (Source)

In Congressional testimony, Keith laid out a similar multiphase ramp-up for large-scale atmospheric geoengineering with aircraft:

…experiments should expand gradually to scales big enough to produce barely detectable climate effects and reveal unexpected problems, yet small enough to limit resultant risks.

…To provide a specific example related to my own work, NASA’s ER-2 high-altitude research plane might be used to release a ton of sulfuric acid vapor along a 10 km plume in the stratosphere, and fly through the plume to assess the formation of aerosol and its sun scattering ability and its impact on ozone chemistry. Such tests take a few years to plan and cost a few million dollars. — Prepared Statement of David Keith, “Learning to manage sunlight: Research needs for Solar Radiation Management “GEOENGINEERING: PARTS I, II, AND III” HEARING BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (Source)

The preliminary experiments described by Keith have already been conducted by NASA, which has published papers over the years describing the creation of man-made cirrus clouds through the dispersing of rapidly expanding, figure-eight and oval-shaped contrail patterns from both research aircraft and civilian aircraft off the west coast:

It may be concluded from these limited results that aircraft exhaust can produce cirrus clouds that cover much more area than the simple linear features commonly observed in satellite data.

“Transformation of Contrails into Cirrus during SUCCESS,” Geophysical Research Letters, SUCCESS Special Issue, November 1997 (Source)

Could what we are now witnessing in the sky be the implementation of the final phases of a long-range plan for a ramped approach to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering? And are they dispersing sulfuric acid, as recommended by Professor Keith in his books, articles, editorials, speeches, media appearances and design studies?

The plans for the implementation of such a weather modification/geoengineering strategy go back decades.

In the late 1960s, A Recommended National Program In Weather Modification by NASA foresaw a long-term, Federal cloud-seeding operation that would explore national weather modification with “cloud condensation nuclei” using various “seeding agents,” dispersal methods and “diversified types of aircraft.” They recommended that

…a program of carefully planned precipitation-oriented field experiments should be carried out under complete control of the scientists, embodying the required technical knowledge, possessing continuity over a period needed for conclusiveness, and on sufficient scale to permit geographic conclusions, as well as statistical stratification according to the type of seeding agent, mode of injection, cloud type, etc…

‘We recommend that the civil research aircraft facilities be enlarged to include diversified types of aircraft and supporting data-gathering systems to meet the requirements placed upon them.

These operations with aircraft (which now include cloud-seeding operations to suppress precipitation, as well as to enhance it) would supersede local authorities and provide contractors with legal immunity from any damage inflicted on the public through this Federal program:

Legal and Legislative Aspects

The Commission recommends that the Federal Government by appropriate legislation be empowered to:

1. Delay or halt all activities — public or private — in actual or potential conflict with weather and climate modification programs of the Federal government, whether carried on by the government itself for by its grantees or contractors;

2. Immunize Federal agents, grantees, and contractors engaged in weather and climate modification activities from State and local government interference; and

3. Provide to Federal grantees and contractors indemnification or other protection against liability to the public for damages caused by Federal programs of weather and climate modification.”

More recently, the media has reported on NASA’s closed-session meetings to “blot out the sun” with such “cloud condensation nuclei” projects.

In the 1970s, consistent with these NASA recommendations, a top-secret military spraying program to create artificial clouds was carried out over areas of the United States to develop and test cloud-seeding weather modification techniques that were subsequently used as a weather weapon over Vietnam.

For 7 years we have been conducting, through a contractor, North American Weather Consultants, and with help from the Bureau of Reclamation, a rainfall augmentation experiment in the Santa Barbara area.

The works has gradually passed, from experiments with single clouds to whole groups of clouds, and to components of storm systems.



[Top Secret hearing held on March 20, 1974; made public on May 19, 1974]

In the 1990s, a National Academy of Sciences publication announced that cloud-stimulating technology used on a much larger scale (dispersing “cloud condensation nuclei” by aircraft) could be a low-cost, technically feasible option for counteracting CO2-induced global warming:

Cloud stimulation by provision of cloud condensation nuclei appears to be a feasible and low-cost option capable of being used to mitigate any quantity of CO2 equivalent per year.

And more recently, expert testimony before the House of Commons investigation revealed that these “technologies appeared to be relatively cheap and therefore relatively technically simplistic.”

The use of entire fleets of aircraft in such cloud-whitening operations has also been deemed as cost-effective and technically feasible in numerous studies. See here, for example:

  • Climate Engineering (NOVIM study) (Source)

o “Aircraft: Lofting megaton quantities into the stratosphere requires heavy lift aircraft that can fly at these altitudes. … would require ~100,000 sorties to be flown each year (or ~300 sorties per day.) With each craft assumed capable of two sorties per day, this would require a fleet of 150 aircraft.”

