Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: How the Public Was Duped into Socialism (But Got Totalitarianism)

A story of Obamacare, Fabian Socialism, 1984 and the incremental hijacking of our lives.

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, may be a functional nightmare, PR blunder and a deeply divisive issue, but it represents a momentous power grab for the rise of Socialism in America – which though once a haunting specter, has gradually become a reality.

Individuals in the United States have less power over their own lives than ever before – as millions of Americans are losing their coverage, and all who refuse to join the system face mounting fines and penalties. Senator Harry Reid, for one, admitted that the current health care law was moving the country towards a single payer system managed by the federal government.

The attempt to fully nationalize health care has been rightly criticized as a “Fabian” move on the part of President Obama and his cohorts. The term evokes Fabian Socialism, the influential group behind the British Labour Party and the London School of Economics who wielded the power of some the 20th Century’s most famous authors to sell not only a socialist-collectivist system, but one run on behalf of the oligarchical elite and managed by technological experts.

Few Realize Orwell’s True Warning

Founded in 1884, the Fabian Society boasted such writers (propagandists) as H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw, Jack London, Virginia Woolf, Annie Besant and plenty of influential and wealthy ideologues.

George Orwell, a co-mingling socialist who became disaffected with the aims and methods of the Fabians, whose real name was Eric Blair, exposed much of this in his infamous 1984curiously placed a full century after the founding of the incremental Fabians began in 1884. Among the many clues left in his most powerful novel is “INGSOC” a newspeak abbreviation for the ruling party who practiced English Socialism.

Aldous Huxley, descending from the prominent family behind Eugenics and also a Fabian Socialist, publicly critiquing 1984 (published in 1948), which he saw as a sort of counter-thesis to his Brave New World (published in 1932). A life-long tutor and mentor to George Orwell, Huxley addressed some of this in Brave New World Revisited (published in 1958).

Oligarchical Collectivism, Masked as Socialism for the Masses

Orwell spotlighted a tyranny that would progress from and ‘improve’ upon the socialist systems of the Soviets and Nazis by admitting to themselves that their ultimate goal was power.

Behind the promises of socialism as a revolutionary power of betterment was a simple theory of power through deception – The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the title Orwell gave to the banned book by public enemy and once-founder of the Big Brother system, Emmanuel Goldstein.

The Fabian Socialists had indeed committed to a gradual takeover by any means necessary, preferring the use of gradualism and deception, and taking for its two logos a turtle (carrying the slogan: When I strike, I strike hard) and that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Open Conspiracy: Rule by Technocrats and Bankers

The false promise of a Utopian New World Order delivered at the hands of a Technocracy was often presented by futurist H.G. Wells. The vision instills lulling reassurance that science and technology have empowered the experts to make wise decisions, and lovingly rule over us while bestowing gifts of fanciful gadgetry to entertain and wow us.

Famous for his science fiction works like War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Invisible Man, Wells wrote numerous important and revealing non-fiction works as well, including A Modern Utopia, The Shape of Things to Come and The Open Conspiracy.

The latter work described, in essence, how the Fabians – and groups of a similar mind – could simply bypass the existing mechanisms of government, as well as the will of the people, and implement their agenda gradually through the influence of its fellow travelers, many of whom were prominent bankers, industrialists and politicians.

“The Open Conspiracy will appear first, I believe, as a conscious organization of intelligent, and in some cases wealthy men, as a movement having distinct social and political aims, confessedly ignoring most of the existing apparatus of political control, or using it only as an incidental implement in the stages, a mere movement of a number of people in a certain direction, who will presently discover, with a sort of surprise, the common object toward which they are all moving. In all sorts of ways, they will be influencing and controlling the ostensible government,” Wells said.

Wells advocated an “outspoken Secret Society … an informal and open freemasonry,” the kind that has indeed come to power (and taken power from our guaranteed rights, et al.) through vessels like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and several very influential foundations including the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and more recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today, these largely hidden entities wield the true power in the invisible government, while the masses are sold a bill of goods under the idea that a big enough government might be beneficial enough to provide for everyone, and thereby instill some sort of greater good. Obamacare and other installations of socialism have carried on that promise.

But no government power – however bureaucratic – ever seeks power only to give it up. It will, ultimately, only demand more power over our lives, whatever the cost.

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Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of, where this first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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Anonymous said...

Get real, eliminating the greedy private health insurance vultures from the equation is really what is needed.
If you quit collecting money from the insurance lobby, your head would clear enough to see this is the correct path.
Single payor Medicare for all would be fair equitable and inexpensive, and control the cost of healthcare to that which Eurpopeans already enjoy, 10% of GDP instead of 20%.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. The greedy private health insurance companies partnered with the Obama regime to write the ACA.
They are the ones who will make trillions off of this unconstitutional law. Give me this address so I can send you a magic marker. You can write "idiot" on your forehead....

