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The New Mafia Wears A Badge

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

In part one of this series, I documented how the banks are positioning for an economic crash by securing as many hard assets as possible. Whether it be your home that is stolen through MERS fraud, or your secure brokerage account which is stolen by Jon Corzine and MF Global, or if it is an unjust court ruling which allows the banks the legal right to steal your bank deposits, nobody’s private property is safe from confiscation.

Policing for Fun and Profit

The practice discussed in this article is called civil asset forfeiture and is often referred to as "policing for profit." It involves every aspect of law enforcement from the local police to federal authorities. Civil asset forfeiture laws permit the authorities the legal right to actually steal your private assets. No, these laws are not the RICO laws in which convicted drug dealers and money launderers forfeit their private property obtained in the commission of organized criminal activity. Civil asset forfeiture allows law enforcement the “legal right” to steal your assets even when you have not been convicted or even when you have not been accused of a crime. The practice makes potential thugs and thieves out of every law enforcement official who dons a badge.

No judge will ever rule that this practice is unconstitutional, which it clearly is, because the judge gets to go to conferences (i.e. vacations), can eat at for free at expensive restaurants, drive a county vehicle for free, attend football games for free and generally enjoy the perks that any common thief gets to enjoy as a result of sharing in the spoils of this unconstitutional activity.

In many jurisdictions, the money has been used to fund the re-election campaign of a local District Attorney. In Georgia, civil asset forfeiture money was used to purchase expensive football tickets for local officials. The money can also be used to pay for salaries, elaborate and expensive equipment and other perks not necessarily related to law enforcement.

The practice of civil asset forfeiture has corrupted our entire legal process and this practice is best summarized in the following the video.

When salaries and perks are on the line, rogue cops have a strong incentive to increase the seizures, as evidenced by an increase in the regularity and size of such seizures in recent years. Asset forfeiture practices often go hand-in-hand with racial profiling; and, according to the ACLU, can seriously impact low-income African-American or Hispanic people in which local police can exercise their law enforcement discretion and decide who “looks suspicious” and for whom the arduous and expensive process of trying to get one’s property back is an expensive challenge.

Victimizing Minorities for Fun and Profit

Beginning in 2006, the police in Tenaha, Texas would randomly stop, search, and would steal private property from Blacks and Hispanics traveling through the town even though there was no suspicion of criminal activity.

Typically, the police shakedown would consist of threatening travelers that if they did not turn over their cash and other identified valuables, they would be arrested on money laundering charges and have their children taken by Child Protective Services. If they turned over the cash, they would be let go. Most people would simply turn over their money. Some people actually tried to recover their money, but found they needed to hire lawyers and prove their innocence in front a judge who was profiting from the seizures, a process that was too expensive and not practical for many.

Several individuals affected by this practice joined a class-action lawsuit against Tenaha and several city and county officials, challenging these illegal stops and seizures. The ACLU joined the case, Morrow v. City of Teneha, et al., in July 2012. In August 2012, the ACLU settled a class action suit against officials in Tenaha and Shelby Counties.

James Morrow was arrested and spent the night in jail as he was traveling through Tenaha, TX. Police seized nearly $4,000 in cash and threatened to prosecute him for money laundering if he did not forfeit his money. To get out of jail, he agreed to forfeit his cash and he was let go. Morrow eventually got his money back but had to pay over $3,500 in attorney fees to recover his money. Morrow and dozens of other victims contacted the ACLU. It was estimated that as much as $3 million dollars was stolen by local officials from innocent motorists between 2006 and 2008 in over 140 cases. Morrow and dozens of others were made whole over five years later.

The examples are infuriating. An elderly couple in Philadelphia had their home seized after their son allegedly sold $20 worth of grass on the front porch. A church secretary in Virginia had $28,500 in church donations confiscated by the highway patrol because he was caught speeding.

