Friday, December 27, 2013

Detained for Suspicion of Smoking Cigarettes


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Seen2013 said...

For all purposes, they are serving an occupational force within the United States, so they are in actuality committing treason. This is why the Bismarkianists have come up with a great idea to nullify much of the punishments and redefinitions of the crime's themselves.
This is why people need to stop looking to the Federal government completely from attempting to change the system from the top-down if it grants them additional precedent to transition unalienable rights into inalienable or even make inroads to alienable; we will be in serious trouble.

Hide Behind said...

Am sticking my neck out a bit but I take UTA as being Utah Transit Authority, so here goes.
Are you a fucking retard?
You from that state or just immigrate from south of US border?
You are wearing a hoodie, dark glasses, nice treads and a beanie, Hell they should of arrested you for not being white enough.
The trick to gaining some delay is to take one hand to lower your glasses , then look her up and down pausing on her ass while shaking head and low low hum, then looking at her tight front crotch on up to her breast doing the low low approval hum and nod until breast height; put your glasses streight and then looking over her shoulder or to her side if she is taller never look up or at ground from then on.
Stare at a fixed point; then and only then ; "Yes Officer, What was the question?
You let them lead you like a fucking curt dog right under their feet.
You may think you were talking logic but to their minds you were whimpering and . Already rolled on belly.
Asking two meat bbc in the middle of the Mormon Empire if they were ashamed of hassling a beaner come now.
Ya gonna act like a wanna be punk then ya gotta have the Cajones to carry it off and ya gotta be smarter than them.
No matter who you deal with even a future employer you get in first pleasant words and get them to agree .That cunt was on the prod and you instead of surprising her with a pleasantry brought up conflict.
Don' always work but its you watching their responce not them making you respond.
they are trAined in being intimidating counts.
Look at faggots with his buds crush and shades notesucked in gut clenched fist and the other flag hulking up head forward jaw extended.
Actually you were dumb as a rock, probably paid a gnome fine.
In Utah no juge or court official gonna let a non Mormon off the hook.
Find a local stake that maybe has a couple token Latinos and Blacks or Asian males in it. Then go see judge.

Peter A. Kirby said...

These morons are just the type of authoritarian scum that flourishes with the growth of government.

If this all took place on private property, then why are we paying public money to secure it?

There are too many a-hole cops with nothing better to do then stomp on law abiding citizens' rights. I hope these losers get their butts sued off personally.

smithfix said...

Fully informed Jury anyone? Do jury DUTY! You could save a life or at least the $$ of a citizen.

Ricky Ross said...

What jobs are most attractive to psychopaths? Here’s the list, originally published online @ by Eric Barker after surveying a panel of leading Psychologist:

1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
8. Clergy Person
9. Chef
10. Civil Servant

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I simply would have CALLED 911 and asked for assistance as someone seems to be impersonating a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT and is stalking and harassing me right at this moment--and given the location.
and all about me ALLEGEDLY SMOKING.

Hide Behind said...

UTA IS not a state dept, is a districting authority for DOT and each Community manages its own system, yes the property is public, but as in all public / private organizations there are certain authorized restrictions to full public; also no smoking on their public property by state laws.
Did everyone that utilizes this site grow up with their mommy's apron strings around their waist, have daddy walk them to and from school to avoid b ullys and name callers, visit Beaver Cleaver, or live in an eastern Jewish ward ?
Get the hell out of your white comfort zone and upper middle class " my shit s the world fantacy"; it is not.
It is not but you can damn well bet that being a white cunt cop on the prod with two testosterone meatheads proud of being Transit cops, were not looking at a Latino with beanie , hoodie, shades, good treads the same as if he was LDS going from door to door.
Number 1; he was alone and there for very vulnerable, and yes the bitched smirk was because she knew how to push authority for her satisfaction.
Personally as having been in fights of three to one I know not to wait but to immediately incapacitate two before fully squaring off against the one left, that these are cops makes a diff so you use different weapons.
This guy was not a white boy Ivy Leaguer"I have nice clothes, a good looking count (screw google Newspeak programming) beside me in my SUV, I know my rights"" ; Mainly he was as dumb as some people here as to real world.
Get with program and if there jus happen to be Blacks or Latinos on this site, especially from
pre 80's south or any major portion of Cali and eastern racially divided metros s of those times, you know the games played and to this day they are still played by the powers in many places.
Racism and religious discriminating has many forms and just because one is in the Heartlands of US does not mean that they do not exist.
The proles will remain proles until they demand full access to equal oppportunitys.
" Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until they have rebelled they cannot
become conscious." 1984 by Eric Blair
Too long have we been unconscious as to just how our fellow man will enjoy ruling over those his superiors declare as lesser than themselves.

Anonymous said...

1.telling the kop he doesn't talk to kops was NOT TOO BRIGHT.
are yew smoking a cigarette ? NO.

2.kop persists ? I definitely WOULD CALL 911 regardless of the possibilities of making it WORSE and call SOMEONE ELSE TO GET THE F OVER HERE NOW.

he has a nice WEALTHY CASE when he gets it all together and FILES.

and the PROBLEM REMAINS THE FREEEEKIN FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM where IT WILL COST YEW FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS MINIMUM TO SIMPLY FILE-then TRY and FIND the lawyer to take the case as the aclU is too busy DEFENDING THE RIGHTS OF DETAINED ILLEGALS AND DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT AMERICANS---------but but bbbbut WAIT A MINUTE ! maybe this guy can WORK INTO THE COMPLAINT that somewhere somehow HE SAW A CROSS and it offended HIM---then the aclU will JUMP,

Anonymous said...

