Monday, September 9, 2013

URGENT: False Flag Involving Israel to Implicate Syria in the Works Says RT

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Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

After a stunning geopolitical move by Russia and Syria involving the surrendering of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, the special interests seeking war have been forced to adjust their rhetoric and timetable around what is now a quickly dissolving casus belli.

The surrendering of Syria's chemical weapons would not only critically set back rhetorical arguments being made to justify war with the nation, but would also preempt future false flag operations in the works.

Perhaps fearing war was not possible, just such a false flag appears to have been exposed by Russia's English language news service, RT. RT claims sources have discovered a plot by terrorists to carry out a chemical weapons attack on Israel from government-controlled areas within Syria for the sole purpose of framing the Syrian government and provoking an Israeli retaliation.

One can only imagine the torrent of propaganda that would burst forth from the Western media invoking "gassed Jews" and the 21st Century "Hitler" Bashar al-Assad - right around the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

While Israel is portrayed as wanting to "co-exist" with the current Syrian government, it should be remembered that such public statements are meant to undermine and taint Syria's credibility amongst the very extremist elements that Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia have armed, funded, and covertly directed for decades.

Israel is a documented collaborator with the United States in the subversion of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, as indicated in the extensive body of work represented by the Brookings Institution's 2009 "Which Path to Persia?" report, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh's 2007 New Yorker piece, "The Redirection."

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Anonymous said...

Have all the tricks in the globalists' bag been used so many times that now the gig is up?

Hopefully, this is also a sign that our collective learning curve is getting steeper. Thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

You guys keep up the truth-telling and maybe this
"no war with Syria" movement will catch traction and become the new "peace movement".

Anonymous said...

"They" are losing it! Thanks to all from whom truth is told!! Crazy enough, it just might work!!!

Joe said...

Lets hope the SSV-201 (Priazovye) intelligence ship off Syria works well enough to gather any damning false-flag evidence.

Dunno what will happen if the FF is directed at Israel or the US. I guess those stand a better chance for success due to better information control.

Anonymous said...

You better watch this (pt 1) Fallujah: the massacre, to see exactly what our gov is capable of. Pts 2 & 3 are also on youtube. Only 20 mins total.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, trying again: fallujah : rtsp://

Anonymous said...

Foul, foul maggots! The Blow-flies in D.C., (swine such as McCain/Biden/Lieberman et al), the third column dual citizens, (Chertoff etc.) and the devious toadies of Mossad deserve each other. Dream of a world free of all Central Banks and filth described above. It could arguably be Heaven on Earth.

0jr said...

they already do that with Palestine but with no deaths

ourgreaterdestiny said...

Did you know a third tower fell on 9/11? This question will appear on billboards, subways, buses, taxi tops, and street posters 09.11.13.

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE PETITION: To All Authorities Who Have the Sworn Duty and Legal Authority to Investigate the Events of September 11, 2001,

Educating one another, and raising our voices as one, are untapped potential. Together we can make this happen.

Anonymous said...

I still maintain that in order for the "gassed Jews effect" to have maximum impact on the brainwashed masses, then Israel needs to stage the false flag attack on the eve of the beginning of Yom Kippur (9/13/13 -- a nice occult date I'm sure)

I can hear the all the outraged refrains now -- "Poor little Israel"

Anonymous said...

Bar none, this is one tense and deceptive time for the entire world. While the brokering of Russia with Syria to surrender their cache of chemical weapons looks like progress for reason of deterrence of military action by the U. S. and France, I believe the world still needs to make it safely past tomorrow (maybe all week, month) which marks the 12th anniversary of the tragedy we now call "9-11." As many know, the chaos engineering cabal and sundry others who orchestrate these atrocities are deep into practices of the occult, such as Numerology, so how many know that tomorrow, Sept 11, will also be Syrian President Assad's (48th) birthday? Think about the symbolism of such doubly significant date which might be more than perpetrators of a next false flag could ignore.

Further, for potential of any such event in the U. S., can anyone finitely prove whether recent reports from some of the alternative news sources about formerly stored nuclear missiles being moved from West Texas to the Charleston Harbor in South Carolina (military hub) have any credence? Especially when (non-coincidentally) the raving war hawk in Sen. Lindsay Graham has been reported to say that if we don't implement military force in Syria...there could be great calamity for Charleston Harbor? Of all places in the country, why did he make reference to THIS location? One report noted that these missiles are capable of not only taking out a Navy destroyer, but the entire fleet. Now think how this would acutely affect Charleston Harbor and secondarily, the entire region.

Whenever you can, hug one another, help one another and be there for one another because we are truly now living in THE most treacherous and dangerous of times.

David A. Laibow said...

In mid-1987, a friend of mine who was a senior officer on the Israel Defense Forces general staff asked me for a plan proposal on overthrowing Saddam Hussein, and giving Israel an opportunity to seize the Saudi oil fields.
I suggested using Israeli chemical weapons against 3 Iraqi villages: one Sunni, one Shiite, and one Kurdish. Saddam Hussein (particularly, his son, "Chemical Ali" would be blamed, and two religious edicts would be issued for his overthrow: one for Sunnis and one for Shiites. The Israelis would supply air cover, Yasser Arafat's al-Fatah would provide ground troops, and al-Fatah would take over central Iraq (southern Iraq would go to Iran, northern Iraq would be an independent Kurdistan), and al-Fatah would ally itself with Israel, turning north to take over the Saudi oil fields in partnership with Israel. I turned the plan in, but I haven't gotten a "yes, we like it" or "no, forget it". Will this happen someday? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...
There seem to be a lot of false flag operations.

David & Yvonne said...

Hopefully this agreement is workable progress, between Assad, Obama, & Putin. Why stop there, why not destroy banned CW everywhere on Earth including stocks doubtless held by Russia, USA, UK, and all the rest of the supposedly 'shocked/horrified' CW stock-holding nations? I know, I know, I'm a dreamer! But try to imagine our only available planet totally cleansed of filthy chemical and nuclear weaponary. This would take mutual trust between nations but this must be preferable to our existance in a world filled with carefully generated fear of each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes! @ David & Yvonne......I was just thinking the same thing. If Syria is going to be forced to surrender the CW that they have now, then America and Israel should have to give up their CW to the world body of the UN also. It only would seem fair in the eyes of the world.

Although, I know that this will NEVER happen in the real world. The US Govt' can have all of their weapons (including CW, nuclear, and depleted uranium bullets!) and never give them up to anyone. How can they have their cake and eat it, too? I don't understand how Uncle Sam can be so hypocritical in their posturing. Well, I can.....but it is not right. This is not a defensive nation at this time militarily......we are always on the offense these days. The US Govt' are the attackers against at least five rightfully sovereign nations in the past decade! (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya just recently.) Only to try find and kill a few thousand extremists who we branded as enemies of the state of America. A little my opinion.

We are being forced as a nation into a war that almost all Americans do not want to happen. In fact, a major poll recently found out that more people are against a war with Syria than people who think the US Congress are doing a favorable job in Washington, DC!!!

Now, that is saying a whole lot to our so called leaders. But, alas.....they are deaf to our wishes. This war they want so badly will happen before the end of this year. It has been planned way before we even thought about it. Sad to say that it is going to happen.....the war drums have been beating in the MSM news 'o sphere too strongly for true peace to take place.

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