Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tell EPC Member States: Don't Let Monsanto Buy Up Mother Earth!

Petition Going for One Million Signatures

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Monsanto isn't satisfied with just selling us herbicides and pesticides for coating our crops. Now they're using a European legal loophole to patent away varieties of cucumber, broccoli, melons and conventional ways of breeding fruits and veggies abroad -- forcing growers to pay them for the very seeds they're planting!

Don't let Monsanto keep buying up Mother Earth. If we can reach out to countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands where opposition to Monsanto is growing, we can force a vote among the state of the European Patent Convention to stop the biotech giant in its tracks.

We have a chance to stop Monsanto from setting a dangerous precedent and help fix the European patent laws for good. Will you join us?

PETITION TO EPC MEMBER STATES: We urge you to call on the EPO Administrative Council to close the loopholes that allow corporations like Monsanto to patent plants and conventional breeding methods today.

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Anonymous said...

Are we sleeping? or just distracted like idiots by all the ''carpetbagger-type entertainment'' that has been offered to us, making sure we aren't paying attention as a small group of elites and all the money printers slowly monopolize everything on earth. shame on us! shame on you, you iPhone and Facebook addicted fools!


I have nothing but the utmost contempt for a corporation that poisons people and the environment for profit. The same contempt also extends to those lawmakers and regulatory agencies that offer Monsanto protection from prosecution for its criminal actions.

Anonymous said...


You're so right!

I also have the utmost contempt, and we should include Vietnam's millions of citizens in our protest petition. I'm sure they would sign in droves, along with the Cambodians, and other African and Eastern countries (India for instance) experiencing major problems with that chemical company nowadays. I call it Mondesanto, which means Worldsanto in French... Russia kicked that POISON out. Hopefully the refusal trend will only increase faster and farther than that poisonous filthy rich industry headed by Mondesanto...

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