  • “Cost analysis of stratospheric albedo modification delivery systems,” Environmental Research Letters, Volume 7 Number 3, (Source).

o “We conclude that the basic technological capability to deliver material to the stratosphere at million tonne per year rates exists today… Recent work has shown that directly emitting H2SO4 allows better control of particle size …”

One should not take too lightly Bill Gates’ well-financed efforts to disperse millions of tons of sulfuric acid into the atmosphere under the pretext of saving the earth.

Harvard Magazine recently outlined a potential scenario for the use of these craft to dump millions of tons of sulfuric acid into the stratosphere:

One suggestion… involves modifying a fleet of jets to spray sulfates into the stratosphere, where they would combine with water vapor to form aerosols. Dispersed by winds, these particles would cover the globe with a haze that would reflect roughly 1 percent of solar radiation away from Earth.

And Boston University Today magazine projected a scenario in which this fleet of aircraft might be sent on a mission to “reengineer the atmosphere” by dispersing “sufficient sulfuric acid on a global scale to cool the planet efficiently and affordably”:

Such a mission would, however, be one of last resort. Sending a fleet of sulfuric acid–bearing aircraft on high-altitude sorties for years on end would amount to a form of geoengineering, or deliberate modification of the environment, to mitigate the effects of man-made greenhouse gas emissions after the fact, rather than nipping them in the bud.

Reengineering the Atmosphere, 12/11/12, (Source)

In addition to the use of custom-designed drone aircraft, the use of commercial passenger aircraft is being discussed for such large-scale cloud-seeding operations. According to a technical article published in Environmental Research Letters:

A potential delivery mechanism for the seeding material is already in place: the airline industry.

As noted in the article,

The distribution of seeding material could be done relatively inexpensively through the airline industry. Seeding along conventional flight corridors should increase OLR [outgoing longwave radiation] preferentially over the northern high latitudes where global warming is most severe.

Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming

Environ. Res. Lett. 4 (October-December 2009) (Source)

Other papers have discussed the modifications (added sulfur content in the fuel and extra tanks) that might be made to commercial craft for full implementation of atmospheric geoengineering):

Technically, if a 50-fold sulfur enhancement were used, the [commercial] aeroplanes would probably need two separate fuel tanks: one for fuel with the current sulfur concentration to be used in lower altitudes where air pollution is an issue, and another for sulfur-enhanced fuel to be used in the stratosphere.

Stratospheric passenger flights are likely an inefficient geoengineering strategy (Source)

Is this the method that is being implemented now? And are they using chemicals other than sulfates?

Geoengineering proponents have advocated for and patented the use of various metals, salts and polymers for dispersal in the atmosphere to modify its reflectivity. (For example, aluminum, titanium & silica gels, bismuth triiodide and Anatase crystal.) We need to know how far these plans have gotten.

As mentioned above, I have written a request for a state and federal congressional investigation into what I believe are ongoing field-trials preparatory to the full-scale implementation of the “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” agenda. This is based on my photographic observations and time-lapse videography over Harrisburg and Charlotte, NC, in combination with a detailed survey of the patent literature, technical articles, popular press summary articles, legislative investigations, video documentaries and observational reports.

This request can be found here:

Request for Congressional Investigation Into Geoengineering (pdf):

I have also started an online petition on calling for a congressional investigation into these geoengineering operations.

Such an investigation is all the more urgent, as my research shows that these large-scale geoengineering spraying programs have been

  • deemed feasible by the National Academy of Sciences and numerous recent technical studies,
  • recommended by agencies of the Federal Government (and billionaires like Bill Gates through his personal climate modification consultants),
  • the object of imminent government-industry managed field-trials (e.g. the SPICE project)
  • the subject of numerous patents, and hardware design studies
  • the subject of detailed technical papers touting the necessity of their implementation
  • increasingly propagandized for in the popular press

I believe it is this agenda which is being witnessed and documented by the public throughout the world as they photograph and video-tape the creation of massive amounts of “chemtrails” over their houses and cities.

While the dangerous plans to dump millions of tons of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere to fight the effects of pollution may seem to be beyond the realm of possibility, history reveals numerous precedents for large-scale, long-term spraying operations that have been conducted across the globe without the consent of the public. For example:

  • the aerial defoliation and aerial weather warfare used against Vietnam in

o “Operation Ranch Hand” (“herbicidal warfare” with millions of tons of chemicals targeting crops for maximum strategic and psychological effect), and 

o “Operation Popeye” (weaponized cloud-seeding operations that altered rainfall patterns and created monsoons);

In these operations, populations were sprayed with dangerous chemicals on a massive scale without their consent. Likewise, we have not been asked if we want this dangerous “geoengineering” experimentation with various “cloud condensation nuclei” being conducted on our behalf in the name of fighting global warming. Nor have we been informed about the chemical nature of the experimental agents now being dispersed into the air that we breathe (or how these chemical agents may be serving multiple purposes).

