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Who Are The Deniers Now? Record Ice Growth in 2013

Arctic ice grows 60% over last year
NASA image
Activist Post

Global warming skeptics have been repeatedly and viciously attacked by condescending "experts" and their fan clubs as deniers, flat-earth Neanderthals, oil-industry cronies, anti-environment cretins, and generally uninformed idiots.

When did it become wrong to question the "official" version of climate change? Like the establishment hasn't lied to us in the past.

Significant evidence has recently come to light that should make all warmists pause and consider that they may have been duped by banksters champing at the bit to tax the air and control our lifestyles.

NASA released a recent image of the Arctic ice cap that shows record ice growth over last year:

Comparison compiled by
DailyMail reports that the 60% increase or 920,000 square miles of new ice has forced the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was forced to make urgent changes to their annual climate report.

Shockingly, some mainstream news sources used this image to claim that the ice caps were melting down to nothing.

LiveScience posted the record ice growth image with the headline "Shrinking Arctic Ice Will Lead to Ice-Free Summers".

Wouldn't an August 15th photo typically represent the end-of-the-summer money shot for warmists?  It's being used to promote the exact opposite of what the evidence shows.

Of course it was NASA scientists who told them yes, there's record ice growth "but we're still seeing a strong downward trend."
In 2012, the ice cap over the Arctic Ocean shrank to its lowest extent ever recorded. Measures of sea ice extent take into account the area of the Arctic Ocean on which ice covers at least 15 percent of the surface. This year's summer melting season is unlikely to break that record, but that does not necessarily herald good news, said Walt Meier, a glaciologist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. 
"This is not going to be as extreme a year as last year, but we're still seeing a strong downward trend," Meier told LiveScience. "We're still at levels that are much lower than average."
Now that the official numbers are in and they can't be denied. The "Earth has gained 19,000 Manhattans of sea ice since this date last year, the largest increase on record. There is more sea ice now than there was on this date in 2002," according to

Countless articles were written about the so-called record ice melt in 2012. How many will be written by establishment journals concerning the record ice growth of 2013?

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Anonymous said...

Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)


"The geoengineers threw everything they had at the Arctic in late July. The ridiculous cooling anomaly they created (which all the media hyped up) has now totally imploded. The damage done from decades of playing God with the weather can not be undone and will only be made exponentially worse the more they try to hide it with ever increasing geoengineering assaults."

Exploding levels of methane from melting permafrost and clathrates tells the whole story...along with the Satanic levels of chemtrail crap in the arctic.

Look beneath the "headlines"....

Michael Andrade said...

There are a number of natural cycles that affect the earth's climate most of which are known more or less to modern science. The relationship between greenhouse gasses and climate change is a scientific fact even if the full scope of it is not currently known. (And won't be fully known until it is too late) The only real issue is how MUCH of the changes are man-made. right now we are in a natural cooling trend that will last for several years. It is quite possible that the extra greenhouse gasses that we have added to the atmosphere will reduce the cooling trend. But once the trend reverses, we could potentially see a dramatic and unnatural warm-up that would be devastating. The sad truth is that we won't be 100% sure until after the damage is done. Then it will be too late.

John 97205 said...

"Wouldn't an August 15th photo typically represent the end-of-the-summer money shot for warmists? "

No, it wouldn't — at least among those "warmists" who are not scientifically illiterate.

Just as an early cold snap accompanied by snowfall in a northern climate can transform a lake from open water to completely white with snow overnight, arctic ice EXTENT — what this post refers to — is for the most part meaningless; ice MINIMUM VOLUME (i.e. MASS) is not.

Here's a 31-second visualization of how arctic ice mass has changed since 1979 (note that it is based on actual data — rather than your two images that essentially show snow cover, not ice mass):

You might also want to note that the changes are not all in one direction from one year to the next; i.e. your images, even if they meant what you think they mean, would be meaningless over such a short time period.

Anonymous said...

If the authors source is NASA as they say it is, then it's very important to read the whole report rather than simply taking the word of another "AlexJones"

The efforts for truth that so many people are struggling for doesn't need half baked nonsense like this.

dale said...

