Friday, January 3, 2014

Obama Administration Issues New "Executive Actions" On Guns

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

On Friday January 3, the Obama administration announced two new “executive actions” which infringe even further on the rights of Americans who wish to own firearms. The new actions are “aimed at strengthening federal background checks for gun purchasers, with a particular focus on limiting firearm access for those with mental health issues.”

According to reports coming from outlets such as AP, the new executive actions include a rule change that will “clarify terminology used by federal law to prohibit people from purchasing a firearm for mental health reasons.” The Obama Administration claims that states have been complaining that the current wording of the rule is unclear, causing them undue hardship in determining “who should be blocked from buying a weapon.” Of course, nowhere in the alleged discussion between the states and the federal government has there been talk of the fact that all American citizens have a right to keep and bear arms and that bureaucrats and government officials do not have the right to “determine who should be blocked from buying a weapon.”

Regardless, the rule change also helps “states determine what information may be shared with the federal background check system for firearms transfers.” In other words, the new change allows even greater cooperation between state registration systems and the federal version, and thus a greater ability to justify the prevention of a larger number of firearm purchases.

According to the Huffington Post, “The first proposed rule change, by the Department of Justice, expands the definition of the statutory term ‘committed to a mental institution’ to clarify that the prohibition on firearms purchases applies to people subjected to involuntary outpatient as well as inpatient commitments.” Considering the extreme ease in which a person may be involuntarily committed to either inpatient or outpatient mental health facilities, this new rule will clearly affect many more average Americans that most are willing to believe.

Such was the case of David Sarti who went to his doctor because he was experiencing chest pains. After making a simple joke, Sarti was declared “mentally defective,” subjected to forcible “mental evaluation,” and stripped of his Second Amendment rights.

The second rule change, however, is somewhat more concerning since it “would give hospitals and other entities covered by patient privacy provisions more flexibility in the information they provide to the background check system.”

Clearly, this rule change would allow for the furthering of the merger between healthcare providers/healthcare institutions and law enforcement and Big Brother, as well as the ultimate goal of using “mental health” as a justification for the prevention of firearms purchases. Although the administration predictably denies that this will be the case, the fact is that the medical industry is already so closely related to the governmental and law enforcement community that it more accurately appears to be no more than another division of the same system.

In what serves as an unfortunate historical guide, it is important to remember that “mental health” and psychiatry were used for many years in the Soviet Union for the disappearance and disarmament of dissidents. The mental health profession continues to be used in both modern day Russia as well as the whole of the Western world for means of control, particularly in places like the United Kingdom.

For those individuals who may have believed that the fight for gun rights was over with the recent failure of the administration to push oppressive and unconstitutional federal gun control laws through Congress, the fact is that the fight is far from over.

Indeed, recent unconstitutional legislation passed in California, New York, and Connecticut has resulted in the mass registration, re-registration, and some instances the confiscation of guns owned by law-abiding citizens. This confiscation has taken place in true Communo-Fascist style with little opposition from the American people or the gun rights community.

Nevertheless, those expecting a public declaration of total gun illegality and martial law confiscation will be ringing their hands in anticipation for a very long time. Of course, while they ring their hands and anticipate the declaration of outright war against gun owners, their guns are being slowly stripped from their hands in an incremental fashion. Slight rule changes and isolated confiscations will continue to take place over time until the public has been properly acclimated to them as a fact of life, at which point the public’s line in the sand will be moved slightly forward once more. Again, the line will be crossed, but only slightly. Eventually, Americans will wake up to find themselves completely disarmed and neutered in a land in which they once believed they were free. At that point, with a completely defenseless population, the thin veneer of freedom will be lifted.

It is time for gun owners and gun rights activists to go on the political offensive. In 2014, it is no longer a legitimate mode of activism to be content to defend your already attenuated freedoms. It is time to make demands. It is time to throw compromise out the window.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 275 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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Anonymous said...

Active Post makes sense on every subject expect for gun control. Anyone who is paying attention would realize that the NRA wants more guns to promote more senseless violence. More violence breeds more fear and paranoia, which leads to more guns. Thus the cycle continues and gun manufacturers get richer. The NRA doesn’t give a rat's ass about you or your rights.

