Tuesday, November 19, 2013

23 Obama Quotes That Turned Out To Be Broken Promises Or Cold-Hearted Lies

Michael Snyder
Activist Post

How many lies can one president tell and still retain any credibility?

What you are about to see is absolutely astounding. It is a long list of important promises that Barack Obama has broken since he has been president. If he had only told a few lies, perhaps the American people would be willing to overlook that.

After all, pretty much all of our politicians our liars. Unfortunately, many of the lies that Obama has told appear to have been quite cold-hearted in nature. For example, Barack Obama repeatedly made the promise that “you will be able to keep your health care plan” under Obamacare. But now we are learning that he knew that this was a lie all along. Not only that, the Democrats in Congress knew that this was a lie all along too. In fact, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat, said the following when she was asked about Obama’s promise to the American people recently: “He should’ve just been specific. No, we all knew.” You can see video of her making this statement right here. The truth is that they all knew that millions upon millions of Americans would lose their current health care policies under Obamacare. They deliberately lied just so that they could get the law passed.

And of course this is far from the only major lie that Obama has told in recent years. The following is a list of 23 famous Obama quotes that turned out to be broken promises or cold-hearted lies…

#1 “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

#2 “My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government.”

#3 “We agree on reforms that will finally reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums…”

#4 “I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be the president
 of the United States of America.”

#5 “We’ve got shovel-ready projects all across the country that governors and mayors are pleading to fund. And the minute we can get those investments to the state level, jobs are going to be created.”

#6 “And we will pursue the housing plan I’m outlining today. And through this plan, we will help between 7 and 9 million families restructure or refinance their mortgages so they can afford—avoid foreclosure.”

#7 “I will sign a universal health-care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.”

#8 “We reject the use of national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.”

#9 “For people with insurance, the only impact of the health-care law is that their insurance is stronger, better, and more secure than it was before. Full stop. That’s it. They don’t have to worry about anything else.”

#10 “We will close the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, the location of so many of the worst constitutional abuses in recent years.”

#11 “Allow Americans to buy their medicines from other developed countries if the drugs are safe and prices are lower outside the U.S.”

#12 “We will revisit the Patriot Act and overturn unconstitutional executive decisions issued during the past eight years.”

#13 “Will ensure that federal contracts over $25,000 are competitively bid.”

#14 “We reject sweeping claims of ‘inherent’ presidential power.”

#15 “Will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This will eliminate taxes for 7 million seniors — saving them an average of $1,400 a year– and will also mean that 27 million seniors will not need to file an income tax return at all.”

#16 “We support constitutional protections and judicial oversight on any surveillance program involving Americans.”

#17 “If we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home, we will end this war. You can take that to the bank.”

#18 “Will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.”

#19 “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

#20 “We have a choice in this country. We can accept a politics that breeds division and conflict and cynicism…. That is one option. Or, at this moment, in this election, we can come together and say, ‘Not this time….’”

#21 “We’ve got to spend some money now to pull us out of this recession. But as soon as we’re out of this recession, we’ve got to get serious about starting to live within our means, instead of leaving debt for our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren.”

#22 “[T]oday I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office. This will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we’ve long neglected. But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay – and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.”

#23 “I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of president of the United States faithfully, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.”

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.



Anonymous said...

Ovomit belongs dangling at the end of a rope...as do all his cronies...

Anonymous said...

Vote out all politicians. Anyone who has held a political office at any time. Vote in real Americans. The people!

Anonymous said...

"How many lies can one president tell and still retain any credibility?"

LMAO! How can one "retain" credibility one has NEVER had?

Anonymous said...

The self chosen vampires have taken over the US, and their God is the Egrigor Lucifer, the Prince of liars. It follows that the American sheeple who elected the Mesiiah respect the ability to lie greatly, and worship someone who is a really great liar, like the pathological narcissist Messiah. The best thing anyone can do, based upon them wishing to keep their soul intake, is to force yourself to tell the truth as much as is possible.

Of course, sometimes you fib a little to spare someone's feelings, or not cause a scene, or not get the s&#t beat out of you, but none of us is perfect. The important lies, that actually hurt others, are the ones that should really be avoided. If they can be avoided, then you view the world from an enlightened perspective.

Anonymous said...

My first experience with a lying politician was when Mike Dukakis was elected governor of Massachusetts. I was an optimistic young adult. But no sooner was he elected when broke every promise. I was outraged that a man would deliberately lie to those who trusted him so. But he did, and had no conscience about it. And I've never trusted another politician since. That's too bad because I really do want to believe in a man or woman's character.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this list together... a real walk down memory lane!

The only honest quote from the cult leader that I can recall is that he was going to fundamentally transform America. Thanks to his apologist, steamrolling propaganda machine and a sea of pop culture junkies and low information voters, he has certainly accomplished that much. What a colossal mess we're in.

Anonymous said...

What did one expect from Pinocchiobama and his previous campaign platform of counterfeit 'Change'? The 'Affordable Deathcare Act' met with such a huge success in the last 'seven States' that they decided for force it on the first fifty States. Always remember, that Pinocchiobama cares for you health and well-being as, 'Spending helped make America great' and, that 'I am really good at killing people'. Perhaps the current Occult Leader would prefer the First Fifty to be non-existant as like the Last Seven??

Anonymous said...

Here's another lie that you forgot: He promised to label GMO's.

I have a theory as to why ALL politicians are such lying sociopaths. You would think that if it was purely chance, then it would be very likely that least a few of them would possess a conscience, and the will to do something good - but no, we do not see this.

So my theory is this:

We now know that the NSA has been spying on all of us for decades. It seems likely that the main purpose for this is NOT to guard against terrorism as we have been told, otherwise 9/11 and other attacks in the last few decades would have been foiled. It is more likely that the main focus of the spying (as well corporate espionage for select organisations, obviously) is to keep tabs on all the people in authority, right up to the president, and collect information on these people, not for the purpose of bringing them to justice, but to enable blackmail and control - basically, continuing the work of J E Hoover on a massive scale. When the "controlling elite" (which are likely to be the elite banking families) have sufficient numbers of "leaders" under their control, they are then able to completely control exactly who is able to reach positions of power in future. After time, this would predict that ALL politicians, judges, military generals etc would be people who have a suitably criminal background to enable them to be controlled via blackmail. This explains fully why, when sociopaths are naturally found in any population at around 5-10%, this percentage appears very much higher among people in authority.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the recent nuclear option that dingy harry has activated in his desperate grasp at his withering political life.

Anonymous said...

We have entered a new level of dishonesty in govt. If you read the Communist Manifesto written in the late 1800's by Karl Marx and compare it to what Obama is doing to our great country you see many similarities including the same exact terminology. He is punishing the people that work and rewarding those that don't he rewards the irresponsible and punishes those that pay taxes ...and with this he has created a whole generation dependent on govt which is in direct opposition of what this country was founded on..and the majority of people still seem to support him ...for the first time in my life I am afraid for our future ... when our country has more people in the wagon getting free rides and less people pulling it we are in serious trouble..

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