Saturday, December 14, 2013

VICTORY! Charges Dropped Against Activist Florida Cop

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Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Most interesting!

Anonymous said...

I want to personally commend this man for his stark honesty and humane presence of mind. He is a beacon of hope and a compliment to police and military. He is well aware that we are all the same and that we are all in this together against a common enemy. The corporate banksters ( gangsters ) who are all trying to enslave us all. My KUDOS go out to this man for his heart and honesty and spiritual integrity. Good ( exelent job ) brother. I mean that!!! ( Brother ). NAMAST'E

Anonymous said...

Kudos to this man! He has cojones where so many do not, myself (sadly and truthfully professed) included. I do some activist writing, and I'm proud of that, but this guy, by standing on a street for a little bit, has accomplished more for the awakening process than a thousand hours of writing. A man of action, who also speaks eloquently.

So many of us are afraid of losing our jobs, our community status, inviting the gaze of Sauron, that we creep along not making any waves. At most basic, we all know that ANY brush with the law will ultimately involve money we don't have to spend. As we are driven further and further into debt slavery, this inability to absorb the monetary cost of civil disobedience comes into play. As they would have it.

I guess I need to grow a pair myself. What is truly amazing is all one has to do to become a YT sensation is exercise rights granted to us by law. The SAD thing is that by doing so, this would even constitute news. In a free society, it would not be news at all...just a person exercising their more newsworthy than a politician discovered to be know, just another day.

But of course, this is anything but a free society. The bells of tyranny are ringing, louder every day. When the clanging reaches even the deafest of ears, and there is more to lost than there is to gain, we will stumble outside from the couch and do something about it. But only when our lives are in jeopardy...anything less isn't as important as who is winning what in sports. But...that day will come.

Michael Winter

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