Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scientists Predict Lack of Honey Bees Will Lead to a Food Crisis

Chris Carrington
Activist Post

A lack of honey bees is causing a crisis in agriculture with scientists confirming that there are not enough bees to pollinate crops.

The Department of Agriculture is worried about the honey bees in the United States. Colony Collapse Disorder has resulted in the loss of tens of millions of bees country wide and has left scientists worrying about food security.

Pesticides are causing huge concerns and scientists have said they are contributing to the die offs ,with some predicting that if it continues there will be a threat to the US food supply.

Even the weather plays a part with some beekeepers reporting massive die offs in cold winters.

The problem is a worldwide issue. A study in the journal Plos One has shown that more than half of the countries in Europe don’t have enough bees to pollinate their crops. The shortage of honey bees is particularly acute in the UK which only has a quarter of the bees it needs for crop pollination.

The report says that the shortfall amounts to 13.4 million bee colonies across Europe, or around seven billion honey bees. While steps have been taken at the EU level to protect bees by introducing a moratorium on neonicotinoid pesticides, not enough is being done across the continent to address the problem.

Issues like this open the door for companies like Monsanto to move forward in their research, modifying crops and developing self-pollinating varieties of grains to offset the bee loses. Self-pollinating varieties of fruit trees have been around for some years now, marketed at those with small gardens that may not have the space for enough trees for cross-pollination. The fruit does not have the flavor and pest resistance shown by the cross pollinating varieties. In addition, the crop yields of such trees are lower than the yield from cross-pollinated trees.

Simon Potts, co-author of the paper said in an interview with the BBC:
We face a catastrophe in future years unless we act now. 
Wild pollinators need greater protection. They are the unsung heroes of the countryside, providing a critical link in the food chain for humans and doing work for free that would otherwise cost British farmers £1.8b to replace.
We need a proper strategy across Europe to conserve wild bees and pollinators through habitat protection, agricultural policy and farming methods – or we risk big financial losses to the farming sector and a potential food security crisis.
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Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. Wake the flock up!

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Anonymous said...

Every day it seems there is a new crisis keeping us continually jumping from one to another.

This (crisis jumping) promotes forgetfullness of major problems that have already gone by but have not gained any resolution.

This is a prime example. The bee die off is a very important issue that warrants whole nations taking responsibility to solve any way posssible, as is the Fukushima nuclear melt down.

But nations are mired with greedy and selfish people in positions of power who should be taking the lead on such global problems.

These are the kinds of problems that if we do not solve they will take care of themselves and believe me, we will not like the conclusion

Anonymous said...

Greed is the source of all the problems in the world.
From war, to fraud, to theft, to murder, to pollution, to poverty.
All greed based.
Communism had the right idea, no private property, but socialism and heavy estate taxes are a good compromise, limit greed and you limit evil.

Anonymous said...

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years left to live" Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

None of this started until nuclear bomb above ground tests, then came the nuke power plant building world wide with so many short cuts they leaked into the air, water & food chain. Then GMO's proven to harm bees but multi-international-Corporations used 10 lobbyist for every member of congress to make them people in the eyes of the courts. The ACT OF 1871 turned DC into a Corporation allowing London Lawyers to write the laws for congress, DC then no longer represented the people, just the corporations.
We became a waring Nation, wiping out millions of Native Indians & breaking treaties, stealing resources from their land, uranium mines dot their lands & have made the water undrinkable because of radiation, go visit MT Rushmore & get water from the local towns & have it tested, it's deadly. These mines lay open & dust is blown down wind & carried where the winds blow. Fukushima is the worse nuke disaster man has seen with no way to fix it. The nuke pros & PR firms always talk about C137 with a 8 day half life, they fail to tell you there is PU, Uranium, S 90, Xenon & many more with half lives of 250,000 years & you have times that by 10, so PU 239 will be hot for 250 million years.
The plankton produce the air we breath that keep the oceans alive, they are dying off, many say the Pacific is dying fast, some say it's dead already .

You will find some very good info on You Tube on Fukushima, what it has done to the life on earth & how to best protect against GMO's & radiation all on you tube & much more, the corporations the governments of the world protect & why at BeauifulGirlByDana, his research is Top of the line & he cares so deeply about all life. He asks nothing in return except trying to save as much life on earth as possible! Join in. Also

Anonymous said...

No intelligence in this post, what lunacy

Hide Behind said...

Albert did not know shit about bees or gardens other than as an answer to a question put to him by a reporter, He had to say something in return, after all he did pass himself off as a world genius did he not?
Bees just like crops and fruits of today, are all living in artificial worlds far removed from their origins and the one common factor that keeps them surviving or dying is man..
Man turned agriculture into factory culture and his tools wether metal or animal were modified to fit his artificial world.
Today we turn our food into a form that eliminates the variables of bee numbers, moisture , temperatures and insect and add to the soils enhancers and unbalacers and as we do so, we modify (modified the modified); not only the products but the customers as well.
Greed is not the primary reason for decline in bees or many of earth problems and the word has come to replace solutions and added illusions THAT . Truth and absolve each of us of any blame.

Anonymous said...

Blind, wishfull thinking my short sighted friend.

5doogs said...


Hide Behind said...

When almost all the world is a production facility and where a hive of bees not owned by anyone is a rarity and men fight for it , all to make money, they are but living on borrowed time.
Got your lap top out and sitting in a wy-fi hotspot, ever see a bee nearby how about upon your malls pavements or school campus?
The only bees you see at a pulp mill are ones about to die in choppers and become paper.
you seen any at a chemical plant that has professional s doing landscapes?

Who moved into urban settings wherevthevwild and farmers bees had thousands of acres to gather pollen from and . To fly through only slightly polluted window box with flowers of townhouse and apt dwellers.
Logging hundreds of thousands or more acres of land has devastated the lands where the wild stocks overflow replenished the urban blight killed ones. The artificial replacement by species specific has changed where bees would of found variety or their major poll in sources.
The old ground cover does not come back as they load in ever decreasing yearly cycles.
The natural honey bees of Wash and commercial cranberry bogs of old were allowed to die off to be replaced by heavy workers from high country strains and bumble bees that work in the rains.
These things come about not so much from not knowing but by wrong prioritizing and people who believe a paper from a university makes them rulers of the earth.
They have been doing nothing but destruction n matter their hype and there is no way the less schooled can change either.

Blogger said...

"...otherwise cost British farmers £1.8b to replace..."

How would that be possible? How can we replace bees and how do we know what it will costß

Anonymous said...

this could be an incidental benefit for Monsanto....GMO. get it. could they 'bee' behind this calamity.

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