Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Psychology of Being a “Non-Conspiracy Theorist”

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

There is a brand of people amongst us. They have no name but they exist. They are everywhere, at work, at home, at school, and in the streets, stores, and shopping malls. It is highly unlikely to not know someone who belongs in this category. It’s the so called non-conspiracy theorists. You know, the guy who tries to terminate conversations by alleging that you are nothing more than a “conspiracy theorist” and the information you share is false or not believable. Yes, that guy. Let’s meet face to face with your typical non-conspiracy theorist. We all know them, they often are the ones who hold the “conspiracy” verbal accusation as a valid logically defined argument in and of itself. The logic works like this:

Conspiracy theorist says: “You are claiming that fire alone can cause a building to self-implode, descend at freefall speed into its own footprint? That’s physically impossible, what about Newton’s Laws and laws of thermal dynamics and such? “

Non-conspiracy theorist says: “No, you are wrong because you are a conspiracy theorist.”

And with that, often the non-conspiracy theorist will walk away. What’s happening? They had nothing to elaborate on, so the non-conspiracy theorist - whose thinking is engineered and controlled by government, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment - resorted to a socially engineered answer. For this reason it is fascinating to explore the mindset and psychology of the individuals who take this position in place of a logical stance.

Core defect and twisted meanings

By definition, conspiracy means a group of two or more people secretly plotting (or conspiring) a harmful (or evil) deed against another person(s). This behavior is part of human nature. Humans have been conspiring against each other since the beginning of time. There was a never a time in world history when such an elementary behavior (of conspiring against an enemy) did not exist. Can you find a period in history when a certain human emotional trait or action didn’t exist? Was there a time when the human genome didn’t express jealousy, game playing, free trading, rage, or happiness? As odd or ridiculous as this may sound, non-conspiracists unknowingly subscribe to this logic. If evidence points to a conspired crime, why not treat it as such? Why demonize the very concept of conspiring? This is a core defect in the thought process of non-conspiracy theorists. You can easily identify them by their speech.

What the non-conspiracy theorist doesn’t see is that the battlefield is right before them and they have outsourced all critical thought and action to a government thinking service known as mass media. Like being on the football field while the ball is in play, without realizing what is happening. You see people waving at you in the stands to get out of the way, but you don’t understand what they are saying so you continue walking on the field with your headset on. Likewise, non-conspiracy theorists perceive all logic and reason arguments and warnings made by the conspiracy theorist as noise. They don’t understand the warning and so they continue living and carrying on with what they are doing. Like the person on the field not understanding the warning being communicated by those in the stands, non-conspiracy theorists cannot receive the basic signals of logic and reason.

The headsets adding to the confusion is like the TV and mainstream media news. Since they themselves refuse to look at the evidence, they put their faith in the government and in the mass corporate establishment to safely guide them in their reality. They gain a sense of psychological protection from this overall system. Since the information being believed is almost always artificial they need to hear their own opinions repeated to them by the voices on TV so they can confirm (and re-confirm) their own belief system to themselves to be legitimate. At no point will the non-conspiracy theorist plan a day of research or dedicate a few hours every once in a while to research the topic or put any thought into issues.

Information and world problems are but one category in a shelf of categories that make up their lives. The non-conspiracy theorist ignores that government has always implemented social engineering and mass mind control on the general public. In order for the non-conspiracy theorist to confidently walk away from someone who challenges their belief system with scientific facts, they need to have a sustained comfort and assurance that what government and mainstream media is saying is true.

Maintaining the non-conspiracy delusion

The non-conspiracy theorist is thus profoundly psychologically interconnected with today’s mass mind control paradigm. They are a species representing a full byproduct of 21st-century social engineering. The doctrine of this type of social engineering programs its believers to believe that when government and media accuses someone of “conspiracies” then this accusation is cause for someone being considered diseased. The symptoms being paranoia. But paranoia is based on systematized delusions and delusions are based on false beliefs. A proper exploring of meanings brings us back to proving what is true or false. We come full circle and the spin is over. Non-conspiracy theorists don’t realize they dwell in this circle of misapplied words, never exploring the meanings or doing the work to determine what is true and what is provable.

