Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Top 10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today

Jeff Berwick
Activist Post

The stroke of midnight has just passed and the US government has turned into a pumpkin.  Well, we wish.  In fact the US government like some eternal zombie continues to walk the Earth even without the souls of taxpayers upon which to feast.  And, even that isn't totally true.  Like any zombie it still collects the blood of its victims (taxes) even while most of its zombie army (federal government employees) sit at home on a paid vacation... and most of their oppressive "services" continue on, like the CIA, NSA, ATF, DEA, Executive branch, police and more.

But just for our pleasure, let's imagine that all government in the US really shut down ... which it will in the coming years as the US dollar collapses.

Here, then, is our top 10 list of ways a theoretical shutdown of the US government would affect you in that event... and we include a few ways the current pseudo-shutdown will also affect you (hint: it's better).

1. NO MORE TAXES! One of the things that has most shocked me in my life is hearing someone like Ron Paul, who ran for the last President of the US, saying, "Shut down the IRS" and most American sheeple actually thinking he is crazy!  Through decades of public school indoctrination and mainstream media propaganda slaves in the US actually think taxation is just a part of life!  Of course, one of the "founding fathers" of the US (which was actually just a political coup) is famous for saying, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain except for death and taxes".  In reality, taxes aren't a fact of life and are solely extortion.  Imagine how much your life would change if your government did shut down and you were free to spend your own money as you choose.

2. NO MORE DEMOCRACY!  If the US government were to truly shut down it would mean an end to the vile scourge of democracy which is purely mob rule and, at its core, anti-freedom.  To see the absurdity of democracy imagine if a restaurant were democratic.  Someone already has and you can see it here.

3. NO MORE REGULATION!  Imagine if a child could open a lemonade stand again in the US without being arrested!

4. NO MORE DRUG WAR!  All of a sudden all items could be freely tradeable (well, they already are... especially on Silk Road).  But without government prohibition all gangs in the US and the rest of the world would evaporate and just become real businesses with real recourse in disputes besides shootouts.  Crime would be reduced around the world by 70%+ and millions of non-violent people convicted of victimless crimes would be freed from dungeons (jail).  The biggest victim would be shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire which wouldn't be necessary anymore.

5. NO MORE BORDERS!  Labor could finally go to where it is wanted and needed without being held hostage!  The economy could once again function normally without coercion and violence.  And, things like minimum wage would also fall by the wayside thus reducing the unemployment rate to at or near 0% into eternity.

6. NO MORE FEDERAL RESERVE!  Without a violence-backed system the Federal Reserve would have to compete with other currency providers and quickly the market would decide on much better currencies than Federal Reserve Notes (like gold, silver, bitcoin and others) and there would be no more recessions nor depressions and the living standards of all would rise dramatically.

7. NO MORE VIOLENCE-BACKED US POST OFFICE!   People throughout the geographic region known as the US would not have to pay at gunpoint to receive junk mail in an age where sending parcels with private companies and information electronically has made it obsolete to rely on government union employees, who often go insane and shoot their co-workers.

8. NO VISITATION TO PLACES OF STATE WORSHIP!  The first seven items in this list were obviously just hopes and not reality.  None of that will happen.  The final three items on this list are actually happening though including this one.  As of today, state-loving people will not be able to visit their places of worship including the Washington Phallic Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (where now caged, Adam Kokesh, tried dancing last year to celebrate Jefferson's message of freedom and was arrested).  As for national parks, they are "closed" but that is just a sign you see on your way into the park.  The park isn't closed... this shutdown just means you are given a reprieve from being harrased by national parks goons who will accost you for drinking a beer in nature.

9. NO MORE GUN PERMISSION!  This, unfortunately is also true as of today.  The US government will not be selectively giving out permission (permits) to own a gun.  And when we say "unfortunately" we mean that it is unfortunate that you are required to get permission by the US government to own a gun.

10. NO MORE PERMISSION TO TRAVEL!  This, also, is true.  You will not be able to get permission to travel from your overlords (called a passport - or as we call it, a slave card) while the government is shut down.  Again, like in #9, we see this as being sad that individuals have devolved to this point that they need permission to even move.  Notice that two of the three real things that affect you today in this list are an inability to purchase self-protection devices and to travel (and why we admonish those who can to get a foreign passport before they close the gates on the US tax farm for good).

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Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and gold conferences as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.

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Anonymous said...

-each one of us could be SOVEREIGN PERSON with "diplomatic immunity"
-plant FREE TREES, VEGES... all around the world = FREE FOOD to all 7 billion people = IMMEDIATE ABUNDANCE to all = no need to manipulate any more = no need to steal, corrupt...
-each one of us could be an own judge/president/leader...= HORIZONTAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE without their satanic pyramidal profit based system

Anonymous said...

keep dreamin..way too much blind sheeps down your parts, they'll beg to get big brother back in force before they can taste freedom, its way too frightnening, freedom means having to make decisions that will affect their own lifes, can't have that, what if they where wrong.....they need their overlord !

