Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Antibiotics In Livestock Strengthening Superbugs

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Anonymous said...

This has been known for a LOONG time. Problem is Agribiz & Big Pharma stand to loose too much money if the practice is stopped. They have tons of lobbyists and have co-opted much of the Organic movement to put pressure to allow unsafe food practices.
Recently attended a microbiology lecture about a long term study done by scientists at the Savannah River Site on antibiotic resistant bacteria. They collected bacteria that was growing in sites contaminated with run off chemicals and heavy metals and found that many had evolved to be resistant to nearly all antibiotics. The more contaminants the more resistance. So it is not just animals fed drugs it is even more pervasive. As an aside; for you vegetarians, many antibiotics break down in soil. However most sulfer based, arsenic based, & fluorinated antibiotics will be taken up by the plants. Washing them off only removes [some of ]the pesticides.
Never have any non emergency procedure done at a hospital. Infections are rampant because of poorly paid help not disinfecting properly, contaminated ventilation systems, not enough hand washing,[your doctor's cell phone has lots of MRSA & ecoli on it], and sick visitors.
Friend got MRSA and refused antibiotics. Cured it in 36 hrs with essiential oils. Properly made colloidal silver & energy therapy works too. No side effects no resistance. Boost your immune system with proper food, rest, exercise & sleep & hygiene. [NOT antibacterial soaps/ hand wipes] Check vitamin D levels, avoid mercury & fluorides. Meditate if you can.

Anonymous said...

why do the fda and usda and cdc clowns never mention that 70 % of the tonage of antibiotics used in usa are fed to animals who are not ill at subtherapeutic doses... who then poop in the rivers and lakes and spread those antibiotics to the rest of the ecosystem. Or that 50% of the meat we buy in the groc stores is colonized with multidrug resistant staph aureas traced back to the ANIMAL and not the handlers? Why do they never mention what happened in sweden in the 1990s when they banned antibiotic use in animals who were not ill? The fda cdc and usda have alot of explaining to do ....... bought by insurance company, drug company, ag giants ...... they have neither the backbone nor the ethics to allow for the even the ability to make the correct choice ........ our govt corruption is EPIC levles these days. shamefull!

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