Monday, November 4, 2013

DHS Ammunition Stockpiles: Ready for the Food Riots Caused by Global Cooling

Chris Carrington
Activist Post

Way back in the 1970s headlines around the world screamed that we were entering another ice age. Global cooling had kicked in, as it does from time to time, and scientific knowledge all those years ago could not explain why.

Of course the ice age didn’t arrive. Actually the world started warming, as it also does from time to time. This time scientists were adamant they knew why. Global warming and, what’s more, it was our fault; we, the humans were causing it. They even gave it a new name, anthropogenic global warming, AGW for short.

AGW was never going to go away, it was destined to get worse and worse. Governments called meetings about it, protocols were drawn up. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was born. Green energy was forced onto us, carbon taxes squeezed our pockets via higher domestic fuel bills but we took it, we were saving the world.

Scientists and politicians alike joined the collective, voicing concerns about the future of the planet, how the seas were going to rise, and island nations would be overwhelmed. Some, such as Al Gore, produced films so frightening that they caused school children to have nightmares. An Inconvenient Truth in my opinion distorted the science to a huge degree, but that’s for you to make up your own mind about.

Then, in the late 1990s something odd happened. Global warming vanished entirely…it morphed into climate change. Being the terrier that I am I couldn’t let it go, why change the name? Well I’ll tell you, they had to. They had to because the planet wasn’t warming, it was cooling…again, as it does from time to time…

It would be difficult to ‘sell’ global warming in a cooling world so they changed the title to climate change. It really was that simple.

The climate cycles between warming and cooling with irregular regularity. It’s an irregularly timed cycle, but that cycle occurs on a regular basis regardless of the time between the change from warming to cooling.

The climate scientists now have the knowledge to know this, science has come a long way in 40 years. The problem is science is expensive, grants are required to keep the labs running. These grants come from the governments who perpetuate the fallacy of a warming world, even though they no longer call it that. As a result, many scientists say what they are told to say.

As I said, warming and cooling is a cycle, a natural cycle, it has always happened and will continue to happen. How much it warms and cools can indeed be influenced by other things, such as man burning fossil fuels or natural occurrences such as the length and strength of solar cycles and volcanic gas releases.

It has been known for sometime that even small and moderate volcanic eruptions can counteract the effects of global warming to a degree. Obviously the larger the amount of gases blown up into the stratosphere, the greater the mitigating effect. Should a supervolcano like Yellowstone start erupting, the consequences would be catastrophic. It was a similar event in 1815, when Tambora erupted, that lead to a global temperature drop the following year. Crop failures and cold killed hundreds of thousands.

Interestingly, the alert level for Tambora was raised from 1 to 2 ( on a scale of 1-4) on April 5th 2013. (source)

Sulfur dioxide in particular rises up to the stratospheric aerosol layer where it undergoes chemical changes and forms particles that reflect sunlight back into space instead of allowing that heat to reach the surface of the Earth.

During the past 15 years there has been a major uptick in volcanic activity, and there is no sign of activity slowing down. In fact, things may be set to get much worse with scientists naming Laguna del Maule in Chile a possible supervolcano.

The government knows that volcanoes can do this. The government knows that the Sun influences climate on Earth. They know it because the scientists have told them so. They know the planet has not warmed since 1998. They know this because the data is there, and the scientists have explained that data to them.

They also know that cold weather kills far more people than hot weather.

Our government, just like all the other governments in the West know that it’s going to get cold, very cold.

I am not saying that we will wake up tomorrow and find an iceberg off the coast of California. I’m saying that there is going to be a return of conditions much, much colder than we are used to.

The Little Ice Age started in the 13th century and ended in 1870.

570 years.

Yes it has a bit of a hiatus, a warmer period in the 1500s, but then it was back to the cold.

If a government knew hard times were coming why would they not warn the people?

If they knew that crop yields would fall substantially, and people would be going hungry, would it not make good sense to tell people to prepare?

Obviously not. Instead, our government is introducing more and more measures that curtail our freedoms. They are building camps and stocking up billions of rounds of ammunition.

They know that global cooling is going to cause food shortages and hardship, and they prepare for it by attempting to take our guns and stockpiling ammunition to use against us.

They know without a shadow of a doubt that hungry people will fight for food, and they are making sure that they are prepared for that.

So why not tell us? Why not warn the people?

I’ll tell you. It’s because they WANT us to be unprepared. The bulk of American citizens have no stockpiles of food, fuel or clothing. The government is aware of this. By allowing ‘nature to take its course’ they can achieve the massive reduction in population they desire. They can fulfil their Agenda 21 targets.

The camps will house those that will be re-educated, taught to run the essential facilities required to keep the country going. The FEMA camps are a thin disguise for labor camps; work equals food. The minions will do this under the guidance of the irresponsible, government-paid scientists who have been guaranteed a place on the Camp FEMA Ark.

As for the rest of us, well they don’t care as long as we can’t shoot back.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. Wake the flock up!

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Anonymous said...