Anonymous said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Works for me. Let's keep them shut down for EVER!!!!!!!!! They are nothing but a liability.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear an anarcho-capitalist explain exactly how force and coercion will not exist in absence of government regulation on markets. It is absurd to me, to think that the mechanism for corruption within the federal government will not exist in a free market system. Won't these corrupt government agencies that support big business simply be privatized to fill the power vacuum left by the federal government? If someone could explain to me how a free market will not result in this behavior, it would be very much appreciated.

Brendan R

Taynara Costa-Moura said...

As a political scientist I must point out that your article is full of logical fallacies.

1- Taxes are the price of having clean water, sewage system, electricity on the streets, public education, cheap food, cheap technology, and every little thing you are used to have that the government subsidize for you, American taxpayer. Although taxes are not a fact, they are inherently important to life in society.
2- With less than a third of voter turnout and a media that fails to report the truth to the American public, Democracy has been over for a while now in this country.
3- That child would die of GMO intoxication... Although I must not be blind to the fact that all regulation in this country is corrupt and bought off, and it just doesn't work as it is supposed to.
4- Amen
5- That's a far away dream, but worth being dreamt!
6- The Federal Reserve stopped backing its value with gold and silver a while ago. Now it operates on markets speculation and credit. If anything this would BRING LIFE QUALITY DOWN as the US Dollar would become weaker in the global economy.
7- Thank you post office for offering me a cheap mail service, cos the private ones always wanna charge me double! If it weren't for Unions, the slaves would be treated even worse. (don't know what the violence is about, but people kill people every day and you just committed a logical fallacy - don't stereotype, that's irrational prejudice)
8- Finally people will stop worshipping the "Olympus Gods". That never made sense anyways.
9- Thank God! As a survival of a school shooting, I thank for this one, hoping it is true. No more crazy people killing other people and citing the Constitution as if it was more important than someone's life.
10- If this is true, it really is sad.

Anonymous said...

Very poor article. High on emotions low on reality.

Jeff Berwick said...

Taynara: you were fed all statist propaganda in your four years of wasted "political science" if you really believe we need taxes to have power or water!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Side note: While national parks will be closed to the public, drilling operations are allowed to proceed while the feds are shut down

Good Note: There were no chemtrails today in Northern Georgia, maybe because of the shutdown

Chris said...

Exactly Jeff!

Taynara, even if what you said is true (which it's not) the first and only question one need ask with respect to taxes is "Is it moral/ethical to use force and coercion to take a person's property (which money is obviously) from them? To steal from people at gunpoint to provide services for others?" And yes, they will use that amount of force/violence against a person to get them to comply. That is thuggery. Plain and simple. It matters not if those so-called taxes go to providing services or not.

Miss Gina said...

That ain't workin' - that's the way to do it - get your money for nothin and your chicks for free ( or was that checks? ). :-D

Jim Ludwig said...

Intriguing and provocative information well written. Fine job Jeff Berwick. Hope to see much more.

Corey said...

Somalia, the Wild West, Gangs, Mafia....Oh yes, that's so appealing. Unfortunately the lesser of the two evils is having a government. As for democracy, we are supposed to be a Republic, but Republicans like man rule, so they can oppress minorities. So even they wouldn't support no democracy.

Anonymous said...

When did Activist Post seek to become Lew Rockwell?

Anonymous said...

It might take a while to establish the system and get real men involved again, however all the sissies and freeloaders would get a real dose of reality. Sounds quiet appealing to me. All the highly educated folk or the ones that think themselves to be so highly educated would also quickly establish the value of their education.

Taynara Costa-Moura said...

Dear Jeff.. I do not watch or listen to the media, and if I did, I would be attacking taxes right now! Why? Because Taxes are most harmful for the elites of this country, that's why the Republicans are always talking about reducing it or eliminating it. If we eliminate taxes, the elites will be the only ones able to provide services to large societies, creating an even further inequality gap and monopoly. That's why it saddens me to see the elitist speech coming from the masses. My view on taxes is derived from listening to all sides and critically thinking about it.
Technically you could have small sustainable communities that can figure out ways to collect energy, food, and water for themselves, not needing a taxation system; however, being realistic, this idea is too "commie" to work on today's America. I do hope for the future though, because I see no other way to deal with our environmental impact as of right now.
So going back to my point, if you live in a modern society, where services must be provided for thousands or even millions, there has to be collective cooperation. There has to be a system to fund public services, or who would build roads and airports? Or do you think members of the community would simply volunteer? People need to get paid to do their work and I much rather pay the government than pay a corporation to do these massive types of services. At least in government I have a say, I can vote, I can participate, and the money I pay in taxes is redistributed to society (I acknowledge that a lot of it is misspent in the current government, but it wasn't always this way. In an ideal democracy we would automatically remove the "misspenders")
If we stop paying taxes and start relying on corporations to perform these types of massive services, we would have no saying, no vote, and would probably end up spending much more because of no regulation either. The money would minimally be redistributed to society and most likely be concentrated in shareholders' hands.
Just think about it for a second. Why do you think the Tea Party advocates for no taxes and limited government so much? Because it is good for society at large? No! It is because if we didn't have it, they would be able to further their control over the masses! Ironically, taxes protects us from being completely controlled by the elites.

