Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Geneticist David Suzuki Says Humans “Are Part Of A Massive Experiment”

Arjun Walia
Activist Post

We are doing our part to try and spread the word about GMOs, (genetically modified organisms) but we’re not the only ones. Multiple public figures, scientists and researchers have been speaking out about GMOs for a number of years. For example, not long ago a former Canadian Government Scientist at Agriculture Canada, Dr. Thierry Vrain (one of many) spoke out against GMOs.

Another prominent public figure, geneticist David Suzuki, has been a long-time advocate against GMOs, and has been speaking out about how they can be hazardous to human health as well as the environment. Below, I’ve provided a video example of Suzuki explaining why he feels the way he does about GMOs. Public figures with a wide audience can have a great impact on the consciousness of the masses, they are great ‘tools’ for waking up more people to the reality that GMOs can be harmful to human health as well as the environment. It’s time to pay attention, do your own research and to question what you’ve been told. We can no longer trust branches of the government that deal with food and health, we must not take their word for it; it’s better if you actually look into it yourself rather than blindly believing what your are told.

It doesn’t seem to be much of a debate anymore; it’s clear that GMOs can indeed be harmful to human health. There is a reason why a majority of countries around the world have permanently banned GMOs, so what’s taking North America so long? One reason might be the fact that biotech corporations like Monsanto seem to be above the government and influence policy, but thankfully these things are changing. Big Island, Hawaii has recently banned all GMO products and bio-tech company products. Various bills calling for moratorium on GE food include Vermont, North Dakota, Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco and more.

This large movement against GMOs is not based on belief -- multiple researchers and scientists all around the world have shown that GMOs can be harmful. Here is a study that shows how Bt toxins found in Monsanto crops can be damaging to red blood cells, and potentially cause leukemia. Here is another one that shows how GMO animal feed caused severe stomach inflammation and enlarged uteri in pigs. There have been multiple studies linking GMOs to cancer, and a range of other diseases. Scientists all over the world have come together to show their support for the ban of GMOs.

Along with GMOs come the pesticides, which have been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s, autism and Alzheimer’s, to name a few.

As you can see, alternative media outlets are not the only ones doing their research. Most who investigate this topic, and do the research for themselves will come to the same conclusions. This is what David Suzuki and many others have done as well.
By slipping it into our food without our knowledge, without any indication that there are genetically modified organisms in our food, we are now unwittingly part of a massive experiment. 
The FDA has said that genetically modified organisms are not much different from regular food, so they’ll be treated in the same way. The problem is this, geneticists follow the inheritance of genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to take this organism, and move it horizontally into a totally unrelated species. Now David Suzuki doesn’t normally mate with a carrot and exchange genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to switch genes from one to the other without regard to the biological constraints. It’s very very bad science, we assume that the principals governing the inheritance of genes vertically, applies when you move genes laterally or horizontally. There’s absolutely no reason to make that conclusion.

Below is an article written by David Suzuki and Faisal Moola. At the beginning concerns with the 2010 release of the super-genetically modified corn called ‘SmartStax,’ are mentioned, which has now shown to be harmful to human health and banned all over the world. This article was written in 2009, but still has some good information.

By David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

In gearing up for the 2010 release of its super-genetically modified corn called ‘SmartStax’, agricultural-biotechnology giant Monsanto is using an advertising slogan that asks, ‘Wouldn’t it be better?’ But can we do better than nature, which has taken millennia to develop the plants we use for food?

We don’t really know. And that in itself is a problem. The corn, developed by Monsanto with Dow AgroSciences, “stacks” eight genetically engineered traits, six that allow it to ward off insects and two to make it resistant to weed-killing chemicals, many of which are also trademarked by Monsanto. It’s the first time a genetically engineered (GE) product has been marketed with more than three traits.

Canada approved the corn without assessing it for human health or environmental risk, claiming that the eight traits have already been cleared in other crop seeds — even though international food-safety guidelines that Canada helped develop state that stacked traits should be subject to a full safety assessment as they can lead to unintended consequences.

One problem is that we don’t know the unintended consequences of genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) foods. Scientists may share consensus about issues like human-caused global warming, but they don’t have the same level of certainty about the effects of genetically modified organisms on environmental and human health!