Wow? The little ice age huh? I'm sure intentionally created economic enslavement, poverty, hunger and food control/distribution over the masses has nothing to do with any riots that may or may not happen. It's the global cooling/warming or change or whatever is convenient today. I'm glad that's been cleared up.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Carrington: Regarding the AGW denial, you forgot the PhD after your name. Don't have one? There goes your credibility.

Anonymous said...

There is a 40 000 years cyclus of natural climat change (=Mihalovic theory) and there is no need to panic now because of the temperature - the chage will happen very slowely. And, there will be heating of the athmosphere in the next cycle, no cooling ...
Now, just imagine, we all, we PLANT FREE FRUIT-TREES, VEGES.. along roads, in parks, in school yards, on balcons... and WE TURN all cities into FREE GARDENS where FREE FOOD is available to all 7 billion people = ABUNDANCE & ORGANIC FOOD to all 7 billion people = people could work out of PASSION NOT OUT OF NEED = real freedom

Anonymous said...

The climat change happens over many, many générations... not suddenly.. but, the government want us rioting¨
Now - people have to be smart - SOLIDARITY & GIFTING & SHARING = peace and abundance all over the county
No need to riot if we share what we have
PAY FORWARDS - PAY A COFFEE that someone will drink ... that you don't know...

Earl Griffin said...

I am glad that in the real world a PhD is not required to express ourselves or to share what we know and what we've learned. Thank you for this article. Please keep writing.

All the Best,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:08 AM,

Unlike you, there are intelligent, educated people without a PhD after their names.

Anonymous said...

They guy who marginalized you because you have no Phd., is representative of the problem on the planet. Many Phd. holders ( not all) are beholden to the system that gave them the Phd. The monies are directed towards "team players". We have lost independent science. People like that make me embarrassed for our species.

Anonymous said...

Having a PhD. does no more to signify the validity of someone's argument than having a checkbook shows that I have money in the bank. I began a PhD program at a prestigious university, and dropped out when it became obvious that the degree represented no more than an expert ability to parrot back what the professors wanted to hear. PhD certificates can be bought on the internet, or one can simply claim to have such qualifications to get a job as did Elizabeth O'Bagy (

Seen2013 said...

lol, PHD, Masters, Associates Degrees, and even the likes of certificates of whatever up to and including seismology simply states that the person who carries such an 'award' have shown that they have attended and achieved the minimum requires to attain the award or in terms of certificates a practical knowledge of practice. Such as a certificate of virtual seismology means, the person holding such can determine epicenter and magnitude (typically Local Magnitude aka Richter ML) of an earthquake. Basically, you input the information precisely into the model to determine the epicenter and then magnitude.

Oh havens, one who carries such a piece of paper or etc automatically possesses alleviated status of Gods among men in which through authority possesses the power and creditability to mend the masses to their will. Oh hail, the mortal gods of people! Oh hail, the mortal gods of people! Pf! As if, characteristics of bad scientific method specifically states, arguing through position of authority to justify a position in addition to falsified or manipulated data are bad, very bad. Interesting how many so-called holders routinely exhibit characteristics of bad science from attacking the person rather than content on down the line. This is after all basic science 101.

Anonymous said...

You can have all of the degree's and not have any Common Sense, or Street Smart,,,,,,,I choose Common Sense other words you can be educated and still be Stupid.........and like John Wayne says You can't fix Stupid

Anonymous said...

I have a TSA badge. Is that OK for you?

Hide Behind said...

Where in Agenda 21 is there mention of Camps?
This world we live upon is not fully dependent of the world we live within,
Yes we can teraform this earth to a degree that could support 50+ Billions and quite
possibly by using humans as recyclable protein and minerals, well over 250 billions.
The only variable with unknown properties is
the workings of the earth itself.
We can argue warm or cold, until you either freeze or burn your ass off but other than your own feeling of superiority who gives a damn; you have still no attempted to find viable solutions and the same basic needs are present,food and shelter for the human
animal; No matter the fn environment.
Humans to continue must not adapt to new climes, they must seperate and form their own climes amidst an increasingly un liveable
world environment.
There is no need to fear climate change as we have technology to isolate most of todays populace from those two perils of extreme hot
and cold.
There is the earth itself we should respect. As it never was an intelligent move to build a nuke plant over a fault line, and the earth has
no intelligence of creativity or programming it is chaotic in its land plates and magnma movements, those two dangers we cammot fully protect ourselves from.
While it is possible to protect hundreds of billions you have to begin to do so. And indeed that is what US power players are doing; No not trying to save billions of lives, but enough superior lives, in order to let mankind survive in lesser numbers.
Why not save billions; I pose the obvious, there are no needs for those billions no matter the future of earths environments.
The nurturing of billions is not a topic because at present we are seeing the ownership of world being fought over so that the New Orders Leaders can have first their protectef futures and you. You better get with the Agenda or kiss your butts goodby.

Seen2013 said...

"Where in Agenda 21 is there mention of Camps?"

I forget the exact verse that people of the government's populace are deemed that government's capital and resources aka property to be allocated at said government's discretion under the direction of a supranational institution's charter.

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