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Too Many Years Of Lies: From Mossadeq to 9/11

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Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

Washington has been at war for 12 years. According to experts such as Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, these wars have cost Americans approximately $6 trillion, enough to keep Social Security and Medicare sound for years. All there is to show for 12 years of war is fat bank balances for the armament industries and a list of destroyed countries with millions of dead and dislocated people who never lifted a hand against the United States.

The cost paid by American troops and taxpayers is extreme. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Erik Shinseki reported in November 2009 that “more veterans have committed suicide since 2001 than we have lost on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.” Many thousands of our troops have suffered amputations and traumatic brain injuries. At the Marine Corps War College Jim Lacey calculated that the annual cost of the Afghan war was $1.5 billion for each al-Qaeda member in Afghanistan. Many US and coalition troops paid with their lives for every one al-Qaeda member killed. On no basis has the war ever made sense.

Washington’s wars have destroyed the favorable image of the United States created over the decades of the cold war. No longer the hope of mankind, the US today is viewed as a threat whose government cannot be trusted.

The wars that have left America’s reputation in tatters are the consequence of 9/11. The neoconservatives who advocate America’s hegemony over the world called for “a new Pearl Harbor” that would allow them to launch wars of conquest. Their plan for conquering the Middle East as their starting point was set out in the neoconservative “Project for the New American Century.” It was stated clearly by Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz and also by many neoconservatives.

The neocon argument boils down to a claim that history has chosen “democratic capitalism” and not Karl Marx as the future. To comply with history’s choice, the US must beef up its military and impose the American Way on the entire world.

In other words, as Claes Ryn wrote, the American neoconservatives are the “new Jacobins,” a reference to the French Revolution of 1789 that intended to overthrow aristocratic Europe and replace it with “Liberty, equality, fraternity,” but instead gave Europe a quarter century of war, death, and destruction.

Ideologies are dangerous, because they are immune to facts. Now that the United States is no longer governed by the US Constitution, but by a crazed ideology that has given rise to a domestic police state more complete than that of Communist East Germany and to a warfare state that attacks sovereign countries based on nothing but manufactured lies, we are left with the irony that Russia and China are viewed as constraints on Washington’s ability to inflict evil, death, and destruction on the world.

The two pariah states of the 20th century have become the hope of mankind in the 21st century!

As Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick prove in their book, The Untold History of the United States, the American government has never deserved its white hat reputation. Washington has been very successful in dressing up its crimes in moralistic language and hiding them in secrecy. It is only decades after events that the truth comes out.

For example, on August 19, 1953, the democratically elected government of Iran was overthrown by a coup instigated by the US government. Sixty years after the event declassified CIA documents detail how the secret CIA operation overthrew a democratic government and imposed Washington’s puppet on the people of Iran.

The declassified documents could not have spelled it out any clearer:
The military coup that overthrew Mossadeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of U.S. foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government. (Source
In the 21st century Washington is attempting to repeat its 1953 feat of overthrowing the Iranian government, this time using the faux “green revolution” financed by Washington.

When that fails, Washington will rely on military action.

If 60 years is the time that must pass before Washington’s crimes can be acknowledged, the US government will admit the truth about September 11, 2001 on September 11, 2061. In 2013, on this 12th anniversary of 9/11, we only have 48 years to go before Washington admits the truth. Alas, the members of the 9/11 truth movement will not still be alive to receive their vindication.

But just as it has been known for decades that Washington overthrew Mossadeq, we already know that the official story of 9/11 is hogwash.

No evidence exists that supports the government’s 9/11 story. The 9/11 Commission was a political gathering run by a neoconservative White House operative. The Commission members sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. No investigation of any kind was made. One member of the Commission resigned, saying that the fix was in. After the report was published, both co-chairmen of the Commission and the legal counsel wrote books disassociating themselves from the report. The 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail,” they wrote.

