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Are We Nearing The End of Civilization?

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Jon David Miller
Activist Post

There are multiple ways that civilization as we have known it could rapidly end, real possibilities that could happen very soon.

The least critical of these is the economic collapse that many believe is already slowly in progress. Of greater concern are the potential “Extinction Level Events” (ELEs) that we are facing.

These present an even greater risk than they might if people were prepared for them. Very few are informed of the near future possibility of disaster. Many who have heard warnings still have a normalcy bias and have taken no actions.

The issue here is not about the raising of fear or panic. That is just the excuse that authorities in the know use for not presenting these concerns for public discussion and planning.

Rather, the real concern should be that “the powers that be” are known to be interested in a reduction of the world’s population to less than a billion. So the public has purposely been distracted and uninformed of what may happen.

It is urgent to make as many people as possible aware of these threats so they can form support groups, plan and prepare the best that they can.

Nuclear Disaster

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown demonstrates how vulnerable nuclear facilities are to disaster. The radiation levels are so high in Japan that 30 million people may need to be moved. Even so, their health has already been seriously harmed.

Meanwhile, radioactive fallout continues traveling around the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere. High radioactivity levels on the U.S. west coast are not being well publicized. Pacific sea life and food crops all over North America are being effected. We could eat, drink or breathe in a damaging radioactive particle at any time.

Even worse, the used rods stored at Fukushima are still in danger of meltdown before long, with no viable plan to stop it from happening. This would release radioactivity far in excess of any previous event.

You may not be aware that nuclear installations in Pakistan have been blown up by terrorist actions multiple times in recent years. The media does not reveal these incidents, either to prevent concern or to avoid encouraging further acts of nuclear terror.

In security drills at U.S. nuclear facilities, those playing the part of terrorists have often successfully made off with the target "nuclear material", or penetrated to where a terrible explosion could be set off. Most nuclear plants and processing facilities in the U.S. are guarded by lightly armed private security guards.

It is shocking how much nuclear material has made its way into the hands of rogue elements. They are planning and practicing attacks that could wipe out large cities and radiate the surrounding regions.

Some observers of events believe that there are secret interests that may set off a "false flag" nuclear incident to be blamed on someone else, similar to what many think happened with the 9/11 attacks.

Beyond terrorism, nuclear facilities are susceptible to other disturbances such as an earthquake, mega storm or power outage. These installations were not built to withstand all that could happen to them. Many of them are over 40 years old. "Small" leaks and other maintenance issues are not well publicized. Further, the onsite fuel supply for back up generators would last no more than 30 days in most cases.

It would be wise to live as far away as possible from a nuclear site, and out of the path of the normal wind direction from it.

Further, ever since World War II and the Cold War following it, the threat of nuclear war has hung over humanity. The saber rattling in the Middle East has the potential to initiate World War III, which could deteriorate into nuclear weapon use.

Climate Shock

While those with incomplete knowledge debate whether there is overall global warming or cooling, and whether climate change is due to human activities emitting too much carbon dioxide or not, the ongoing release of methane from deep ocean reserves threatens a rapid change to an unlivable atmosphere.

We cannot depend on the fraudulent data used by elite powers to create the hoax about normal human activities causing global warming. On the other hand, the overall evidence of 15 years of global cooling doesn’t mean that there is not also warming in some areas. There are regions getting warmer and others getting cooler.

The Earth may become so warm we cannot survive at one extreme, or we may fall rapidly into an ice age with snow and ice so deep we get trapped in our homes at the other. In either case, it’s big trouble. Thousands of species are already going extinct on this planet, so we need to stop the methane release while learning how to fix things.

Earth Changes

You are undoubtedly aware of the increased severity of natural disasters around the world.

Major earthquakes and volcanic events as well as sinkholes have manifested in the last few years. There is a major sinkhole currently expanding in Louisiana that has received minimal media coverage. These disasters have disrupted the lives of many thousands of people.

Within the last few years a huge number of structures and/or crops have been damaged by storms, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow, ice storms, etc., ravaging many areas. In some instances, millions have found themselves suddenly without power for days or weeks.