A review of the science conducted under the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development in 2008 concluded that “there are a limited number of properly designed and independently peer-reviewed studies on human health” and that this and other observations “create concern about the adequacy of testing methodologies for commercial GM plants.”

Some have argued that we’ve been eating GM foods for years with few observable negative consequences, but as we’ve seen with things like trans fats, if often takes a while for us to recognize the health impacts. With GM foods, concerns have been raised about possible effects on stomach bacteria and resistance to antibiotics, as well as their role in allergic reactions. We also need to understand more about their impact on other plants and animals.

Of course, these aren’t the only issues with GM crops. Allowing agro-chemical companies to create GM seeds with few restrictions means these companies could soon have a monopoly over agricultural production. And by introducing SmartStax, we are giving agro-chemical companies the green light not just to sell and expand the use of their “super crops” but also to sell and expand the use of the pesticides these crops are designed to resist.

A continued reliance on these crops could also reduce the variety of foods available, as well as the nutritive value of the foods themselves.

There’s also a reason nature produces a variety of any kind of plant species. It ensures that if disease or insects attack a plant, other plant varieties will survive and evolve in its place. This is called biodiversity.

Because we aren’t certain about the effects of GMOs, we must consider one of the guiding principles in science, the precautionary principle. Under this principle, if a policy or action could harm human health or the environment, we must not proceed until we know for sure what the impact will be. And it is up to those proposing the action or policy to prove that it is not harmful.

That’s not to say that research into altering the genes in plants that we use for food should be banned or that GM foods might not someday be part of the solution to our food needs. We live in an age when our technologies allow us to “bypass” the many steps taken by nature over millennia to create food crops to now produce “super crops” that are meant to keep up with an ever-changing human-centred environment.

A rapidly growing human population and deteriorating health of our planet because of climate change and a rising number of natural catastrophes, among other threats, are driving the way we target our efforts and funding in plant, agricultural, and food sciences, often resulting in new GM foods.

But we need more thorough scientific study on the impacts of such crops on our environment and our health, through proper peer-reviewing and unbiased processes. We must also demand that our governments become more transparent when it comes to monitoring new GM crops that will eventually find their ways in our bellies through the food chain.


Arjun Walia writes for Collective Evolution, where this first appeared

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Anonymous said...

All good things to be aware of. However, the second to last paragraph skipped right over the biggest issue. OUR RAPIDLY GROWING POPULATION is a complete understatement!

sallyho3000 said...

@Anonymous above. One might infer that you are attempting to connect the (mythological) issue of overpopulation and some supposed "benefit" derived from GM foods... Are you a shill or a dupe? Overall productivity of GM crops overtime, not only are less productive (read: GENETICALLY UNHEALTHY, much like inbred royal types in times of yore...), but also cause the inputs (things you add to the soil to *hopefully* grow productive, nutritive crops) to skyrocket. Thus the rate of return (soil input to output) steadily DECREASES over the course of successive plantings, causing increased demand for and use of chemical fertilizers. This is purely profit-driven and has nothing, repeat, NOTHING to do with food or feeding the seething masses.
Organic horti-/agriculture shows again and again that not only can yields be maximized absent of chemical inputs, but also that over time soil CEC can be rebuilt and excellent crops can again be grown in even the most devastated soil. There have been numerous reclamations of desertified regions in China, for instance, demonstrating positive impacts for science to have, if it REALLY gives a damn whether people eat. As a side note, China has also developed very impressive vertical greenhouse culture. I suggest you check any of this out (you know... any of it) before going to bat for biotech in the name of something as silly and irrelevant as "overpopulation."

Ron Lawing said...

I agree with Suzuki, being a trained pro and me,not. The statement that struck me the most was "can we put the genie back in the bottle" or how, when the truth is finally realized, change the poisoned seeds. How about the increase in child diseases like cancer, leukemia, brain birth defects, etc., these being possible effects of Monsanto,Dow,DuPont and other members of the Corporate Dictatorship building their wealth on the shoulders of these innocent victims. Will they fess up and admit their wrong-doing---I THINK NOT!!!!!! And OUR government, who is supposed to protect their people, WHERE WILL THEY STAND?

Anonymous said...