Non-conspiracy theorists therefore wake up every morning and reach for the mental orientation map known as mainstream media news. Without it they would be disoriented, as they would not know what to believe. They actually believe that if anyone was guilty of wrongdoing at the highest level of government someone would speak out every time and everyone would know about it. They ignore that state secrets are the norm and government operations are conducted in secret. They ignore the consequences each individual at the government and military level faces for blowing the whistle. Despite these consequences many individuals at government level still risk it all and do blow the whistle on government. Despite all this, the idea of maintaining State secrecy is a myth to non-conspiracy theorists. The idea that government would do something immoral, nefarious or criminal is a fiction as well to the non-conspiracy theorist.

The history of war, corruption, tyranny and fascism is incidental, coincidental, insignificant and irrelevant to the non-conspiracy theorist. None of these should be used to gauge the events of our times since history is a thing of the past. Non-conspiracy theorists choose not to connect the historical dots. According to them, there is nothing to learn from the history of tyranny and totalitarianism. Anyone attempting to connect the dots is likely a conspiracy theorist. This goes hand in hand with the logic defect we discussed earlier. As the earlier case of the conspiracy theorist having his scientific arguments debunked by virtue of simply being diseased with the accusation of conspiracy theorist. Note, the non-conspiracy theorists use the name as a loaded, proven concept with power to permanently label someone diseased. In this case, attempting to connect the dots automatically tags you as a conspiracy theorist.

As far as non-conspiracy theorists are concerned, all critical thought is deferred to the authorities. The scientists do their work and then report the facts to the government and mainstream media who carefully announce to the masses what they should know. Any scientists who speak out and claim to have evidence contradicting government claims must first be endorsed and approved by the mainstream media and government. Without this approval the scientists are marginalized no matter how large their numbers are. Without these ridiculous rules the delusion of being a non-conspiracy theorists cannot be maintained. This is the psychology of tyranny. Tyranny and totalitarianism cannot be implemented without mass mind control. This dangerous group-think mentality will ignore all warning signs to help continue advancing the agenda. And so the non-conspiracy theorist is the most important instrument for maintaining control of the masses. Without these non-conspiracy theorist vessels of the global empire, the plan would not be possible.

It is quite possible that years from now the concept of conspiracy will return back to where it belongs right next to other concepts like jealousy, laughter, love, stealing, fighting, friendship, hatred and other human expressions that define who we are. By then perhaps being a friendship theorist, a stealing theorist or a jealousy theorist will be the new propaganda bogey monster term. Or perhaps years from now we will be sick and tired of this vicious cycle of physical and mental slavery. Perhaps people will truly have enough of the control system and will have abolished it by then.

Standing by truth

I am thrilled to be considered a “conspiracy theorist” by those still controlled by the social engineering experiments of the last one hundred or so years. We are proof that humans are able to critically think on their own and prefer to be free. We are the embodiment of the resistance, we never run from challenges and debates, we recreated the media and are responsible for the progressive death of the mainstream media. We choose to give humanity a voice outside of the socially engineered control system. We rely on firsthand accounts, physical evidence consistent with natural laws, factual documents, common sense, high probability, and forensic scientific evidence before jumping to conclusions. We do not rely on name calling to give strength to our position and we stand as a reminder that the human mind will never be completely contained. Unraveling the reality we face became normal for us at some point and the information the non-conspiracy theorists consider scary is common news to those of us name called “conspiracy theorists”.

In order to be considered a conspiracy theorist by the non-conspiracy theorists you must believe that government is corrupt. Believing that others are corrupt does not get you the title automatically. The list of what qualifies someone as a conspiracy theorist has been changing rapidly and today is determined by mainstream media and government in real time. Today, only government and mainstream media gets to decide who qualifies as a conspiracy theorist. The thought process of the non-conspiracy theorist is thus predictable and automated because the agenda being followed by government and mass media is predictable. The mindset is: no research required if Associated Press, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN or NPR doesn’t agree to report it, then all other sources must be false. This shines a light into the thought process of non-conspiracy theorists.

