Sunday, December 8, 2013

Using Violence Against the State is Not the Path to Liberty

Robert Murphy

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Liberty MUST take the high ground. The only tool they got is a false flag and we've already got that exposed to the bone. Oklahoma City, 911, Aurora, Sandy Hoax, Boston bombing, Virginia Shipyard, and possibly LAX, all exposed in days. When they false flag the big one, it'll only put the nails in their own coffin. Pastor Manning has a similar approach.

Anonymous said...

Total BS. 25 years to defeat the NWO using this guy's strategy? Who's side is this guy on? What a joke. This site of full of controlled opposition and useful idiots. In 25 years most of us will be dead from cancer from the intentional poisons put in our air, food and water. No patriot is calling for people to shoot up the place and kill people like this guy suggests. Self defense is a human right. Don't fall for this kind of NWO propaganda.

The time for action is now, not years from now. Mass citizens arrests of the politicians et. al, self-defense, mass protests, civil disobedience, non-compliance, jury nullification, revolution are the answers.

Anonymous said...

And in what year would all this take place 2510? Don't think I'd be around to enjoy the freedom, what about you? Where does he get his numbers from? The truth is only 6% of people approve of Congress according to Polls - that means approximately 94% do not approve! Personally, I believe this fellow while he means well and apparently doesn't mind people starving to death and being abused without or rightful freedoms in the meantime - seems to to lack what is known as intestinal fortitude or out and out guts!

No! His method is not the answer or is it acceptable, that is not what our forefathers intended for us and I don't think they thought Americans would become so soft, dumbed down and such cowards in the future! Nazis' love people like you! Terry Black at facebook!

Anonymous said...

You commentors are pathetic, violent, fast-food junkies. Liberty wins everyday that someone new wakes up. It won't happen overnight. Do you think a civil war will end well for either side? How long will that victory take? At what cost?

Anonymous said...

Bob you seem like a genuinely nice person, your "plan" sounds on the surface of it so wonderful. Where we can sit around the campfire persuading others to join the cause. However "25 years + 5 years+ more years =30 + more years= 35 + more years = 45 Total,.... sitting around the campfire trying to educate people I don't think so. Your willingness to just let things continue 4 an astounding 4 more decades is ludicrous, there will be nothing left to save in less than a decade at the rate of destruction this government is hellbent on pursuing. My GOD man open your eyes. I am not advocating violence, but this country was forged out of violence and genocide in breaking away from the last destroyer of freedoms in England and you think by taking nearly a half a century to educate people is going to work,... Well best wishes with that. Neville Chamberlain had similar though not identical ideas,... but it took more than education to defeat the Nazi's my friend. One of your other anonymous commenters posed the question as you sort of alluded to frequently in your presentation "at what cost" should be other options be considered ? Well, my answer is. the same cost it took to birth our freedom into existence is the same cost it will take to maintain our freedom. Education is certainly wonderful, idea's are wonderful, changing folks perspectives is wonderful, but it sadly will never be enough. Just as the bible says faith without works is dead,.. you may say education is works,.... well yes and no, at some the intangible aspect of ideas, thoughts, education (knowledge) must grow flesh and bones and become action. And I am very sorry I am not willing to wait nearly a half century to possibly procure change by your theory while my children have to suffer all their adult lives while we all become educated. Sounds good on paper or in a video, however doesn't translate very well to a reality worth living. Some things my friend are worth fighting for and our fundamental freedom is one of them for sure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:28 Liberty does not win every day that someone new wakes up because every day they are finding 100 more ways to put us back to sleep. Eventually, it will be impossible to discover their lies, through controlled information. This is a point in time where everyone should be armed, and should pray they don't have to use a bullet. There is nothing violent about that. It is a matter universal to all firearm-bearers, whether they are a nations manipulated army, a peoples' militia, or a father protecting his family: respect. That being said, there is obviously the technology to nullify any such violent retaliation, but that doesn't discredit the revolutionary, even armed revolutionary, mentality. Remember, armed does not have to mean violence, but it DOES have to mean respect. And when you capture the hearts of the foundation of this society through that respect, you rip out the pillars. Even Buddhist monks mastered the weapons of their day.

