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10 Predictions For 2014

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As this year comes to a close it is once again time to reflect, learn from events, and plan for a new year with some predictions.

Without question, 2013 was not the best year for freedom, economic prosperity or peace. The police state has gotten more militarized, intrusive and violent. More laws against protesting and press freedoms infested the Western world. More money was funneled from the poor to the rich. And more war was waged with a careless joystick trigger finger.

It is often difficult to see the bright side amid such a maelstrom of injustice, until one realizes that the greater the oppression grows, the closer we are to reversing the trend. 2013 also gave us many reasons to be optimistic about the future for peace, love, and liberty.

In 2013, we witnessed a global uprising to halt unprovoked military action in Syria. The powers-that-be demanded war and the people said no.  For those keeping track, it's the first time in history that that's ever happened on a global scale.

Also in 2013, we saw the rise of a global peer-to-peer barter economy and Bitcoin, which level the economic playing field much like the Internet did for information dissemination. The media this year was clearly dominated by the independent media with the help of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. In dictatorial fashion the US government blocked millions of computers from viewing NSA abuse articles and it was still by far the biggest story of the year. There's tremendous momentum for the alternative media going into 2014.

Finally, the militarized police state is being opposed just as fast as it is being built. Its unjustified presence is accelerating the support for ending the war on drugs and calling into question the role of police in society, as well as the need for further runaway prison expansion.

We have nearly reached the zenith of the ability for the few to control the many. This is evidenced by their great desperation manifesting in overtly insane and despotic behavior. 2014 will be pivotal. But this is mostly cause for optimism.

That said, there is no question who still currently holds the keys to unleashing truly devastating weapons, both virtual and real. 2014 certainly could see the realization of something horrible as the cornered beast lashes out. Their options to maintain control are becoming scarce, however. Short of a total Internet take down, full-scale banking collapse, or the use of a large-scale and devastating false flag event (EMP, nuclear, "alien"), the elite controllers will almost surely continue to lose their grip on humanity.

The victories we have experienced in previous years by pressuring the ruling elite out into the open for all to see is irreversible. Nearly all establishment institutions are now held in wide disregard and condemnation for their corruption, dishonesty, manipulation, ineptitude, and subversion of universal human rights.

2014 very well could mark the critical battle between the dinosaur system of the feudal elite milking the "commoners", and the evolution of a new open-source, peer-to-peer model of prosperity that trusts the power of individual creativity, reputation, and planet-wide cooperation toward solutions that begin from the bottom up.

The pyramid of power has been wobbled by pressure from the bottom in 2013. We believe that 2014 is the year when that structure begins to fall. Here are 10 predictions for 2014:

1. Obamacare Nightmare. The implementation and enforcement of Obamacare will be a catastrophic failure in 2014. It will lead to a political awakening on the Left who in large numbers will lose faith in the ruling class to solve this and other problems. Some will attempt to offer a solution of a single-payer option like Medicare for all, which will seem to temporarily calm the storm.  That is until everyone realizes they'll be required by law to accept "mandated" treatments and untreatments (death panels). We must, as individuals, become healthier in order to weather the coming healthcare storm.

2. Growth of Independent Media. 2013 saw record traffic to independent media outlets. Also, big names like Ben Swann and Amber Lyon became independents. David Icke's non-profit, uncensored media project The People's Voice raised over $400K in crowdfunding and launched in 2013. Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill announced plans for a new media platform in 2014. Are these biased, activist reporters? Yes, and thank goodness. The very fact that there is a growing market for peace and liberty information is a bellwether for where we're heading as a society.

3. Wide Adoption of Cryptocurrencies. The wild volatility of Bitcoin and its competing cryptocurrencies has overshadowed the ideological and technological revolution that has been unleashed. While many have focused merely on the monetary value of Bitcoin, we predict that a new wave of understanding will mark the wide adoption and perhaps the stabilization of the cryptocurrency economy. Central banks have been exposed all across the planet for the thieves they are. People are realizing who the true enemy really is, and they are beginning to feel empowered by the ability to disrupt that predatory system.  All they needed was a choice to opt out, and now they have it.