Impact on humanity

How creepy does all this sound? We often take for granted the thought process required to make someone believe how they believe and the (mainstream media believing) non-conspiracy theorist mentality is quietly as culpable for the condition of the world today as the individuals who actually carry out the crimes that have put us where we are. Little to no effort is put by non-conspiracy theorists to learn about their own social mindsets, social engineering, group-think, and government propaganda and mind-control history.

The non-conspiracy theorists are thus arguably indirectly ushering in many of the religious and cultural prophesies of the end times and the predictions of the doomsday prophets. They are proving to be key vessels in the events that are to come. They have already carved their mark in history as supporters of the global empire. Everyone who has played a role in supporting the global empire of the U.S. has already left their mark. Let’s all wait and see how this mental defect will play itself out and what role these non-conspiracy theorists will play in ushering in the final pieces of the global government. Will they be rewarded? Will they support the extermination of all critical thinkers? Will it turn out the non-conspiracy theorists were expressing an alternate DNA or is this idea too far out? Will it turn out they were all part of a larger experiment? Will the final waking up process or critical mass be stomped out by this core of non-conspiracy theorists who blindly believe government-programmed lies? Or will they be responsible for delaying critical mass by a certain amount of time.

These and many other questions will be answered in the next few years/decades. Let us not forget the layers of defective logic and blind faith in government required to be considered a non-conspiracy theorist. It sounds bizarre but it’s true. It’s been said that in times of mass deceit that telling the truth is a revolutionary act; this has never been more apparent. Want to make an impact on others? Want to be a giant among men? Then tell the truth and watch the sheep run. There is so much deceit in today’s world that if you blindly reverse everything government and mainstream media says, just by default you would be closer to truth than if you believed even some of what they say.

Remember the non-conspiracy theorist who says “someone would have spoken out”? We’ve all heard this excuse. Of course, someone always does speak out; only they call those who speak out, no matter how high in government they are, conspiracy theorists, instead of someone who is speaking out or blowing the whistle. It’s time to memorialize the web of non-logic that qualifies a non-conspiracy theorist and not take for granted what these individuals mean to our battle for freedom and what key role they will play in the final lockdown of what was once a beacon for freedom throughout the world. Even as each of us carries on every day it’s difficult to fathom how the average person you come across who is a non-conspiracy theorist is having such a massive impact on millions of people globally and the direction of humanity as a whole including the overall survival of the human race.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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Anonymous said...

The cognitive barriers people erect against contemplation of conspiracies like 9/11 is something which fascinates me. Perhaps that's because I myself had to step through that barrier (around 2007), when I watched a video lecture by Dr. Steven Jones, which I found unassailable.

The author of the article is exactly right when he claims most people have outsourced their critical thinking. They rely on the mass media to define their worldview, and what concepts are kooky. The mass media succeeds largely because they project a convincingly consistent picture from different political and scientific angles. I also blame the public education for laying the ground work for this intellectual outsourcing. Those who ask uncomfortable questions in class are quickly normalized. :)

One argument against "conspiracy theories" I hear a lot is: "Sure, governments are riddled with corruption, but it's dog-eat-dog system. Everyone's out for themselves and there's no way anyone could plan and execute such a plot. And even if they did, someone would blow the whistle."

Yet these same people have no difficulty believing that two billion years ago some single-celled organisms began working together to form staggeringly complex multi-cellular life forms--all without the least bit of conscious planning. It just happened. Why don't they apply the same evolutionary thinking to human organizations and cultural forms? Does the introduction of consciousness make this aggregation of purpose suddenly more difficult? I don't think so.

Not all life evolved the same way. Once speciation began, life took on many diverse forms. Personally I think of the "ruling elites" (to be lazy and use a popular shorthand) as a kind of predator, a societal bird of prey that circles above us in a sphere of human activity most people do not even think about. Hawks are not well adapted for life on the ground, but their detachment and vastly different method of movement makes them very good at finding prey, catching them, and eating them.

