Monday, September 30, 2013

Experiments Show How Light Bulbs Can Spy on You


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Anonymous said...

That's audio encoded in light, not an led light actually recording you... the microphone is required for this to work and it isn't much different from how fiber optic cable works in your hifi or any other carrier signal sent over another circuit (think Ethernet over ac power lines etc). This site is doing itself a big disservice linking junk like this.

Kelvin said...

I agree, this is crap. There are enough REAL threats out there without making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

This is not Crap... so called authorised access and cctv surveillance is a REAL THREAT. If you have a court case against the state or its employees then watch out. Your home will be bugged, they will put CCTV in and use this to STEAL your evidence breaking into your home when ever you are away or even out if its a quick job. I suspect that apart from targetting Political Leaders of the future the real purpose of NSA et al is to target all defendants in the Criminal Justice system in order to change the odds so that the STATE wins.

Scary? You Bet!.....

Hide Behind said...

Interesting as far as itwent, but communication by led when tied into memory of PC is already in use by our military.
We use it in the midrange infrared spectrums and mainly im a line of sight but it can and is bumped over horizons
In an urban setting with properlighting the movement or even the voices of dubjects within say the field of 100 led lights can monitor some 500 person walk throughs a minute and pass by line of sight to other panels and so on following all the individuals clear until each reaches their destinations and al the while every bit of info is being snt to your collection points such as the Big Bitch in Utah, and ofcpurse yourlocal PD.
Combined with onowledge of how sound can manipulate human emotionsthat a human targeted by such led displays will nevrr be able to discern the number of flashes for that sound freq.
Light itself has strong affect upon minds as even pilots using suchnight vision devices have high incidenses of headache and mental fatigues atfar far higher rates than non night or infraeed.

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