Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plant Virus Makes Bizarre Kingdom Jump to Honeybees

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Another explanation for Colony Collapse Disorder and the rapid decline of honeybees follows a surprising discovery involving a virus that typically infects the Plant Kingdom - Tobacco Ringspot Virus (TRSV).

U.S. and Chinese researchers report their findings in mBio, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology.

The plant virus has somehow jumped to the Animal Kingdom, now infecting honeybees.

The first two sentences of the study abstract hold unsettling implications:
Emerging and reemerging diseases that result from pathogen host shifts are a threat to the health of humans and their domesticates. RNA viruses have extremely high mutation rates and thus represent a significant source of these infectious diseases.
Lead author Ji Lian Li, at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science in Beijing, says:
The results of our study provide the first evidence that honeybees exposed to virus-contaminated pollen can also be infected and that the infection becomes widespread in their bodies.
More Bizarre Findings

They already knew that bees could spread the disease to other plants through pollination. But how did it spread from the plants to the bees?

From the abstract:
The tree topology indicated that the TRSVs from arthropod hosts shared a common ancestor with those from plant hosts and subsequently evolved as a distinct lineage after transkingdom host alteration. This study represents a unique example of viruses with host ranges spanning both the plant and animal kingdoms.
Another finding sounds similar to the Bubonic Plague scenario, except instead of fleas carrying the sickness, it could be a little mite. Varroa mites, vampiric parasites, are associated with CCD or weakened colonies. TRSV was found in their bodies but did not lead to an infection in the mites.

Mutating RNA Viruses

EurekaAlert! relays:
Notably, about 5% of known plant viruses are pollen-transmitted and thus potential sources of host-jumping viruses. RNA viruses tend to be particularly dangerous because they lack the 3'-5' proofreading function which edits out errors in replicated genomes. As a result, viruses such as TRSV generate a flood of variant copies with differing infective properties. 
One consequence of such high replication rates are populations of RNA viruses thought to exist as "quasispecies," clouds of genetically related variants that appear to work together to determine the pathology of their hosts. These sources of genetic diversity, coupled with large population sizes, further facilitate the adaption of RNA viruses to new selective conditions such as those imposed by novel hosts. "Thus, RNA viruses are a likely source of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases," explain these researchers.
Other diseases associated with CCD, known to wipe out hives as early as 2006 include; Israel Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV), Acute Bee Paralysis Virus (ABPV), Chronic Paralysis Virus (CPV), Kashmir Bee Virus (KBV), Deformed Wing Bee Virus (DWV), Black Queen Cell Virus (BQCV) and Sacbrood Virus (SBV).

So - do findings like this serve to mitigate the responsibility of chemical pesticides on environmental health, or could they further implicate them in the results thereof?

It turns out...

...when they studied different colonies classified as either "weak" or "strong," TRSV and other viruses were more prevalent in the weakened colonies. During their studies, the strong colonies could effectively ward off most disease and, unlike their weaker counterparts, could survive the cold winters into February.

Something has weakened modern bee generations...

One study, with contradictory terms appeared to detract attention from chemicals on bee health by emphasizing that the bees are not directly killed, but are stressed.

Recently, another study, showing that chemicals did not directly kill the colony, proved that pesticides were creating smaller worker bees by retarding their growth, ultimately leading to the untimely end of a colony.

The researchers called for more surveillance of potential host-jumping events as part of insect pollinator management programs and concluded:
The increasing prevalence of TRSV in conjunction with other bee viruses is associated with a gradual decline of host populations and supports the view that viral infections have a significant negative impact on colony survival.
Regardless of the cause, the collective immunity of pollinators is weakening at a rapid pace and bees are falling prey to invaders that previously posed less harm. Imagine the sheer disease-state of honeybees, weakened enough to become susceptible to diseases in the Plant Kingdom....

Please check out the study here for more information:
Systemic Spread and Propagation of a Plant-Pathogenic Virus in European Honeybees, Apis mellifera

Image: Wikimedia Commons honeybee with superimposed TRSV microbes

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Anonymous said...

I know this is about the poor bees, but let me extrapolate a little further. See all those insect viruses listed? Think about all the GMO food and pharmaceutical drugs we take. Example: Fluoroquinolones Levaquin & Cipro permanently alter the DNA of your body's bacteria at the point of replication. Now you are GMO. Your body doesn't know how to respond to this . Now viruses that would never have affected you before are deadly because when you fuck with mother nature you get the Island of Dr Moreau. This is why the bees are getting plant viruses. Newly approved flu vaccine is made from insect cells in a toxic soup. Soon we'll have insect diseases to go along with the animal diseases. Don't believe me ? Go to www.cdc.gov and type in Vaccine Media & Excipients . Read it & weep.

Anonymous said...

MONSANTO. We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

American Brain Death. The #1 problem for life on Earth---THINK about it!

Anonymous said...

Both Anon's above me: That's exactly what I was thinking. Being the GMO already has truncated DNA the percentage of mutations is also increased. Thus, transgenic infections abound unbounded. Think=I Am Legend/Omega Man.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of to try is plant flowers with known antiviral properties. Echinacea, calendula, black elder, saint johnswort and others.

Hide Behind said...

Why does this not seem disturbing ; Could it be that it was expected and yes predicted many years ago but not just about bees.
What is so distressing about fiding the chemical and genetic criminals is the lack of being able to see the actual study papers that the criminals have.
Most of Monsantos and other criminal organizations is not done in their private labs but upon our universitys of public and PrivateBoston University recieves royaltys from firms that hire them.
While Boston can almost be Declared an owned by AIPAC so is private but Wisc Nortees Mich WA utah Forget that church rules there. But Texas A& M etc are tax funded .
Developed upo public grounds , in public facilitys and then granted copyrights and 0Patent Rihts far beyond just finidlshed product but the means of aquiring the product as well.
They all go into this new Fasvist oriented gov corporate state secrecy is industrial security as well.
Have there been cases of cross plant insect or plant huma or mammal s. BET YA 10$ TO 1 penny they have already at the leas been manufactured.
Hell Britain is crossing humans and hogs in an attempt to save the Royal Familys weakened gene pool.

Anonymous said...

THE BOOK ...SILENT SPRING " was a warning to everyone about messing around,now its going to happen,to bad your children don't realize how bad their family has screwed them for money,I wonder what they'd do................

Anonymous said...

This is an engineered destruction of the honey bee by sick sociopaths thinking 6.5 billion people dead will make their (the Elites) world a utopia.

Anonymous said...

Any chance anyone in Gen. X will actually care enough to do anything about any of this? We have 30 years now of Gen. X callous indifference and materialism on top of the sell out of Baby Boomers. There are more people doing nothing about these important issues than there are people who haven't finished high school.

Anonymous said...

When does the super genetic programmable honeybee go on sale?You know the one that has a pathogen resistance and for a price they will pollinate your crops.But not your neighbor .Just think of the honey you could make any flavor any blend just endless ways to control everyone and everything .

Zeolite said...

I don't trust anything "genetically engineered" because they use a virus to do it. A virus can move to almost any living thing and do it's damage. Our planet's greatest food resource, the bees, are under attack from all angles, GMO's, pesticides, chemtrails, and an apathetic public. I love planting organic flowering plants to help them, and of course us, survive!

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