The general public hasn't yet learned to look up, and see the circling threat. But they will, eventually.

Anonymous said...

plse send this to Jonathan Kay __ if you have it pictoform style as well

lewiepaine said...

Excellent article. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I use the term "Coincidence Theorist" instead of Non-Conspiracy Theorist.

Anonymous said...

Other 'C' words which fit perfectly. Coward - cowardly - cowards.

Anonymous said...

...I am a "Federally Protected Whistle-Blower"...after having refused to go along with the type of corruption my incompetent bosses were engaged in...and after I was interviewed by OSI and told them the boss called me in to tell me how they would "get me" "career was over"...etc.,etc....but I tape recorded him...and "won" my case....for which they beat the crap out of me for two decades.. before I retired...

So the writer is have to understand how corrupt our government order to understand how the..."compartmentalized cowardice" works in government.
Each employee is often given parts A,B & C to work on...knowing nothing of parts X,Y & the time they have learned that their part of the job involves some degree of illegality..they are 15 years into their cubicle..and do not want to risk the retirement and is easier to simply go along...sad...but true...I am so glad I never lived or worked like that...besides..most corrupt people..are simply stupider and lazier that successful, hard working folks...

RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

Paul said...

Galileo: ‘I theorise that the world is not flat and that the Church is wrong in their teachings in this regard, I theorise that it is round’.

Joe Public: ‘shut up, conspiracy theorist.’

Anonymous said...

This article sets up a straw man, then knocks it down in the most childishly self-serving way...

Ericka Buechner said...

What an intelligent article, and most of the comments too! The dangerous & illogical assumption that power no long corrupts stems combo of group-think & grieving process (grieving the loss of the American Dream, disenchantment with Big Government which protects itself only), imo. Denial being the first protective mechanism for the psyche.

Anonymous said...

"Tell the truth and watch the sheep run...." and the the jackboot come down.

Anonymous said...

The American Dream was first a Nazi dream...the Nazis imitated what had already started in America. There is loads of proof that Hitler never committed suicide and that in fact he was secretly brought to the US to live out his days. 55,000 + Nazi war criminals were brought to the US right after WWII to man the CIA. The Bush family was actually the Schefer family...named changed after the Nazis lost the war. If this link is not permitted, google REPOST for New Readers: Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president. This is an awesome read. As is Dr. Mary's Monkey and Family of Secrets (about the Bush family criminals). All the dots are connecting nicely. We are still controlled by the Nazis, but they are more clever now and the master plan is still in effect.

Veri Tas said...

These people are lazy, fearful and deceitful (The People of the Lie).

Our society is structured so as to make sweeping the truth under the carpet pay; they promote the yes-men and women and demote the critical thinkers and the change agents.

It's pretty hard to expend so much energy on acting and speaking with integrity and not to be rewarded for it.

The blander and more zombied out the person - the more "well-adjusted" (either through self-censorship of the mind and speech or Prozac-induced) - the better the outcome for the person in society.

Ed said...

Please call attention to severe roller coasters rarely shown.

Tampa Dave said...

Excellent article! None of us who reads it will feel as intimidated by the catchphrase again.

"Those who ask uncomfortable questions in class are quickly normalized."

Lol. I read this "marginalized", and believe this is the secret true goal of State Education: to marginalize us (which takes away our voice) so that we cannot be a threat to them. How many "free thinkers" can fascist societies support?

The Ceej said...

Everything likes to think they're reasonable and rational, but I find none of us are. Even when we try our hardest to learn and think critically and have others attempt to find the flaws in our logic (yeah... good luck with that... you're likely to just get insulted instead), we still have our emotional biases... We may be better at reason and logic than those who choose not to even try, but we could be even better if we acknowledge how bad we are. I doubt we will ever get to the truth...

I take issue with the term, "conspiracy theory." It's a term that's literally meaningless. Someone says, "That's a conspiracy theory," they really just said, "You're claiming that two or more people are collaborating to achieve a common goal." And? What's your point? You really haven't added anything new to the conversation with that statement. And the fact that it's used as a label to dismiss a statement outright is as absurd as it is offensive. Imagine the following conversation:

"Where are Dick and Jane?"
"They're not home. They must have gone out to buy a loaf of bread for the house."
"That's a conspiracy theory."