Anonymous said...

Peaceful revolution has been going so well for the past 60 years, there's no reason to stop! We see our government grow more and more corrupt! We see the bankers getting more and more corrupt! We see the war machine getting more and more corrupt! Corruption everywhere increasing dramatically. Corporate corruption! The people are corrupt! And, we peacefully protest, and get beat up in the process!

But, there really is no nee to become violent, the government, sooner or later, will take care of that for us!

Anonymous said...

A pacifist is a Bullies favorite target! A bully knows a pacifist won't fight back, and therefore, the bully can do anything!

Seen2013 said...

In short and for the sake of simplicity:
The good would be informing people of not only what is happening but also alternatives...
The bad:
1). It uses the Bismarkianists re-imaging of Gandhi's movement and case study advocating non-violence without acknowledging the trends the British faced such as decline of Empire, constant external conflicts particularly Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and Palestinian Jews trained in terrorism and their reinforcements being blocked by the US in Egypt.
The principle purpose is to accelerate the crackdown methods on such disobedience/obstructionism. Why is shoot to kill for the slightest pretext being normalized? The answer is to make it appear normal when martial law is declared and militarized police and military are deployed without a false-flag being necessary.
2). Presumes that both sides wishes to avoid conflict/bloodshed. This isn't true at all in fact according to the Bismarkianists; the world needs more euthanasia and other methods of population control as well as wealth seizure. Any wonder why Neo-Malthusian's root movements of Malthusians and Eugenicists gravitate towards Bismarkianism?
3). It doesn't extrapolate the opponent's response.
Such as the plan persists that we all can't go to prison, and the government cannot function without seizing taxes. Such as with the national debt, taxes not being paid enmass could be used to justify martial law, and this allows militarized police coordinating with military troops to go door to door confiscating all wealth and weapons likely to include food and water stores deemed excessive as per Executive Order.

The ugly is that the plan doesn't take into account the Supranationalist's desire of an Population Controlled, Cashless, Authoritarian, Police State. It also truly doesn't suggest countering with a centralized and unified movement but a decentralized movement only unified by Arab Spring styled messages.
Decentralized has a tendency to be controlled by the wolf or hijacked by the wolf. Obviously, the wolf wants mutton for dinner, and the wolf can't have mutton without making sheep bloody.

How about this:
Start or pick a community to educate
Then challenge the old guards of that local and expand into county and state
Then win Governor
Then hold a State Constitutional Convention and vote for secession.

Obviously, the risk here is that the Bismarkianists will aim to force compliance and could go to war.

The obvious counter this is the Bismarkianists Supranationalist Rollout of stage 4 determined by the power-structure designed in stage 3 or otherwise stage 4 is known as martial law.
Any plan that doesn't take the desired destination is a Cashless Authoritarian Police State, and how it'll react to being challenged into account isn't likely to fare well.

Anonymous said...

They already have it all planned out and it revolves around a new digital currency. People will get pennies on the dollar for their pensions, 401K, savings, etc. Why else hasn't boy king dealt with the debt/deficit and continues to raise the deficit 1T+ every year. The reserve currency and Petrodollar are wavering right now.

They will come like a thief in the night. Plan to hunker down and stay out of all the mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Very easy. Make lists. Names and addresses of local police and politicians. Swat team members. Names and addresses of doctors, particularly trauma surgeons. Names of people who have professional licences for civil engineering, energy, water and sewer. Lists of cell towers and where they are located. Locations of telecommunications central offices. Local residents that work for any federal agency from USDA, FBI, ect. Businesses that wholesale pharmaceuticals, ammunition, medical supplies, communications equipment, diesel engine parts. welding supplies and tools and parts for heavy equipment. Places where fuels are stored are public info from the EPA. ect. These organizations are made up of people, and people cannot do bad things raid homes and protect their families at the same time. And when some asks why? Tell them civil defense or protecting your community from terrorism, the same reason they use to justify a $500,000 military assault vehicle for a civilian police force. As people we have become disconnected from our neighbors. Time to reconnect.

