Monday, December 9, 2013

‘NSAssociate Google’ censors CLG on Fukushima radiation

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Google has been censoring news link emails from Citizens for Legitimate Government, despite repeated attempts by Gmail users to declare those emails “not spam.” The latest email to be censored was sent on Dec. 7, and links to mainstream news sources warning of Fukushima radiation.

Earlier this month, CLG emailed its list seeking legal counsel for the censorship.

CLG’s Breaking News page is updated daily:

Below are CLG’s summaries of recent articles relating to the nuclear contamination of our planet, thanks to Truman, Oppenheimer and Ike, who pursued development of this planet killer:

Record outdoor radiation level that ‘can kill in 20 min’ detected at Fukushima
08 Dec 2013

Still no mainstream media coverage, and this is why NSAssociate Google will not allow the delivery of the CLG Newsetter: Outdoor radiation levels have reached their highest at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, warns the operator company. Radiation found in an area near a steel pipe that connects reactor buildings could kill an exposed person in 20 minutes, local media reported. The plant’s operator and the utility responsible for the ‘clean-up,’ Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), detected record radiation levels on a duct which connects reactor buildings and the 120 meter tall ventilation pipe located outside on Friday. TEPCO measured radiation at eight locations around the pipe with the highest estimated at two locations – 25 Sieverts per hour and about 15 Sieverts per hour, the company said. This is the highest level ever detected outside the reactor buildings, according to local broadcaster NHK.

6 in Mexico may have radiation exposure
08 Dec 2013

Federal police blocked access Friday to a central Mexico hospital where six people were reported to have been admitted with radiation exposure. An official familiar with the case confirmed Mexican media reports that the six have been admitted to the general hospital in the city of Pachuca and may have been exposed to a stolen source of highly radioactive cobalt-60. The official said only one person so far was dizzy and vomiting, symptoms of severe radiation poisoning.

NSAssociate Google Relegated 07 Dec 2013 CLG Newsletter to the Spam Bin
07 Dec 2013

Looking for today’s CLG Newsletter? If you use Gmail as your email provider, please go to your spam bin to retrieve today’s CLG Newsletter. Perhaps Google did not like the subject line: ‘Radiation 36,000 times permissible level found in water at Fukushima plant.’ STILL, so sick of the censorship…

Radiation 36,000 times permissible level found in water at Fukushima plant
03 Dec 2013

The operator of the disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant said on Dec. 2 that it has detected radioactive materials that topped 36,000 times the permissible level in underground water extracted in the area. According to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), strontium-90 and other radioactive substances that emit beta rays were detected at a level of 1.1 million becquerels per liter in underground water pumped up from an observatory well on Nov. 28. The well is located at a sea bank east of the No. 2 reactor, about 40 meters from the ocean.

6 Hospitalized in Mexico With Signs of Radiation Exposure
06 Dec 2013

Six people showing signs of radiation exposure were hospitalized in central Mexico on Friday, government officials said, two days after a stolen truck carrying radioactive waste was found abandoned in the area, its potentially lethal contents disturbed. The authorities said the six are suspects in the robbery and are being detained. There was enough material in the waste shipment to deliver a dose within minutes that would cause illness within a day or two, and with a few hours of exposure, a dose that would be lethal.

Stolen Radioactive Material Found in Field
06 Dec 2013

The health of a family in rural Mexico is being monitored after they pick up 60g of cobalt-60 – enough to make a dirty bomb. A stolen shipment of highly radioactive cobalt-60 has been found abandoned in a field in Mexico. A family took the opened medical device containing the radioactive material into their home after finding it in central Mexico state…Federal police blocked access Friday to a central Mexico hospital where six people were reported to have been admitted with radiation exposure.

Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor
05 Dec 2013

Storage tanks at the Fukushima nuclear plant like one that spilled almost 80,000 gallons of radioactive water this year were built in part by workers illegally hired in one of the poorest corners of Japan, say labor regulators and some of those involved in the work. The Okinawa crew was recruited by Token Kogyo, an unregistered broker, and passed on to work at the Fukushima plant under the direction of Tec, a larger contractor which reported to construction firm Taisei Corp, records show. In September, Okinawa labor regulators sanctioned Token Kogyo after investigating a complaint by Uechi and concluding the broker improperly sent workers to Fukushima, said an official with knowledge of the order, which was not made public.

TEPCO may consider dumping radioactive water into Pacific Ocean: IAEA
04 Dec 2013

Water containing tritium will keep rising, topping 700,000 tons in two years. The head of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission in Japan monitoring the decommissioning process at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station said Wednesday that discharging contaminated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean might be an option for the plant’s operator. The embattled utility firm, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), is struggling to contain massive influxes of contaminated water on a daily basis and must now weigh the risks of dumping excess radioactive water into the adjacent Pacific Ocean. Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, highlighted the fact that..the amount of water containing tritium will keep rising, topping 700,000 tons in two years.

Rady Ananda is the creator of Food Freedom News and COTO Report, Rady Ananda's work has appeared in several online and print publications, including four books. With a B.S. in Natural Resources from Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture, Rady tweets @geobear7 and @RadysRant.

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Anonymous said...

Dump it in the Pacific?? Are you kidding me?!

Anonymous said...

The first point made at the beginning of this article is very interesting... Personally, I have noticed some of my regular e-mail subscriptions (related to activism) has either been filtered into spam, or the emails just stop coming... I wonder, can they keep certain emails from reaching people (depending on tagged words)... i wonder if they can slow down email communications... i they create their own viruses? ...Who can't the government target?

Hide Behind said...

Google is government under fascism , live with it as hundreds of millions do not give a Dam.
I deliberately mispelll, take out of context, make up words to get its algorithms tension to flag and monitor
.I wrote attention and got tension.
Google has algorithms for Britt that you can get to pop now and then.
That is why I finger peck on phone and not pc that must remain anon.
WE are constantly censored and monitored with google injecting some of the most f'd up
words and phrases as suggestions that have no bearing at all.
With practice you can get it to text ahead of your fingers.
Won't make sense but I once sold a poem I got by thought writing with google helping.
you want it to recognize your preferences then live with it.

Anonymous said...

I have problems with ixquick. I type a search phrase in and it rejects the
search, stating nothing is found. So, I go into Startpage with the same
search phrase, and there is all the info I need. Ixquick and Startpage are
some how connected but totally different in the info they release.

ourgreaterdestiny said...

LINK BLOCKED | Nuclearized NAFTA Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP]

Anonymous said...

Many people dropped the regular postal service as a means of communication...but the old folks always said that the internet would become a censoring mechanism. At least with the postal service, any tampering with a person's mail nets you a prison term. With the internet, you are fair prey. Google owns all of it's users now...get use to it. That was the point of Google and Facebook in the first place...centralize control of all communications.

Anonymous said...

You have that problem in the states only. I pulled an article in the radiation crisis from earlier this week or last by searching from my phone...

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