Anonymous said...

What is better to control criminals than an armed populace that only wants peace for its loved ones and neighbors?

What is a bigger threat to a law abiding, peace-seeking populace than a government that monopolizes force, criminalizes self defense, privatizes prisons, monetizes governance, and silences dissent?

Answer these two questions honestly.

Anonymous said...

...the government is corrupt to it's a "Federally Protected Whistle-Blower" ... for over two-decades...I was exposed to many levels of corruption within the US DoD.. so do not for a minute rely on the government or any organization to defend your rights...buys as many guns as you can afford...and be ready to use them on corrupt government agents..and if necessary....your neighbors....because the animals in charge are drooling for some form of civil violence so that they can attempt the big gun grab....then you will have civil war...

RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

does gun control extend to federal agencies who give Mexican drug cartels full auto weaponry straight from the battlefield as well as hand grenades?

the war on drugs huh? more like the war on the people

Anonymous said...

"Then you will have civil war..."..Then they will all hang including those who help them trash our Constitution...God willing.

Anonymous said...

How we supposed to believe anyone who doesnt even have a gd US birth certificate. pfffft. This dude has as much credibility as the dog sheit in my boot tread.

Anonymous said...

Good god is there anyone who hasn't already bought guns by now???
To those who fear the government going door to door demanding their tools of liberty, forget about it!
Even IF they could get all of the armed forces & police to go along with it, they wouldn't add up to 1% of the Americans who own guns.
Not gonna happen, get over it.
We are many, they are few, they fear us.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks: in the end, we get the government we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Righties have been spewing this gun grabbing paranoia for over 30 years now. Hasn’t happened and won’t happen. Get a clue and/or grow a brain.

stevor said...

Then what will be defined as “a mental health issue” and then will they do a “no knock” attack on a house (as was done earlier this week elsewhere), essentially forcing the owner to try to protect themself with their gun, and lead to the owner killed (and later the media will tell all about the "mental health issue" that the person had to "cause" the whole problem.

Anonymous said...

Then why are some states already considering outlawing all camo weapons just when the Duck Dynasty crowd begins to advertise their line of camo Mossberg shotguns other than intended confiscation of all arms? Disarming the American consumer public can only be accomplished in step by step infringement of the second amendment such as the latest executive orders concerning out patient mental disqualification rather the psychotropic drug $8 billion dollar cash cow in the pharmaceutical lobby parade at the oval office. They can only maintain their graft by condemning patients rather than the prescriptions forced on them by professional drug pushers in white smocks. The ACA is the icing on their cake with the consumer public becoming aware of conspiracy legislatively imposed on them through rules laid down for the healthcare industry by shrewd tycoon opportunists nearly a hundred years ago with total exclusion of all concern for their future victims so long as they continue to pay their taxes and STFU.

Anonymous said...

Global population reduction starts with gun confiscation. Because no one who can think willingly go's to a death camp , becomes a slave , or worships a god king.----Ray

Hide Behind said...

Will not enter the fray of those who on both sides become frothing at mouth imbeciles of the gun issue.
Get your head out of your ..... what the issue here is not guns , It is , abuse of power, by those in Executive Branch that for all intents and purposes are out of populaces ability to control.
Either side would kiss Obama's ass if he ruled in their favor and care not how they throw Constitutional 'conventions' in the garbage
Screw all of you fn imbeciles, you both fucked this nation and threw civilized rules of conduct out of your small minds and are now unworthy of messing with..

Anonymous said...

I think stevor and Ray pretty much nailed it.
Maybe in the long run it may come down to gun control and confiscation, and by the way, for all the people who think all guns should be banned, what about the criminals who hide their guns, or you don't even know who or where they are. How are you going to control something you're not aware of? Criminals don't register their guns.

And as for eliminating guns what about the police, guards, mercenaries, military.

Right now this isn't about gun control directly, it's about setting the stage for using the high priests (AKA the psychologists) to categorize anyone as "Mental" so viola.
"No Guns For You"

Anonymous said...

