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Pole Shift: It Has Started…

Chris Carrington
Activist Post

There are two types of pole shift. The terrestrial kind is where the land masses actually move from their current positions to new ones sometimes thousands of kilometers away. Then there’s magnetic pole shift, a flip in the Earth’s magnetic field where the north and south poles exchange places.

Adam Maloof, associate professor of geosciences at Princeton University has believed in terrestrial pole shift since his student days. Years of research has not fully proven that terrestrial pole shift does occur at all, but his research has shown there is no possible way it could happen the way he envisioned it would.

Maloof aired his theory on a National Geographic television program in 2009. The geological evidence discovered during the show found rocks in Australia that were ‘born’ thousands of miles away, and Maloof saw this as evidence of violent upheaval.

The rocks had the ‘wrong’ polarity for their situation. As a geologist he knew that rocks maintain their original polarity from the time they are pushed up from the bowels of the earth until they crumble away to dust millions of years later. Finding rocks that originated thousands of miles north on an island in the southern hemisphere offered further proof to him that his theories were correct.

Closer inspection presented him with a major problem though.

There was no evidence of any violent upheaval, none, nothing at all to explain how the rocks had arrived in their current location. The pattern was repeated at other sites around the globe. He and his team turned up dozens of examples of rocks that just shouldn’t be where they were finding them. Rocks that originated near the north pole were marooned in Australia and formations that were known for sure to have started their lives in the southern hemisphere were now located thousands of miles to the north.

Maloof immediately concluded that a terrestrial pole shift couldn’t have happened …but that didn’t explain the out-of-place rocks.

After thinking about the issue for some time he hypothesized that terrestrial pole shift could occur after all, but on a scale so slow that we can’t feel it happening. You can hear his explanation on Listen To The story: Talk Of The Nation.

Many scientists do not follow his theory, preferring to believe that the rocks with opposing polarity just came up from the Earth’s interior when the magnetic poles were in their opposite position, or that they arrived where they are due to continental drift.

Magnetic pole shift is a different thing entirely. The Earth’s crust stays in place, there is no movement of rocks or anything else on the surface of the earth. What changes is the Earth’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field around the Earth is generated by the movement of molten iron in the outer core. When working properly it protects us from particle storms, cosmic rays, UV type B radiation and subatomic particles flying in from deep space. Without it the ozone layer would be eroded, and we would be exposed to almost everything the universe has to throw at us.

Every few hundred thousand years the force of the magnetic field reduces until it is almost not there at all, and at this point the magnetic poles flip over, the poles exchange places. The geological record tells us that there have been many such reversals. The last one is thought to have happened about 780,000 years ago.

Our magnetic field has been weakening for 150 years now, but the weakening is not uniform. Professor Elgil Friis-Christensen former director of Denmark’s National Space Institute told the BBC:
We talk about the weakening of the global field but in some local areas, such as in the South Atlantic, the field has gone down 10% in just the last 20 years. But we do not know whether we will go into a reversal or whether the global field will recover.
Pole shift is not synchronized; for a while we may have two, or more south poles, or north poles, as the field adjusts and settles into its new position. It’s a total unknown as to how long the planet would not have the shielding effects of the field.

No one has yet even guesstimated how long it takes to complete the reversal and for the field to return to normal operating levels.

The magnetic North Pole has been on the move for some time, moving from northern Canada towards Russia at a rate of 25-40 miles a year. The speed of movement has increased during the last decade. This increase coincides with the increase in the weakening of the field.

In an attempt to find out exactly what’s going on with the magnetic field The European Space Agency (Esa) launched three satellites on the back of a Rocot vehicle from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 12.02 GMT today.

The mission, called SWARM will monitor the field for between four and five years and hopefully gather enough data for the scientists to see clearly the state of the magnetic field.(source)

A magnetic pole reversal is going to present major problems.

Compasses will be pointing in the wrong direction and GPS satellites will quite literally not be able to work out up from down as they are programmed for our current polarity.

As humans were not around during the last reversal, the effect on animal life and climate is unknown. Will birds instinctively know that they should fly north for the winter…or do they still fly south? Bees, bats and even mass migrations will most likely be affected.

Will the climate flip at the same time as the poles? Or does that come later? There are so many answers that need to be found and scientists may not have that long to find them.

Magnetic pole shift is a complicated dynamic process. Although no land mass movement will occur we will still face a time of massive upheaval and uncertainty.

Our food supply is fragile at best, and massive environmental changes will be a challenge that needs to be overcome if we are to avoid a massive human die off.