Yes. Yes, it is. But, does it make it absurd? Is it a reason to dismiss it outright? No. It's a perfectly plausible explanation based on the first viewing of the circumstantial evidence. Further research may indeed suggest that they DID go to the store to buy a loaf of bread.

This last part of my comment is for Veri Tas, regarding your statement, "It's pretty hard to expend so much energy on acting and speaking with integrity and not to be rewarded for it."

But, you DO get rewarded for it... Just not in the immediate. Following the herd will keep you safe and stable, but with no substantial rewards. You may gain status or money, but you'll never have any real relationships. If you're lucky, you may be able to lie to yourself about the frivolous relationships you DO have. If you act with integrity and honesty, you get punished quite frequently for it in the immediate, but the long-term rewards (which I'm only now, about five years after I started trying to act with integrity and honesty) make it all worth it in the end. Although, if I were doing it for the rewards, I'd have given up a long time ago and have never known about them...

Jesus, I've made this almost as long as the original article. Sorry about that.

FunCoTech said...

I'm pleased to see that it's getting increasingly difficult to keep the walls against reality intact for these poor fools. The truth is popping up everywhere.
I think there is a sort of "Hundredth Monkey" moment coming when it will become obvious to sane people that "non-conspiracy" nuts are effectively mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

The sleep of conscientious will create monsters quote Goya. Of course the anti- reality people let us experiences a perpetual bad dream.

Anyhow after I've experienced two systems I know for sure : it is a great conspiracy.
Even in the time of Stalin were published a lot of books about the daily and normal habit of capitalists to Conspire . Fundamentally !

Anonymous said...

The only real conspiracy theorists are those who affirm the Godhead of the Lord Jesus Christ.
These are the only people who are detested, mocked, and reviled by both Conspiracy Theorist and Non-Conspiracy Theorist alike.
Jesus Christ said that He would reveal the true hearts of men; all men; and He has done this as perfectly as he predicted He would.
All those others who imagine themselves to be in the conspiracy theorist category are simply those who are not yet completely dead, as the "non-conspiracy theorists" are; but who continue to vainly twitch and struggle as the web grows tighter upon them; yet who are unable to detach themselves from this suffocatingly constrictive death-grip. They struggle against the sticky cords, but have no better alternative to promote, even were they cut free from the matrix.
Indeed, we have scriptural authority for stating that "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world".
Thus, conspiracy theorists who are not servants of the Lord Jesus Christ will welcome and embrace the doctrines of antichrist, as they will be dressed up in terms which appear to answer all their worldly concerns, and will in addition promise to exterminate the children of the true God who dwell upon the earth in their midst, who will be vilified as being the real cause of all earth's woes since the beginning.
Thus, the blindness of the first "Anon" commenter, who immediately affirms the veracity of Dr Steven Jones, the biggest shill of all time; and who then goes on to implicitly support a theory which is statistically impossible, ie the theory of evolution.
Someone else is caught in the tangle of jewish deception spun around most conspiracy theorists; ie the notion that Adolf Hitler was "a bad man", instead of recognising that he was the one who single-handedly sought to extricate the entire world from the wickedness represented by the jewish financial control of the goyim; a control which has inevitably resulted in the destruction of the United States and the rest of the so-called free world, via the machinations of the Federal Reserve System.
If you seek true wisdom; and who does not? then read and understand;
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, a good understanding have all they that do His commandments".
There is no other way to a good understanding of anything.
Jesus made it very simple for you; "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me".
Your response to this invitation is the only thing which will define you in the aeons of eternity; not whether you were a conspiracy theorist or not, but what you thought of Christ.
Tim Webb.

Sandy Lunoe said...

We were several in Norway who criticized the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix in 2009 and warned against increased risk of miscarriages and autoimmune condtions.

We were called conspiracy theorists by the Norwegian Inst. of Public Health and the media.