The trend continues. The results of one year have no significance; it is the overall pattern and direction that matter.

This article is akin to Fox news with "It's freezing much for global warming.........hahahahahha." approach.

If you don't know the world is warming up and that human activity is part of the reason, you must live in a cave, either literal or ideological.

For people who have not even taken one class in climate science to
challenge the almost total agreement of academic experts all over the world, is to confuse science with the "official" voice of government, which should always be challenged.

People totally ignorant of climate science feel free to condemn the consensus of experts everywhere because ..............they are idiots.

This article and commentary is idiotic. Smug ignorance is the definition of stupidity. Activists are stupid to join the chorus of ignoramuses mocking science. Remember the tobacco companies buying scientists to justify their claim that tobacco was not a health hazard? That is what the energy companies are doing today......and those who think they know more than scientists accept the lies that the small percent of corrupt corporate funded provide to justify doing nothing about a trend that is only confirmed as time goes on.

Was it hot this summer? Lots of wildfires? Lots of drought?
The trend predicts more of this, more heat, more extreme weather, but as an average, consisting of highs and lows The example of one high (ice expansion) to refute a science based on trends and averages is an example of willfull ignorance, which is stupid.

When the idiots "refute" science, they dig themselves into a deep hole. One from which no one can hear you, even when you are right.

Hey, it was really cool this month...I guess global warming is a hoax. Hey, the ice pack grew this year....I guess 99% of the scientists are frauds. Hit the road, Jack.

Bad ideas drive out good ideas. Dump the deniers from the activist agenda.

And our air is already taxed, it is laden with pollutants from dirty energy Coal kills 13,000, oil fumes hundreds of thousands and sicken millions.......this is the tax on our health that dirty air, the free dump we have ceded to private enterprises, creates.

Cleaning up the air, limiting the damage, reversing the trend
is a right of every human being. The air is our commons and anyone who pollutes it should be arrested, made to pay for the damage, and locked up.

The argument against curtailing CO2 emissions (which are part of a dirty dumping which also includes many toxins) is that it is better to be sick and die young than pay a little more for energy, to fund the clean up. Would you rather save money or save your life?

Climate change denial is the intellectual construct which defends the proposition that it is better to cut costs than to save lives, for the sake of maximum profit. Money is the higher value. That is the culture climate denial serves, the pimp for whom it works.

Anonymous said...

Its always easier to spread misinformation as surface data without diving into the cause. As ice shelves that ring the southernmost continent disintegrate in warming temperatures, the fresh water that flows from them accumulates in a cool and fresh surface layer on top of the ocean. This cool layer then shields the surface ocean from the warmer, deeper waters that are melting the ice shelves. The study shows that global warming can cause regional cooling, and that's quite counter intuitive.

Jim Ludwig said...

Encouraging comments so far. Intelligence is our only possible deliverance. Reactivity simply mires deeper.

Reactivists think in terms of ice "extent". Proactivists, if you will, understand that "volume" is all that matters. Geoengineers might be able to spend billions in taxpayer funds spraying artificial clouds ("chemtrails") to block sunlight and generate an extensive skiff of ice, but they can do nothing about the permafrost melting back about a mile per year.

Melting clathrates have Arctic waters bubbling with methane.

The methane releases, not skiffs of sea ice, tell the truth.


Other than the poisoning all life Earth, geoengineering/chemtrails have little effect on such a vast atmosphere. No! It's really about genocide; reducing the global population.

Anonymous said...

Can the global warmites take off their tin foil hats yet?

Jim Ludwig said...

Perhaps this proves the value of : "Who Are The Deniers Now? Record Ice Growth in 2013"

Seven comments of Intelligent Proactivity...before "SNAKEBELLY" sidewinded into the truth with "It's really about genocide; reducing the global population." Never mind the clinker about chemtrails having little effect on such a vast atmosphere.... Chemtrails, officially, do not exist. But if they did exist, officially, LOCAL blocking of solar radiation might be the official reason? I know, that's a stretch, "official" reasons having anything to do with truth....