4. The Awakened Take Action. It seems like the whole world is in a state of civil unrest. It is precisely what arch-globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski warned his cohorts of. People are tired of talking and they have lost too much. Violated, hungry people have nothing to lose by directly confronting their oppressors. This does not have to mean physical violence, but it does mean physical demonstrations of power and a refusal to remain quiet. We also believe that people will become clearer about making specific demands, rather than merely being satisfied to show their outrage.

5. More Whistleblowers Come Forward. 2013 may very well go down as the year of the whistleblower; Edward Snowden being the most prominent among them. As more people view Snowden as a hero for giving a face and voice to the human right to privacy, we expect more whistleblowers to put their lives on the line to expose hidden truths. Consequently, we will shift closer to more transparency for the top and more privacy for citizens; the way a free society is supposed to function.

6. Expansion of Open-Source Technology. 2013 was an incredible year in the area of 3D printing. We saw the rise and subsequent stifling of 3D printed weapons, but the technology is still out there and is increasingly open and falling in cost. Inventors are launching open-source vehicles, alternative energy generators, and so much more. 2014 will be a truly breakout year for 3D printing especially, as well as open-source technologies for everything from farming to governance.

7. Manufactured Tension With China. We have heard the rhetoric of wars, economic and military, with China beginning to escalate toward the end of 2013. We happen to believe that an outright war with China is very unlikely. China is part of the very same centralized control system as the West.  In other words, Coca Cola who just invested $4 billion in China doesn't want to lose that market and vice versa, so there will be no war. Therefore any aggression with China should be viewed as complete theater to maintain control of domestic populations on both sides. Rather, we will probably continue to see a series of calculated economic moves on both sides that tip the balance of "super" power away from America and toward China. Nothing new here.

8. Economic Crisis. Some form of great economic crisis is probable in 2014.  Perhaps it will be many small dominoes that lead to something bigger, but it will no doubt manifest as centralized theft and more controls. The kickoff could be the Fed's tapering of quantitative easing which could crush the momentum in stock markets around the world. Or it could be the next battle to raise the US debt ceiling in February. As mentioned above, it could be an extension of moves already made by China. Whatever the trigger, expect and plan accordingly for more bank bailouts and bailins, higher food and energy prices, less jobs and more capital controls, all while fiat currencies continue their steady or abrupt decline, and gold coins continue to rise in value.

9. Attempted Crackdown on Internet Freedom.  Warnings of imminent cyber attack and other infrastructure weakness herald an attempt at a full-scale military takeover of the Internet. However, such an extreme measure is probably unlikely in the short term. More likely, what will come first is an extension of the attempt to criminalize whistleblowers, as well as imposing Dianne Feinstein's suggestion that there be government-approved journalists. Coupled with the severe penalties for copyright infringement and other methods of backdoor censorship contained in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and 2014 could see a new level of information warfare.

10. False Flag Watch. As alluded to above, warnings of imminent cyber attacks or a so-called Pearl Harbor for the Internet have been broadcast by US security officials for some time.  In our opinion, an attack on the Internet is the most probable false flag event for 2014.  If it happens, it won't be long before world leaders demand ending online anonymity. Also, small, FBI-orchestrated bombers and shooters may make an appearance as well, but it worked so poorly for them in 2013 to move policy that we think there'll be less of those types of false flags in 2014.  Finally, the biggest false flag could be whatever economic crisis manifests in 2014 (see #8). At minimum, expect desperate manipulation by Wall Street and Central Banks. As fragile and interconnected as things are, one spark can set off the powder keg.

Many of these predictions might seem like wishful thinking, but to admit that we are powerless to affect change is only to embrace our own destruction. We have enough evidence of that already. And to ignore our victories, no matter how small, is to consign ourselves to fear, defeatism and worthlessness.

We would do well to identify positive developments and trends, shifting our focus to the areas we can improve upon, while having the courage to ignore the increasingly irrelevant concept of power coming only from the top. The elite mindset and the top-down philosophy will never disappear entirely, but it is up to us to build something better and render that outdated form of control powerless.

We would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your support and dedication in 2013. Please feel free to leave your own predictions and solutions for 2014 in the Comments.

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Anonymous said...

Well thought out. Also, the over all flavor of the piece is optimistic, which is welcome as an alternative to the usual less than cheery articles posted here.