Anonymous said...

Brain dead pacifism and Hollywood style heroism are both nonstarters.

1. We need to use attacks on the second amendment to wake up more people and fight tooth and nail to roll back restrictions. Did you notice how many traditional "conservatives" started to wake up when gun restriction efforts went into full gear?

2. We must immediately begin NETWORKING more. TPTB are using very effective tactics right now to splinter the liberty movement into various factions: Tea Party conservatives; Christian patriots; Libertarian minded activists; independents and former "progressives" who oppose empire and the NWO; left-leaning anti-NWO types such as Webster Tarpley (and some Veteran's Today writers). Some of this splintering is being accomplished with the help of a prominent figure in controlled opposition who has been mostly useful in our efforts to wake up people. The bulk of these divisive tactics center around bashing Christians; bashing "conspiracy theorists"; setting up free market capitalism as the fall guy for bankster crony oligopolism; and stoking a view of Libertarianism as the new pro-global techno-free-market with growing popularity especially in the younger age groups only to have the movement co-opted in a bait and switch. This new political target is being lead down the same path TPTB were trying to lead the young Occupiers which is a new and improved banking/money/economic paradigm - the end of capitalism as we know it but much worse as an absolute totalitarianism. For the Occupiers it was the Venus Project. There doesn't seem to be a name as yet for the next generation enslavement meme.

We must not let ourselves be divided and mislead.

3. We need to work on more effective OUTREACH AND SYNTHESIS. Remember Aaron Russo's admonitions about how we need to come together to expose the central controllers, their agenda, and their modus operandi. Help others connect the dots as often as you can. Digital currency, capital controls, bail-ins, monetary inflation, dismantling the legacy systems (pensions, social security, etc.), surveillance, destruction of civil liberties (e.g. NDAA and loss of habeas corpus!), Affordable Care Act to establish a centralized database and for rationing, gun control, smart grid, biometric identification, etc. Weave together the narrative every chance you get!

That's a heck of a start if we pull together.

I don't know what Robert Murphy's background is. If his book collection, including the topics of Reagan, Truman, and Climate Change, is any indication, he hasn't made it very far down the rabbit hole. He states the obvious about why it's nuts to attempt some kind of armed revolution yet the bromides he proffers amount to nothing more BOILING FROG SYNDROME.

We can do much better if we network and use our brains and not on Murphy's indolent timetable.

Sorry, Robert Murphy, if you haven't noticed we are getting our BUTTS KICKED and we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME, Big Brother is here and soon our skies will be filled with drones.

Einstein said it best, we can't solve our problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. It's time to think outside the box [Matrix].

Anonymous said...

Poor Bob. Seems he's a product of the same institutions that produced all those in the white house, most of the senate and TV news media, all of the DNC and RNC and all those that control the purse strings of the economy controlled by corrupt federal oversight . Can he really be sincere in promoting fear among patriots when the state he pretends to protect with the same tried and failed verbosity practiced by those responsible by being the pawns of treason hidden behind the media smokescreen that are already preparing for the violence he so clearly fears?
How do these misled philosophers find solace with such compromise of principles and concern for the world when he lives in the longest lived republic in history of the world now suffering from the same mental sickness that brought down all others? The world has benefited from the examples of liberty written into the constitution of the USA and that of each of its sovereign states with concern for threat by the world only in the US constitution supported by militias of those states. The world will continue to benefit only so long as the republic survives within its constitutional imitations. Compromise of principle as evidenced by politicians holding both party and greed above patriotism in failing to uphold the constitution as sworn in their oaths of office.demonstrates the degree of rot among those he refers to as "the state". They have no more respect for what they swore than they will have for what he proposes to accomplish without mention of method except for education that has already been compromised beyond the point of no return without violence. They not only know what they are doing but are overcome with false pride in their endeavors. Will he ever learn to enumerate the quantity of enemies of the state among his own accomplices before proposing such change without media support necessary to inform the entire consumer electorate?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Robert Murphey could discover the details behind events in Iceland to save his precious failing state without violence.