In Tennessee, along Interstate 40, the police are shaking down out of state motorists and stealing their cash and property at rates that dwarf the proven criminality of Tenaha, TX. NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee created the following video which clearly demonstrates how police use “civil asset forfeiture” laws to steal money from unsuspecting motorists. Please note how the Deputy District Attorney admits that her jurisdiction makes money from this process. Also make note of how a local Tennessee police chief admits that if officers do not seize “enough” cash, they could lose their jobs.


Under civil forfeiture laws, the government does not have to report how cases of individual theft that they engage in, nor are they required to report the amount of money stolen from individual citizens. Citizens don’t have to be found guilty to forfeit their assets. It is a very large loophole that law enforcement agencies are more than happy to exploit to the tune of $4.2 billion annually.

There are some common sense practices that motorists can follow in an attempt to minimize the damage. First, if you are dealing with a federal law enforcement agency, invoke your Fifth Amendment right to not answer any questions. If you make the mistake of speaking to the federal officials, they can accuse you of lying (your word vs. their word) and you can do time for this offense. Additionally, advise the officials that you are not speaking to them without an attorney present and when they mock you and ask you why, hold to your right to remain silent. When they ask you for permission to search your vehicle, tell them to get a warrant and that you are insisting on having an attorney present if they have any suspicion that you have broken any laws. They will belittle you and threaten you for not cooperating, but do not back down. If you are polite, professional, yet firm and appear to know your rights, the cops might move on to an easier, less constitutionally aware person. Also, if at all possible, film the entire encounter. And for goodness sake, try to not travel with very much cash on you, particularly if you traveling out of state, because as you have seen, the local police mafia is lying in wait.

We live in a time when banks, brokerages and the government can “legally” steal from you without following due process of law. We live in a country with no rules. Might makes right and you have about as much civil liberty as a person walking the streets of Somalia.

I used to respect all police officers, but it is difficult to not hold the entire profession in contempt, because they are the mobile tax collectors for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Claiming to be understaffed, they often refuse to respond to calls for help, but they are “Johnny-on-the-spot” when it comes to stealing your property. First the banks, now the police mafia.

Nobody knows exactly how many citizens are actually victimized by this highway robbery. Estimates place the number of victims at over 100,000 cases per year. Let’s be clear, this practice is a clear violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution. I almost forgot to mention that every one of these actions by the police are consistent with a nation that is under martial law.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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Anonymous said...

Back in the days when pirates plundered ships at sea, they would fly the flag of a friendly country and once they got close to you, they took down the false flag and ran up the Jolly Roger. The ship being attacked knew they were being attacked by an enemy, not a friend.

Today, our police fly the "protect and serve" camouflage, badge, uniform, flashing lights yet never actually reveal their real intentions during their attack like pirates did. Pirates were in reality much more honorable than our police are today.

I've asked this question before and never got a real answer. Can any government official out there answer the question, "What is the job of our police"? It's clearly NOT to protect and serve, so what is it? If we knew that, we could compare what they do to what they are supposed to do and make an informed decision about the legality of what they do to us.

If their job is to steal money from citizens, then we shouldn't focus on the criminality of police, we should be confronting the people who mandate this.

I'll ask again. Can any government official out there answer the question, "What is the job of our police"? It's not a stupid question. Does ANYONE really know the answer?

barebones said...

As I have been saying for years: ALL LAW IS SACK OF BULLSHIT, forever back, now, and forever forward!!

At any legal event, what is the LAW depends on the perceptions and motivations of the person with the biggest stick.

Hammurabi merely created an illusion of justice. In practice, all legal activity was and still is subject to ad-just-ments for a few Shekels.

Hide Behind said...

