Saturday, September 14, 2013

CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Seniors

Kenny Valenzuela
Activist Post

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Anonymous said...

Great article!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the chemicals their giving the Syrians ,(without the red line)!My wife and I chose to risk the flu rather than the shot !

EGF3532 said...

Grandmom dropped dead from our flu shot? No worries here's your free $5.00 ExtraCare Rewards for this quarter. Remember it doesn't cover tobacco, milk, sale products or funeral expenses! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...


Your future possible participation in a mandatory vaccination program will be illegal. If implemented it will violate the conventions of various constitutions, charters, and oaths, (doctors) including international law.

If you participate in a coming mandatory vaccination program, you could be logged for eventual legal prosecution.

Do not assume that the legal protections afforded you via 'International Emergency', 'Martial Law', or 'War Times Act', will protect you. The doctors under the Nazi regime used the same justifications under a 'War Time Emergency'.
They were the first ones to be tried and prosecuted during the Nuremburg Trials.

Respect the free will of the people including yourself given us by our Lord and Creator not to be forced vaccinated.


Anonymous said...

Do you consume collodial silver or put it on the injection site?

Desiree Rover said...

How convenient that the flu vaccines are killing the elderly...
Having the flu is like updating your immune system. Never being sick is not a very good idea. Those are the people who go with a health issue to the doctor to hear him tell them that they have an advanced case of cancer (their body never warned them about it!).
Having the flu is an opportunity to detoxify (fever, do NOT oppose it) and an opportunity to take a break. ENJOY! And when you think it is too much, take massive doses of vitamin C, that will take care of any adverse events.

MaryClare said...

The fluzone (up the nose) vaccine sheds viruses for up to 21 days so those who receive one refrain from coming into contact w/those who are vulnerable such as babies, children, and immune-compromised individuals. Essentially, stay inside for three weeks so you don't affect the public at large.

If you want to boost your odds of developing Alzheimers, receive five consecutive flu shots over five yrs and increase your odds ten-fold. Per Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, considered the world's top immunogeneticist and author of over 800 peer-reviewed papers, a ten-yr study he conducted resulted in this outcome. The synergistic effect of aluminum and mercury within the flu vaccine exacerbates the neuro-toxicity of these heavy metals which contribute to cognitive decline. Amyloid plaque, found in the brains of cadavers who succumbed to the effects of Alzheimer's, showed high amounts of this plaque which has been connected to intake of aluminum. Thanks to flu shots, the rate of Alzheimer's has risen significantly since flu shots have come onto the market.

Over $2.4 billion has been compensated to victims of vaccine damage which represents less than 1% of vaccine reactions reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), an after-the-fact gov't database which is strictly voluntary and not required of medical professionals to report vaccine reactions/deaths.

Susan Y said...

EVERY pharmacy store around here (plus grocery stores too) is offering them. Not only the flu shot, but Walgreens has the pneumonia and the shingles vaccine they want to give you too!

Carolyn Widomski said...

Never had the flu with or without the shots, so I think I will pass on this super vaccination this year and risk the flue.

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