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Amazon Patents The Use Of Predictive Behavior Technology For Future Shipments

Nicholas West
Activist Post

Yesterday I wrote an article about a new Facebook game developed by the world's largest technical organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The goal of the game is to measure interest in certain technologies in order to predict future trends that are worth investing in.

The conclusion drawn by IEEE is that the gadget of the future is YOU. Meaning that all of the data supplied, stored, and analyzed through online activity, as well as the data received  from internet-connected smart devices becomes a means toward an "anticipatory" future of homes that will recognize what you want before you consciously make a decision. The IEEE believes that current interest demonstrates that mind controlled Smart Homes are just around the corner.

Parallel to the growing ability of Big Data to sort through the information stream for meaningful connections is the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Facebook's newly appointed A.I. guru, Yann LeCun, has explained that once the logistics of data collection and analysis reach a more precise level, then the era of predictive technologies will emerge. The recent announcement of a new patent by would indicate that this stage is upon us and they are preparing to make it reality.

In case you were wondering if anyone but the NSA is really interested in your data, Amazon has tacitly admitted that it might know you better than you know yourself. Through a system of "anticipatory shipping," Amazon plans to send products to shipping hubs prior to actual purchases taking place.
Amazon plans to box and ship products it expects customers to buy preemptively, based on previous searches and purchases, wish lists, and how long the user's cursor hovers over an item online. The company may even go so far as to load products onto trucks and have them "speculatively shipped to a physical address" without having a full addressee. Such a scenario might lead to unwanted deliveries and even returns, but Amazon seems willing to take the hit, stating in the patent, "Delivering the package to the given customer as a promotional gift may be used to build goodwill." (Source)

Amazon's decision to patent this technology echoes statements from Google, when they said that it can predict movie sales with 94% accuracy. Similarly, search behavior can predict market movements.
Two recent papers in Nature’s Scientific Reports suggest that Google searches and Wikipedia usage patterns contain signals about this information gathering phase that can be exploited in a trading algorithm. (Source)
It is clearly not enough to have logged and charted where we have been; the surveillance state wants to know where we are going through psychological profiling and predictive behavior technology.

We are beginning to see the dystopian application of pre-crime technology, but now that it is entering the economic sphere we are beginning to see the bigger picture as the various dots come together and point to a truly scientific Orwellian world that views human beings as predictable and manageable 0's and 1's. We are being fed directly into the matrix.

Whether or not you have given your explicit permission for companies to use your data in order to predict your behavior, they've got the technology and are proving that they are ready to use it. In Amazon's case, your shipment might arrive via drone before you know it.

You can read the full patent and see the logistics here.

For more information about the robotized economy, visit Julie Beal's site Get Mind Smart.

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Anonymous said...

Yes for morns and underdeveloped idiots as are 91% of the people today, it is possible but illegal what they said and concluded. . But for humble people like me all NSA and other imbeciles with their computers will never will be able to understand even 1% of my personality and behavior !

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, thank you so much for all the work you do to tell us about the latest 'smart' stuff - it's a big help to us all. I remain very concerned about developments in brain modulation - the technique using ultrasound relies on the smart infrastructure you describe. See, for instance, this article - -

Tyler seems happy to overlook the potential to misuse his technology. I'd be grateful if you would contact me at if you have time. All the best, Julie

Anonymous said...

The Borg has come for us, resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

Now the powers that be shall be able to follow the trail from an amazon order to its delivery and corrupt competitors will use this to remove their competition.

Anonymous said...

I try to remember not to hover my mouse over anything...I usually move it to the outside of the page. And when I get 'offers' and 'suggestions', I might make a note of them somewhere such as on my To Do List, but I deliberately do not react or respond. If most people would do that, Amazon and others like it would remain permanently confused and unable to discern 'patterns'. To go one step further, we could all deliberately hover our mouse over something we know we'd never buy....

As my grandmother use to say...there is more than one way to skin a cat :). (animal lovers note that it's just a saying and my grandmother never skinned cats)

Anonymous said...

Smart Homes? Who will be able to afford such a thing? Now that millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure, the mortgage market is moribund, and retail sales are in the tank, the eugenics program is the only growing industry. They seem to forget that while they are planning all this fancy new shit to sell to people, they are either killing off or indebting to death all their potential consumers. Have they forgotten that people need to be breathing in order to buy their crap?

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