NIST’s account of the structural failure of the twin towers is a computer simulation based on assumptions chosen to produce the result. NIST refuses to release its make-believe explanation for expert scrutiny. The reason is obvious. NIST’s explanation of the structural failure of the towers cannot survive scrutiny.

There are many 9/11 Truth organizations whose members are high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemists and nano-chemists, military and civilian airline pilots, firemen and first responders, former prominent government officials, and 9/11 families. The evidence they have amassed overwhelms the feeble official account.

It has been proven conclusively that World Trade Center Building 7 fell at free fall which can only be achieved by controlled demolition that removes all resistance below to debris falling from above so that no time is lost in overcoming resistance from intact structures. NIST has acknowledged this fact, but has not changed its story.

In other words, still in America today official denial takes precedence over science and known undisputed facts.

On this 12th anniversary of a false flag event, it is unnecessary for me to report the voluminous evidence that conclusively proves that the official story is a lie. You can read it for yourself. It is available online. You can read what the architects and engineers have to say. You can read the scientists’ reports. You can hear from the first responders who were in the WTC towers. You can read the pilots who say that the maneuvers associated with the airliner that allegedly hit the Pentagon are beyond their skills and most certainly were not performed by inexperienced pilots.

You can read David Griffin’s many books. You can watch the film produced by Richard Gage and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth. You can read the 9/11 Toronto Report, International Hearings on 9/11.

Actually, you do not need any of the expert evidence to know that the US government’s story is false. As I have previously pointed out, had a few young Saudi Arabians, the alleged 9/11 hijackers, been capable of outwitting, without support from any government and intelligence service, not only the CIA and FBI, but all sixteen US intelligence services, the intelligence services of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Traffic Control, and defeat Airport Security four times in one hour on the same morning, the White House, Congress, and the media would have been demanding an investigation of how the National Security State could so totally fail.

Instead, the President of the United States and every government office fiercely resisted any investigation. It was only after a year of demands and rising pressure from the 9/11 families that the 9/11 Commission was created to bury the issue.

No one in government was held accountable for the astonishing failure. The national security state was defeated by a few rag tag Muslims with box cutters and a sick old man dying from renal failure while holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, and no heads rolled.

The total absence from the government for demands for an investigation of an event that is the greatest embarrassment to a “superpower” in world history is a complete give-away that 9/11was a false flag event. The government did not want any investigation, because the government’s cover story cannot stand investigation.

The government could rely on the mega-media corporations in whose hands the corrupt Clinton regime concentrated the US media. By supporting rather than investigating the government’s cover story, the media left the majority of Americans, who are sensitive to peer pressure, without any support for their doubts. Effectively, the American Ministry of Propaganda validated the government’s false story.

Common everyday experiences of Americans refute the government’s story. Consider, for example, self-cleaning ovens. How many American homes have them? Thirty million? More? Do you have one?

Do you know what temperature self-cleaning ovens reach? The self-cleaning cycle runs for several hours at 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius. Does your self-cleaning oven melt at 482 degrees Celsius. No, it doesn’t. Does the very thin, one-eighth inch steel soften and your oven collapse? No, it doesn’t.

Keep that in mind while you read this: According to tests performed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), only 2% of the WTC steel tested by NIST reached temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius, about half the temperature reached by your self-cleaning oven. Do you believe that such low temperatures on such small areas of the WTC towers caused the massive, thick, steel columns in the towers to soften and permit the collapse of the buildings? If you do, please explain why your self-cleaning oven doesn’t weaken and collapse.

In Section E.5 of the Executive Summary in this NIST report  it says:
A method was developed using microscopic observations of paint cracking to determine whether steel members had experienced temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C. More than 170 areas were examined . . . Only three locations had a positive result indicating that the steel and paint may have reached temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C.” Analysis of steel “microstructures show no evidence of exposure to temperatures above 600 degrees C for any significant time.
In section 3.6 of the NIST report NIST states:
NIST believes that this collection of steel from the WTC towers is adequate for purposes of the investigation.
How did these truths get out? My explanation is that the NIST scientists, resentful of the threat to their jobs and future employment opportunities and chaffing under the order to produce a false report, revealed the coerced deception by including information that their political masters did not understand. By stating unequivocally the actual temperatures, NIST’s scientists put the lie to the coerced report.

