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UPDATE: Where is the Support for the Alleged Dread Pirate Roberts?

Ulbricht - aka alleged Dread Pirate Roberts
Eric Blair
Activist Post

On October 1, 2013 federal agents arrested Ross Ulbricht, 29, and charged him with creating and operating the web marketplace Silk Road, under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). See our Silk Road obituary here.

The allegations against Ulbricht include a variety of conspiracies including narcotics trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering, as well as planned acts of violence. However, the murder-for-hire charges were dropped as part of the formal indictment in New York.

According to a family member who attended the arraignment: "Murder-for-Hire, the most sensationalist and damning allegation of the government, was NOT a formal charge in the arraignment. When Ross stood up and pleaded “not guilty” to each indictment presented by the judge, there was no mention of murder at all. We have always known this claim was false. Now it is an “uncharged crime,” a mention in the drug conspiracy charge."

The Feds seized millions in bitcoins from Ulbricht based on these allegations and are mulling cashing them in before Ulbricht's day in court.

Ulbricht and his friends and family proclaim his innocence. Watch the video below:

Yet, even if Ulbricht was indeed the Dread Pirate Roberts, what is he actually guilty of? Building an innovative website? His actions harmed no one and perhaps saved countless people from dangerous back-alley drug deals.  So why is there so little support for him?

For those who believe the war on drugs is the biggest problem with drugs, you should be supporting Ross Ulbricht whether he's innocent or guilty of these charges.

If the allegations are true, anyone who benefited from Bitcoin's increased value owes Ulbricht twice as much; first for putting Bitcoin on the map by proving its utility and receiving publicity, and second for sacrificing everything including his freedom to "legitimize" the digital currency following Silk Road's seizure.

And where are the libertarians? The Dread Pirate Roberts was the quintessential libertarian, innovating and living based on the principles of a voluntary society without aggression expressed in Silk Road's charter.
Silk Road is a global enterprise whose purpose is to empower people to live as free individuals. We provide systems and platforms that allow our customers to defend their basic human rights and pursue their own ends, provided those ends do not infringe on the rights of others. 
Our mission is to have voluntary interaction between individuals be the foundation of human civilization. 
We conduct ourselves and our enterprise from the following fundamental values that are at the heart of who we are:
  • Self-ownership Individuals own their bodies, thoughts and will. Anything they create with their property or obtain without coercion is also theirs.
  • Responsibility People are responsible for their actions. If one infringes on another's rights, they should be held accountable.
  • Equality Property rights apply to all individuals equally, without exception.
  • Integrity Honoring one's word as one's self. Word, thought, and action are aligned.
  • Virtue Striving to improve one's self and the lives of others in all actions. To create value.
We promise to be true to our purpose, to accomplish our mission, to operate consistent with our values, and to run our enterprise in service of our customers.
This is who we are. 
This is what you can count on.
Ulbricht, if he's the Dread Pirate Roberts, should be given a medal instead of a cage. And if he's not actually guilty, a litany of abuses are being deployed by the State to destroy an innocent tech geek. Either way, he needs and deserves our support.

Donate dollars or Bitcoin to the Ross Ulbricht defense fund at the links below:
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Anonymous said...

You're right. He deserves support. I just sent some bitcoin.

don said...

Where does Ross stand on Israel, I would like to know a little more before I donate... Cheers...

Anonymous said...

Just another greedy thug, why give money to his defense.
Put out contracts on people who he didnt like,,,,,,geez where is your moral base?

Anonymous said...

And none of the drugs sold by any free-wheeling libertarian (or just your average banker/military industrialist walking hand-in-hand with their cartel friends) led to any criminal activity whatsoever!

Perhaps more truthiness before accepting what we are handed.

Or should we just accept the lefty filth of the godly wonderfulness of Nelson Mandela and the righty filth of the godly wonderfulness of Ariel Sharon?

Anonymous said...

He has been accused of Murder for Hire. Are you actually defending him?
Sure, what he did for the drug war was noble, but if he hired people to kill people, he does not deserve any support.

Anonymous said...

The murder for hire allegations were meant to discredit him, and see how successful it was. Most of this should be protected by free speech, but challenge the status quo police state, and it will act without mercy or fairness or justice to protect itself.

Hide Behind said...

The man played a loose game and he ended up being beaten by those who he tried to end run; And as he became outflanked h e tried to push his actions into the realms of being a benevolent genius and doing it all for the underdogs.
Those who suck upon causes now try to enrich themselves by framing " The Cause" for a piece of the action.
We hire killers by the million in Us from every militarys now based mercenarys for hire to Congress hiring foreign based killers to wreck havoc in far places.
Get a good look as American cops now kill more americans than any of worlds terrorist organizations combined.
Lots off guns for hire in US.
Some make a killing in drug wars that educated pricks join and when caught try to frame it as a high calling.
Nah , he made own bed and I do not crave sleeping in it with him or his accusers

Anonymous said...

The question is, who is he really? We have very little to go on, one way or the other and most of us are depending on various media sources to find out. I know for a fact mainstream media lies, in the alternative media realm sometimes there are liars but I suspect most not. I trust alternative media FAR more then mainstream, therefore my support is for Ross Ulbricht. All I have ever heard about the Silk Road from mainstream media is that it is a haven for pedophiles and criminals, and yet the REAL criminals that run business, banks and government are never exposed except when it suits the elites agenda. And by the way, there are pedophile rings used by the elites and their puppets and we never hear about that in mainstream media either, do we? Therefore I know nothing about the Silk Road except that the people in power hate it, and it seems these days that anything they are against tends to turn out to be positive. It may well be that the Silk Road was an active attempt to get out of the vast economic control grid we are being forced to work in everyday of our lives.... that in it people could barter, trade and do business outside of the control/ eyes of a corrupt government system that bleed people at every transaction. Our opportunities and means of living are strictly controlled, but most people don't realize it because it is what they grew up in, but looking at nature and then at society I see very unhealthy trends and demands that make people sick, put them under great unnecessary stress and fear/ dependence. If the Silk Road was a real attempt to get out from under that, I hope more people developed new ones..

And to some of you STILL claiming he murdered people, the charge was dropped straight off! If he really made contracts on people's lives, or killed people, common sense says the charges would have stayed! Use your heads, damn it! The propagandists can say whatever they want and have you eating out of their hand still, apparently! Contracting killers and murder is NOT something that would result in a dropped charge, it is a very serious charge and this guy is NOT a protected elite puppet, but an average joe and they are NEVER protected from such charges! The average joe is usually the one to fall under such charges mercilessly, therefore I am thinking the charge was dropped because it was a false charge to make him look bad...TPTB do that constantly as a strategy. Based on knowing the elites general strategy of character assassination, it seems to fit here... he challenged their power base/ control, grid and they are trying to destroy that and convince people that going outside of their control grids (everyday business/ economic systems) is bad and that anyone who does it is a horrible criminal.

So yes, my support is for Albrecht. We greatly need to find ways out of the control grids set up by TPTB, and so we should set up more of them based on the stated goals for the Silk Road here... But PLEASE keep Bitcoin and digital currencies out if it! The elites want to set up a cashless system, and Bitcoin is a cashless system! Digital currency would fulfill part of their agenda!

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