Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shame? Are We Capable of It?

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people. -- Howard Zinn (1922–2010)

J. Speer-Williams
Activist Post

In a world where news means propaganda, transparency means secrecy, liberation means slavery, sustainability means death, patriotism means terrorism, democracy means imperialism, change means more of the same, and promises are lies, most of our governmental leaders feel right at home.

The brutal and indiscriminate American terror bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria were all based on the lie that we were somehow aiding the citizens of those beleaguered countries.

Beleaguered? Yes, because of the paid, heavily armed, and crazed mercenaries we sent into those countries to destabilize their legitimate governments, before we bombed their people and infrastructure into death and ruins.

On strict orders from US Intelligence Agencies, the mainstream media was to refer to these US-backed terrorists as rebels. This was done in order to promote the false impression that these paid killers were indigenous citizens, who were legally fighting against ruthless tyrannies.

Already two million refuges have fled war-torn Syria – a war started, funded, and pursued by US/NATO forces.

The American public has been fed the gross lie that our bombs are so smart, they only take out weapon caches and the bad guys. The fact of the matter is our DU (depleting uranium) weaponry has killed or displaced millions of innocent men, women, and children and turned those countries into radioactive hot-lands for billions of years. Do the majority of Americans really believe this is how we can help the innocents of those countries? Is that the way we bring democracy to the world?

Our own troops have been exposed to DU particles, which will surely shorten their lives. We have put our own young service men and women among the walking dead.

This is how we honor our own military troops?

For no valid tactical or strategic military reasons, atomic weaponry has been extensively employed by the US/NATO and Israeli forces throughout the Middle East.

The last country we destroyed with atomic weaponry was Libya.

Supported by the Banking Cartel’s corporate media, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was long portrayed as a mad tyrant and bloody dictator who had to be removed from life.

But instead of merely assassinating Gaddafi, again we sent in foreign mercenaries who went on killing rampages throughout the country, while US/NATO planes and ships bombed Libya for months.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, complained that their Navy was burning too quickly through their entire stockpile of Tomahawk cruise missiles in bombing Libya.

On just one day (the 19th of March 2011), ABC News claimed that more than 112 missiles (Tomahawk cruise missiles) struck over 20 targets inside of Libya.

Our B-52 Stratofortresses carpet-bombed 150 targets in populated Libya, a country of mostly deserts.

President Obama promised that our strikes on Libya would be over in days. Sadly our bombing of Libya went on for months, from March to November of 2011. We bombed Libya into the Stone Age, with one huge difference – it’s a radioactive Stone Age.

All this to kill one man, Muammar Gaddafi? What was his crime? True, he tried to operate his country independent of the tight financial orbit owned and rigorously controlled by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel.

But perhaps Gaddafi’s greatest crime was his plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold – a true sharing of the wealth, according to the news agency Russia Today.
“It’s one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you’re going to be targeted,” says Ministry of Peace founder Dr. James Thring. 
“There were two conferences on this, in 1986 and 2000, organized by Gaddafi. Everybody was interested, most countries in Africa were keen.” 
Gaddafi did not give up. In the months leading up to the [US-led] military intervention, he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the dollar and euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.
This, of course, was not something that the private International Banking/Monetary Cartel would allow. Quickly they moved in three critical directions:

First, they had their corporate media soften up the Western World with anti-Gaddafi propaganda.

Next, using Western intelligence services, they paid, armed, and moved their rent-a-band of al Qaeda terrorists into Libya, making sure they were referred to as rebels.

These “rebels” were paid for by US taxpayers. Many of these same Americans unbelievably morally supported the victory of these crazed terrorists over the sovereign government of Libya.

But all this was followed by the greatest expense to Americans. The bankers had their private military, the US/NATO coalition, begin to destroy Libya with bombs and missiles, the cost of which could have probably given every income tax paying American free healthcare for life.

Muammar Gaddafi, however, had other “crimes” that did not sit well with the cult known as International Bankers.

Under Gaddafi, the government of Libya had its own wholly owned central bank that issued loans to its people free of interest since riba (usury) was not permitted in Libya.

