Friday, December 20, 2013

Government Report Confirms That A Major Solar Event Will Be A Kill Shot For The United States

Chris Carrington
Activist Post

An official report prepared by John Kappenman, an independent consultant, was commissioned by The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2010. The report is summarized in The JASON report on Impacts of Severe Space Weather on The Electrical Grid, project number 13119022.

JASON is an independent group of some 60 scientists that advises the United States government on science and technology that could have national implications. It is run by the non-profit making MITRE Corporation in Virginia.

There is a massive amount of information in the report which was published in November 2011. For the technically minded, transformers are discussed in detail, highlighting the problems that space weather impacts could, and does have on them. There are examples from around the world of the damage caused to electrical grids when a coronal mass ejection hits the Earth. There are details of different types of space weather, their effects and likely outcomes of such incidents.

Kappenman based his findings on past space weather, the effects felt at the time and how the advances in technology since that time would be affected by a similar event.

Page 51-54 of the JASON report is of particular interest. It summarizes Kappenman’s findings. It is somber reading.
  • More than 300 transformers destroyed.
  • 130 million people in the United States lacking power for several years.
  • 1-2 trillion dollars of economic losses.

A US map of vulnerable transformers with areas of probable system collapse encircled. 
 Credit: National Academy of Sciences.

At risk transformers in the same scenario

(To make the writing legible the map is way too big 
so you can read the details in the JASON report, page 53, here.)

Kappenman based his findings on past storms. It goes without saying that should future storms be more severe than those the scenario is based on, then the damage caused will also be more severe.

We have become so reliant on electricity in the last 200 years, it’s difficult to imagine life without it. Those who rely on refrigerated medications would be hard hit within hours of the power going off, as would those who rely on regular oxygen cylinder deliveries to their homes.

The usual back up power in hospitals is 72 hours. After that life support machines and operating rooms will cease to function.

Pumps at gas stations will no longer dispense fuel affecting everything from the family car to the food supply.

Water treatment and pumping stations will cease to function, again this will affect a wide range of services we take for granted, drinking water, sanitation and even firefighting will be limited or non-existant for millions. Contestation over water in lakes and rivers will be a source of ongoing conflict for years after the event.

Many factories that make parts for transformers will not be able to do so, leaving the United States at the mercy of foreign powers for transformers and parts. (If those countries have not been affected by the event themselves.)

The very fabric of the only society we know will come to a grinding halt within a week of the grid going down.

The government knows this; they have known it for more than two years yet they have done nothing about it. They are not hardening the grid, they are not changing at least some of it to short line instead of long line runs.

There is no advice given regarding stocking up on food, water and other supplies beyond the recommended ‘store at least a three day supply’ on the FEMA website. I particularly like their advice never to ration water unless told to do so by the authorities…

Without medicines and medical assistant diseases like typhus, typhoid and cholera will move through the population.

www.OffgridOutpost.comA severe space weather event will mean the end of life as we know it. Only the most prepared will survive, and those that do will find themselves in a very different world. Such an event has the potential to put not just the United States, but half the planet back to the Stone Age, reducing the ability of others in the First World to assist allied nations. A severe solar event would have the ability to affect an entire hemisphere rather than just an individual country.

Geo-political power bases would move to those nations that have a functioning government and electricity. Even people in those countries currently considered to be Third World will be living in conditions far more favorable than those living in a post solar event world, where electricity and sanitation are things children will grow up hearing about rather than experiencing.

It isn’t a case of IF a large flare causes devastation on Earth, it’s a case WHEN.

The Sun is beyond human control, and will remain so. There is nothing we can do to prevent flares, coronal mass ejections and the like. All we can do is increase our knowledge base of the damage they can do and try to mitigate it by preparing ourselves and our families as best we can.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. Wake the flock up!

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Anonymous said...

"We have become so reliant on electricity in the last 200 years, it’s difficult to imagine life without it...."

200 years. Correct. So why exactly are we so worried about this now?

Anonymous said...