Today, locally...chemtrails have effectively inhibited solar radiation by spreading a silvery haze over the the little bit of "vast atmosphere" those who actually look up see every day...58 individual chemtrails before sunset. Right now, the subdued moon is sporting a fresh chemtrail right across its face. Looks like they'll be spraying all night---affirmation of SNAKELBELLY'S ultimate thesis?

Sidewinding the truth, tip o' the hat, SNAKEBELLY.

As for "Anonymous @ 8:52 PM...perfect. You deserve a bonus. Better late than never. Can't win for losin'. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Colder than a witch's tit. Slicker than snot on a wet doorknob. Some you win, some you lose. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tinfoil hats....

Jon David Miller said...

There is so much misunderstanding about climate change, global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, ice forming, ice melting, etc. What if solar changes are more the issue than human activities?

People argue arrogantly with much passion, yet they do not know the full truth. Neither do the scientists that think they are right, because the data is not correct. Some of it is only partial information, some has actually been falsified. Conclusions are not correct when data is wrong or incomplete.

Chemtrail geo-engineering is a wrench thrown into the weather and climate processes that appears to be making things worse. In any case it is poisoning us.

Let's stop the chemtrails AND sensibly reduce pollution, while assembling an un-purchased, unbiased set of diverse experts to select correct data, analyze it properly and figure out what is happening with the solar system, our planet and its climate.

Then we need to determine our best responses without the interference of the power control cabal who try to manipulate everything, including science, the weather, the atmosphere and the people.

Additional info at

Mark McCandlish said...

I noted that the name of the author was conspicuously absent.

Many good comments. It is true-- the depth or "thickness" of the ice is where the data really becomes shocking. A thin layer of frozen water on the surface is mere window dressing. And melted ice that was already in the ocean contributes little to rising sea levels as ice volume is greater than the water it takes to make this frozen mass.

The greatest concern among those studying glacier melt off (like expert Jason Box) is the ice sitting out of the water on land. Because when it melts, that water will cause sea levels to rise. And the data he has collected has astounded even Box. There is one glacier in Antarctica sitting on layers of melted flowing water, ready to slide off into the ocean right now. The only thing holding it back is a submarine ridge just off shore. As the melting continues, the potential for this portion of the glacier to collapse rises, and if it does, the entire glacier will slide into the ocean in a matter of days. If that happens, the sheer volume of the sea rise will be about 6 feet world-wide. Coastlines will be inundated and millions are likely to die.

Hasn't anyone wondered why DHS, Social Security and FEMA have bought nearly three billion rounds of hollow point ammunition over the last two years? They know what's coming. Pick up a copy of the September National Geographic. It contains satellite maps of the continents showing how much coastline will be lost if this sort of thing happens. Most metropolitan areas on the coast, like New York, Miami, Los Angeles-- all under water.

And the comment above about cold, fresh water of a lower specific gravity (no mineral content) on the ocean surface is true. It pushes warmer waters (like the Gulf Stream Current on the east coast of the U.S.) down to the sea floor in a process called "subduction". The surface water, being colder, influences European weather, making it seem colder. But the warmer water on the sea floor accelerates the sublimation (ice turning directly to gas) of the frozen methane hydrates on the ocean floor. Methane is far more harmful in terms of its impact on global warming than Carbon Dioxide. So we are in for a lot of trouble.

I predict at least a foot of water covering Florida before this decade is out. Probably sooner, as the process speeds up exponentially.

Anonymous said...

Extra ice means it is way too late to do anything about global warming. Enjoy the next ice age , should thin out the herd of useless vermine quite nicely. On day winter will start and never stop )

Anonymous said...

Tell the CAGWs to simply shutt up.

I live in the sub-artic sone and to read the morronic babbling about Warming is hilarious, and they dont have any clue, and realy everything they know on what they read in the "news".

Its caled Marodic ozilations(I hope I gott the word right), and is aprox a 60 year cycle, and now we swing to the cold side of it, and thats a fact. The winter in the Artics are back.