Ozone, the filter that takes out most ultraviolet B radiation, the type most harmful to human and animals will be depleted without the magnetic field there to protect it. Skin cancers and severe sunburn will increase. Cateracts and blindness will rise exponentially as the ozone reduces.

One thing we do have the answer to already is that scientists, and most likely politicians as well, are worried. Cash strapped, austerity driven Europe would not be spending tens of millions of dollars putting three satellites into space if they weren’t.

This is a situation we can do nothing about. Governments around the world know it’s started, but once again they say nothing. They give no advice about preparing for the future.

The magnetic field has been diminishing for years, and as time moves on the speed of that reduction increases.

Magnetic field strength is directly related to ozone.

Holes in the ozone allow warming of the oceans in those regions to occur.

Warmer oceans regions allow more precipitation and larger hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons to form.

All this crap we hear about climate change, the explanations about why some areas are experiencing warm seas and rising sea levels; it’s not climate change, it’s the start of magnetic pole shift.

Governments cannot admit this because there’s nothing they can do about it. Instead, they sell global warming in a miserable attempt to mitigate some of the changes that are already happening.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. Wake the flock up!

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Anonymous said...

The ozone holes have nothing to do with the warming climate.

Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] The pole-shift is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense

Anonymous said...

Mammoths flash frozen in Siberia with the flora they were munching on when they died still in their mouths.

Anonymous said...

dude, wake up and smell the coffee----research Noah's Flood! Check out Dr. Walter Brown's book In the Beginning-----you've obviously been brainwashed by the communist lies in your communist govt. schools. Know the truth preach the truth! Go to or, get it real.

tuwun0 said...

I've seen a documentary on YT where a group of scientists under the project name 'Horizon Project' have investigating this. They are correlating evidence in regards to previous mass extinctions / global flooding / early civilzations that appeared to have been wiped out rather abruptly; their ruins now being in the sea. What their research suggests, is that there is compelling data to suggest these upheavals & disasters have coincided with cyclic magnetic pole shifts. They tend to think that the next pole next which is an inevitable occurrence, will produce similar major global upheavals, resulting in major world wide flooding, new or changed land masses, new ice caps and of course a major loss of all life.

Anonymous said...

For more reading, check out "The Adam and Eve Story, The History of Cataclysms" by Chan Thomas. Very thought provoking--includes inconvenient archeology and how magnetic pole reversal causes physical pole shift...

Hide Behind said...

A magnetic flip does not always mean the planet flips.
Here is an interesting tid bit, sun is also just about to do its normal magnetic shift.
Things are beginning to get exciting, might just turn out to be most interesting time to be alive during humans history..

William Burke said...

I'm reasonably certain the magnetic poles have never reversed in the history of the planet; therefore, it seems at least somewhat unlikely that they will now, or ever. We are about halfway into the planet's lifetime; out planet is in early middle age.

There is likely a much better explanation than pole reversal. And it is also unclear what a pole reversal would mean to humans, beyond the need for new compasses.

new illuminati said...

For new data on pole shifts see

Anonymous said...

Are we going to have to turn our maps upside down- or buy new maps already turned?
This could get expensive!

overit said...

W burke,
I suggest you look over at
Robert has charts showing the approx times of prior shifts recorded in rock etc.
bear in mind that the magnetic fields also affect our gravity, and keep spacerocks/debris away etc
lesser repelling could mean incoming and not just gamme rad etc.

Anonymous said...

With all the end time scenarios makes me question if generations before me. really just lived and died.. or were they extinct from the earth as well. dust in the wind...

christynine said...

This is easy... the ancient cultures used vibration through meditation, chanting and dancing to change the polarity of the rock and amplify it for levitation. There are witnesses and recorded evidence of this happening with monks in monasteries... standing in HUGE arcs and using large drums and horns strategically placed while chanting to move HUGE rocks. These are cited in Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, who has extensive sources listed.

Anonymous said...

The crustal pole shift Planet X will cause has NOT happened yet.

Discussing the magnetic poles shifting helps no one except the cover up of Nibiru/Planet X.

Cheryl Nelson: Shame on you for pushing another bogus article!

And Cheryl YOU will be proven wrong about Comet ISON too! Remember how you pushed and pushed and pushed Comet Elenin as being the cause of the earth changes that are now very obvious? What happened to Comet Elenin? Disintegrated.

