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Parent Arrested at Public Meeting for Asking Unscripted Questions About Common Core (WATCH)

UPDATE: All charges have been dropped against Mr. Small.

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Last week the Baltimore County School district held a public meeting to go over the "Common Core" curriculum now being taught in Maryland schools.

This was reportedly the first of any public forum concerning what is now being taught to Maryland children.

The parents' questions had to be submitted prior to the event and no new questions would be discussed. This angered some residents who felt the need to ask tougher questions than those selected by superintendents.

One parent, Robert Small, very respectfully tried to voice his concerns and was shut out from participating when a policeman forcefully removed him from the auditorium.

"I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college," explained Small before he was approached by security.

Small went on to warn the residents that they have a right to a proper debate on what's best for their own community and they shouldn't be dictated to by bureaucrats.

"Parents, take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall ... Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public ... Parents, you need to question these people...Do the research, it’s online."

Mr. Small was arrested and charged with second degree assault of a police officer with a second charge of disrupting a school function. He faces 10.5 years in jail if found guilty.


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Paul said...

I continue to be horrified as to what is going in the USA.
Can’t the people answering the questions think on their feet when presented with a question not previously submitted ?

Anonymous said...

Is he actually sentenced to 10.5 years? or does he RISK of beeing sentenced? still.. he did not touch the police officer from what I saw. And 10.5 years? man you have some unproportional punishments in USA. 10.5 days would have been max in my opinion.

For crying out loud America, are you going to be bullied all the way to a North Korean state of mind? America is scaring me... the people in the land of the free have lost control to a bunch of crazy people who are in charge and tries to take away all the freedom there is.

Anonymous said...

I would never stand for false programs and ideologies like "common core" .

Hide Behind said...

A man named Mr. Small exposes the Common Core for what it is and becomes a man one hell of a lot larger than any others present in that room.
While I applaud the mans attempts to bring the programs true intentions to the fore what is so sad is that I expect no slowdown to its installation nor any lessening the dumbing down of the other parents in the room.
It makes no difference how many guns you have, all the playtime petitions you write, or how you screw your mate , you are not doing a damned thing to slowdown the most dangerous enemy of our future generations, the schools of indoctrination.
All your god damned hoarding of gold/ silver, guns/ammo, food/ water are no more than temporary means of saving your own ass.
I see very damn few respondents, or even bloggers for that matter, that are part of valid anti establishment groups.
Some of these bloggers work for and within governments prorams or even defense industry suppliers.
The educational programs as envisioned by not demos or repubs but plain old ego maniac elitist.
Those who want themselves and of course their own social level and their children to be able to access the highest most prestgious educational organizatns available; while thhe vast majority of population are reduced to no more than needed service occupations.
It is not any fn secret it is all written of in the Educators journals, publications written by the lead educators and political activist among them that are damned well Stausian in outlook.
These fn dumb as rocks.PTAholes do not nor can they see or comprehend that 2/3 rds of all students in the future will nevrr be more than at besy mechanics and electricians of future military and Industrial Empire.
Locally when educators and board members wete asked just what was the goal of the Core Program they all had one pat answer, to educate your children.
When asked about what that will entail not a fn one told of restrictions placed upon all higher educational studies that will limit to those most worthy or qualified ad determined by test and then seperon of highest scores into seperate programs that permanently eliminate millions of remaining students. All chosen by age 13-15 years and then even once more into three major groups by age 17-19

Makes no diff to me if almost all of US dies and takes billions of "adults" worldwide with them but to screw with the minds of our children is to condemn for all eternity 2/3 rds of humans to the roll of animals.
And your pet school at home only means you train for child to be with the top oppressors and may they burn your asses later for doing so. Let alone that you have to teach what state requires and in future no diff, as come age then they decide if your child is worthy of being educated beyond entry level ditch digger or Burger flipper, or privrledged to join other groups. if not there will not be allowed any private revourse to job placements or traiing. Aresource domunated cost and effeciency is at core.

Sven said...

By now a lot of US institutions are more like fascist Nazis and worse then Nazi Germany in 1933-1945. Please wake up, smell the rat and take your country back.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Being pushed by a nazi carries a 10 year sentence! This is so outragous! They are leaving us with no options, but to hide, or fight! This guy needs to fight! Sue them for assault, false arrest and false imprisonment! That cop needs his but on a platter! He is not worthy of a uniform, and he will only do this in the future. Probably end up killing someone for jaywalking or something!

Anonymous said...

Unreal. Which is sad. This should be REAL all across the globe!!! This should be happening in EVERY school meeting!!!

Anonymous said...

If everyone got serious about voting and we voted out all incumbents and officials that display behavior like this.

Colorado is proof that it works.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. STAND UP! They don't have that many jail cells. And besides, to topple the system you have to STAND THE FUCK UP!

Tracy said...