And I have slammed the morons for years, and stil they lie. But to my sorrow, the NASA is becomed a whore, trying to survive in a gov. that have no money left to feed their world as it was in the "old days", when NASA was in its peek.

And one other thing as well, why do they lie about the Moon, and Mars. Both have atmosphere, and I am 100% certain they are lying about Mars, with I fully belive is capable to sustain life, right now. They lie about everything.
Ask them why we see fake collored images, like the Moon, have you ever seen the moon in its true collors, I have.


7ae21164-9167-11e2-ac03-000f20980440 said...
Irreversible mass loss of Canadian Arctic Archipelago glaciers
TL8E Sea level rise

Look Ma, no jet stream.
Too late to stop a quadrupling of heat waves.

Newest Sword Of Damocles

Barely hanging on by a thread: holding back a recently discovered
large subsurface liquid Antarctic reservoir--5 meter ocean rise potential.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. Maybe the real conspiracy is that the TPTB know an ice age is coming, and they are trying to cool the earth as much as possible with geo engineering and CO2 reduction to kill off as many people as possible.

Anonymous said...

Even those who explicitly pound their fists in favor of a man-made global warming/ doomsday scenario can, I hope, at the very least, recognize the cultureand of fear and that the climate mainstream "experts" are creating.
If you can recognize that, then certainly you understand that fear is the best tool for manipulation that exists in the current global paradigm.

So I ask everyone, denier, skeptic, or proponent, to avoid the condesension and the vitrioloc attitudes. Real, imagined, and/or exaggerated and hijacked as a political tool of the elite the mccarthy-like/ witch-hunt type atmosphere and shaming should give us all pause. All problems are best faced with equanimity and a mind for cooperation. The anger, vitriol and mocking only serve those with ulterior motives.

Personally, I will wager that many of us will still be alive in 2050 to judge the century of climate change alarmism and its veracity for ourselves.

If it's true, then human settlement patterns will steadily begin a readjustment away from coasts and equatorial regions....that is our doomsday scenario folks... not the apocalypse that haunts our dreams and makes hollywood movies.

On the other hand If it has been blown out of proportion, and history generally does favor the skeptic, then we can all look back on this and hopefully laugh (at how the globalists plan for world government and depopulation blew up in their face).

Either way love, patience and a critical mind are the best us "non-experts" have to offer here. Please consider that.

Tim Groves said...

Good article, followed by lots of petulant comments from the alarmist fringes.

If you take a class or several in climate science and you believe everything your teacher tells you, have faith in the program, and stick your fingers in your ears whenever somebody says anything that challenges the knowledge you've been programmed with, you will have a good chance of agreeing with Dale above on every point he makes.

In order to do this, you need to have just enough intelligence to be able to digest the bullet points and learn the slogans by heart, but not enough curiosity so that you start exploring the background to the knowledge or questioning whether it's valid. Because most of what is taught at most of today's climate science classes is propaganda rather than science, actually asking deep penetrating scientific questions about the subject tends to prove prove fatal to one's climate alarmist convictions.

Over the three decades since the global warming propaganda first began to be catapulted, the scientifically literate laity have gradually freed themselves from its mystique and separated most of the fact from the fiction on this issue, leaving the alarmist ranks populated mainly by young political and environmental activist types who weren't spanked enough when they flew into tantrums as children and in consequence have grown up into whining self-obsessed misanthropes who are convinced they know the truth about everything.

Dr. Goldstein said...

Long story made short: We are living between ice ages !!!
I am happy about that .

Our current warm period(interglacial) over the last 11,500 years is called the Holocene.

125,000 years ago the warm period was called the Eemian Interglacial.

Google Holocene Interglacial, and also Eemian Interglacial. Once you understand interglacials you will know more about climate than 1000 global-warming fearmongers.

Earlgrey said...