It is speculated this may have some relationship to the solar system's changing position in the galaxy. It could also be caused by other approaching bodies as discussed further below.

The sun is supposed to be in a period of increased activity according to its normal maximum and minimum cycles, but it has been abnormally quiet, as it was leading into past "little ice ages".

At the same time, when flares do arise and shoot out an ejection, they have been larger than normal, which can have a more serious effect on us.

With the planet’s rumbling with greater intensity, and the signs of a possible polar shift in progress, it seems the Earth may be on the verge of major changes. A sudden powerful geophysical event could be very destructive.

Consider this projected map of the United States post changes. Another similar map shows an additional bay effecting several western states. These maps are based on conjecture about potential ocean and earth changes from anticipated influences.


With the changes in our magnetic shield, it is more likely than ever that a charged blast occasionally shot from the sun, a "coronal mass ejection" (CME), may get through into our planet's atmosphere if directed our way.

What if all power and communications were knocked out for days, weeks or months by a major storm, a large solar flare or an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) generated by an enemy producing an explosion in the atmosphere with an effective weapon?

An EMP could fry the power grids of much or all of the United States or other areas of the planet, and also damage satellites we rely on for communication.

Research has revealed that a major solar CME has occurred previously about every 75 to 120 years. We are way overdue for a really large event.

In 1859 such a major explosion (called the "Carrington Event" after the scientist who identified it) destroyed much of the new telegraph system in the U.S. Some telegraph operators were injured by the electrical surges through the lines. The telegraph network was set back in its development from this incident.

Even a small nuclear explosion generates an EMP. It is known that special weapons have been developed for producing one, for example the secretive "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) installation in Alaska.  

A pulse generated by terrorists near a city could destroy the local power system, disrupting normal life for quite a while. EMP bombs in the atmosphere launched from enemy ships miles off the coast could knock out the power grid of the whole North American continent. HAARP used as a false flag may be able to do that also.

The aging United States power grid lacks the modern transformers that could act as giant "surge protectors". Many other nations have these already in place.

A few years ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to upgrade the grid by having these protective units installed, but the Senate held up action on the bill, leaving it in limbo. In any case, these transformers are not manufactured in the U.S., and there is a backlog of perhaps a couple of years in production and delivery.

If all power were shut down for an extended time, and your refrigerator, water, lights and heating system were not working; and you could not get cash from a bank branch or an ATM; and no stores or restaurants were open; and no gasoline or natural gas could be pumped without power; and the computer chips in modern vehicles were zapped so they would not operate; what would you do for food, water, heat, money and transportation? What would others in your area do?

Society would be in chaos within just a day or two. Yet the government is not publicizing this enough that we can be prepared. 

Comet Ison

"Comet Ison" is a large comet already visible to many on Earth in the night sky. As it comes closer to its nearest point in November, it is expected to become obvious to everyone. It is reported that it may appear as large as the moon.

Ison may have a debris field with it that could pummel the Earth with meteors. There are currently astounding numbers of fireballs being reported in the skies all over the world. These may be the smaller advance pieces of debris burning up in the atmosphere.

NASA and other authorities have announced Comet Ison, but they are minimizing the information about it. Could it have a profound effect on the sun as it gets closer? Is it likely to stimulate an EMP level coronal mass ejection?

If we are dodging meteor fragments and running from fires, survival may be a perilous challenge.

Planet X

Ancient texts from various cultures indicate that there is a celestial body or group of bodies that passes through our solar system on a long cycle. Most sources suggest an approximate 3600 year time frame for this period.

A large space object is usually very influential on other bodies it comes near. The ancient Sumerians referred to what is today called Planet X as "Nibiru". Other cultures had different names.

Planet X is thought to be on an extended elliptical orbit that takes it far beyond the sun, where it may be hidden from view until its return to our part of the solar system. Most Planet X theorists believe that this will be very soon. Many have tried to photograph what looks like a second smaller body near the sun at sunrise and sunset.

In 1983, there were reports published in the media of a mystery body that had been spotted by astronomers with a newly orbiting telescope. Some thought it may be the unknown influence that causes strange occasional disturbances in the movements of Uranus and Neptune.

