Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chilean Legislation Removes Mercury from Vaccines

Catherine J Frompovich

Congratulations to the citizens of Chile, South America! You have understood the merits of removing toxic ethylmercury (Thimerosal) from vaccines to be given to pregnant women, children up to 8 years of age, and senior citizens over 60 years old. Furthermore, vaccines given to populations not mentioned will contain no more than 1 microgram of mercury per dose, along with other specifications.

According to a press release from BioAutismo, “Thimerosal Banned in Chilean Vaccines, A New Law” (Bill #7036-11):

• Thimerosal will be banned from all vaccines for the most vulnerable segments of the population (children 0-8 years of age, pregnant women, and adults over 60 years of age).

• Trace amounts of Thimerosal will be allowed (up to 1 microgram of mercury per dose) in vaccines for the rest of the population, with informed consent, as per current Law # 20.584, article 14.

• In case of emergencies or epidemic outbreaks, Thimerosal amounts higher than a trace may be allowed, but not simply because of a lack of stock, rather because there are no alternatives in the market without this compound, and always under a Presidential decree, keeping close attention to the strictest limits set forth by the regulatory agencies in the world, and, as always, with informed consent.

The press release acknowledges
We BioAutismo] extend our thanks to CoMeD (Coalition For Mercury-free Drugs) and ARI (Autism Research Institute), both NGOs from the United States, as well as to Doctors Janet K. Kern, Evelyn Calderon, Paul G. King, Sergio Vaisman, and Pharmaceutical Chemist Mrs. Alexandra ZuƱiga, all of whom prepared the latest reports given to the Congress' Health Commission, prior to the final vote for this Law in Congress.
The bill awaits the signature of the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera.

The press release was forwarded by Dr. King of CoMeD.

View the English version of the press release here.

BioAutismo website

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Anonymous said...

Nice start. But take out the aluminum, other adjuvants, all of the GMO crap in them and then test the individual vaccines and the vaccine protocol to see how much of the vaccine protocol is delusion/marketing pap.
Finally, make sure that people have free choice about vaccines, especially for their children and provide adequate nutrition to instill immune health to all.

Anonymous said...

what a totally dishonest article where the headline does not match the story. taking out part of the mercury does not make vaccines safe. VACCINES DO NOT WORK PERIOD and mercury is not the only ingredient that is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter, I still wouldn't take a vaccine or flu shot.

Anonymous said...

They can take out ALL the deadly adjuvants, but vaccines are still a scam. A huge, deadly, money-making scam. Vaccines do nothing. Big Pharma gets rich as their eugenics program marches on.

Anonymous said...

nothing enters my bloodstream directly unless its a drip for rehydration from gastro.

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