Tragically, our warnings materialised. When the many cases of narcolepsy (an autoimmune condition) rolled in the leaders of the Inst. of Public Health quietly left their positions.

We are still often called conspiracy theorists in discussions. People seem to like attaching labels to others.

Pierce said...

The writer does very well in this piece by getting us to see the way in which this dynamic operates. This advances the way in which we think. It helps us toaavoid going around and around in circles.

Anonymous said...

I think you're dancing around what the real problem is. You say that the non-conspiracy theorist is immune to logic or critical thinking. But, the real issue is that most Americans (can't speak for the rest of the world) think in terms of courtroom logic, not real logic. In courtroom logic, the argument is discontinued the moment a flaw is discovered in it. This means that if there is a chain of logic, from A->B->..Z, no matter how "true" Z might be, if there is any flaw in any of the steps from A through Y, then that is reason alone to discount Z. This means that in order to convince most people of something, you have to have an airtight case. You have to have all of the possible bases covered, and you must me unassailable in other more subtle facets of your argument like in your use of emotion, how complex your argument is, and your personal background.

In other words, in order to convince most people that a conspiracy exists then, even if it is blatantly obvious, you have to have a completely airtight argument, and you must present it in a way that is easy to understand, in a timespan that is not too short or too long, and you must "be" of a certain character that nobody can articulate, but they'll know when they see it. If you falter along any step of the way, you're done.

I'm not saying that's right, I'm just saying that that's the way it is.

This becomes particularly problematic when you realize that there is no such thing as objective truth. The degree to which things are true or false is mostly proportional to the degree to which we *agree* things are true or false. You can see this playing out in UFO reports. How many times do you see in a UFO abduction reports, "This happened to 500 people, including, 2 policemen (who we are supposed to believe fit that certain character), therefore it is classified as officially unexplained" vs. "This happened to 10 people. Nobody can corroborate their story. Clearly it was a hoax." vs. "David Icke thinks people are being abducted. He has a fairly compelling case up to where he goes completely off the rails and starts talking about reptilians. So even though we more or less believed him up until hour 10 of his 15 hour slide show, we're going to have to go and classify him as nuts. Even worse, because his unfortunate conclusion can't be proven, even though two thirds of his argument is based on sound evidence, we're afraid we have to disqualify him. Also, you may not rely on any part of his argument to build a new one. Case closed."

Now even worse, by definition of conspiracy and the fact that you are not in on it, you have an opposition that is actively exploiting the fact that people rely on courtroom logic and are looking for a reason to not believe your argument, using a variety of tactics that grows over time. You call it the "mainstream media", but let's be honest, it's the people in charge of the conspiracy USING the mainstream media as a tool which they control.

Is it any wonder that things are the way you have described them?

Ed Rankin said...

In their book "Denial: Self-deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins of the Human Mind", Varki and Brower, outline their theory that humans have an evolved predisposition to employ the defense mechanism of denial. Tversky and Kahneman (2011) and others have well-documented the psychology of irrational decision-making. Clearly, cognitive biases cloud our ability to see the truth.

Anonymous said...

So now your censoring comments that correct you regarding Fascism and the errors your piece contained? Seriously?

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

"Was there a time when the human genome didn’t express jealousy, game playing, free trading, rage, or happiness?"

I hear this frequently from people wanting to excuse certain behaviors or justify imprisoning certain people. It is a common mistake. The human genome doesn't express behaviors. Genes for certain traits exist, and their degree of expression is based on changes in the environment. Therefore, environment is the determining factor as far as behavior goes. Possible exceptions to this rule include certain genetic disorders and/or injury, but these aren't absolute.

"Since they themselves refuse to look at the evidence, they put their faith in the government and in the mass corporate establishment to safely guide them in their reality."

Kind of like the way all religions operate? Religion is the oldest form of mass mind control, and must be done away with if we are to progress in logic and reason. Faith is not a virtue no matter what belief it is used to justify.

This is otherwise a good article, and I applaud the author for articulating the problem as well as he does. Well done.