IF, and that is a big IF, some type of event like this should happen people will need to be able to think and act calmly and logically. We've become a society dependent upon machines doing everything for us, we will have to revert back to common sense and technology that existed several hundred years ago. Anyone with mechanical skills that can fashion or jerry rig equipment will be valued beyond measure.

People have survived for thousands of years without electricity. I would imagine people will survive this type of event as well. They may not like the way of life for awhile, but they will be alive.

Anonymous said...

Read 2 seconds after. Good treatise on life after electricity. Patients on systems die first, and on it goes.

Anonymous said...

"We have become so reliant on electricity in the last 200 years, it’s difficult to imagine life without it."

I take issue with 200 years. It is more like 100 years, but that is a stretch. Even in the cities many people did not have electricity 100 years ago. But for sure, we are now dependent on it.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic the reporter's last name of this article is Carrington


And what about all these nuclear electrical generating stations across the globe that rely on their own electrical output for maintaining systems? KA-BOOM???

Anonymous said...

Ohhh nooooo... *Sips tea*... Yeah if this does happen... well s***. But I've heard this so many times now over the years, yet nothing. I'm just desensitized. Strike me down I guess for I shall not live in fear.

Anonymous said...

Just another round of fear mongering!

Anonymous said...

Look it's very simple to figure out.
The plan is setting off EMP charges to take out the grid and blame it on the sun.

Is anyone awake at all out there...

It will never be the sun doing anything but providing us life...well at least those of us who are not grid bound.
This is just more fear for the grid monkeys. Why with today's technology in wind and solar would anyone choose to stay on the grid just buggers the mind.
and to those grid monkeys when it is taken away from you please please don't whine you have been informed from a variety of sources that it is going away soon.

Anonymous said...

it's like a car accident. It doesn't happen until it happens. Thyen your world changes.

Anonymous said...

With all the information the scientists have, incl. & together w/ the geologists, astronomers, biologists, physicists, et al, - the knowledge that everything is tied into a vast connecting Field, THEY KNOW this....

did they mention that the Solar Fields, are simply reacting to what's happening on this Planet? That the Coronal Ejections are REFLECTIONS of what's going on here?

It's all a vast Morphogenetic Field, like a quilt. The Field.

So all the wars, the militarization, the cop shootings, the distress of the populace, effects, the Sun, as well as other planets.

What's here, happens "there."

Hide Behind said...

I know of many places that were without electricity clear into 1960's and some places in the hinterlands did not hookup until they could afford the expense of laying their own
lines from house to public roads and then pay for own transformers .
Hellped dig and lay aand prepare lines forover 3 miles that friends needed done.
Military has EMF hardened radios and shielded satellites since 1970's Nd has super space grid in place already. TRansmission by lights in the infrared spectrum will and are already integrated into those systems.
Billions upon billions were spent into shielding multi story buildings containing The complex of US Radar installations into enen our newest radar tech.
I agree whole nation being set up by same type military minds that took out towers and killed displaced Millions of Iraqi people and today lie about Fucushima.
That so damn many americans keep joining the whole MILITARIZATION of all U S society except for the privileged 30% is unbelievable.
Deliberate WYoming to keep certain factors of finance militAry and scientific such as Gee ad others rolling in cash.
No matter the cause it will always be extinction they bring up and soon t hhe Pelosi Reid's and politicos pass money bills.
Wonder how many they who sit in a very large circular room that rounds a world map figure how many americans they need to kill in order to get more hardware?

Anonymous said...

Um why does the title say it will be a "kill shot" for the US only? Unless of course Anon 10:38 is right and it will be a false flag EMP attack on our grid.

Anonymous said...

Solar cycle 24 - thats the answer to what your asking, perhaps a small research into the sun, the 11 year cycle? The history, what we have learnt from geology and ice core samples. Cheers for using google to get an answer before just posting and wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

How the hell are we supposed to cool 400+ nuclear reactors worldwide when the "kill shot" happens? 400+ Fukushima events?

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