Now, we can really begin to see what Mr. Gaddafi was guilty of: he was in defiance of the worldwide banking empire. He was proving a nation operates better when owning its own central bank.

Under the Gaddafi regime, most Libyan families, beyond the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, owned both a house and a car.

Before the months of daily bombings, the government of Gaddafi gave free healthcare and education to its people – a people who enjoyed a literacy rate of over eighty percent.

Prior to the massive spread of depleting uranium bombing by the US coalition, life expectancy in Libya was seventy-five years, the highest in Africa, and about ten percent above the world average.

Preceding the lengthy and ungodly US-led air attacks, there was little unemployment in Libya. It was a nation that had the highest gross domestic product in Africa, with less than five percent of its population classified as poor.

Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the leadership of Gaddafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to seventy percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farms. That dream, however, might be lost for a long time, as US/NATO bombs destroyed all of its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River Project, Muammar Gaddafi said to the invited dignitaries and assembled crowd, “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.”

His words were prophetic.

After laying waste to most of Libya’s water, electricity, and infrastructure, the US/NATO forces went after the country’s largest food supply – its camels.

For many decades, beginning in the summer, thousands of camels made a three-month journey from the grasslands of Libya to metropolitan markets, where the animals were sold for food.

These camel migrations were bombed into bloody chunks of meat and bone amid the terrible screams of painfully dying animals. This wanton slaughter of thousands of camels in the deserts, where the food rotted, denied the Libyan people their major protein food source.

The excuse offered by the Cartel’s Western Media for this barbarity? “The camels were carrying weaponry to support those loyal to Muammer Gaddafi.”

This absurd lie is easy to see through when one realizes that these camels were coming from isolated grasslands in the unpopulated southern part of the country, where there were no guns and very few people.

Now the whole Libyan scenario is being replayed in Syria with the lead actor being our Secretary of State, John Kerry. Mr. Kerry has revealed himself to be the dark being many have suspected.

In his recent press conference to beat the drums for a casus belli and for more slaughter of innocents, twenty-four times Kerry said, “We know,” all without proof.

Yes, Mr. Kerry, we know you have made a pact with Satan, and we fear for your soul.

Among other carefully scripted words the poor man uttered, were these: “ … against all common understanding of decency … a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons …”

One wonders if John Kerry has ever thought that our flagrant use of Agent Orange in Vietnam was ... against all common understanding of decency.

The Aspen institute states that the US military sprayed more than forty-three million liters of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam. Of course, that virulently deadly and airborne chemical has caused thousands (if not millions) of deaths to the Vietnamese people and to our own servicemen.

Please ask yourself what kind of government would kill its own people and poison our environment like our government has.

Then please reserve the passing of judgment on another government until you have in hand something more than suspect data. But in any case, do not support the killing of more innocent people.

All Americans need to pray for forgiveness of the heinous crimes our federal government has committed in our name.

Shame? Are we capable of it? I hope so as our spiritual futures are at stake.

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Anonymous said...

The guilty don't feel guilty ...they learn not to...

Hide Behind said...

If all lifes destination is the same end, only ones journey through life will matter then.
There are people that leave barreness and empty spaces when out of ones life; Holes in ones heart yet. filled with sparks of magnificence that their presence brought to world.
A beauty of a light that the ancients described as a color that has no name but a touch beyond touching.
Such people have no difference in appearance than those arpund them, or do they,?
Who is the one most likely to offer assistance to a struggling child or adult not by mandated taxpayments or to impress others, yes by impulse.
When they are restrained by forces much more powerfull from aiding fellow humans. they feel ashamed at their weakness to help.
Theirs is not a judgemennt of guilt because of mans written laws, their shame is from feeling hopeless to end others misery.
Can they feel shame is not the right reference of mind but can they feel guilt, That is the core.
In our nation of victims it is the norm tp lay all blames upon spmeone or somebody amd they or it do not evrn have to be seen or nameable ; they or them does just fine for the guiltless.
Then we have the pretend huilt and feelers of shame who get paid and set up tax programs that keep themselves and others who point at the them and they who need their dervices because of other thens snd theys.
There can be no shame when society allows everyone to shed its and theirthoughtless acts upon others by blaming those others as somehow deserving the resulting harms.
No we have no need. nor shpuld we wsste feelings upon. or for people so as to be ashamed of those non guilty victims.
We have too n much to do trying to. help the guiltless ones victims.
In the ancients books of Wisdoms they say "in the Begining All was Chaos; It is how we react to that chaos in life that determines what is thought of us as we leave.
To leave without shame for our own actions. Now that is a life we'll spent.