To anony 4:26:
You can give every single man, woman and child, thats every single human being on the planet, a home on a 1/4 acre lot, and you can fit them all on Australia alone. You're telling me that the rest of the land on the planet is insufficient to feed this one continent?

7 billion people
Austrailia = 2,969,907 sq mi
7 billion homes x (1/4 acre/home) x (0.0015625 sqmi/acre) = 2,734,375 sq mi

Get it? Overpopulation is mafia bankster NWO Scumpire propaganda to make you believe in their bs. NWO is a "Technocracy" that requires total surveillance of the slaves. They need you to believe in global warming and overpopulation to justify the need to spy on everyone on the planet. You've seen their global warming propaganda agenda implode on itself. Its all a lie to justify their Technocratic tyrannical enslavement.

Its been in the works for about 100 yrs. Brzezinski wrote in 1970 in his book "Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era"

"Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

"SUCH A SOCIETY WOULD BE DOMINATED BY AN ELITE whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. UNHINDERED by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for INFLUENCING PUBLIC BEHAVIOR AND KEEPING SOCIETY UNDER CLOSE SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL. pg 252

If we dont stop these mafia psychopaths now, our bloodlines will either be dead or slaves their entire lives. Wake the fk up!

Anonymous said...

GMO's are basically a huge money making scheme. Much like how banks want to keep you in debt. They now want us begging to eat insufficient "foods".

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right Ron.... Plus the fact it gives them in their mind a reason for GENOCIDE...... The Christian and White populations will be their targets.... Since the god they worship is Satan...... They really think they are gods..... Wake up is right.....

Anonymous said...

I know people who are beekeepers and they say one one of the things killing them is GM corn, because it not only poisons the workers, but also sterilizes the Queen. The scary part of GM foods is that, not only do we have the potential to pollute the whole planet, but also to permanently alter the human genome forever like cancer-causin SV40 has in the Polio vaccine. Children never vaccinated for it, still test positive because they inherited it from a parent.

brad said...

This article states the DNA issues a bit - not nearly as intensively as possible.

For anon who states we all need to eat, this is obvious. What you don't get to hear is that NO GMO crops are more productive than non-GMO crops. Only ONE GMO crop has viral resistance the shyt killing the Hawaiian papaya crop (most i know refuse to buy Hawaiian papaya because of that) but there ARE some non-GMO trees that resist papaya ringspot virus as much or better.
NO GMO crop has ever been developed with saline tolerance - non-GMOs have.
NO GMO crop has ever been developed with drought tolerance - non-GMOs have.
For thousands of years, Indian farmers grazed their animals in cotton fields to glean them after picking. Now they become comatose in GMO cotton residue and die. The workers in the GMO fields become extremely sick.

There is NO valid reason to grow GMOs, and any shareholder, investor, corporate slug, scientist, board member of any of these corporations is a functional psychopath. Regardless of their ignorance, false beliefs, or intent THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE AND OUR PLANET.

Anonymous said...

You might be able to fit everyone into Australia but, do you realize that the severe LACK of fertility in the ancient and exhausted Aussie soils means that the country could only support some 2 million people. (see 'Guns, Germs & Steel') However, the current population is millions more than that and sustained by the artificial fertilizers, mostly from the oil industry. The fact is THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE for the planet to sustain us in our current modes of living. Read Daniel Quinn's 'Beyond Civilization' for a real taste of what's needed. Good luck too. You'll need it. Cheers. Pietrad.

Anonymous said...

"do you realize that the severe LACK of fertility in the ancient and exhausted Aussie soils"

Comeon, you aren't familiar with "1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres" ..?
With our technology, IE: Chinese vertical farming, we could easily feed far more people than we ever imagnined possible. It is just a matter of putting the technology into motion, instead of just whining about depopulating everyone, starting with yourself one might assume? Didn't think so.

Amrit said...

I have an old friend who was my neighbor when I lived in Alaska. He told me in a recent email that they are detecting slightly increased radioactivity in the seawater and a recent snowstorm also tested at an increased level. Last years salmon came in clean, however, the salmon populations are feeding on krill now where the cold Artic Current meets the warm Japanese Current south of the Aleutian Islands. This is within the area shown as having severe contamination. Will the Japanese government step up to the plate and compensate Alaskans for the loss of their livelihood until things return to normal?

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