The following observations are not meant to be contrary. I considered letting them slide since the piece is designed to uplift and create hope and positive feelings, which it does very well. However, being the stick in the mud that I am at times, I felt incumbent to add my two cents.

Bit coin- crypto-currencies are (in my opinion only, and not a popular one at that) fragile for a few different reasons.

1. They are intrinsically tied to the internet. No net-no currency. I would compare
digital currencies to a house being built by a man, at great effort, upon land belonging to another man who is the malevolent land holder. The person who built the house so lovingly is at constant risk from the landlord declaring to the man to remove his house from the land upon which it rests. In #9, ..."a full scale take over by the military of the internet". The military already has full scale control, so this statement seems misleading to me. Not misdirection....I just think the onion is not peeled deeply enough to expose the vastness of the control grid.

2. Bit-coin is assigned valuation based upon the fiat dollar system. If Bit-coin is truly independent, then any valuation must be independent of the dollar or CB currency models. If, as posited, Bit-coin can step in as the new currency after the fiat dollar system collapses, what will be the basis for its value then?

3. Ultimately, Bit-coin is a phantom currency. While it can be traded for goods and services (tangible assets), these 'coins' (itself a misnomer of the highest order, for they are anything but coins) really exist as nothing more than pixels upon a computer screen. Scenario- The economic collapse has occurred. A man, wealthy pre-collapse due to his holdings of Bit-coins, requires insulin for his diabetic wife or she will die. It is very difficult to come by. In line at a pharmacy, he stand with a man jingling gold coins in his pocket. this man goes in and comes out with a bag of medicine and hurries home to his sick loved one. the bit-coin steps up to the pharmacist. "I'll give you two millions (dollars?) worth of bit-coins for one weeks supply of insulin", says the man, producing documents of proof he owns them. The pharmacist looks at them and says, "What can I do with these? Can I trade them for something I need? Can I take them home to feed my children? Phaa! Next!"

Anonymous said...

4. Elites have their sticky fingers in everything that creates wealth. It's what they do. If bit-coin is promoted as an alternative to fiat money, and said 'wealth' exists only in cyber-space, this would seem to play into a NWO theme of control. A person can be 'turned off', instantly pauperized with a few commands on a keyboard. Anti-government thoughts? Wipe 'em out! Not paying your taxes? Withdraw/seize owed funds. On an on to any number of scenarios. Make no mistake- the elites have absolute control and bit-coin isn't some upstart rebel manifestation by which the elites have been caught with their pants down. In keeping with The Protocols, Machiavelli and The Art of War, this whole thing smells of deception and manipulation....classic warfare from them....feign abhorrence, then people flock to it. Promote it as an alternative to the CB fiat monies, then once program is realized in full, exercise the control of it they have all along but have kept close to their vest. Besides, we all know CB fiat is a dying system, especially so now that Alt. media has exposed the scam to the world like never before. If you had a garden, and the water source was dwindling, would you not begin searching for a new source of water?

I agree with just about everything else pointed out, with a few nit picky observations so trivial they bear not the time to write them out. On bit-coins, however, I just wanted to lend my thoughts to what I feel is a dangerous program. And that's what it is actually; a program...a computer program. Not real wealth, tangible assets....just zeros and ones.

Thanks again for outlining your assessment of 2014. I found it valuable and instructive.

Activist said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to offer your thoughts. We really appreciate readers who are so engaged with the information. Our minds remain open, so thank you for providing food for thought. All the best in 2014...

Anonymous said...

Osambocare is going to be front and center in 2014, they will lie, cheat, distort, scratch and claw to keep that idiot Bill from collapsing.

But then again that's just what they did to get it passed.

Like the whole Globalization fiasco, we're just along for the ride because all the half-wit, low-info will play along.

Anonymous said...

very good article, not usual 'everything will collapse, is your bunker ready' nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It is a hard path humanity is on right now. We are being impacted by those non-humane beings who are doing all they can to accelerate their plans for complete domination and control of the earth human population and the resources of the earth.

They only have a short time now to enslave us all, >>> BUT humanity is also accelerating our awakening and realizing our free will.