The melting point of steel is around 1,500 degrees C. or 2,600 degrees F. Steel can lose strength at lower temperatures, but the NIST scientists reported that only a small part of the steel was even subjected to moderate temperatures less than those obtained by the self-cleaning oven in your home.

If you need to think about this a bit more, obtain a copy of The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes. Have a look at the streetcar in photo 108. The caption reads: “The Hiroshima fireball instantly raised surface temperatures within a mile of the hypocenter well above 1,000 degrees F.” Is the streetcar a melted lump of steel? No, it is structurally intact, although blackened with burnt paint.

Washington would have you believe that steel that survived intact the atomic bomb would melt from low temperature, short lived, isolated office fires. What do you think of a government that believes that you are that stupid?

Who would support a government that lies every time it opens its mouth?

The three WTC buildings that were destroyed were massive heat sinks. I doubt that the limited, short-lived, low temperature fires in the buildings even warmed the massive steel structures to the touch.

Moreover, not a single steel column melted or deformed from softening. The columns
were severed at specific lengths by extremely high temperature charges placed on the columns.

On this 12th anniversary of 9/11, ask yourself if you really want to believe that temperatures half those reached by your self-cleaning oven caused three massive steel structures to crumble into dust.

Then ask yourself why your government thinks you are so totally stupid as to believe such a fairy tale as your government has told you about 9/11.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing to correct you on is the term "your government". This is not our government. Thank you Mr. Roberts for you dedication to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dr Paul Craig Roberts appeals to EVERYONE, because he's a truthteller beyond the fake parties. Thank you Dr Roberts.

Anonymous said...

The criminal mafia bankster asset absorption scam is always the same, corrupt the politicians, indebt the country w money just printed off a machine, the country goes bankrupt, the banksters swoop in for assets, vital resources, n special contracts. Not a bad gig.

The mafia bankster plan afoot now is to take the US down by the same plan.

1. Create n fund the perfect enemy.
2. Control the country's money supply w a central bank, ie the Fed.
2. Indebt the US w war n borrowed trillions it can never pay back.
3. Create Obamacare to force trillions more borrowed to pay for more than half the population on welfare.
4. Implode the economy.
5. Take the world to WW3 just for giggles to put the US on its knees.
6. With the US bankrupt n unable to pay its debt, the criminal mafia banksters swoop in for assets, vital resources, n special contracts.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

"The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependent on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from that class."

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1863


Anonymous said...

A good portion of the Greater Middle East project came from Brzezinski, a hard-core socialist minded ideologue who served in Carter's administration as National Security Adviser and as an official adviser to Obama as well. Brzezinski was an academic chosen by Rockefeller to be a brilliant one-man think tank, he is neither politically "neoliberal" nor "neoconservative", he is a globalist embracing concepts from both camps. It is inaccurate to paint U.S. warmongering as emanating solely from the neoconservative political wing when the planning and facilitation of American geopolitical actions have been the work of globalists functioning on a higher level as controllers and paymasters for political groups.

It's theater, the good cop vs. bad cop routine, and it is done on the international stage too as geopolitical experts such as Professor Michel Chossudovsky have eloquently explained.

The elites' current working model for global totalitarianism is technocracy, a techno-fascist surveillance society where every aspect of your life is "scientifically" decided for you and all resources are allocated based on need and, most importantly, "social utility". This clearly is not neoconservatism, it has many overtones of traditional socialism (Marxism). So to say TPTB who have tight leashes on their neocon minions reject Marxism is not quite accurate.