Guess what? Comet ISON is already breaking up. Comet Elehin redux with so many claiming another NOTHING comet is the source of earth changes and signs in the sky when it is Nibiru/Planet X causing everything.

So prepare to look like the immature soul you are, Cheryl, for pushing another comet hoax on your tiny, few readers!

Cheryl Nelson wrong again!!!! And to think she claims to be an old soul Star Child. Wrong about that too. You are not even solidly Service to Other as your actions prove over and over again!

yoshazdream said...

Seems like some you you need to fresh up concerning Fluffy.We could all be toast soon.
6000C plasmas on the way.Mag field goes,...... whoops no protection at all.

yoshazdream said...

It is not Global warming but solar system warming caused by the dusty magnetic 6000 Celsius plasmas of Fluffy local interstellar cloud.Since the sun clearly demonstrates its field reversal why difficult for planet to have one ???. Reasoning folks......

Anonymous said...

"All this crap we hear about climate change, the explanations about why some areas are experiencing warm seas and rising sea levels; it’s not climate change, it’s the start of magnetic pole shift."

Carrington is a fool. This article is a red herring. Most of the commentators above are also fools. This website attracts LOTS of fools with no science knowledge or background. The credibility here is zero.

Sovereignty said...

73% of the earth's surface is only 1 year to 180 million years old (dated by US Navy Drill Cores). We have a growing earth and its growing at a fantastic rate nearly doubling its size in a geological blink of the eye. We have a plasma core not an iron core and new elements are continuously being created. The big bang is now the big bust and plate tectonics is also bad science. To see the four tiers of science go to:

Anonymous said...

You actually believe the planet it growing larger because the Navy dated the rocks on the surface as stated? If the core of the planet is plasma and not iron as you have said, why do we have a magnetic field at all?

Anonymous said...

If pole shift does not kill us Fukushima type nuclear meltdowns will. I would rather have quick death from pole shift over slow cancerous death from nukes.

Hide Behind said...

A magnetic pole shift of even a complete reversal should not kill you.
That is unless you continue to drive by instructions of pre PF GPS systems.

Seen2013 said...

"There are two types of pole shift. The terrestrial kind is where the land masses actually move from their current positions to new ones sometimes thousands of kilometers away. Then there’s magnetic pole shift, a flip in the Earth’s magnetic field where the north and south poles exchange places."

Terrestrial is where the planet flips, which is presently believed to only be possible in the event of a cataclysmic impact. Then, there's Geographical Pole shift where the landmass repositions in relation to northern/southern polarities varying on the magnetic effect. Then, there's magnetic pole shift that rocks possess evidence of occurring. The first two in earth sciences are largely considered hypothesis's not theories.

"The Earth’s crust stays in place, there is no movement of rocks or anything else on the surface of the earth."

The problem here is that some rocks are effected by magnetic effect, and then there's the factor that the polarities spin until it's hardened, which no one knows enough about convection to be sure such as scientists don't know if convection effects subduction or subduction effects convection.

"Holes in the ozone allow warming of the oceans in those regions to occur."

This allows more solar radiation to enter as well as Gamma rays.

William Burke said...
"I'm reasonably certain the magnetic poles have never reversed in the history of the planet; therefore, it seems at least somewhat unlikely that they will now, or ever."

There's evidence in rocks that magnetic pole shift occurs. Did you even know that they spin before being trapped in rocks?

"There is likely a much better explanation than pole reversal. And it is also unclear what a pole reversal would mean to humans, beyond the need for new compasses. "

This would be the crux of the issue. Inevitably, it also goes back to the differences within the scientific community of spontaneous and deadly events V gradual. There's always a rivalry it seems like.

Anonymous said...
"Are we going to have to turn our maps upside down- or buy new maps already turned?"

Few things in science is that easy, lol.

Sovereignty said...
"We have a growing earth and its growing at a fantastic rate nearly doubling its size in a geological blink of the eye."

lol. Expanding Earth Hypothesis? For the sake of simplicity, new rock goes on top, old rock goes to the bottom and is often pulled under in subduction subjected to heat and pressure and either becomes metamorphic rock or is broken down into sediment or magma that becomes lava that becomes new rock. This also ignores that plate boundaries can and do change over time, and it's believed to have done so several times. I am compelled to point out that this is along the lines of Isostatic Adjustment, which contends with the composition changes of the respective areas like per say Lake Overturn and Continental Rebound. It occurs quite a bit after earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

Huh. So you mean this is why it feels like June in central Florida right now instead of the end of NOVEMBER?? hmm.. makes sense to me. It's worse this year than it was last year.

