Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand: Mass Mobilization Against Wall Street-Backed Regime

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

For the second time during recent anti-regime protests, a mass mobilization is planned to begin this Monday, December 9, 2013 at 9:39am at Democracy Monument. Universities across Bangkok are setting times and locations for pre-rally staging. Protesters who individually attended the last mobilization, the largest in modern history, are better organized for this coming Monday - gathering their own smaller groups to join larger staging areas for a mass march across the city.

According to even the Western press, who has thus far attempted to shelter the Wall Street-backed regime, at least 200,000 protesters filled the streets last month, dwarfing entirely anything the regime has ever accomplished even at the height of its popularity. Since then, the regime has used excessive force, made draconian threats, and even unleashed armed militants to create bloodshed - further alienating itself, and galvanizing the Thai people.

Many of the individual pre-mobilizations will be as large as a typical pro-regime rally. These will then march across the city and merge. The last mass mobilization was peaceful, even festive.

This Monday, the message is a non-violent one, for the regime to see and hear the voices of the people who reject it wholly and will no longer comply with its entrenched, abusive power.

Video: While the regime uses camera tricks to "fill" even a single stadium, this was taken overhead of last November's mass-mobilization, near Bangkok, Thailand's Democracy Monument using a camera drone. The protesters can be seen stretching out in all directions. Other roads were similarly filled. This Monday, December 9, 2013, Thais will have another chance to participate in a similarly unprecedented gathering.

What to do if you want to participate:

1. Do participate! Do not be afraid of rumors of violence, nor allow empty regime threats to deter you. That the regime attempts to discourage free speech is all the more reason to come out and topple it.

2.Contact other like minded people today. Pick a place and time BEFORE 9:39am this Monday, to meet and set off for larger pre-rally locations.

Many universities across the city are serving as starting points including: Ramkamhaeng, Mahidol, Kasetsart, King Mongkut Institute Thinburi, and Thammasat (Tha Prachan) University. Other universities are giving their tacit support by closing on this Monday, December 9, to allow students to participate.

3. Bring water, a hat, and comfortable shoes. Eat a decent meal before going out as you will be doing a lot of walking and may not have an opportunity to eat until later on.

4. Bring a smart phone or a camera to both photograph and record the event (and any incidents), as well as to publish them live to social media (Facebook, Twitter), blogs, and websites. If you don't have a Twitter account, make one before Monday. In each message, ensure that you type hash tags such as #Thailand #Bangkok and #Dec9Rally.

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Skully said...

Peace to the people of Thailand stand UP Brothers and Sisters Monks and Nuns be brave and stand for Mother Earth She needs us NOW MORE THEN EVER Let us all stand with the people of Thailand Amitabha

Tik said...

Wall Street backed regime??? Looks like a yellow shirt wrote this story! The Thai government were democratically elected and truly represent the VAST majority in the country, not just the wealthy elite in Bangkok and their zombie-like slaves. The yellow shirts cannot win at the ballot box - and they know it - which is why they've resorted to protest bordering on anarchy. Should the BKK protesters overthrow this government, the red shirts will return back to the capital and the cycle will repeat itself. Stick to the elections otherwise we're on the road to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Bless the nation of Thailand and their freedom loving people.

Libba said...

You have no idea Tik... Only a quarter of the thai population voted in the last election. The regime buy votes by giving hand outs to the poorest people who will always vote just to receive money. They are not educated enough to see the "wall street" regime trying to sell out thailand using free trade agreements and treatises and selling the utilities to big multinational companies at rock bottom prices. Which the former prime minister tried to do countless times before he was overthrown. Now his sister is trying to do the same and the people wont stand for it. Remember this only started because she tried to pass a law which would allow her brother to come back ti thailand and not serve his 2 year jail sentence for corruption. Sounds a bit totalitarian dictatorship to me especially after she changed the law so she doesn't have to go to parliament to make a decision.

Libba said...

Sad events

Anonymous said...

it is very well documented where Thaksin got his power from....all the way back to the Carlyle group who Sonti introduced Thaksin to.....lets not forget where the 2 TRILLION baht bonds are being sold !!!!!

Anyone who says about the PT being voted into power is basically stupid and ignorant to Thailand yes they won the vote after almost a BILLION baht was dropped on the floor for peasant voters to pick up PT got 13 million votes & the Dems 11 million...PT have kept their power base with populist policy's that are bankrupting Thailand

Anonymous said...

Could it be orchestrated by foreign interests !

The present government does not support the TPP which will give the large entities more power and rights to enforce there destructive policies on the countries.
With this contracts the local laws are useless to claim anything.

Here is the link, "Shinawatra has indicated she will now support Thailand joining the TPP. "

If the present government is a puppet than they where in favor of the TPP, or they just pretend and than sign, have a close look !

What I would like to know, who brought the GMO products to Thailand.
I just guess maybe the former President, Abashit, son of the largest food company in Thailand.
For me is just certain the one who brought the GMO to Thailand they are the puppets.

We should look for the real thing and not for polemic. Anyway the mass just get used for the profit of the upper class.

And one thing, the yellow are in favor of not having elections at all, just place some one decided by who .....
The yellow shirt claim the red shirt are to stupid and get payed, just stupid folks from the country side. .
By the way the good life in BKK is part of cheap labor from the country side.
Who is in charge of the education and keep improvement away ?
Well, so we can not blame what we create.

Well let them close the food supply for two weeks to Bkk and they will find out what is important in life.

By the way, after Thaksin we haven't heart about any school reforms in Thailand.
Are school reform not the important thing what should be done for the ordinary Thai.
The elite anyway send there kids abroad, or to local schools costing 100Tbaht a month and more with foreign teachers.
By the way, the former President Abashit, yellow shirt, "grow up" and was educated in England.

Who likes to keep them stupid to use them.
Find this out then you know who is the puppet.

Look what is happen and not what is spoken !

Anonymous said...

If you hear someone bleating about "elections, elections elections" and that is basically the summation of their defense of said government, you know you've struck a septic line coursing with NED-funded sedition.

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