We, humanity, must not allow ourselves to be distracted by their plans to ensnare us in their web of fear, doubt, insecurity, hate, confusion, distraction, entertainment, greed, domination, manipulation, lies, control, complexity, mind control, and the suppression of our consciousness, so that we become a completely unconscious species of human slave robots.

They are now tempting humanity with trans-humanism as they work to insert "smart" technology into our homes. work, heads, bodies and spirits. Cell / smart phones, TV, movies, computers etc are being used to draw humanity into being more and more robotic, none human and dead to our spirit.

Just look at the media focus on how humans can implant technology in our bodies and how "cool" and powerful it is. Movies are pushing this belief to our children.

They say that We can become super people but they don't tell you that you also will become less and less human, more and more robot controlled by these elite non-humane beings. We will also loose, as we devolve in to human robots, the potential of expanding our consciousness out into the multi-universe which is our destiny; think of the Buddha or the Christ Consciousness we all can achieve. We don't need trans-humanism to evolve in consciousness.

Our task NOW is to ignore, as much as possible, all the fear crap they are transmitting at us 24/7 and stand in our highest spiritual self. We have the power, and that is the last thing "they" want us to realize. We are co-creating divine beings that can walk through the illusions projected at us.

Don't give in to the illusion, that seems so real. It is a lie and a trick to keep us in enslavement to their system of domination and control.

We don't have to accept their control. We have free will and we must demonstrate that through our daily conscious free will actions.

Do you follow the way of the projected illusions of those non-humane "elite" beings. Act now and demonstare your free will and inner truth?

It is up to each one of us. There is no super being who is going to save us. If you wait you will be consumed by the illusions.

Do whatever you can, whatever your soul inspires you to do and act with your free will now, where you are, with who are are with, and realize you have all that you need within you to break the chains of control and enslavement.

Don't allow your monkey-mind to blind from your own truth. Allow your heart to show the way ahead. Clean your consciousness of all the crap that has been covering us and stopping you from being who you really are.

Good luck sisters and brothers, and remember we make our own luck. May 2014 be our human liberation from this global enslavement. A better world awaits all who actually want to change their life and energy.

Don't fall for all the tricks of their game. Stand in your Power, Truth and Love.

Hide Behind said...

Nice optimistic ...? ....outlook, and a hell of a nice parade.
Do believe that it will be a very good year for alternative media, 7 and to varying degrees profitable ; but almost all "alternative news sites" have no value outside of collecting sponsorship or self promotions, as their content is unrelliable, complete flotsam upon an internet sea of trash.
It is dangerous today to have facts; without your own sites to release them they do not see light of day, and you cannot rebuild as fast as they tear down; no way as even your I P has becomes your warden.
The world of cyber is all commercial or ego, Spirituality is not that far from intelligensia coffee clache. A dose of religion on the cheap and easy that is allso a good medium to collect sponsors; Plus data is bucks and pay for people to spy and prey always present.

Activist Post said...

Great comments everyone. Hide Behind: You may be right about the alt media, but the free market will bear that out. Don't you think? Nobody is forcing anyone onto certain websites or forcing them to support sponsors. It's all voluntary action by information consumers/warriors. Quality, authenticity, and accuracy will be determined by the audience, not the "news makers". It's too easy to fact check things these days.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the information this site has to offer and hope that next year in fact does open the door for more alternative media for the better of keeping citizens aware of the sickness that is being pushed on citizens around the globe. I have been reading for the past year on the TPA, TTP, and TTIP and came across this link that has a lot of good info that compares these disturbing agreements being negotiated and the so called successful implementation of the European Union.


After reading the link above it is somewhat appeasing to realize that the 28 member states of the EU didn't all go willingly without callous pressures which gives reason to believe that this will not last long as instability heightens. I hope that people will see for themselves that the people under rule by the EU have lost all of their rights to unappointed leaders who were not voted in by the people. When has this ever worked? Why would this work for us? and most of all, why would we allow this to happen to us. There are 300,000,000 americans and I hope like hell that we can stop this.

Thank you for all of the information you post on this site. I agree about the optimism going into 2014 and truly believe that sources such as activistpost has done justice in demanding people be aware and has done some damage in waking people up. As depressing as some articles may be, it's an eye opener.