Think! Is this surface ice with little ice mass?
The pole melts beyond its maximum the last years, but there is evidence of mechanical or man made physical influences such as HAARP to achieve the melting. Not to mention the oil producers that are ready to destroy everything there as well, the north and south pole are not becoming bigger on mass, actually the south pole is reducing its ice borders..warm ocean streams have been bent such by HAARP , it licks the coasts of Antartica.The weather changes are not caused by industries, that could have been taken by the forests easily, as we all know the most greatest forests existed when there was much more carbon in the air. It is the melting of permafrost land that releases methane, and the cattle industries are second to it. CO2 actually cools the planet, !
And yes, this confusing hoax manipulations make people not know what to think about anymore...
Maybe even this i wrote is not true anymore.
Interests have a great power..its all about the money power and absolute control.

Anonymous said...

Dear author please subscribe for Mission to Mars and let us try to safe this planet.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious we have an abundant amount of geniuses and experts on just about every subject here in America.

What I don't understand is with so many people with brains coming out of their ears we are still doing so badly in this nation of experts.

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Oh when oh when will Green Party Adriana Magnutto-Hamu pay me her losing $100 bet that the temperature has kept rising! Har har har.

Rev Ryan said...

Anonymous said...

Your ignorant if your passionate about either side of the argument, when we don't completely know the truth to either. Just because science tells us, doesn't mean anything when it's possibly manipulated in a way for the governments and the banking cartel to gain control of the population by fear and increased taxes, can't forget war too. And on the other hand, "science" also tells us that ALL the planets in the solar system are heating up. Are there civilizations on the other planets causing global warming like we supposedly are??????? I think not. Yes, maybe us humans are contributing to global warming, but "science" also tells us that it's an extremely small percentage of us part taking in all this nonsense and global warming is part of a trend that happens throughout world history over and over even before the cabal started fearing the population into being "green" and starting to tax us for breathing.
History tells us propaganda works. It also tells us that we can't believe everything were being told about this ensuing nightmare of a supposed warming earth that is due to it being all of OUR fault. People need to do some deep research on each side before jumping on either. It's not safe to just take something as truth these days just by listening to the Lamestream Media that controls all the information coming through the TV and fearing people for no reason.
Watch this video of Bill Gates admitting there needs to be depopulation while all the mindless drones clap for him and smile. It's gross.

Now go here and watch a few of these episodes on why we don't really need to depopulate the earth. Depopulation is just a globalist eugenics dream, aka- Bill Gates as one of them.

This is all just something to think about and it goes WAY deeper than you might think, so keep digging for truth, it will set us all free and keep us together in a real crisis other than fabricated ones created by the propaganda machine, which we hope this one is a false one that really isn't harmful and just an earthly trend that is being taken advantage of and used for an awful agenda. It's not the only thing we need to worry about. Please dig deeper.

Danny Adams said...

Some have brought this up. But then they can't answer the question "Why would there be so much ice added in a single year?"

Anonymous said...

Know your facts

edwardmd said...

Since there is no reference to the data, this is more scam science being passed off as fact. The total area of the ice has increased, however the total volume of ice had decreased.

Who’s Lying? A Simple Tale of Unbiased Global Warming Facts: ‘The Mysterious CO2 Planets: Mars, Venus and Earth
GeoEngineering*: The Basic Science of Cooler Summer and Frigid Winter – The Answer to the Scam of ‘If it’s ‘global warming’, why is it so cold?’ *ChemTrails

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight. Only ignorant idiots talk about global warming. Scientist have never said global warming - they have said global weather extremes. There is a difference.

EyesWideOpen said...

LMAO @ The Doomtards, you people are mentally ill, you hold up coulds, mights, possible, and other similar words and expect to be taken seriously, what part of NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT WARMING SINCE 1997 do you need explained to you?? We have had 6 consecutive years of northern winters breaking ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS for cold, and EVERY climate model ever passed off as 'science' has been WRONG. Like I said, you people are quite insane... "When one person suffers delusion it is called insanity, when many people suffer delusion it is called Climate Science"

EyesWideOpen said...

"Get your facts straight. Only ignorant idiots talk about global warming. Scientist have never said global warming - they have said global weather extremes. There is a difference."
Oh my God, that comment takes denial, delusion and outright lies to a whole new level doesn't it?? The fruitcakes have been found wanting and this is their defence?? Hahahhahaha, its even better that the "warming means cooling" defence....get professional help 'anonymous' you sir/madam are not well at all, cant you see it?? Your comment is ludicrous, as is your assumption that any right thinking person would take it seriously.... FUNNY FARM!!