Brendan R

tomas rader said...

Nothing new about societal norming by non cognitives. You describe the hurdles that waking Christians face. Reality eventually hits the deniers in the gut ... then comes the conversation and apology. Been trying to defeat the we're the exception argument ... the USA is a republic not a democracy. The push is on for we're a democracy ...also known as thug mob rule, think occupy and 98%. See how that worked out.

Bob Williams said...

I often encounter another pyscho-sociall dynamic, especially amongst electricians and other skilled trades - they intentionally take the normative view with a full consciousness that the details of the official account of 9/11 do not add up. In other words, they choose not to be troublemakers. As one electrician told me - "I ask myself two questions, a) is there anything I can do about it? and b) am I going to do anything about it? If the answer is no to either question, I forget about it".

Anonymous said...

well said tim webb. in the final analysis it IS a spritual war

occultologist said...

More and more I've noticed these "Coincidence Theorists", also known as "Non-Cognitives", running away and out of the room after orally ejaculating their "Conspiracy Theorist" label at someone (usually me!) I love it when they refuse to enter into any kind of intelligent conversation with me or anyone else who challenges, and often completely decimates their fragile corporate and/or government approved thought-forms. Because that's all they have! They flee when their label fails to stick to their intended target, because they cannot bear to stick around and watch their pre-programmed "intellect" crumble before a live audience of observers. They are intellectual prostitutes who believe whatever claptrap their Pimp-Daddy Government/Corporate Masters tell them, without question. The "Coincidence Theorists" are going extinct, and good riddance. For them, "A mind is a terrible thing to use."

Anonymous said...

The problem lies in the questions raised and not being able to give one pinpoint answer. We live in a society that wants answers NOW and has no patience (or maybe fear) in examining the possibilities, the vastness of possibilities out there.
Comfort in not knowing, believing what they are told? Comfort in government as good? Comfort in the home/job/family/friends? Maybe just fear on why the bell is ringing and how it can destroy what they think they know.

Ericka Buechner said...

Wow, spot on.

Anonymous said...

God says" My people perish for lack of knowledge." And so it goes. Most people are in the mind frame of "Don't confuse me with facts".

Jean said...

Excellent article. "But if it were true, someone would have blown the whistle." Plenty ARE blowing the whistle, but, unfortunately, they are conspiracy theorists.

Example: whether you consider Edward Snowden a traitor or hero, he DID blow the whistle.

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to make a contribution to this discussion, as your article is the 'most viewed' of the week (for which you certainly ought to be proud). The first important point to make was already addressed above but certainly deserves reiteration, particularly among a community of strong-minded people. It is that none of us are wholly rational. 'The Ceej' goes on to aptly point out that when this fact is highlighted within argument we all tend to take offense, rather than acknowledge our own intellectual fallibility. You state in reference to conspiracy theorists that:

"We rely on firsthand accounts, physical evidence consistent with natural laws, factual documents, common sense, high probability, and forensic scientific evidence before jumping to conclusions."

This is a monstrously inaccurate statement, and one that surely led earlier commenters to regard your analysis as self-serving and 'childish.' I certainly don't think such a statement warrants an absolute dismissal of your thinking, but an admonishment is fairly appropriate. If you are at all interested in the chronic and global ineptitudes of human thinking there are copious resources. I never like to tell someone to research something without offering sources so I would advise you to take a look at a wonderful book recently published called "You Are Not So Smart" by David McRaney. It is well-researched work, falsely masquerading as pop-psychology that covers a plethora of topics in a way that is accessible to those of us not well versed in clinical psychology. If you want to delve deeper into human unreason I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the work of French psychoanalyst (and Freudian) Jaques Lacan. But I digress from this topic.

