Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeland Security Allocates Nearly One Billion Dollars For Explosives Storage Magazines

James Smith
Activist Post

In a time in this great country when 1 in 6 families are unsure where their next meal is coming from, the Department of Homeland Security goes whole hog in the trough of the public coffers.

And I mean whole hog.

In their latest solicitation to separate the American people from their money, the headquarters for the Transportation Security Administration (or as some think of them, “Thousands Sexually Assaulted”) believes they need explosives magazines, starting with six different locations around the nation, but can and will include sites outside of the United States. They intend to set the contract for magazines to be purchased over the next five years.

Those locations include: Atlantic City, NJ, Houston, TX, Orange County, CA, Portland, OR, Fort Meyers, FL, and Tampa, FL

The solicitation expects a quick response, by 11 September 2013.

From the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) document:
The maximum ceiling amount of all task orders placed against this BPA shall be $950,000,000. The Government is under no obligation to the BPA holder to purchase any specified quantity or dollar value of services. Preparation costs associated with calls proposals shall not be passed to the Government.
What exactly are they buying?


Specially designed boxes known as storage magazines to store large volume of small amounts of explosives, and ammunition, such as the the 3,454,000 rounds of the 357 Sig Ammunition that they have requested.

The magazines being requested come in different shapes, but the technical specifics are all the same.

The sizes being requested are:
  • 6ft L x 5 ft W x7 ft H Magazine
  • 14ft Lx7 ft W x7 ft H Duplex Magazine
  • 7ft L x 7ft W x7 ft H Magazine
We can barely feed our poor. We barely have a functioning economy, and the government wastes even more money than what our great-grandchildren can ever produce in their lifetimes.

When will this all end?

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Anonymous said...

Find them and weld them shut.

Hide Behind said...

Done right this order would be an economic opportunity for many smaller,under $100,000,000. and 500 employeesmetal fabrication plants.
A quick check of trade listings in the citys immediate area mentioned show many in each.
Unlnown or at least not posted hete in doom and gloomers blog collections is that metal fabrication and heavy industrial equipment are having one great year after another.
Just the last 5 years of fracking pipelines trucks construction and especially the needs for steel fabricators is soaring with profits also growing.
No the fabrication and construction wages are not growing. , some 1-2% a year but they were already some of highest wage earners for many years.
Most of these US firms are owned by investment groupings but locally in SwWa and Nw Ore most are private or private partnerships.
There are opportunitys for people with visions and if they have buisness skills combined with some ideas of industriial manufacturing.
Wake up the new Industrial paradigns have passed by majprity of americans who just want a fn kob and camnot thonk independently.

Anonymous said...

“Hide Behind.....fracking trucks? Really? Fracking?, as in polluting our water supply and increasing earthquake and seismic events fracking? Hey…great! A buck to be made! Ammo vaults? Yes...let's help the government build storage bins for ammo to be used on us.....on YOU….on your family! You need to pull your head out of your dollar crammed ass and look at the bigger picture, my opportunistic friend. And learn how to take the time to type like a man with an education, which you clearly have...this leaves me with the impression you are not a 'detail' guy...doubly evidenced by your apparent lack of foresight regarding fracking and ammo containers. Good luck to you....hope that fiat paper money is edible, Sir.” - Michael T. Winter

Gary orGibby said...

Pay no attention to 'Hide Behind.' He'll make sense for a post or two and then he goes off the deep end for a month or so. He's obviously off his meds currently.

Hide Behind said...


Want working man to find employ.
Manufacturing in heavy steel is on upswing
Steel, especially Mexican steel,is in high demand in tar sands and energy producing means and our military industry.
The cubicle crowds pay for four years to take employ in firms where all they do is cross the T's and dotting I's.
From pipes to some 3000 new Volvo, KW, Macks and Specialized. Fabrications bult in our locall small towns to foofs shipped for greater profits to both far mers and local outlets.
Lumber being shipped and used to build or construct frsmes and concrete formd and thrn destroyed.
The sale of mens heavy duty clothing and work related tools to the money spent entertaining the women of fellas that work in cubicles or town whores.
The money for building those powder boxes, shacks, containers, nomatter what name means that money flows all around the nation and is even connected to the fn greenie or anarchist and fag wavers toilet paper minds.
To deny employ to people in real world just because you are running scared shitless with no detailed plans just fn psy in sky hot air and bullshit writings.
Before you even open your mouth. about fracken or energy production go see the real thing and talk to the real people.
Talk to the men that were barely surviving a few years ago hut now 5 years later still work man killing 60or more hours a week trying to build a nedt egg for when this job ends, and is already ending there to move elsewhereLater the cubicle minds will tax and cutt his pay to liveable always broke standard of living because he has dirty hands and thry have detail oriented minds.

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