I believe the public has the right to know what is being sprayed into the atmosphere, especially when the spraying of millions of tons of sulfuric acid and aluminum with dedicated fleets of aircraft have been proposed as cost-effective options.

I am also calling for the media to demand a congressional investigation into these geoengineering operations. As summarized on Wikipedia, it was public exposure of the “environmental warfare” against Vietnam through Operation Popeye by columnist Jack Anderson that ultimately resulted in its cessation:

Reporter Jack Anderson published a story in March 1971 concerning Operation Popeye. The name Operation Popeye (Pop Eye) entered the public space through a brief mention in the Pentagon Papers and a July 3, 1972, article in the New York Times. Operations in Laos ceased two days after the publication of the Times article.

And Congressional demands for information soon followed:

The press stories led to demands from members of the U.S. Congress, led by Senator Claiborne Pell, for more information. U.S. House and Senate resolutions in favor of banning environmental warfare were passed …

I am calling for similar actions today. In spite of continuous government denials that such a geoengineering program exists, we have this Vietnam-era weather modification program as a precedent showing that a high-level, large-scale, illegal and dangerous weather modification project can be developed, tested and implemented in complete secrecy, while top government officials lie about the program’s very existence (in Congressional testimony, no less), even as it is being exposed in the media.

As Ryan Dube summarized:

While the Air Force leadership in charge of operations in Vietnam considered weather modification to be just one more important tool in the entire arsenal at the military’s disposal, the moment Jack Anderson released details about the operation in the Washington Post on March 18, 1971, things took a turn for the worst.

The first reaction to the release of the secret memo about Operation Popeye was denial. U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird testified before Congress in 1972 that “Anderson’s wild tales” were completely false.

However, in a private letter from Laird that was leaked to the press in January of 1974 regarding Operation Popeye, Laird admitted that he had lied in his 1972 testimony. The Defense Secretary was forced to attend a top secret Senate hearing where he and other military leaders were finally forced to admit that Anderson’s “wild” conspiracy theory was absolutely true – that the military had been seeding clouds over Cambodia, Laos, as well as North and South Vietnam from 1966 through 1972.

The last tally once the operation ceased in 1972 included 2,600 flights, releasing over 47,000 units of material (mostly silver iodide or lead iodide) into the clouds.

A study for the Air Force, entitled Owning the Weather in 2025, has led me to believe that these spraying experiments for military purposes have not stopped. The 2025 White Paper discusses the use of jets spraying carbon dust for both precipitation enhancement and suppression:

If precipitation enhancement techniques are successfully developed and the right natural conditions also exist, we must also be able to disperse carbon dust into the desired location. Transporting it in a completely controlled, safe, cost-effective, and reliable manner requires innovation. Numerous dispersal techniques have already been studied, but the most convenient, safe, and cost-effective method discussed is the use of afterburner-type jet engines to generate carbon particles while flying through the targeted air. This method is based on injection of liquid hydrocarbon fuel into the afterburner’s combustion gases. This direct generation method was found to be more desirable than another plausible method (i.e., the transport of large quantities of previously produced and properly sized carbon dust to the desired altitude).

The carbon dust study demonstrated that small-scale precipitation enhancement is possible and has been successfully verified under certain atmospheric conditions.

…In addition to using … carbon dust absorption technology for precipitation enhancement, this delivery method could also be used for precipitation suppression.

Weather as a Force Multiplier, Owning the Weather in 2025

A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 (1996)

This research paper also discusses the chilling scenario in which drone aircraft (uninhabited aerospace vehicles or UAVs) use stealth technology to disperse carbon “or other effective modification agents” at any desired place as a “weather force support element (WFSE), which is a part of the commander in chief’s (CINC) air operations center (AOC)”:

If this UAV technology were combined with stealth and carbon dust technologies, the result could be a UAV aircraft invisible to radar while en route to the targeted area, which could spontaneously create carbon dust in any location.

Thus the development of this aerosol weather modification technology might allow military control of weather on a large scale without detection. Perhaps that has been the goal of civilian research all along. As far back as 1965 “John von Neuman, one of the most influential American science advisors to the Dept. of Defense, stated”:

After global climate control becomes possible, perhaps all our present involvements will seem simple. We should not deceive ourselves: once such possibilities become actual, they will be exploited


I believe that public exposure of this modern-day weather modification program is the only tool we have to force the perpetrators to admit its existence and halt it. Hopefully the information and links I have provided will be helpful in this regard.

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