I used to be a person who was all for gun control. But now that my eyes have opened over the growing police state, I understand why people want to hold on to their guns.
Who would have ever thought our country would come to this sad state?

John "Jack" Foote said...

It is not true that the use of a firearm always involves violence. Many, many times the mere presence of a firearm in the hands of a good person has prevented a bad person from committing an act of violence.

As for all that "blood of the children" rhetoric [horse manure], my own daughter is alive today simply because her mother had the good sense to obtain a concealed weapons permit and to carry her loaded pistol with her as she walked from her job to her car after dark in downtown Seattle. She was eight months pregnant when some dirtbag alley-dweller started pounding violently on her car window, trying to break in. She merely pulled her pistol out and showed it to her assailant, and that was the end of the attack.

There was no police involvement, so this was never reported to the so-called "authorities" who had been conspicuously absent at the time of that attack in the first place. This kind of scenario occurs every day, all over the United States.

When used in self-defense, not all violence is "senseless". Had she been forced to shoot that attacker to keep him from harming her and our unborn child, then that violence would have been quite sensible indeed.

When she related the above story to me, I applauded her for having the presence of mind to pull her pistol and use it for what it had been designed for. I was grateful that she had listened to me and prepared to defend herself against those kinds of violent dirtbags.

Years later, living along the southern border of Arizona, it became painfully evident to me that decades of government restrictions against private firearms ownership in mexico have never limited their availability to the insurgents who routinely cross our border to commit their crimes inside Arizona. I have had some "serious social encounters" with cross-border criminal terrorists who were armed with foreign-made fully automatic weapons (that had never seen the inside of any American gun store). I am here and alive today because I was well-armed myself, and I have years of US Army training in the use of tactical firearms.

Private Citizen self-defense use of tactical firearms happens nearly every day along the southern Arizona border. None of the mexican terrorists ever report their own criminal behavior, and no one on the Arizona side even bothers to dial "911" anymore. The federal agencies that are supposed to secure our border have long ago been ordered to willfully ignore the cross-border insurgents.

I still live in Arizona, though not as close to our southern border war zone. I still routinely carry two sidearms, one concealed and the other carried openly. Liberal pansies may now commence to crying, wailing, and wringing their hands.

The hand-wringing hysterical pansies of the anti-self-defense crowd are continually wailing that Private Citizens carrying firearms just leads to more violence. Open Carry has, however, been legal in Arizona since before it became a state in 1912, and our state has always had a lower violent crime rate than those states that restrict Citizens from carrying their firearms openly.

There has never been a requirement for any kind of "permit" to carry openly in Arizona. In 2009, our State Legislature removed the requirement to obtain a permit to carry concealed, so now anyone can carry either concealed or openly in Arizona.

With over 100 years of Open Carry, and nearly five years of Concealed Carry without needing a permit, the violent crime rate in Arizona has actually gone down. It has historically always been well below the violent crime rate of quasi-Communist states like New York or Illinois, where Citizens are denied their basic human right to self-defense.

So there goes the argument of the anti-self-defense crowd. More guns in the hands of good people has resulted in fewer victims and less violent crime in Arizona.

Dr Lassiter is absolutely right. Liberalism is a mental illness, and Liberals have no business telling Arizonans or anyone else how to live our lives.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get the comments here. How does background checks for the mentally ill morph into a gun grabbing extravaganza?

Anonymous said...

we already have background checks. do you big government boobs really think more laws make us safer?

Anonymous said...

Your a idiot.

samjns said...

Completely agree with you. Well put.

Anonymous said...

Once again, instead of addressing issues of mental illness with the healcare industry, the prison systems will fill up as warehouses for training more predators to be released someday on the americans willing to practice healthcare through our governments growing police states.

Anonymous said...

The founding fathers did not create the 2nd amendment so you can go duck hunting - get it?

Anonymous said...

For a great number of years, the prevailing belief on private firearm ownership was that we Americans weren't going to allow gun confiscation here in America because we have this thing called the 2nd Amendment.