Now Chris, I do not think that coercion should be used to collect taxes either. In fact, I don't think coercion should ever be used! I'm a big advocate for non-violence and ideally, everything would be done locally and then each community would decide fro themselves.

Anonymous said...

Taynara.....You've much to learn young grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

@Taynara - You wrote: "Ironically, taxes protects us from being completely controlled by the elites."

I can honestly say that your aforementioned comment is the DUMBEST comment I have ever read on the Internet. It's so mind-numbingly stupid that I shudder to think what other issues you "critically" ponder, and what your sage, mensa-type acumen may conjure up. Your idiocy is so astounding that it isn't even worth the effort to spar with you; it isn't fair to engage in verbal fisticuffs with an unarmed person (that's you).

I can't wait to share you post with others, and let them see what the naive braintrust of America has in store for us. If I may, please refrain from passing on your DNA and polluting the gene pool. One nincompoop is enough...

Anonymous said...

Taynara -

"A tax is a "pecuniary (monetary) burden laid upon individuals or property owners to support the government [...] a payment exacted by legislative authority." It "is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution, exacted pursuant to legislative authority" and is "any contribution imposed by government [...] whether under the name of toll, tribute, tallage, gabel, impost, duty, custom, excise, subsidy, aid, supply, or other name."

By its very definition, any Tax encumbers, obligates and tethers an individual, business or entity to the very government imposing the tax. Governments who tax CONTROL its citizens and businesses, not the other way around as you have written. Our Founding Fathers ultimately rebeled against their government masters in London because of the CONTROL they wielded thru punitive TAXATION. To be free, untethered, unencumbered from Taxation by a government entity is to be free from government control to a larger degree.

What you speak of is not Freedom, what you speak of is an academic version of Dystopia that you and people like you wish to coerce upon others. In order to bring your grand (read feebleminded) scheme to light, any and all opposing ideas, thoughts, creations and ideologies must be snuffed out. To do so, you must smear and attack the opposition thru vitriolic rhetoric even if said rhetoric is inexact, untrue and downright false. The twisted and warped ideology you spew is fraught with inconsistencies, falsehoods and lies - you don't even understand the basic meaning of what a tax is and how it encumbers everyone it touches.

Taynara, your desire to live under the control of the nanny state is telling; your self-proclamation is clear. You have and are a Slave to the US government. You wish to be coddled by the state from cradle to grave because you are unable to take care of yourself, you lack the spine, the wherewithall, the intelligence, the ability to exist as a human being. Given your comments, you are even unable to think and critically reason for yourself as there are no original ideas or thoughts coming from your own mind. Everything you have stated has been spoonfed to you by your handlers, you've been a good kool-aid drinker.

After reading your comments, it is easy to see why this nation is spiraling out of control. It is easier to understand why we are 17 Trillion dollars in debt, why unemployment is still high, why the welfare doles are at an all-time high, why businesses are leaving the US in droves because our nation has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, why our economy is sluggish with a low growth rate. Your idea of a Secular, Trans Humanist World will never work, just ask the former Soviet Union and all the citizens it oppressed since 1918 and the October Revolution. Just ask the political dissidents that spent time in the Siberian gulags. Just Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they were alive today...

Taynara Costa-Moura said...

Making personal attacks to invalidate my opinion does not make your argument any superior. In fact, it shows the content of your character. We are all entitled to an opinion and if you dislike mine, please constrain your posts to simply invalidate my arguments intellectually, without any Ad Hominem Fallacies.
In no point you addressed my argument on overpopulation, size of current cities, and the use of taxes to provide services in these conditions as an alternative to using the corporate sector. Only repeated what I already knew about the history of taxes in the US and its definition.
I understand your critique on big centralized governments, but in no moment I defended them. I defended the idea of government, by the people, for the people, because I believe local, small democratic governments are the solution. Taxes are necessary only to regulate trade and protect human rights.
If you disagree with my political views, please state yours and present your solutions to the current model, considering the real problems we face today (overpopulation, climate change, consumerism, and technology). Insulting me and "people like me" (whatever that means) means nothing coming from someone who doesn’t know me and won’t even show his identity. If your goal was to make me feel humiliated in anyway, you have failed miserably. All you did was reveal things about yourself, without debating my ideas.

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