Cheers to exposing all of the sickos and psychos in 2013 to pave the way for a better year in 2014.

THX1138 said...

Please be advised there is no such thing as "absolute power" and that the perception of power is what has been effective. Once people find out how weak these Yiddiots really are, their "power" evaporates completely. When I was five years old, I laid a stick across a ten year old bully's left ear. I never was bothered by him again. I bet Bruce remembers that event to this very day.

Jim Yost said...

Every time I read stuff like this I'm reminded of Yogi Berra's famous quote: "It's tough making predictions, especially about the future."

Anonymous said...

Great list, love the optimism and elegant clarity! One important mention is in the geopolitical arena (touched on by Anonymous 12:27 PM) of the expanding globalist paradigm of regional governments. Besides the trade agreements, very recent announcements on this front include a gulf states union spearheaded by Saudi Arabia (KSA) and an eastern bloc union led by Russia (for 2015).

The Saudi situation is the most fascinating and is changing rapidly. Several developments fall in line with major globalist objectives of (1) forming the nucleus of a middle east regional government, and (2) liberalizing its culture with women's rights, the rapid adoption of western style television programs, and public access to the internet. Also interesting is the fact that European newspapers have been reporting massive deportations of immigrant workers in KSA, one million in a very short time span and another million in the works, this in a country of 30 million which initially included 8 million expats. The reason given is the goal of getting unemployed Saudis to do work they wouldn't otherwise consider doing in the plan for "Saudization" of the country. Does this signal economic contraction in KSA or is it the beginning of austerity for the Saudi public in an eventual move towards a rationed economy? Finally, there is the odd convergence of negative mainstream media reporting on Saudi Arabia, a loyal globalist minion now said to be acting the spurned US ally and "threatening" to stop selling oil for dollars - as though they had the power to make that decision. The negative reporting includes being sponsors of terrorism, an arrangement with Pakistan to access nukes, going rogue with Israel, behind the 9/11 terror attacks, etc. It is all very strange and also important given the survival of the US economy is heavily dependent on the role of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. How will the elites use the developing middle east union to change the status of the "petrodollar" and is that the set-up?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:26 AM. Beautifully said and thank you! You seem to be channeling the wise and inspiring Zen Gardener or maybe even be the Zen Gardener.

Anonymous said...

So many deceptions. So many lies. So many illusions and falsehoods. So many attempts to disengage humanity from awakening.

Yet humanity struggles forward and out from under the fabric of created falsehoods.

Something new is being birthed within humanity now that is greater than anything we have ever seen before.

We have resisted the dark illusions and have worked to allow our inner truth to come forward. We are experiencing an exciting and deeper new knowingness as we expand our consciousness through our experiences.

We are empowering ourselves and are hearing the call of those who want us to achieve our destiny and help us.

We need to attune to the loving heart consciousness that we all have and realize our power and are free will to achieve a beautiful and enlightened future for all humanity.

We do have friends who are awaiting for us to demonstrate our self awareness and self action as we overcome the powers of enslavement. Once we show our free will actions to remove the chains we can expect others to join us in our quest for freedom.

Let 2014 be the year humanity said NO to domination and control and YES to our liberation. Together we will tip the scales for our freedom.

dale said...

...lost me with the death panels lie. We have had death panels, in the form of for profit healthcare insurance, which make more profit by denying coverage. This far right lie deserves to be retired. In the 30 other advanced nations with single payer systems, they live longer! Fewer children die! It costs half as much as in the US.

Healthcare is a basic and universal human right; human rights are not for sale. Work to promote non-profit systems, as Vermont had done (will start up in 3 yrs).

Anonymous said...

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we are existing in a Fabricated RE-SPELL-[ed] MA-ke beLIEve Glo-Ba'al World per-haps you may seek Judicial Relief from the Judas-sHA-EL demon god men in the Kult of the Black Robed AR-cAH-ANs in their 6 Point Star BAR cHAmber of:
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Pray for The ONE DEVINE CREATOR'S intercession. Please

Anonymous said...