However, the publicized information about this possible Planet X was rapidly called a mistake by authorities. Discussion of it disappeared from government agencies, academic institutions and public media.

The main Planet X theory is that a star smaller than our sun, perhaps a "brown dwarf" star, is traveling in a long revolution around our own sun, or in a mutual orbit with it. This second or "binary" star is considered to have smaller planets and moons orbiting it. Planet X or Nibiru may be a planet that orbits this star, or the star itself.

A brown dwarf star is one that never fully ignited, usually because it lacks sufficient mass. It may be dark or perhaps glowing like a hot coal, rather than exploding with fiery energy like our sun. Thus a brown dwarf star may not be clearly visible even in a telescope until it is fairly near, even though a brown dwarf is normally at least the size of Jupiter.

The theory is that this star system is coming nearer our sun, and now causing a warming of our solar system from Pluto inward as it approaches. Planet X is expected to pass through our closer, better known planets somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

Planet X is described in ancient writings as a "winged planet" with a reddish cast and wings or "horns" on two sides. It has been speculated that it may have a high iron content, with a protruding cloud of iron rich dust, giving it this appearance.

Whatever Planet X may or may not be, it is thought to be very large, somewhere between 5 times the size of Earth and the size of Jupiter. Ancient references suggest it has significant gravitational and magnetic effects on the various other bodies in our solar system when it comes around, especially the sun and solar activity, and the Earth.

Theorists say that if a Planet X passes through our solar system as described, massive upheavals and destruction would likely occur on Earth, as has been the case multiple times according to ancient records.

Earthquakes, volcanic activity and sinkholes have been intensifying, and some of the occasional ejections by the sun have been large. Further, major climate changes have been worsening food shortages.

According to the Planet X theory, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter may have been created by such a body or one of its moons colliding with a planet of our immediate solar system formerly residing in that zone.

It is anticipated that there may be a field of other space objects that accompanies Planet X. Earth could be pummeled with meteors, rocks of various sizes falling like hail and causing great damage and harm. Craters on the moon and Earth may have been caused by meteors from previous visits of Planet X.

Serious storms and disturbances, including rearrangement of the seas and continents, could also occur from the effects of the body itself.

The magnetic effects of a Planet X could be stressful on humans and animals, possibly disrupting normal brain functions. Some theorists have suggested that wearing a lead lined helmet could help protect the brain while Planet X is close.

Some wonder if one of the purposes of the “chemtrails” of metallic dust being routinely sprayed in our skies is screening out the observation of Planet X and or its star, or for reducing radiation or other effects from it.

Procurement of Emergency Supplies & Disaster Drills

FEMA has been preparing for a possible disaster in their Region III, which includes Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, with a deadline of October 1 for delivery of supplies and training of personnel.

Similar emergency preparedness actions are reportedly going on in Puerto Rico and other east coast areas, as well as in the New Madrid Fault - Mississippi River area and Texas.

Meanwhile establishment insiders are said to have vast, well-stocked underground facilities to escape to where they expect to wait out the havoc, while most of those on the surface of Earth perish.

It would be wise to make a best effort to prepare as well as possible in the time remaining before any possible system shut-down or end of civilization scenario. Forming a support community with family, trusted neighbors and nearby friends to make plans, gather supplies and build shelters is a very important consideration.

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as

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craig schmalz said...

I just cannot understand how anyone could say that burning millions of years worth of stored energy in about 200 years has had no effect on our planet's atmosphere. You call global warming a hoax but completely believe in some hidden planet or star that no one has ever seen? And to say that the Earth has cooled in the last fifteen years has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. I agree with everything else in this article but you completely discredit yourself when you call proven science and plain common sense a hoax and then write about Nibiru.

Anonymous said...