This is awful I'm not willing to sit by a are you people? Hold rallies speak out against the UN justice done to this man if I lived there you bet your asses I would be speaking out

Anonymous said...

Someone find out who that "cop" was and put his information out there for scrutiny! "Just following orders" isn't gonna cut it as an excuse anymore! You violate our rights and try to strong arm us on behalf of your commie core BS then face the music publicly just like Mr. Small will now be forced to do on trumped up charges!

It's not long coming now where at one of these meetings or rallies someone well within their rights is going to be assaulted and attempted to be arrested by these goons when the people say enough is enough and take matters into their own hands right on the spot! The audience should have collectively snatched that cop up and tossed his ass out of the meeting and let Mr. Small finish his point.

And no, that's not stooping to their level. There is no crime or wrong doing in standing up for your person, and your rights! The wrong doing is that cop playing the role of brown shirt for the commie core elitist that didn't want to be bothered with real questions from the little people!

Anonymous said...

No parent should have a child in the public school system. I think it borderlines on abuse to do so. imho.

Anonymous said...

the crowd should have risen up and arrested the officer. Cowards deserve shackles.

Anonymous said...

His error was in thinking his fellow citizens would care. They don't. Oh sure they pretend to care for their children, but they don't, NOT REALLY. He does. They proved themselves to be cowards. They are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I too am appalled by the failure of the "cattle" to stand up for this brave, intelligent, and earnest man. It sickens me that Mr. Small may have sacrificed his financial security and personal freedom trying to share such important info with other parents so they could protect their children.

I saw only two people who stood up for him, and they were both women. Where the hell are the MEN in our country? Where is their instinct to protect their families and communities? Are they ALL castrated?

IMO, every single parent in that meeting should have walked out in protest and in support of Mr. Small. If they haven't even got the gumption to do that, then I say to hell with them. It's time we faced the fact that not only can we not save everyone, not everyone is worth saving. It's time that we who care and are willing to defend ourselves and our future begin to circle our wagons and stop wasting our time on people like the cattle in that meeting. God knows, even a cow roars in protest as her calf is taken away; even animals facing slaughter try to resist! But these useless blobs of protoplasm in attendance at that meeting just sat there and let a good man take the hit by himself.

On this one point I have to agree with the murderous elite who are taking over our world: those people ARE "useless eaters" and we should stop worrying about their loss and start focusing on saving ourselves and others like us.

As for the vacuous progressives on the dais, every single one of them should be fired or recalled for installing Common Core in the first place, and for asking that thug rent-a-cop to force Mr. Small out of the meeting.

This sort of treatment of citizens at public meetings has become commonplace, particularly at meetings about public school issues. Expect to see more and more of it as the powers that be seek to fill all those privatized prisons that stand empty.

Margaret Bartley said...

I bet all those school board members get re-elected. Takers?

Anonymous said...

The first 20 seconds - look at the board members. None of them are even listening. They have an air of "WTF" and this is below my caring. He tried. As one lady shouted " they are softball questions." As soon as a REAL question came, the board panicked and signaled for a thug to remove the interloper who was going to make them look bad, or worse, make them think on their feet. A room of emasculated males devoid of any testosterone - perhaps all eunuchs. I'll bet $100 that not one parent theredoes a damn thing. Lobotomized.

Anonymous said...

fuck that cop - he is a fucking moron whose kid will be nothing but thugs and bullies.

what a fucking moron.


They want our children to be compliant and complicit tools for the state where critical thinking is not allowed. When the police state deems truth as treason then we must fight back or all is lost.

Anonymous said...

I called the police station and Ofc. who answered the phone said that the guy wasn't a pair of that school district that he came to these that meeting just stir up trouble and he said he added that the guy actually assaulted the officer.

I don't believe a word he said he was pretty rude, filling in sentences for me, at the same time he said that most people were calling of just yelling at him and him that I was one of the few who actually make valid points

Anonymous said...


Putting your child in a public school is nothing more than child abuse. Seriously, Abraham Lincoln's mother taught him to read and write with nothing but an old bible. 13 years of public education at a cost of $120,000 per child can not produce a person that can comprehend what Lincoln had to say.


If all of the people at that meeting had risen and prevented that unlawful arrest,there would have been no arrest,but by their silence they have condemned both him and themselves to even more tyranny.If you are prepared to let this man be arrested for an "unscripted question"at what is after all a PUBLIC meeting,then no amount of guns and bullets will save your country,its rule of democratic law,or the wider rights of humanity anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

What I see in the video is exactly the same the manner communist governments treat their populace. But it's happening here now in America. Is the free spirit of America dead?

By the way, who allowed that security guard to use force against a citizen questioning the panel?


Anonymous said...