Second, it is also worthwhile to caution all those party to this discussion regarding the phenomenon of name-calling. As elementary-schoolish as this seems, we have to steer clear of terms like Non-Cognitives and other such offensive labels. As human beings, it is already exceedingly difficult to have our opinions challenged. If this challenge is accompanied by an insult, the probability of retaining an open mind and entertaining alternative perspectives drops precipitously. In the so-called 'Truth' community (the term Truth is an absolute and does not faithfully serve the purposes of a movement committed to free thinking, but this is another topic entirely) there is a tendency to unconsciously exchange objectives. By this I mean that when an argument is engaged, we start to drift towards self-reassurance and away from the goal to persuade, as flaws in our argument are exposed. As tempting as this is, especially considering the unfair and malicious treatment of conspiracy theorists (I use the term anti-discursive analysts to make myself feel better), we must refrain from committing the same crime. Thus I can transition back to my first point.

Anonymous said...

This is continuing from the previous comment...same contributor

This is why I think the insightful contribution by an anonymous person above regarding the absurdity of the 'airtight' proof method is so valuable. We have to realize that we don't have AIRTIGHT cases for 9/11, for Kennedy, for CIA drug smuggling, for Dr. King, for October surprise, and for many other government malfeasances. The intellectually mature thing to do is recognize this fact and become comfortable with knowledge short of absolute certainty, rather than to call a debating opponent a name that demeans their thinking to reinforce our own superiority. We are plagued by this notion that action requires irrefutable documentary does not, so lets not compromise our intellectual integrity in service of a false standard.

When you discuss the propagandization of the American (and for that matter global) public, the deficiency that you are identifying is certainty. Let us not be prey to the same scourge. In a psuedo-Cartesian (I hate Descartes) way we need to break down the 'knowledge we know' and recognize it's inherent faults, then try to rebuild; not with Descartes absurd, heaven-derived certainty, but rather a healthy dose of self-critique and skepticism.

We are all deceived by the discourse constructed by mainstream culture, it is inescapable. However, the best way to mitigate the effects of this insipid cancer is to identify and treat it, all the while acknowledging that there is no total cure, no complete objectivity. I appreciate your recommendation of the film "The Century of the Self," it is an excellent place to begin. If anyone would like to go further into this topic these excellent books should be read in the following order:
"Propaganda" by Edward Bernays (accessible in pdf online)
"Taking the Risk Out of Democracy" by Alex Carey
"Toxic Sludge is Good for You!" by John Stauber
"Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media" by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman

I will end here, but know that your work and the passion of all the other people on this thread is much appreciated. Kierkegaard once said "Let others complain that the times are evil. I complain that they are wretched, for they are without passion."

And remember, take your own perspective with a grain of salt.

wolf727 said...

Excellent article.

rene de vries said...

Already did.

Lee Bracker said...

A thought line Bernie expressed might be better understood if it is considered that it is only in recorded history the theory that there is no instance where a person did not conspire with others to inflict harm...

"Humans have been conspiring against each other since the beginning of time. There was a never a time in world history when such an elementary behavior (of conspiring against an enemy) did not exist..."

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am an investigator into theories that others publish. When I use my methodology to prove or disprove these theories, it is common to add more "what ifs" and in this case, it is a process theory that I work through to prove the main issue. Often, there are more than many. The end result is that a theory is solved. It means it is no longer a theory, but a truth that to date, none of my projects which have yielded quite interesting results be formally refuted or disproved. Therefore, I'm an analyst of theories and the most important thing that I do is not just incite sensationalism, but show that a viable answer is at hand. I never put out a theoretical concept regarding those that conspire, but place a solution to the problem. For every disease, there is an antidote.

Conspiracy theorists who put out the disease simply exhibit fear based propaganda true or not and they are the real conspiracy theorists. I show how we solve the problem by giving out the answers on what to do.... if only people would suit up and show up can we win in this battle field hidden in plain sight right before us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am sceptic and guess what kind of answer I get when I ask for som real evidence from my friends that are conspiracy theorist.
Stop bothering us with those questions or I get a bad YouTube video.

And this trust in mass media and government you are talking about I have never seen in my group of sceptics.
We are talking more about the negative things the government and media does, than we talk about how we trust them.

You people are not free thinkers, you are just reading stuff in alternative media's and take it as truth with out asking questions.
Confirmation bias is stronger in conspiracy theorist than in the rest of the public.

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