Not all is wrong with police place a lot of it upon our own shoulders, as we asked for cops, all kinds of cops to enter our lives, and not all are police in blue uniforms.
Police know that the vast majority of populace are no more than animals, they came from one pack or another of those animals.
Once in blue they are seperated and elevated to serve and protect the civil infrastucture.
Why should police respect you; Who or what are you that you think you deserve being treated as anything but a lump of meat?
You are despicable examples of humans without minds of their own,; No more than herd and grazing animals.
Keep whining and maybe someone will take pity on you¿
You took pity on the people in Iraq when 96 billions of their nations money went into Us banks, did you not¿
You took pity on the Afghans when some 150 million of their money and properties in US went inro tyour banks, did you not¿
You have felt the pain of the billions upon billions of money and over 300 billion -n properties confiscated from Iran, did and doyou notsill yoay 30 years of it later¿
karma can be one hard bitch and she does notrecognize individual whining when its nations innocence on the line.
Americans are finally feeling what they've been inflicting upon over a100 nations since 1955.
Too late to begin crying now as it happens to you. when you were the ones who came to take away and no one could stop you; And now others of your same ilk are coming for you.

Anonymous said...

Citizens are getting parking tickets they don't deserve, too. What to do? Spend a whole day fighting it in court, and lose that day's pay, or just pay the thugs?

Anonymous said...

First sign of a collapse and LEO will run for the hills because people will be firing back.

They're bullies and bullies don't like people fighting back.

Anonymous said...

We fired "all" the police dept. in Inglis Fl.(34449) this year ,the county sheriffs taking over ! Many Florida cities have done this . A few years ago the sheriff for Citrous Co.Fl. Mr Dawssy, had $465,000.00 left over from the county budget because gas prices had come down from the year before when the budget was created . He "took" that counties money and split it up and shared it with his deputies as bonuses ! AN ACT WORTHY OF AN ARTICLE ON "ACTIVIST POST" !

Anonymous said...

My friend let me engage you in some stimulating conversation and please know everything I say is sincere and comes from a peaceful state of mind. You have every right to be angry for the robbery of the wealth of your country. But please differentiate between the American People and the American Government. The people gain nothing from war, the banks do. On top of that it our own brothers and sisters who die. The people don't want war as the recent events in Syria show, but at the moment we have a rogue goverment and we're in the middle of changing it. The people are trying to avoid a physical civil war and have come up with new methods of revolution that avoid violence. We are trying to abandon this system for a better one. I wish you and your people the best and hope you understand the difference between our government and people. Ath the moment our government is bit listening to our voices, but we have guns in case...

Anonymous said...

The post by Hide Behind is an eye opener regarding the bankster pirates that control our international relationships and wars for profit. Since these same people are behind the drug trade ( note that drug production in Afghanistan has surged since the US occupation began) it should be no surprise that the corruption has settled down to infect local police and officials. It's going to get worse and even more of our liberties will be eaten away.

Anonymous said...

Asset forfeitures have been with us for 40 + years. The GAO's audit proved that law enforcement has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from these funds without any accountability of any kind.

Anonymous said...

The police protect and serve. It is just not the public that they protect and serve.

brad said...

Hide Behind - your argument is basically as invalid as the assumption of several black people i have spoken with who blame me for their economic impoverishment and loss of opportunity because i am white and they are black.

Well guess what, when the WEALTHLY parasitic class killed the economy, they killed MY work as a builder. At one point i had to go on EBT (food stamps) as i had four people, 3 pieces of chicken, 5 pieces of bread - no butter, some canned food, some pasta, and THIRTEEN FUKN DOLLARS IN MY ACCOUNT.

So shut the hell up instead of pretending that i am getting rich because the international, self annointed (false) elites in THIS country's banking system stole from other country's. I'd love to be a true friend to people in every country and have had friends from Byelorussia, England, and Korea at various times, but "MY" (hah) country is run by psychopathic morons working for the parasitic wealthy class.

So don't try to lay some stupid guilt trip on me, and tell me that i am some damb sheep or lemming. That really irritates me as i am likely to be killed for NOT being a sheep or lemming within the next two years.

So yeah, go hide behind, because you don't have it right to stand out front in my book.

Hide Behind said...