Here's some reasons why some of us choose to not focus on preparing for events like these, and instead just try to improve life on Earth, in our incremental and imperfect way, as if there is not going to a giant event like these described here. 1) It is not possible to effectively prepare for an event of this scale. We are told: store food! store guns! store ammo! Yes, how much? To last how long? If there is an event which ends the Just in Time stocking protocol in all grocery stores at once, the panic that will be created in a childish, entitled, dependent population will be extreme. I would not want to be known by my neighbors as a potential source of food/supplies/weapons, I would not want to be known as a prepper. 2) Without getting all spiritual on you, it's good to be aware of the big picture, but if all your activity is driven by dwelling on your fears of the worst, this will have toxic effects on your energy and on your relationships with other humans. We've had collapses on Earth before, the Soviet Union, Cuba, collapses are not new. Here's what got reported back: the people who made it through were people with rich social networks, not necessarily those with 2000 rolls of toilet paper. Turns out that being known for loving the people around you is the most effective survival strategy. People caught up in their fears, people caught up in a messianic need to inform everyone how fucked up and hopeless everything is are hard to love. Believe me, I tried. 3) I would love to survive a disaster like this, just to take a look around, but it's not my highest priority. As a result of my cosmology, I do not place excessive focus on individual lifetimes on Earth, I do not believe that I am finite, or that this particular body is that important. It's very important, but I know for a fact that there are fates worth than death. You could miraculously store up enough stuff and enough bullets to kill enough crazed zombies to be the last person standing. Question is, why would you want to? 4) People have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of the world, and have been wrong pretty much 100% of the time. If you spend all your resources getting ready, and denied yourself all simple human fun and enjoyment while you were caught in deep fear, and you were wrong, what then? If an unsurvivable disaster is on the way, how would you choose to spend your last six months? Getting the best deal on cases of tuna fish? Some prognosticators are saying that's what's happening are actually symptoms of everything getting better, not getting worse. That there is a rising energetic tide on Earth that is chasing out all the corruption, so while it seems to be "getting worse" the intensifying human misery we see all around us is actually the birth pains of a new day. What if we are actually on the verge of everything getting better? I know this is circular logic, "everything is getting worse, because everything is getting better", but it could also be true. One of those two outlooks is true. I don't know for sure which it is, but I know which internal focus gives me more more energy.

Anonymous said...

Well said...I like all these sites that constantly harp on buying gold. What possible good is gold in any one of these scenarios above? Food won't grow because of drought and i'm dying of thyroid cancer while being beaten down by jackboot government thugs but I've got a few ounces of gold so everything will be just fine.

Jon David Miller said...

In response to Craig, the "global warming hoax" is not about whether or not there has been global warming as much as it is the fabricated myth of blaming carbon emissions from routine human actions. That is propaganda for purpose of greater control of people by global governance through Agenda 21. Developing better energy sources than oil and gas is worthwhile for other reasons. Methane release is a real issue. Beyond that, there is strong recent evidence for cooling as much as warming, but climate factors continue to change. We need unbiased scientists to analyze all the planetary and solar system concerns and determine a correct strategy to preserve our civilization.

Regarding preparing for survival, my main emphasis has been forming a support community among family, friends and neighbors. It is a basic drive to survive and protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. I am not an advocate of guns and bullets, but these might be useful in a crazy world with various threats. Love is our real power in the physical as well as the spiritual realms. Love is the guiding principal in planning, gathering supplies and arranging shelter to better deal with whatever changes come, and also as we move beyond the physical. We may or may not survive for long, but the more prepared we are, the less stress it will be for ourselves and our loved ones for however long we do.

Seen2013 said...

"The least critical of these is the economic collapse that many believe is already slowly in progress. Of greater concern are the potential “Extinction Level Events” (ELEs) that we are facing."

"With the changes in our magnetic shield, it is more likely than ever that a charged blast occasionally shot from the sun, a "coronal mass ejection" (CME), may get through into our planet's atmosphere if directed our way."

These two are related. In an economic collapse, the only functionality is command-control as many global leaders if not all consider their continuity is paramount to societies' continuity, which isn't the same thing. Assets of infrastructure, economic, and otherwise will go to securing command-control continuity, and these are not ELE.