Now, low and behold, we're seeing firearm registration (and sadly, even cases of confiscation) in states like New York and Connecticut. Did anyone take a stand? If so, I didn't see it. What happened to "this won't happen in America?" It retreated. Now, we read post after post about how "this ain't gunna happen in my state 'cause we're conservatives!

Anyone see a trend? I do. It reminds me of that funny playground skit where the coward keeps drawing lines in the dirt with his foot and proclaiming "betcha won't cross THIS line!" And the bully advances across the line, only to have the coward back up and make another line.

Understand - I'm very pro 2nd Amendment, and I don't like this ugly pattern we're seeing in NY and CT any more than a lot of you who will read this post. Furthermore, I'm not pointing fingers. What have I done to help defend our rights? Like a lot of pro-2A people, I've emailed, snail mailed, and joined the NRA.

But I digress... point is, if you've been paying attention it's not too difficult to spot the trend. Disagree? Okay, that's fine. Just pause for a few minutes and spend some time in honest reflection - painful as it may be. From where I'm standing the future doesn't look too bright for the American citizen gunowner.

All they have to do now is say you're "mentally ill" and viola - bye bye shootin' irons. Easy as - dare I say it - apple pie.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking serious? You have Facebook plugin on your website!? So, what's the game? Are you part of a round up or just pimping the shit out of the alternaive media community?

Anonymous said...

NY and CT are just two states that are violating the 2nd Amendment; so, what the hell is wrong with their residents? Oh, the vast majority of them are Liberals and Marxists, who totally oppose the 2nd Amendment and would gladly accede to Barry's EO's, legal or not.

"Those who would give up Liberty for a modicum of Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...

The president is mental and he used a shotgun. LOL.

Are you a criminal for breaking an unconstitutional law?

You are only a criminal because a group of men decided to make you one- being a criminal doesn't mean much anymore.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, humor is in me as death is denied of no one. With-in the Global Collectives does lie the propaganda of 'Nuclear Deterrent'? The non-issue of Biological Weapontry and mind control is rather amusing, not to mention 'Global Corporate Environmental Terrorism. Should one's DNA be patented by another as like the creativity of potential viruses along with a much higher-priced cure. if any?? The Gun is a representative of Individual, Family and National sovereignty's right of existence as like the 'Action' or 'In-Action' that is a representative of Thought, Belief, Commitment. Genocide, Suicide, Homicide on a national scale equates to 'Gun Control'. Should one look towards their key board for Control, Alt-er and Delete as C-A-D is a representative of a select few and their Elitism as their goals are/have been quite imminent pertaining to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness since, 'Collectivism' cannot grasp the fundamentals of Individualism.

Anonymous said...

Which came first, the Constitution or the Tyrant's decree?

Anonymous said...

your leaders have supported the rape and plunder of the people and country, by bankers, corporations and the rich, now they have to make preparations to get rid of you when you have nothing left to give.

Anonymous said...