Well done Anonymous 10.26! Next might be an exposure of the numbered SWISS BANK A/Cts, therein would lie an impressive list of billionaires no doubt.More power to "OUR" WHISTLE BLOWERS!! Archie.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the social engineering junkies are thinking about all the above and specially the confused state of mind of the Bit Coin believers? Today's hard working intellect and a realized good person could be tomorrow's elite after achieving financial success and embarking on more lucrative projects leading to socializing and doing business with the ones before him who already made billions. So when does one of us bloggers (assuming most of us are not millionaires) switch sides and join the "elite club"? At what stage of our financial and business life we all become more or less kind of an elite for we have for more resources than the rest of us (bloggers)? I think its pondering upon this reality. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

You are all fucking nuts

Anonymous said...

Crypto currencies will become more prevalent despite some minor problems. People are tired of not having any money as most of it that has been created by the central banks have gone to the too big too fails. I see cryptos as the average every day man's currencies as they have no central bank control and no fees. There will be a shake out as some of the cryptos are not going to be accepted by most people. Those that survive will flourish and make some a lot of money.

The economy could very well be the main story of 2014. Cryptos will be part of that story as an alternative to the fiat currencies that are doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the above information. It left out one thing us oldies believe will happen in the next year or so. Those who control the world right now won't go out quietly. They have set up plans to get rid of those who oppose their plans. We will see mass outbreaks where many will be put in prison camps and many more will die. We have been weakened by GMO's and toxic Chem Trails. We take our medicine from big Pharma without worry. We are sick and weak and they know it. Thank you for letting and oldie tell it as I see it.

Anonymous said...


1 Americans will become more dumb.
2 Americans will embrace their abusers
3 Americans will consent to incarceration. ( For their own protection)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Activist Post for being the most reliable news source on the internet.

Interesting article and many great responses but what you are missing, IMHO, are the biggest issues.

Fukashima has decimated most life in the Pacific ocean and that story is FAR from over. Life on Earth without life in the oceans? Not FUKin' likely! It was insane to use nuclear power in the first place and look what 'they' have done. Nuked most of the world. How will we live through this?

Then there are chemtrails further destroying the environment and all of nature and most of the sheep are too drugged, hypnotized or just too stupid to look up and see the death dumps. If 'they' can spray our skies with deadly chemicals for close to 2 decades and the majority see nothing and many of the ones that do see, don't do one damn thing to wake up the masses....if 'they' can spray us like bugs, in plain sight, what else can 'they' do?

We are being poisoned. Our air, our food and our water is POISON.....and that is the plan. Make us sick and tired; unable to fight or even think for ourselves and 'they' profit from it all. Above all, 'they' profit from EVERYTHING.

The US$ ponzi scheme has to finally collapse and what is there to replace it? Either a global currency or local currency/barter systems. It will be chaotic to say the least. People are going to be hungry and likely so much worse.

ALL people living in cities are dependents and helpless. They are dependant for their food, water and shelter. They are dependent on a system that has been set up to fail.....when that time is chosen. What do city dwellers actually produce? It boils down to just one product. Money. Fiat (fake) currency. Bitcoin is not the only virtual currency. All paper money is virtual. Have these city sheeple every really provided for themselves? When did they grow their own food, drink from a spring, make their clothing, build a house? Never.

Militarized police that have been chosen for being too dumb to think for themselves and not afraid to be brutal (trained psychopaths?) and some have even sworn to not shy away from killing their own people. Hundreds of FEMA camps and 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and the list goes on, and on....all just going to waste? I doubt that VERY much! There has to be civil unrest to overturn this dictatorship. The alternative to leave them in power is unthinkable.

How can anyone who loves their children idly sit by and allow them to be systematically destroyed. Mind, body and spirit decimated.
We are no longer just sheep being herded, most humans are lemmings. Follow the your own demise.


Jon David Miller said...

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Anonymous said...

2014 very well could mark the critical battle between the dinosaur system of the feudal elite milking the "commoners", and the evolution of a new open-source, peer-to-peer model of prosperity that trusts the power of individual creativity, reputation, and planet-wide cooperation toward solutions that begin from the "bottom up".
As long as we continue thinking and acting in ways promoting the old iniquitous structure of society (bottom up, top to down, and so on) we will never be free. So please AP editorial board - change before you will be changed!

keyman101 said...