I haven't been keeping track of Comet Islon, and I don't buy into Planet X. While Planet X certainly holds interesting contexts partially from an ancient history perspective but also in possibilities, it's not precisely an good example.
Yellowstone, Valley Grande, Lake Toba, Lake Taupa, and other mantle-hotspot induced volcanic eruptions are far more likely than Planet X. Yes, the BBC coined super-volcano, and we don't know enough about these hot-spot induced eruptions. They are in effect through ash and lava deposits are expressed dangers.

As for some comments:
1). CO12 is a far greater danger than CO2, which is correlated to life, and it is believed to be a component along with the Siberian Traps eruptions resulting in one of the worse mass extinctions on the planet.
2). Love is like gold in a society that failed to prepare. Economic fundamentals are gold, silver, and other precious metals, self-defense like knives/firearms, and sex.
3). In terms of preparedness, it means being able to not only position your family and yourself to survive but also offer an alternative, which if it's successfully setup properly unless a disaster strikes directly won't feel the impact of a man-made or natural disaster severely.
The report prior to redacting that those survivors of rich social networks had prepared for disaster and became as coordinately prepared as possible.

It takes love for humanity to point out various doubts and dangers requiring preparedness and self-sufficiency; the alternative is to not say a word of precaution and allow the structural vulnerabilities to occur with little to no widespread preparation, networks setup, and no alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Not me folks, I am going to be like Lt. Dan in "Forest Gump" sitting on top of the mast in the storm yelling "here I am you son of a bitch! Come and get me if you can!

Defy your threat, have no fear, put your spirit in order, and escape through that tunnel of light.

Bruce Hayden said...

I'm going to be like Charleton Heston in Beneath The Planet of the Apes." Die you bastards! Die!" as he sets off the bomb that ends the insanity. (Just kidding...I'll probably be killed by whatever uniformed thugs happen to I have recently realized that mankind is not at the apex of the Creator's artistry. Something that many of us should have known with that first lick from a dog as a child. Human kindergarten. We mostly failed. Beware the beast "man." Ditto the Lt. Dan....

Joe Dead Horse said...

If something (whatever it may be) knocks out the cooling systems to the multi-hundreds of nuclear reactors, spent fuel pools, the meltdowns will release so much radiation that virtually all life on Earth will die.

No one survives, no one lives, everyone dies. Including those below ground in their too-cool-for-school shelters. Those shelters will become their tombs.

No nukes is good nukes.

Anonymous said...

Everything mentioned is possible. Natural disasters are the least worry to me as there is nothing that can be done, just a matter of being in the right or wrong place should it happen,if any survive.
It is what some in mankind may be planning that I try to stay aware of. Yes they, whoever they may be, even wrote in stone how many they deem allowable to live on earth. Sometimes I wonder about simple comments such as papa bush talking about a thousand points of light for the future, also being a open globalist supporter of the NWO this could mean alot of things. What may be a thousand points of light for an elitist who thinks the world is their oyster may be a thousands points of death for the lower classes.
Poison food, cancer causing agents, aids, famine, tainted vaccines, and 995 others designed to kill off the masses, thereby reducing suspicions of the populous due to the variety of "light" being injected.
Who knows, but change is in the air.

Dr. Clinton said...

The US collects about $2 trillion each year in taxation. If necessary, it could easily double that. No one will go without their moocher entitlements. No collapse. No gang bangs in the streets. You shameless fear mongers profit off the "Henny Penny" sheeple. Status quo for at least another 50 years.

Anonymous said...

To the second commenter from the top....that was a brilliant piece of logic you wrote!
Reason always trumps fear.
Loves always trumps hate.
Kindness always trumps greed.

I totally believe that a new day is coming for Mankind.
Those that are "destroying" the World now, will soon destroy themselves.
From their ashes and legacy will rise a new and better civilization.
The new guard will be enlighten.
War will be realized for what it is....nothing but a game for the rich and powerful to play with the lives of the citizens and youth, as pawns.

The new guard will work not to decrease the World population like the destroyers presently want to but rather, the new guard will share the World resources on a scale unprecedented in order to improve the lives of billions! Reason and compassion would see this happening.