Break it down by the numbers.
Step 1, create an atmosphere of fear by encouraging the citizens to act like sheep when ever the Government cries, "Terrorist alert"!!
Step 2 Strip away rights to privacy and Due Process through the Indefinite Detention Act, Warrant-less Searches, No Fly Lists, Stop And Frisk, DNA Collection other civil liberty and right to privacy conduct.
Step 3. Allow Corporations who already control this country and the 1% rich to totally take over the economy and our Government through acts such as "Citizens United" so they can buy any politician they want. Our Elections are a shame. Those same people control the media and use it to create fake nonsense feel good issues such as "Duck Dynasty's right to free speech!". (Bullshit). Convince the morons watching some fat little girl and her trash mother that "everything is okay" while they continue to strip away protections from us for the Banks, Rich and Corporate powers. At the same time set up mirror companies in other countries so they can avoid paying taxes and while we are at it destroy all tariff laws they find cumbersome.
Step 4. Start arming and massing Home Land Security for all out civil war. Militarize the police departments, up scale spying on Citizens looking for those who have "woke up" and are trying to tell others to WAKE UP. Alter the Posse Comitatus act of 1878 so that it no longer protects STATES and AMERICANS from use of FEDERAL TROOPS against us and include the clause that the President may use Federal Troops in the case of "Civil Disturbances". No longer with states have the ability to decide how to react to strikes, protests and other civil actions. Cross train police and military in Zombie scenarios where you can desensitize them toward shooting fellow Americans.
Step 5, disarm Americans. Screw you people that think this is "for your own protection". People are shot and stabbed and run over, and bludgeoned to death, and poisoned, and so much more every day. This is a step by step process for you sheepel that don't get it. Go back to watching that obese out of control little brat on your corporate controlled TV.
Step 6 and this is the biggy! Keep the economy struggling along until you have raped the American people for every red cent you can get. Buy your private army like Blackwater or Umbrella or what ever they call themselves now. Stock up on luxuries and get ready for other countries to loose faith in the dollar or insist the US return gold to their own repositories and when all hell brakes loose declare Martial law and step in without worrying about those cumbersome and bothersome laws, taxes or anything else s because you are now the new robber barons and ruling class in a society and country that has lawlessness, starvation and is a new third world country because of your political and economic piracy.
Conclusion: You are being deceived, lied to daily and if you actually think that either party is "your party" then you should turn on the TV set moron and watch a foot ball game or something. What I've described is happening and going to come true. Go ahead, tell me I'm crazy and some day soon when walking into Walmart is like walking into Nemen
Marcus and you have to eat your family pet, don't look to "nut jobs" like me for help.
If doubt anything i've said look it up........but that would mean turning off Christ TV or shopping at Walmart so I know you wont,

Anonymous said...

BY the time the demoncrates are done,THE RUSSIANS and CHINESE will walk thru america ,JUST taking anything they want,cause no one will be able to stop them,The LORD said the west coast will go under CHINESE RULE with only a few shots fired.and they'll KILL almost every demoncrate on the entire coast,OH NO how sad..............

Anonymous said...

Being able to label more and more Americans as felons by placing more and more actions on the 'felony' list simply allows the establishment to disarm Americans silently and with little fanfare. This movement has the assistance of the medical profession and the Hollywood elite....but where are they going to turn when the gov turns clearly against its citizenry. Then they will surely wish they had woke up earlier and taken a stand on the side of the Constitution and freedom rather than the convenience of the urban myth that gun confiscation guarantees peace, safety, and tranquility.

Hide Behind said...

There is no longer need for pretense that there be a Constitution left to protect; And the 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with you having a gun for any other reason than to protect the Constitution.
It did not say you needed one to protect your cash register, private property, or your ass for
that matter and as a hunting or fowling piece either
No Constitution no need 2nd, Yet that does not mean there is no need for private individuals and public security officers to be armed as this is a dangerous nation to live in.
Not as dangerous as the anti and pro gunners say it is, but until we outlaw self preservation some weapon ownership is needed.
The little boys and grown men who play soldiers as militia need to be spanked. MANY of them are doing so to their monkeys and the numbers of actual militia men has fallen drastically aa they nowjoin with their wives as part of the middle aged yuppy preppy crowd.
Role playing by adults who have no real life goals to fulfill and are bored senseless .
The old America is dead dead dead dead, and there is no Saviors with Black guns gonna bring g it back so get with program.
The old hippy adage of make whooping not war is a good idea.
Buy black airsofts and play soldiers by shooting each other with plastic BB's. Hell even your 5 6 or 7 year-olds can get into that.
You are not going to keep your weapons for anything other than recreational and believe it or not they will take them from you.
They will do it not out of fear but just because they can; for they are of a type that love to hide
their mean low pettiness behind powerfull men while spouting lies of being caring and compassionate people.; Skunks without stripes.
Be glad that most gun owners are older than 30 and low testosterone is a national disease.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the reboot of Nazi Germany and the Gestapo - Part 2. Of course, the apathy of the citizenry is the same as the Germans, they too, just looked the other way and gave all their freedoms away under the guise of "Security".

History repeats itself and we've learned nothing. And for that idiot move, we will pay a bloody price...

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