The comment above at 8.17PM says it all. The people don't care. They are cowards. They are also dangerous. Very dangerous.
In the second world war one of the catch phrases was 'Careless talk costs lives'.
Imagine what George Orwell meant in his book '1984' when careless talk resulted in people 'disappearing'.
If you have an opinion then voice it, but do so en masse. Don't foot alone. Safety in numbers. Lots of numbers of like minded concerned and genuinely caring citizens. Don't do it alone. The majority, the sheeple, will bring you down by apathy. And in the dark hours after you have voiced your opinions to a handful of these sheeple on your own and in a vain attempt to convince them of the truth, the people in charge will come for you. Because careless talk costs lives and some little sheeple will have voiced their concerns to the wrong people out of fear of what might happen to them if they believe you.
Recall the 'Reds under the bed' regime of Hoover et all. 'Commies are the real enemy. They eat their children. They despise anything American'.
Its all the same type of control but using different tactics. These days the tactics are even more sinister.

Anonymous said...

What else is going on behind our backs? What agreements and programs are being developed that we're not entitled to know about?

Maybe we can get our "representatives" in government to pass a law that says it's OK for a citizen to ask a question.

When you think about it, what is the purpose of having a meeting if it's not open? Wouldn't it be cheaper and more efficient if our "officials" just emailed us an audio file? Then instead of talking WITH us, they could just talk "AT" us, which seems to be the case now.

Anonymous said...

amerikka is lost. Prepare now to leave while you still can. Even armed citizens tiny minority can not stop this juggernaut of fascism and tyranny. Mr Small was just speaking, talking and this is what happens in amerikka? This is the catalyst my family has been waiting for, passport pics will be taken tomorrow at Walgreens. Sell your cars and items now while you still can. Oh that is so right, I am a crazy conservative Roman Catholic conspiracy nut, pay me no attention.

Anonymous said...

That cop was just a sheep herding dog. Some bureaucrat was standing off in the corner giving that dog hand signals. Gotta keep the sheep in control if your going to lead them where they don't care to go. GO THEY WILL!

We the Sheeple are but tools in the hand of the elite. Little do we know, their power is just an illusion, a mind trick of control by deception and darkness.

Leverage, using something small to move something big. It only takes two or maybe three independent sheep to change the direction of the entire herd. Likewise it only takes two or maybe three properly positioned Jack boots obeying the bureaucracy to lead the herd down the paths to serfdom.

Wake Up!! They're not concerned with what you want or what's best for your children. That meeting was to inform and conform the people to the dictates handed down from the shadows. Our real lords.

The plan they hatched to create more burger flippers and squash the independent thinkers was not up for debate. Just like the laws written in Washington, voted on before being read, are handed down from the shadows to be rubber stamped by the Sheeple's representatives. If they didn't read these laws, they obviously didn't write them! WHO DID? What are there names? Where do they live? Who do they work for?

If we knew the answer to these questions it would be a powerful deterrent from governing against the will of the People.

The only thing that can stop the ruling class is sunshine. As long as we allow bureaucracy to plan their evil behind closed doors we will suffer. Darkness and deception are the tools of Satan and when that darkness is pierced with the light of Truth we will see these elites for the worms they are!

Anonymous said...

Hey the video shows that the Nazi cop on a power trip assaulted the guy. Total bs what is happening in this country? Yeah, the sheep just sit there and watch. We're doomed. The cop pushed him around. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there know where and how I can apply for a permit to ask a question?

Will a federal permit work everywhere or do I need separate state and municipal permits? Do I need a separate permit for each question?

I tried to use common sense to answer these questions but obviously, that's not going to work.

Anonymous said...

Public school was designed as a means of control. It was designed in Prussia as a way to make obedient citizens, soldiers and little worker bees. It was designed to get tyrannical, right in sync with the government. While I admire this guy's courage... home educate your kids!!!!!!! Bitching about a public school curriculum is sort of like bitching about health insurance... don't like it, then ditch it. Ultimately, that is the best way to punish the PTB and take away their credibility. Remove your consent by withdrawing from everything that society deems important.

Anonymous said...

The private testing and curriculum industries are who really benefit from Common Core and other federal mandates. In essence, this boils down to a States Rights issue. Let the states determine their own curriculum! Check out the growing movement of parents who are opting out of the forced testing of their children. We do not have to participate in the milking of our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Government tells us we are bringing freedom to countries we go to war with. However, while
bringing other countries freedom we are losing our freedoms here in the United States to the New World Order. Both Dems and Repubs are to blame for these loses.

Anonymous said...

Remember now, be good girls and boys and do what the government ask you or you will have to be punished.

Stay meek and follow the one in front all the way to the showers.




What happens when you give away your GOD given power to do the right thing?

Anonymous said...

tears came to my eyes when after watching the clip. I realized the position we our being forced into. Violence should not be used in haste, although we must stand up and defend ourselves when met with this type of treatment. I am disappointed in the re action and lack of support by others in attendance. A man is assaulted and silenced by an officer of the law for asking a question in a supposed public forum.... are you fucking serious????