Also, banks would become a thing of the past.
With their political dominance and cruelty toward entire countries, they will go away for good. If this seems too good to believe then, you need to have hope and see the same vision for this to become a goal in you and your children....the children will have to carry on the hope otherwise, they will be suffering into their generation, too!

Man is heading into the future headlong and a new World is fast approaching. Shedding off the ways of the lost, stupid, greedy and useless.

Anonymous said...

The previous extinction referred to above was the Flood. This was what actually created radioactivity on the earth in the first place, which we of course began to abuse as soon as we found out about it.
Dr Walt Brown at the Center for Creation Science has all the details.
The missing link in all these comments is that YHVH created this earth through the Word, and He knew what was going to happen to it precisely; therefore the greatest comfort we can have is that nothing, but nothing, happens without His express permission. So although we know that " a great mountain burning with fire" will crash into the sea at some point, and a star called Wormwood will crash into the earth, we also know that He has created another earth for the righteous to dwell upon. "In My father's house are many mansions...I go to prepare a place for you..I will come again and receive you unto Myself, that where I am, there you may be also".
Those who imagine, as many do, that this is fairytale stuff, and as Steven Hawking recently said, only for those who are afraid of the dark, should bear in mind that God's first word to us, before He had created Adam, and before sin had entered the world, was "Barasheet". This the KJV translates as "In the beginning". Hebrew is an interesting language; each of the letters of its alphabet actually means something intrinsically. The meaning of the six Hebrew letters which comprise "Barasheet" is "The Son of God will die by His own hand on a cross". This was God's very first word to us. The entirety of the rest of our 6000 year history has been to manifest the Plan that was revealed to us on that first day.
And the meaning of YHVH ?;
"Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail".
"Let not your hearts be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in Me".
These are the words of the Son of God, who created the world we live in, and each one of us. He describes the end from the beginning. The Pharisees said to Him; "Who art thou?" And Jesus replied, "Even the same that I said unto you from the beginning".
Fear not; only believe.

katz said...

here's the thing: who cares? seriously. what are you gonna do? wake up and smell the roses. if any of that happens, it will kill people. it can kill you. you can also get hit by a bus and die. are you going to waste a beautiful day worrying over something that you have no control over? IMHO, this kind of bs is what makes monsters in people's minds. it makes them paranoid and crazy like zionists have become. don't fall into this trap. if the sHTF, good. it's about time. maybe we can start being a community of neighbors again, if we get free of the mortgage, and get to living moment by moment. fear mongering is bad energy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all your opinions except the term "civilization" in the headline. For now I refrain from predicting our Cosmic destiny. However I think that calling the conglomerate of soulless, largely evil micro-intelligences inhabiting this speck of dust in Space a "civilization" is, by all imaginable standards of intelligent Universe, a funny abuse and hence pathetic usurpation. I don't think this view needs any further justification. It's just a view. I would add: in God we can only trust to finally separate whatever wheat there remains from the "abundant" overgrowth of tares.

brian concannon said...

I believe the biggest threat in my lifetime will come from the International Zionist Banksters, Israel, their global bully the US and Zio allies

Anonymous said...

Is the 80 % + of the world who live on pocket change going to notice ?
Civilization as in people who have enjoyed fossil fuels for decades having cry fits ? LOL

Unknown said...

I agree with Joe Dead Horse, very good comment, plus with the rest of the disaster set 0ffs we are really on the brink. It don't matter how much you are prepared, how much can you carry? you will most likely have to run, so 50 vats of water is too heavy with no car, if you can't go back for it. You might have a nice bomb type shelter - what use if your roof blown off and men are standing with guns - you can't even escape. What you have to have is faith - in life and Spirit, and use survival instinct.

keyman101 said...

I must add to what others have said in that fear is our worst enemy, and bugging out the poorest strategy. If there are 10 people left alive, they will form a social order, and I suggest the basis of that order will be Scriptural - to love as you hope and expect to be loved. But we are also told to use wisdom and to prepare such that our flight will not be in winter. We do not know what to prepare for, but our hearts must be ready without fear of the coming of the Lord!

Anonymous said...