What the is a stupid little crook looking fuck like you doing there anyway? You fucks just LOVE to play the race card. I'm fucking sick of it. Before you cockroaches immigrated by the masses to get out of your poverty stricken hopeless situations for a better life, because you are too stupid to make one for yourselves in your own country with your own race and your own language where you came from, it is YOU who come learn OUR language, OUR way of life (electricity, cars, planes, medicine, universities and every fucking thing else), then you whine and demand your fucking rights. Would you have done this video if they were all Hispanic like you? Maybe, when you realize that when you fucks start moving into our neighborhoods then subsequently ruin them with your drug dealing, crime ridden, stupid mother fucking selves, making a safe happy haven into hell because all of you fucking ungrateful roaches running in by the millions and how we despise you because of it, you might go back to the pathetic country you came from. Oh yeah, I forgot, we went over there and showed you how to build a skyscraper, drive a car, or utilize a toilet or anything else (everything that makes your life easier) that we made, discovered or invented. If you are so unhappy you can always go to the dumb fucking country you or your ignoramus parents came from or shoot yourself in the head. Poor fucking little you.

Robert in Arabia said...

Where I live cops are polite and helpful. I have never heard of an incident where a Saudi policeman was rude, offensive, or abused his authority. If you have a legal right to be in kingdom you can expect fair treatment. If you do not have a legal right to be in the kingdom, you will be arrested and deported.

Anonymous said...

HAhahah.. this is soooo fucked up, i'm glad i dont live there. They get some kind of satisfaction from doing those kind of things?! Maybe they should go see a doctor or something. They are harmin the community they are supposed to serve... I bet that kind of "work" they are doing isnt the reason why you pay them. Remember, the criminals start by making little bad things to people, things like this. They arent showing any kind of respect to the people who they are punishing from something he didnt do. And smoking cigarettes somewhere it isnt supposed? Where the hell do we live. Maybe you should go and drive there with your car and smoke inside of it? This is just fucking ridiculous, i would report their authority immidiately for wasting their time in stuff like this. She even called audience to look what she is doing. So FUUUUCK'D UP!!

boban Michael said...

She didn`t stop you for trespassing ,she stopped you for "smoking" ...and when she couldn`t prove ,or in fact wasn`t quite sure if you were smoking, she changed her story ...

Anonymous said...

She was on a police power trip. They call it the "John Wayne Syndrome" where inexperienced cops test out the limits of their new authority on victimized citizens. Sometimes persons with bully tendencies become police officers because it gives one a platform to control others. Her cop pals should have reigned her in but instead they supported her. Cops like these give good police officers as bad rep. They are not all as creepy as this one and we need laws to keep individuals like her in line.

Anonymous said...

That woman she be debadged and kept on a leash while locked up in a cage. These are the people who the NAZIs looked for to give brown shirts. When the SHTF, who do you trust? Not police, not one of them.

Anonymous said...

"Officer, unless you can provide me right now with an articulable premise which will hold up in a court of law that you observed me engaged in criminal activity, I am free to go." Wait 5 seconds, then go. If they touch you, you own them, all the way up the goddam food chain, bro.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Officer, unless you can provide me right now with an articulable premise which will hold up in a court of law that you observed me engaged in criminal activity, I am free to go." Wait 5 seconds, then go. If they touch you, you own them, all the way up the goddam food chain, bro.
December 29, 2013 at 5:08 PM

and ALL take notes on this one.

Hide Behind said...

Did anyone pay attention to the damned flick?
What was his answer as to why he did not want to talk to cops?
OR were you the White Knights of law already thinking your white ass could make money if you were in his place?
This man lives there.
He knows the drill and from the start while he used bad judgement,IF YOU WOULD STOP PULLING ON YOUR WHITE PENIS AND GET THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR EARS , you can hear his frustration and all because he knows what's gonna go down.
The last two Anons' @ Dec 29, 5:08 & 5:41 will and are even more detrimental to fighting a police state than the racist Anon @ Dec 28, 9** because they live I. Some fucking lilly whites LALA land.
if that lad would of followed their advice his butt would of been grass with quite possibly Enough charges he would of had to plead down to a lesser.
Civil Rights lawyers in the Empire only work for one cause, freedom of religion and buisness as one.
Notice, damn is this world full of sleepwalkers, whAt passing notice did a latino surrounded by three cops get from persons embarking from transit bus.
Learn the language of verbal and nonverbal communications, the goat faced cop in shades was on macho testosterone and the body movements on bitch in blue , note the very damned deliberate in your fucking face close in on him at end of flick and smirk knowing he will sign.
There will be no revolt and I like many another american that lives in reality will just get off the bus , walk on by as these anons whine about being abused and wanting o call their mommy's to come take them home.

Hide Behind said...

A peacefully warrior must understand the enemy's tactics and most importantly know the terrain in which the battles will be fought.
He must seek out an enemy's weakness and exploit every one and in every possible instance; Do not think your small win each day is miniscule for battles are fought individuals each contributing minor victory to Battlefield success.
Most of all a Warrior for peace never brags about a win; why alert your enemy to his situation ; he just calmly moves on learning from past, Preparing for future.

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