I do not believe in government by guns, nor do I believe in all the hype pf why the Kingdom of England surrendered self rule to the American colomials due to just our weaponry either but I recognize that some people need killing at certain tomes in history.
Our nation did not kill the royalty and enough of the British peoples to erase their corrupt practices from face of this earth and in a few years our own corrupt society got its ears tromped back when it declared war upon that self same Monarchs land holdings, Canada ,
American culture has always been a babaric culture, I am not talking of a few faggoty artistics that all nations hide their corruption behind as the attempt to show how civilized they are, but its culture of death dealing and trampling upon its feloe citizens as being just a buisness practice.
The buisness practices fro its earliest beginnnings have been the same as national interest when at war and in fact if one looks at collateral damage it is a economic term not one having to do with humane pruncipals.
Ome declares war upon its competitors with the same ferocity as national parriotism and even tries to infuse this among those it hires.
The weak had a meand to be represented but they in their igmorance ended up harming themselves bevause they indeed were ignorant and have no other excuse, none at all.
The nations peoples are predatory and just the excess wealth of nation has kept this predatory nature under control, but it no longer has that excess of capitalistic capabilitys to exploit its own so now it is abandoning its population to let them rend and tear at each other as the animals they are.
No other nations people had the "luxurry" of going to war without aanny disruption to the populace at large, one portion could send its killers our into world and meanwhile in pursuit of happuness and wealth by non belligerents could be afforded. That at any time the system provided a means where by the pipulace at large could end the killings whenever it wanted was never, never exercized; and instead the populace was fed small cash incentives and benefit packages to concentrate upon.
Tje system let the military bring home souveniers and to some extent captives in the form of foreign women looking for the Big PX and its military immature individuals got to pick women of beauty they coyld never of posessed otherwise.
A culture that talked freedom and allowed conscription originally after the WWII period as a means to alleviate pressure upon domestic industrialization that could not in a peacetime environment justify its existense or provide the needed jpbs
The nation unlike rest ofWWII combattants had lost very few of its males that in fact spent less than 30 days incombat so itwas aneasy war.
Almost all of yhecasualtys came on D day and upon invasions of a few islands in pacific ocean.
Easy wRs hyped to max and then the pure brutality of nation was unleashed upon Korean people and it was so enormous a slaughter and fullout barbarism the nation almostfefused to discuss or recognize it at all.
The draft continued to militarize the minfs of mainly males and females with too many male testosterones and iy became justified in American culture that ifvyou could not find a jpb the militaty neefed killers and they would reward you with cash benefits above populace and most of all raise you to martyrdom wether you dird or not.
The populace lived lies when they cpuld of ended lies yoo live in a more complicated but far more humane way.
That is the nature of the beast world calls americans.
That there is a sub vulture of no more than immature comfort females and males is no different than the fucking ancient civilizations of Assyria or Greco Roman andd previpus rras.

Hide Behind said...

I once packed a deer upon my back for over three miles of backwooods logging roads so my family had some meat on the table to go with our home canned goods as I had nounemployment or food stamps to get, not that I as long as the old Mossberg had bullets needed such luxuries.
In those days you worked a month to get a payday and the local store extended credit only to those they knew would ay once winter ended and you went back to work.
My credit limit was good because I shoveled cowshit and packed bales of hay through yes 36 inches of snow for over a mile each morn trying to save 37 head of calves at an upper ranch.
I also let the deer pluck hay from the bales as I packed them and sprwad more for elk.
Do mot talk of hard times I been there and I been to places whrre watching people trying to survive made me cry with thoughts of how lucky I and my family had been in those days.
I qatched as americans laughed as they watched children and adults dig bones from military dumps trying to gnaw the meat off of them and held a dying child malnoelrished body that even with nutrition available could not live.
So fuck you, I hide from no man nor from any government and especially I do not hide nor bend my knee to any fucking man made Gods either.
I have seen women that sold their bodies not for their crack or individual nreds but as a means to keep family alive and this was not only in poor nations but rught here in US.Poor white boy now finding out what institutionalized poverty is about. Woe is me this is your fucking ntion is it not? Then why and the fuck is it all you do is cry out for only yourself.
As to the times of winter it was my credit that helped feed others not as well known and come the thaws Some paid others did not but that had mot one thing to do with government pilicys, it is the vaguries of man.