EyesWideOpen said...

What really gets me is that all these climatetards dont even realise they are cheering for their own enslavement, they dont get that Agenda 21 will reduce their lives and that of their families to something even worse thatn the former USSR, which is ironic as the same people behind that failed social experiment are also behind the "Great Global Warming Swindle" Dont you clowns get it?? The plan is to ensue a global communist dictatorship under the guise of 'environmentalism' with that comes massive depopulation, of which you are NOT exempt, and basically a rich mans world where the serfs (us) are allowed no luxuries, no comforts, no private property ownership and NO FREEDOMS, any moron who looks closely enough at the agenda can surely see that, its as blatant as the sun in the sky, snap out of it losers, or by the time you have the 'DOH' moment it will be too late

Anonymous said...

My god I have never seen such a large amount of comments left for an Activist Post story. I'd also like to state the comments section of this story has an unbelievably large amount of TROLLS at work! The author must be on to something.Good work!

Anonymous said...

Always be careful with numbers and statistics.
For example after a year with record shrinkage of the ice pack during summer, what can you expect but record growth.
Lets keep it simple start with a pie, cut it into ten pieces, remove five and then add them back, five piece growth.
Now instead of five pieces removes 7 pieces and now add back six, woo hoo, record growth but wait, you are still down one piece.
You can have even more fun distorting it with percentages. How to use bullshit and mass media to make something look like it isn't.
Also never forget climate change is a global not regional phenomena, so changes in global averages count more than regional weather changes.

Anonymous said...

Leftists hate privately owned automobiles with a passion.
The old UDSSR had all of the resources for a huge automobile industry, but commie nutcases cannot tolerate the idea of a mobile population.
And thus we have this whole "Climate change" scam, simply as a means to finally eliminate automobile usage, except of course for the leftist politicians, who will then be issued their "official vehicles" for "Official duties"
This coming from a Detroit born jazz performer,and "Mensa" society member of forty years.

proteous said...

Love the perpetuated lie that 99% of scientists agree about global warming. This is simply not true, never has been. If you disagree then show us the data, give us the reference of the poll taken of all the worlds scientists that give the result of 99%.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the global warming folks as far as how much they irritate people who think otherwise is that, most of the so-called deniers, aren't arguing global warming, they are arguing what mans effect on it actually is.

proteous said...

A lie told often enough will eventual be believed.

Anonymous said...

To "Eyes wide open",
you my friend are a rare bird indeed, you have a brilliant mind and fantastically keen powers of observation and a wonderful way of expressing yourself.
Your synopsis of the this perfidious climate scam is so fucking perfect that I could not have said it better.
This coming from a "Mensa" society member of forty years.
And Jazz performer, someone who is not supposed to even think along such "Reactionary" lines.
By the way I have seen with my own two eyes, communistic society from the inside, and all of the fools who have no clue as to what they are in the process of summoning up, well I guess they had it coming.

ICE said...

I have written one, on how manipulating this article is and how stupid you are for not reading the whole NASA story!

John said...

You really shouldn't trust right-wing propagandists like the "Daily Mail" and Nigel Farage...

This article was posted in the facebook comments section but it's worth reposting here, in case you didn't see it -

As others have noted, there are two types of threat from climate change. Long-term [by 2100? - James Lovelock], the earth will be unlikely to support more than a billion humans - a bit tricky for an estimated population of 9 billion in 2050.

Meanwhile, there's also the risk of rapid, unadaptable change, as the methane gets released (this has happened before) and if one of the ice shelves in the Antarctic or Greenland collapses into the sea (which seems to be happening).

I understand distrust of the mainstream agenda but it can be wrong-headed. A friend of mine said "even George W Bush now accepts that global warming is happening - therefore it must be a lie!"

The reality is that there has been a long campaign of denial and misinformation; even now, governments are paying lip-service to mitigation but, in reality, are carrying on with business as usual, hoping for the best...

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