Lewis Conley said...

ho is this idiet telling me i just let the gov, kill me and all the freedum loveing people in the us

Lewis Conley said...

is he kidding he would have us as slaves

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Robert Murphy has to say on the topic of 9/11 as a false flag attack.

Ted said...

Oh really?

Tell that to the American patriots who achieved liberty through violence.

Paul Panza said...

Fuck liberty, I want FREEDOM!! The state is not the "government" in a classless society, when it uses and practices for violence on it's own citizens. The Civil War has already begun. The alternate news seems to be asleep on this; as tough WE THE PEOPLE still have a representative form of government. WE DO NOT! WE are at war with ourselves!

Anonymous said...

"ho is this idiet telling me.........

thats rich

Hide Behind said...

We have all been accustomed to the phrase, "attack the message but not the messenger", which really sucks ; For in this case we have a paid shill of the energy and mining interest.
While Libertarian movement has become tea partied as all the, Including Mises Institute, cost of supporting mouth pieces is now part of corporAte coffee chit chats at pseudo think tanks.
The members write bull shit paperswhere it is always governments fault that the supporters of non profit 401 c think tanks lose monetAry of Murphys in Dc betray and this Murphy is part of Institute for Energy a research which is only a paper work research where they the members quote each others papers that are written for energy firms lobbyist.
Mush mouths economist this produce paper works that true or tales failures and blank endings never fail to leave their checkbooks richer.
As in this Murphys case every think tank he belongs to, 2every paper or book he has written and every speech given has not produced one item of use in U S economy and in fact is now helping tear the he'll out of all of US minerals and carbon products.
This Murphy is paid to teach anarcho Capitalism to anarcho capitalist who in turn work for the firms that pay Murphy's salary.
Study what libertarian beliefs were before think tanks like CATO and Carnegie became Libertarian. They were not places where Ron Paul's could bull shit about being but then hide behind a Republican banner.
If anything at all today's powers in Libertarian Party are closer to all the fat cats that supported Romney and Obama Clinton. The southern mid west and Eastern mafia blocks .
Texas And the Disintegrate Mafia.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost there is one thing everyone should be doing right now, and that is getting all the guns and ammo you possibly can, but don't be an idiot and register them unless you want to be first on the list of raids/home invasions when the collections start. With that said, here is the single most important thing I believe any American can possibly do to bring about a real change in this totalitarian police state we used to call America. Are you ready for it? Here it is............STOP BANKING! Stop using banks completely for anything whatsoever. Hear me out. Who owns and runs this planet? Banking cartels/families. Look it up. I cannot say exactly how many people it would take, but just imagine if only 5, or 10 percent of the population (more would be exponentially better of course) just pulled their money out of domestic banks, stopped begging them for "loans" and other bs "services" they offer, what would happen in very short order? Your money is the life blood of the monster, the tyrant that oppresses you. What happens when you stop feeding the monster? It dies, that's what happens. I did it decades ago, ironically enough, in 1984. Yes it will be uncomfortable at first, but everyone can do it I promise you. Think about it. Let's think big for a moment, let's say that within a month 50 percent of all the funds that were sitting in US banks were drawn out suddenly, many of the bankers would probably die of heart and panic attacks, but that is not what I'm advocating here. Suddenly you just threw a real big monkey wrench into the war machine, which is U.S. Inc's most profitable business, right up there with drugs and gun running/arms dealing. Soldiers that aren't getting paid will eventually stop working. There's no way around this inevitability. I could go o for days on this topic alone, but let's imagine some other things we can do together, imagine you start convincing yourselves and loved ones to stop joining the military and police forces (same thing these days). Stop being expendable fodder for the war machine. There are no (foreign) "terrorists" out there "threatening our freedom and way of life", at least not yet. Let's go one step further, imaging large numbers of "taxpayers" (legal term) suddenly converting back into real living people, now what do you think happens to the war machine, here and abroad?? All of it is funded by you people, every last dime of it. You have the power to end it all, without firing a single shot.

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