Anonymous said...

The majority of American citizens have been so brain washed they are incapable of critical thinking.Millions are also politically ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Very well stated.
Who put us in charge of the world anyway?
Our mindless, apathetic, immature, blobs of human flesh who like to pass themselves off as citizens, are so incapable of critical thinking, and so lacking in common sense and ANY sense of morality that they actually think we have a right to do anything to anybody......because we can.
Psuedo patriots, most of whom couldn't even spell the word, are so easily led by nationalistic (my country, right or wrong) propaganda that the scumbags who are running things don't even have to have a reasonably sensible story to get them to go along.
Take for example the blatantly transparent false flag we call 9-11. Any idiot SHOULD have seen holes in that story from day one....but not this crowd....even today, many still think the official story is THE story.
And how stupid does one have to be to willingly, even eagerly, volunteer to risk life and limb to attack countries that were not even accused of doing the deed.....All the while ignoring the country whose citizens were said to have been the culprits? Nobody sees anything wrong with that reasoning?!!!
And don't you just love to hear them blabber the statism propaganda sloagans like: God Bless America; Support our troops; or Proud to be American.
We are morally bankrupt and deserve every ounce of distain the world has for us.
God Bless America!!!! Why? Give me one good reason.

Anonymous said...

"The guilty don't feel guilty ...they learn not to..."

There may be small amounts of guilt for some of them on a personal level but you are 100% right as a collective and that is part of their philosophies(have no regrets).

That is "enlightenment" to them - understanding yourself and embracing the "true" you, even if that "true you" is actually a two-faced lying, self-gratifying asshole that abuses everyone you possibly can.

Or even if you are a mass-murderer.

As I've said before the people at the top are capable of both some of the greatest intelligence and greatest stupidity the world has ever seen.

The danger with them is that they are just as proud of their stupidity as they are of their intelligence so there's no chance of them overcoming that stupidity on their own.

That stupidity transfers to the fact many of these people embrace a very perverse and retarded "true you" that actually is not a "true you" but is what these forces have manipulated them into falsely believing is the "true you".

IE - "The morals and dogmas of Freemasonry" which they are taught and then manipulated into believing are also their own natural "morals and dogmas" that they then embrace as a "true you/me".


Mike said...

Most Americans have a sense of righteous indignation when it comes to the destruction of other nations and those nation's people. It is this skewed psychology created from willful ignorance and delusional feelings of superiority over every other peoples who aren't American. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still heralded as great acts that led to US victory of WWII. The US had already beaten the Japanese long before it vaporized two cities it had kept pristine throughout the war and of which neither were cities of industry that contributed to the war in any way. Only non-combatants populated either one! This morbid fantasy of using violence to somehow help the people we are using the violence on has perpetuated this disgusting psychosis of superiority to this very day. Allowing Americans to justify some of the most heinous acts of brutality our species has ever committed upon itself for as far back as our country's history. There is only one way the brain dead masses will ever face the chance to be shamed over their willful ignorance and subconscious lust for murder. Shame can only come to such a group of people after they themselves are decimated in the same way they've decimated, bombed into oblivion the way they had bombed innocent millions to the same oblivion. The thing is, when there are bombs blanketing the cities of the US there won't be very many innocent people dying. Their willful ignorance makes them culpable for the murders their elected leaders so joyfully commit every second of every minute of every hour of every day they are allowed to remain in power seated on the corrupt cesspool known as Capitol Hill!

Anonymous said...

Always thought it was clear as a daylight - psychopaths do not experience remorse, guilt, shame.

It's a disorder within that projects outward...

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mike.

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