Henry said...

The magnetic field lines are shifting significantly such that require very important corrections as it pertains to aviation charts. Several airports have already been forced to adjust their charted location due to this anomaly. If one looks at a map of the earth's magnetic field lines, you will notice contour lines of Longitude south of Africa erratically bend over a portion of the Atlantic ocean. This suggests an influence being exerted along this plane, possibly pointing to molten core concentration. It is best to have an understanding of geological monitoring tools
and satellite data from remote-sensing surveys before making sweeping generalizations on this topic.

THX1138 said...

The fact is, Carrington has no understanding whatsoever of the history of science, nor the current struggle of science to understand our world, and indeed, our universe. Carrington is apparently making a living as a fear monger. I guarantee he has absolutely no understanding of the future.

Today's Real Scientists have noticed that today's government-paid scientists defend the gaslight ideas (read dogma) of "scientific truth" to the nth degree. They have bought, hook line and sinker, a dogma of scientific understanding which is simply not true.

Carrington, unfortunately, although not a scientist himself, has wagered on the wrong side.

Magnetic fields are always, (always), [always] produced by electric currents. Even a so-called "permanent" magnet's magnetic field is produced by moving electrons spinning in a plane with regard to the magnetic item's axis. Today's scientists have absolutely no understanding of this concept. Today's scientists believe that magnetism is a force all alone, all by itself. This is absolutely false. And anyone who cites these scientists is falling for a huge hoax. The magnetic field of the Earth has always been in motion, and has never "flipped".

Polar Wondering |

We do not live in or on a world envisioned by NASA scientists. I hate to tell you, but our world is more frightening than they can envision. But still they have it wrong. Our world is subject to a catastrophic event at any time, however nothing catastrophic has happened for thousands of years. And we have no idea how long this period of stability will last. Maybe forever! We can only hope.

Everything you think you know about the Earth's magnetic field is theory, and it is certainly wrong. Why? Because everything you think you know about the Sun is certainly wrong. Why? Because the Sun is not powered by a thermonuclear furnace as was theorized by those such as Eddington, during the gaslight era of our scientific understanding. It is an Electric Sun, powered from without, not within. And so is the Earth!

Anyone with even an ounce of curiosity is invited to discover this.

picture of the day |

It's not a revolution, it's an enlightenment! Knowledge has become so available to the common people that scientific investigation is no longer an enterprise (or a weapon) of the privileged class, but a tool for the ordinary (even humble) people of the world! Join the new education, not reliant on schools, colleges, universities, governments, churches or any other central authority!

We are all connected. The Electric Universe teaches us this.

keith thomas said...

how about a real novel idea? the earth is the Lords and the fullness therein, also in the later days [just prior to Jesus Christ return the earth {men] will be scorched with great heat, evil chaos and killing will be worst than before the Flood, mens hearts will fail for FEAR of whats becoming of the planet [normal weather ect.] the staff of the bread of life will be broken [ enough food will be impossible to grow] everyone will be at the otherones throat [nations and people in general] cancer will abound causing baldness on every head, and an earth quake [with proportionate damage] greater than ANY ever that happened will strike the planet, plus the stars [meteors] will land routinely [and devastingly] and GOD yes GOD said unless those days were shortened not one man would survive alive

HorribleMick said...

How about this is ALL complete CRAP.

Aurora Borealis is happening in the same place it has done since the last pole shift.
If the pole shifts so does the Aurora.

Anonymous said...


Aurora Borealis is occuring in the same place it has for 1000s of years.
If the pole shifts so will the Aurora Borealis, yet here we are.

Terrence Jetter said...

How can you be reasonably certain of something you werent alive to witness. Or at least you have no memory of your life in those times. But to be reasonably certain of things that are described in hieroglyphs and ancient text around the world that say polar shifts DO happen... and more than every 780000 years. Wake up dude.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Ryan Andrew Barone said...

I'm pretty intrigued by this subject. In March, I was campaigning at a college here in Idaho and a young woman asked me what I would do about H.A.A.R.P. I had no clue what she was talking about, so I did some research. I must say, I have learned some interesting stuff. Apparently there are thousands of these H.A.A.R.P. stations, which some people seem to believe is causing global warming and which are being used as weather warfare. However, learning about the pole shift and what the consequences could be if a pole shift were to take place (or is taking place?) I wonder if the governments of the world are using H.A.A.R.P. to keep weather patterns as normal as possible. Anyway, a very interesting article, much to think about.

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