Anonymous said...

I am a sovereign, and it is the only way to fight these thief's. A Freeman-on-the-land has these guys beat at their own game. The sole purpose of "The Police" is to go out and see what kind of money they can generate for their respective Corporations. However, they do need your consent to get the ball rolling. And hey, sometimes they won't even ask you for consent, they will just begin the procedure, and if you don't say "I DO NOT consent" you have already consented. People need to learn how the law actually works, instead of just complaining about it. I am a Freeman-on-the-land, and I have approved this message.

Anonymous said...

@ hide behind I agree with much of what you have said; but consider this, In the universe are laws which govern our existence, some laws are more senior than other laws meaning they have a greater degree of affect upon the constituents of the cosmos, For example the law of gravity is all pervasive until the law of lift is implemented to defy the law of gravity then one has the ability to defy the all pervasive gravity. there is a law that is senior to all laws and that is the law of attraction. it has been mysticism and the blame game on outside forces that has been used to control the masses (asses) since the inception of the use of fire by those who craved control over others. We are all one hundred percent responsible for our outcomes in life both good and bad due to the law of attraction. One attracts what they want or dont want based upon the thoughts and nature of those thoughts and the neuronal patterns in the brain that support those thoughts. So we have these scripts in the holy books that call for Armageddon and war and killing. Concurrently we have the law of attraction which operates whether you know it or not. So collectively the negativity that we witness daily is immense and these same negative people become geniuses at being negative and attracting all sorts of shit into the world and blaming it on others. the law of attraction is cold like nature it is immutable never changes. the solution is to change ones thoughts and the world will change. the facts of any given situation are subordinate to ones attitude. Attract what you want with a burning desire for it the elite do this with impunity and manifest the good things in life. Don't dally just fucken do it.

Anonymous said...

The job of the police is not to protect you, their job is to protect the corporation and arest, handout citations, and fines to code breakers of county, borough and city ordinances. In addition they serve evictions for breaking a lease agreement or contract and for defaulting on a mortgage from the bank.

In my solution to the financial and economic crisis I added a provision to the bill. I used the paradigm in the mosaic law or Tora of declaring a jubilee year on the 49th year and making it official by proclaming a jubilee on the 50th year. Those who owe debts on a mortgage they would be required to have a repurchaser such as, a family member. If no repruchaser could be found, it would go out in the 50th jubilee year making the debt null and void and returining each one to his possesion.

Those that don't keep God's laws and do not repent or turn around will be destroyed in the war of the Great God Almighty at Armagedon. It will not be war fought with human armies but will be a selective spiritual warfare. God's war against the wicked. The war between good and evil.

Anonymous said...

Sooo all these other thugs n crooks are operating under A GRAND INTELLIGENCE AGENCY that the VATICAN puts out - thank you Karen Hudes - World Bank Whistleblower - great stuff - Every single citizen is getting RIPPED OFF - B I G T I M E ! -

We played our part in this too. We were BAMBOOZLED. We ALLOWED the banksters to buy up all our wares and media, tell us lies...

If we DECIDE TO ALL WORK TOGETHER and ALL follow the money and All LISTEN and ALL do our HOMEWORK and then what's gonna happen that all this gold that's buried in this vault is gonna COME OUT and PAY OFF ALL these DEBTS and We are gonna each of us have more money than we know what to do with - EACH PERSON ON THIS PLANET. That's what the actual FACTS ARE !

What we're fighting about IS NOT MONEY !

We are FIGHTING about - CONTROL, but THE better way to describe it is, we are FIGHTING ABOUT LOVE... We're fighting about whether we love our fellow man, whether We have self respect - that's the REAL ISSUE that's what we're dealing with here. And if you then THINK about the people that We are entrusting to be OUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS, WHO ARE ACTUALLY DOING THE OPPOSITE. They're heading all of the spy agencies all over the world, and bamboozling all of us, We have got to sit down and sort things out !



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