Let's also not forget that the first major false flag attack on U.S. soil, the OKC bombing, took place when Clinton was in office. It was also under Clinton that the Glass Steagall Act was dismantled giving the banksters an opening to pillage, distort the economy, and set up a massive debt bubble to achieve a staggering transfer of wealth from the public to themselves and their cronies.

It is so very important that we never stop shining the light on the 9/11 false flag given that it was the fulcrum event launching illegal wars, setting the stage for a global police state eviscerating our civil liberties and basic humanity, destroying capital to weaken the resiliency of people around the world, the further centralization of political and economic power, and an unprecedented fleecing of the public and taxpayers.

I am heartened to see that after many years of reticence, Paul Craig Roberts is now openly challenging the official 9/11 story, better late than never as we need as many truthers as possible to expose the matrix of lies. I would also love to see Oliver Stone openly admit to 9/11 as having been a false flag which he, so far, has refused to do despite the magnificent work he did with his JFK movie. It seems to be understood that public figures who openly challenge the official 9/11 story face a dire threat. We have people like Noam Chomsky who is seemingly hostile to 9/11 truthers churning out voluminous writings on "blowback". We need prominent people with courage, not limited hangouts, to lead the way.

For an excellent article on the complex layers of limited hangouts surrounding 9/11, check out the link below.

Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots


madranger said...

The 9/11 attack was like a cancer and the malignancy keeps growing with every criminal act that our rulers cook up.

kim said...

Fabulous summation of our ridiculously crooked and lying government, and the audacious thirst for bloodshed and destruction they quench by torturing and killing individuals and families worldwide. I would like to add how many families are broken up due to messed up returning military, who do not fit back into society for many reasons (not their fault) and that the figure is staggering when we look at those vets who end up in jail, prison, or homeless. Add that to the suicide rate, and I think we might have a whole 5% left who can make it--who can do what our nation expects (lie for the gov, and "walk it off") I don't know how we can ever make up to them the abuse our gov has perpetrated on them and all of the civilians killed and maimed. Politicians ordering attacks do not represent the american people, yet they force us to support their hideous actions, and do "lie every time" they open their mouths. Whoever (or whatever) these leaders and corporate magnates are, they are far worse than anything the world has ever seen, even if only judged by the scale of their destruction and the degree of their corruption. Absolutely, positively sickening.

Anonymous said...

Excellent and thanks for coming on board to get the truth out. The Shah of Iran was the American puppet leader who "controlled" Iran for decades along with the US trained secret police who were thought police and torturers of anyone in Iran who tried to engage in free speech. America does NOT export civil rights, free speech, freedom of assembly, etc. America made Iran (Persia) into a nightmare fascist state, and now, as we sat back and failed to stop that debacle, or the CIA created debacle in Viet Nam, we are paying with our own lives. Americans have done nothing in the face of American driven horrors, and it has all returned to make America a fascist police state and Third World Country. We have reaped what we sowed all over the world.

Anonymous said...

911 FRAUD = lies lies lies and we all fell for it.
False Flag = protect the petro dollar at all costs and destroy anti usury Muslim oil nations. = GREEDY world bankers taking out the competition.

Israel , US , NATO are assisting Al Qaeda and the rebels. = Zionist world bankers and the NWO .

Israel , mossad ,CIA , US orchestrated 911.
911 truther or 911 sucker. Which one are you.
You Tube , Architect and Engineers for 911 proof. = nano thermate demolition

Anonymous said...

Well I think it's just about all been said. I don't know all the details. But I do believe that the towers were hit by hijacked aircraft and eventually fell for one reason or another. If that's established, and despite all the Steel Buildings Contractors in Edmonton or anyone else could do, they still fell and it escalated the tensions and gave America a cause to unite under. It also initiated more bloodshed and conflict. One way or another the defenders of our country failed us on this instance and now have raised the bar a notch. There are always good sides and bad sides but we see what we choose to see and the side we build on will grow.

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