Anonymous said...

Insurance is not the problem, it is only a tool to gain more control over your life. The real cost pf health care is only a fraction of total between lawyers, gov mandates and greedy pharma. Follow the money trail

Lincoln Chase said...

The question is not Capitalism, Socialism, or any ism. The heart of the matter is the corruption thereof. The American people are being inflicted by the corruption of both Capitalism and Socialism simultaneously. The outcome is totalitarianism. As long as the American people do not violently revolt, successfully, they will constantly be inflicted with increasing totalitarnism.

Anonymous said...

Welcome UN Agenda 21.

dale said...

Pure propaganda: the ACA is based on the rightwing market solution to expanding coverage, promoted by Gingrich and Romney.

It directs over 30 million new customers to private insurers; it is not socialism, which is what the UK has (or the VA is), with single payer/govt healthcare; it is neither single payer nor govt healthcare. It is not socialism but fascism, which Mussolini defined as "the merging of the interests of the state and the corporations."

This plan makes tens of millions of new customers for the private companies.
It is the plan that was designed to benefit the corporations that siphon off 500 billion a year in overhead (12 Million salaries, private jets, hundreds of millions in stock options, etc), compared to Medicare or Medicaid which has 80% less overhead cost.

This is a right wing market solution, nothing close to socialism.

Socialism, which is a form of expanded democracy, would be socialized medicine, which is rare (the UK, but few of the other advanced nations).

The Founding FAthers, in Congress, in 1795 passed a bill which made it mandatory for individuals (who worked in the maritime trades) to pay a tax to fund government doctors and hospitals There was not one dissenting vote, so apparently, 100% of the Founding Fathers were socialists (in the UK sense).

Anonymous said...

More accurately perhaps "TechnoCrazy" from the Tavistokian Institute of the Frankfurt school and Offshoot / spin Off of Madame Helena Blavatsky founder of The Theo SophicAH-EL Society [ Theos = god Sophistry = pseudo or Falsity]? Pray

Lincoln Chase said...

It seems to be the corruption of whatever ism or combination of isms involved are. Thats why labels can be misleading.

Anonymous said...

I left my country of France 40 years ago for the USA . During my immigration documents process in Paris, I was asked of any affiliation to communism or socialism. Of course, a simple "no" was not good enough for me but also did explain why. I got my visa after only a couple of weeks and "Go west young man" I did !! I have always love this wonderful country that made me very successful in my enterprises and respected unlike in France. Today, I am feeling very sad to see the USA loosing its dignity with its own citizens but all over the world. Even the "resilience" of the good old USA seems to be a thing of the past.
Please, Dear honest and good people , do not let this government destroy the benefits of all your sacrifices . You do not deserve that and you must fight back quickly before it´s too late. Bless you all .

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on ! Agenda 21 is being implemented more quickly than most can realize-- As a matter of pure fact most dont realize what agenda 21 is -------

DaveR said...

the power-seekers (Obama, bankers, Congress, military-Industrial complex, and all the parts of crony capitalism) already have control of our monetary system via the Fed., and education industry (K to PhD). The next step is Obamacare. Then another, until they have acjhieved Totalitarianism.

See my site, and my books on Comments

Regards Dave Redick

Anonymous said...

Socialism for the rich! The Affortable Health Care Act was not passed to reward people for not working, it was passed to subsidize the insurance and health care industry payed for by the taxpayers.

You can put as many isms on it as you wan't. The definition is, it is an international conspiratorial drive for power, on the part of the men in high places, willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim, global conquest.

Welcome to the NWO!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with one of you named “Anonymous” , on insurance is the answer to low cost health care….. My first issue is how we consumers interact with health insurance. When you remove the consumer from knowing exactly what something costs, prices always go up (law of economics). We generally have no idea how much that doctors visit, or the procedures cost. There virtually is no shopping for the best price like there is any other consumer good, or service. When you remove the consumer from the equation costs will rise (health care stat’s show this to be true).

As an example if there was insurance coverage for food, you probably would never see the true cost of goods. Your premiums, your deductible and co-pay’s for food would go up and/or you would be hit with a limitation on access. The insurance company would merely pass any increases in cost onto you, the consumer each year and costs would steadily rise and/or they would put limitations on the food providers.