You are to be lauded for finding the little victories that have been achieved, albeit victories for the global community - not necessarily the United States. 2013 saw the rise of Russian and Chinese influence in world affairs, and as much as I admire Putin, as a foe to American interests, he has surely taken advantage of our weak, inept, and unqualified President.

Will we see this dark cloud, shown to George Washington during a time of prayer, move past us and America once again the shining beacon for all nations? That question can only be answered by the American people themselves. Will they become, once again, the best educated and informed nation on earth? It takes "want-to", and the vast majority are still believing that ignorance is bliss. Will they restore Constitutional money (gold and silver coin) and prosper once again with a substance-based economy? Only as a result of a monetary crisis and even then it would require an understanding of money itself which the majority clearly does not have. Instead, it is far more likely they will accept the solution of International Jewry since time began - more debt-based currency in whatever form.

As to the alternative media, as some have already mentioned, it has become the soapbox for the disaffected, and even if it is a ready source for much useful information as to how the world really works and who the bad guys really are, it remains largely the domain of it's early founders and financiers: again, International Jewry. I do not mean this as a slight to Torah-reading, synagogue attendees but essentially Zionism as brilliantly described by David Icke.

I wish you well and I do enjoy reading your articles, but the end game is still a ways off. We must return to a condition of slavery before we cry out for a Redeemer.

Anonymous said...

Good bye 2013 and Hello 2014...much better numbers...

Anonymous said...

This is why I visit this site every day. Intelligent articles and intelligent responses far outweigh those that are not.

Accepting Bitcoin as a virtual currency should be easy, because Fiat currency, unless backed by gold, is itself a virtual currency. Any fears of Governments being able to wipe out Bitcoin accounts applies more so to fiat currency balances in bank accounts. They can be siezed by authorities, and in devaluations, balances have been reduced by one third or one half value at will...overnight. (just ask anyone in Argentina). Is Bitcoin better in this scenario? Yes. Criminals homes have been raided and authorities have so far been unable to seize their Bitcoin balances. This augers well for the non criminals amongst us.

AtM's can be, and have been, shut down at will . They do not operate in the absence of electricity. No electricity today means no banking and no atm, cash card purchasing, and no internet for most users.... many of us have witnessed this personally.

I will even go further and state that in electrical outages cash purchases are also stopped, and shops close during electrical outages and the staff go home, because retailers wont/can't operate without their electronic cash registers and automatic stock re-order programs that are tied to them, plus without backup power, the fridges dont work, petrol pumps dont pump and lack of lighting raises security issues.

Would Bitcoin work better than Fiat in an electrical outage? Probably not.. Not even cash or precious metals work in this scenario with the majority of businesses. Only barter, cash and pm's traded amongst individuals is possible. Bitcoin trading would only be possible if the internet was available during the electrical outage.

This response is not an advertisement for Bitcoin. I am not all that enthusiastic about Bitcoin. What Bitcoin does is highlight the many misconceptions out there about the so-called benefits of fiat currency. If the concept of Bitcoin helps to make people understand that Fiat currency is also electronic and literally nothing more than a belief with a perceived value, then it will have been worthwhile.

Activist Post said...

Great points on Bitcoin. It's sort of like Ron Paul's campaigns, he wasn't likely to become president or change anything if he did. However, his campaign served to educate millions. Bitcoin is doing the same thing. However, we believe that because bitcoin has a powerful network and massive and fast-growing support infrastructure, it definitely has reasonable potential to succeed.

margi bingley said...

Constant Coriuim Contamination is the big issue. Geiger counter detections of HIGH DANGEROUS levels of radiation on San Francisco beaches at high tide shore level will spread to Ecuador and East Coast of Australia. Caloundra, Queensland already showed radiation contamination. Alaskan air crew illness will spread to other airline staff. Remember December. 24 flights cancelled and San Francisco beaches contaminated. The kids with cancer statistics will go higher and higher. Do not let kids play in the beach sand without taking a geiger counter reading first.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the supression of the Snowden leaks. I was warned by my employer (US Federal Gov't) that reading any articles on Snowden on either my work computer or my home computer was considered unauthorized access to classified material punishable by loss of job, fines, and jail time. Needless to say, that didn't stop me. Snowden has blown the lid off, and I thank him for that.

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