It may be many years off as several key Bible prophecies have not come true yet BEFORE the end was to come.

It could be as much as 30 years off. That being said it could START tomorrow, or next week or whenever.....

Sorry, like everybody else I can't pinpoint the exact date. May be the year, but that's about all.

Even Jesus and the angels don't know. Only the Father knows the EXACT date.

Janet Phelan said...

The author neglected to mention one of the most serious of impending man-made threats--an engineered pandemic. This is something one can prepare for if one understands the nature of how this can be delivered. And it isn't about fear--it is about knowledge. There is a wonderful sense of release and freedom from understanding the nature of our political reality. When it comes down to it, there isn't anything to be afraid of. No one gets out of here alive. We either serve the truth or another master. Live large and leave the rest to the ostriches.

Anonymous said...

Site loads well and pages scroll smoothly at first. As page loads more, it stop scrolling. Wish you guys could fix the site.

Philistine said...

These comments are pure comedy! Did you write these all yourself? If not, holy shit, there's some seriously funny people out there who have no idea. It reads like an episode of Portlandia where a bunch of hipster douchebags are talking over fair trade coffee and nobody is listening to each other's rants about all the crazy crap nobody can control or even come close to understanding. Tools.

Hide Behind said...

Oh God. please say it is so.
And then creation can continue creating or destroying at its own chaotic being and who knows maybe someway out of its slime may come another form of man that hopefully can be a part of creation and not the destruction of creation.

Anonymous said...

To Craig Schmalz, global warming...are humans solely responsible? Nope. Are they contributing? Yep. Please try to keep in mind Craig that what nobody wants to admit or as Al Gore might put it...a convenient that the earth is not it's own ecosystem. It is part of a much larger solar system and in turn, the solar system is affected by other outside sources. This planet's geological history is littered with evidence of other huge shifts in climate change, magnetic pole shifts etc. The evidence is literally LOCKED into the stone. As example, the last ocean rise and ice meltoff from the LAST ice age was approximately 12,000 years ago. Call me a skeptic but I am pretty sure the inhabitants of earth did nothing more to cause that with their big gas guzzling SUVs and massive bon-fires as we are right now. In addition to the eons of geological records, we also have at our fingertips, written records of archeological evidence from almost every corner of the world of major cataclysms. It is becoming very scientifically proven that for instance, the energy from a Coronal Mass Ejection can trigger earthquakes and sun grazer comets can cause the sun to burp one of these CME's out. These things are of course just scratching the surface of what we arrogant earthlings thing we "know" is causing these last 20 years or so of earth's cyclic dance. Did you also know that every other planet in our solar system shows similar shifts as well? Is it also because of humans that these things are happening? Trust me, this planet is gonna be spinning long after it tires of us humans crawling around on it. To think that somehow HUMANS have the ability to "save" this planet is laughable.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. After struggling with my conscience. Actually more like all out war between my conscience and my fears, I've made peace with what I'm able to do, and not able to do. Thank-you for your articulate response.

Anonymous said...

Love is the key, however, NOT EVERYONE LOVES. If everyone chose to Love Thy Neighbor, we wouldn't have problems in this world. Idealistically, Yes, Peace is the answer. Unfortunately, too many people DO NOT subscribe to Peace, they subscribe to War, Chaos, Fear, Anger, Violence, Trauma. No offense, but it is dangerous to think that if one subscribes to Love that they will remain unharmed when predators and bandits come out to play. Being smart, being prepared, being Wide Awake and realizing that not everyone around you is going to be loving and peaceful will help you in determining if you breathe for another day.

I am a Peacenik, have always been one, and the One Lesson I learned the hard way is that People have their own agendas, they will do anything to further their agendas and some people will use unsavory methods to use you and not feel bad for doing so. It is human nature, people have flaws and they don't always act or react with kindness, compassion, decency or honor. We can be loving, peaceful selves, YES, but to be blind to the reality around us is foolish, arrogant and will probably be one's downfall.

Live in Fear? No. Live prepared with eyes wide open to the possibilites, foibles and predation of man and nature? Absolutely...

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