Instead of the monstrosity called obamacare, which is what I say is our problem (insurance), we, we should look at health care savings accounts; combine this with a catastrophic care plan. If you look at the history of "health care" plans, that's what insurance companies initially only offered. It wasn't until congress got involved where they started mandating doctors’ visits should be covered, then HMO plans were started by congressional action and the rest is history. I contend we should shop for health care just like we do a car, our groceries, or our clothes we wear. This way you can get the best quality, for the right price.

If you look at how the Insurance industry operates whether it’s private, or public, it is just one giant Ponzi scheme. You pay a middle man some money every month (insurance company), and they pay a doctor a monthly annuity every month and that forces you to beg for health care and pay deductibles and co-pay’s. The insurance company remains profitable and you and I pay the price. When government entered the disaster insurance business (floods, tornado's, etc) they put the private insurance plans out of business. Having them enter the health insurance vertical will do the same here. Only government can offer something at a loss because it is YOU AND ME, HARD WORKING, TAX PAYING RESPONSIBLE AMERICANS--JUST LIKE YOU AND ME THAT ALWAYS GET STRAPPED WITH THE BILL.

I contend "insurance" as defined in obamacare, IS the problem and if it is, then why should we keep adding to it....?

Anonymous said...

Why are some people so determined to categorize a policy as "left" or right?" As if something that can be categorized as being on the "left" is somehow better? Or as if they've really done something amazing, if they can show that some policy implemented by the Founding Fathers in the eighteenth century was "leftist?" George Washington went around with troops after the revolution collecting funds at gunpoint? Was that "Maoist," "leftist," or "rightist?" WHO CARES? For the man in the street, health care control by a cabal of insurance industry weasels (who are probably being played, and will be dispensed with once their usefulness to the shadow regime has expired) versus control by a group of faggy leftists would not feel very different! In fact, it will feel exactly the same. In either case, the man in the street will have lost power to navigate life himself (self-determination), and will be forced to accept the terms offered to him by force (the regime). Left, right, up, down, it makes no difference. Free your mind! The marketing labels are deceptive, but totalitarianism, in any form, is simply totalitarianism. What is different is the degree to which it can be imposed. This is a fascinating topic, given the technological tools now available to the regime, and those tools, which will be available in the near future.

brad said...

We have the worst medical system in the industrialized nations AND spend more ON that, than the next ten largest health spendeing nations in the world combined. That is pretty bad.

How can any form of insurance coverage fix a broken system? At best, it is going to expose more people to the damages of the system - which outweigh the benefits of that system. So much of the allopathic "standard care" is damaging.

Secondly, the fed govt has no legal authority to dictate how you spend your income, other than LEGAL taxation - approved by congress and ONLY for issues the Constitution grants federal authority over.

That does not include income control OR health choices, what you choose to grow, which health modality you practice, your religion, and so much more. Most of what the feds do is totally illegal.

The pretense of this insurance being taxation is obviously fraudulent and the Supreme Court Moronjority should be taken to their back room and bitch-slapped. NO BUSINESS can levy a tax, and that they should pretend so proves they are not trustworthy, and antithetical to the interests of we the people.

Cal said...

It is very easy to tell who has NEVER read Obamacare, yet comment as if they know what it does.

It has little to do with health care, and a LOT to do with putting all power into the executive branch (dictatorship), not that it is lawful in any way.

For healthcare it decimates private insurance, decreases medical assistance, DOES have "death panels" who will decide if you deserve medical treatment or medicines, etc. It is very little about making everyones health better and all about "depopulation".

Rfid chips have been required by Obamacare, and taken out (Thank You Ron Paul as you DID read it), and wait for it .... PUT BACK IN AGAIN.

It is another manifestation of UN's Agenda 21. Before you call me a "kook" or worse, I HAVE read it 3 times. Why 3 times, because there is a lot of information and they keep changing things within it unlawfully. So I can always tell who has read it or not.

As far as policies being classified as left or right - they are the SAME except for extremely minor differences. All policies that destroy the USA and our legitimate government are continued no matter which party gets in. This is because we allow them to choose OUR candidates for us, and use machiine voting, and foreign vote counts.

Lincoln Chase said...

Right On! Tyranny is tyranny. It's totalitarianism-period. It has boiled down to this-If we the people don't get busy with every means necessary to overthrow this government we will be killed, incarcerated, and/or living under constantly increasing totalitarianism!!!

Lincoln Chase said...

It is designed that way by the folks that the American people have allowed to take over their government.

Unknown said...

Lincoln Chase - you are spot on, The US and UK public are in this position, we are the proles of 1984, we do as we are told for fear of what will occur. Brave New World is our world, we have allowed it to take us over. The utopia we sought is our ending.

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