Anonymous said...

This worst part of all this is that when you try to comment on the YouTube video YouTube tries to tie all your information together so the Nazi regime will be able to find you easier. You cannot just make an anonymous statement anymore. Not only is your freedom of speech under attack your right to your person is also under attack.

Anonymous said...

Describe communism ..

Anonymous said...

Only 50% of the people vote in this country.

Just think what would happen if 60-70% voted.

Too many turds in the punchbowl in Washington who have been there forever.

Vote them all out, there's your revolution.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to die for my freedom and take our country back from this opressive government!!! Enough talk more action!!!

Anonymous said...

Enormously sad. Americans wont stand up for their rights or each other.

Lost nation.

Anonymous said...

i have REAL TROUBLE discerning whether NORTH KOREA or USA is better at this point....

Can ANYONE Clarify this dillema please ???

and STAND UP and FiGHT for your RiGHTS ALREADY, instead of munching on fast foods and watching dumbass TV and browsing internet and playing games all day,

Wake UP Americans !

Get yourself in SHAPE you losers

Anonymous said...

VOTING or NOT Voting wont Do you ANY GOOD at this point !!!

Are you all the naive ?

Anonymous said...

I buy weed from the cop all the time!! That is too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the fact that Americans have always made such a big deal about freedom and are now completely gutlessly taking it up the arse from a small particular culture within that makes it so awful. The steady supply of the breed below them, their always-ready attack dogs who were never cut out for anything else like this pig is what really helps to perpetuate it too. Saying that, some of the soldiers are starting to come round a bit now so you never know...

Anonymous said...

The parents' questions had to be submitted prior to the event and no new questions would be discussed. This angered some residents who felt the need to ask tougher questions than those selected by superintendents.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Take a close look at the parents in that room.

They are a hodgepodge of Africa, India, China and the new *Hispanic* category. Do they even know what American liberty is? Have they been taught this? Or are the remnant Americans to just celebrate their diversity and ignore the damage to our traditions and culture?

The new occupants of our schools bring their history and traditions to supplant and dilute any remaining strength in our struggle against tyranny.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't there to ask a question. He was there to disrupt a meeting that clearly the majority of the audience did not want disrupted. He was trying to start a fight and the security guy did his job. Was he even part of that community?

Maik Lankau said...

And the other parents stood by and did nothing?

Anonymous said...

The man that was escorted out submitted questions and they were not selected - he has 2 children in the school district. He has been very involved in getting word out about changes in the district that the board doesn't want parents to know about - including increasing class size, limiting the amount of minorities by transfer, and spending more on security at open house and public forums than they spend on security for the kids at the schools.

The white woman on the board was elevated to her position after being removed from classroom teaching for abusing her students. The black woman that you see has publicly admitted that her resume is false and she hasn't attended the colleges she claims.

And the parents sit there, not willing to remove these people or challenge them when their kids' education is at stake.

I'm across the country and have heard what is happening there, it's not a secret. It's disgusting. And it's happening in a lot more school districts as the sham known as "Common Core Curriculum" gets rolled out, without the hope of really educating students.

Anonymous said...

I am now convinced that more then half the US population are holograms designed to look like humans but lack the soul and mind to be one.

You have the soul or you can have the mind but unless you have BOTH you will not gain a higher awareness and the military has kidnapped MILLIONS of missing children since the 80s..

There is a MUCH higher agenda then the 3D world we experience and many information is disinformation to make people afraid to look for the truth of many of our global *problems* that are artificially created to structure a global response.

The reason why 3D holograms are being released to the public is that the global masters have no more use for them since their AI is dumbed down so they release the old technology to us and call it *state of the art* while laughing their way to their multiple bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Um...Anonymous said...

"Only 50% of the people vote in this country.

Just think what would happen if 60-70% voted.

Too many turds in the punchbowl in Washington who have been there forever.

Vote them all out, there's your revolution."
September 22, 2013 at 8:12 AM

....Yeah, um... you're the problem.

Anonymous said...

bahaahahahh. bahhh. bahh. No one stood up again. Another video of one man standing up and asking somehting, and the rest did nothing. NOTHING. You all deserve exactly what you get. Fucking poor excuse for Americans. Pussies. You will all die in concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

From the obese zombies sitting on the school board to the audience of zombies, many of whom are Asian, this guy's free speech fell on deaf ears. How amazing it is that handing a gun to black men so they can do the policing for the fascist police state is such a good idea for the elite. Look at how happy this black cop was to harm this white male exercising his free speech rights. The elite are very, very clever, and Americans are already too dumbed down to think.

ignasi said...

Exemple ben clar de la excepcionalitat USA al pensament lliure.

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