Friday, August 30, 2013

Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal?

Anthony Freda Art
Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

Obama, pushed by his Israeli and neocon masters, especially his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who, in effect, functions as an Israeli agent, crawled far out on the limb, only to have it sawed off by the British Parliament.

In response, the “socialist” president of France, Hollande, who lacks French support for France’s participation in a US/Israeli orchestrated military attack on Syria, has crawled back off the limb, saying that, while everything is still on the table, he has to see some evidence first.

As Cameron and Obama have made clear, there is no evidence. Even US intelligence has declared that there is no conclusive evidence that Assad used chemical weapons or even has control over the weapons.

Even the US puppet government in Canada has disavowed participating in the Obama/Israeli war crime.

This leaves Obama with support only from Turkey and Israel. Recently, the Turkish government shot down in the streets more of its own people–peaceful protesters, not imported mercenaries trying to overthrow the Turkish government–than were killed in the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad.

As the entire world is aware, the Israeli government has been committing crimes against the people in Palestine for decades. A distinguished Jewish jurist concluded in an official report that the Israeli government committed war crimes in its attack on the civilian population of Gaza.

No country regards the criminal states of Turkey and Israel as cover for a war crime. If Obama is pushed by Susan Rice and the evil neocons, who are strongly allied with Israel, into going it alone and conducting a military strike on Syria, Obama will have made himself an unambiguous War Criminal under the Nuremberg Standard created by the US Government. Unprovoked military aggression is a war crime under international law. That is completely clear. There are no ifs or buts about it.

If Obama now strikes Syria, when he has no cover from the UN, or from NATO, or from the American people, or from Congress, having ignored the House and Senate, Obama will stand before the entire world, starkly, as a War Criminal. Unless the world is prepared to flush international law, arrest orders for the War Criminal will have to come from the Hague. Obama will have to be handed over and put on trial. He will have no more leg to stand on than did the Nazis.

The evil neocons are telling Obama that he must prove that he is a man and go it alone.

If Obama does, he will prove that he is a War Criminal.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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Bill @ Best Pocket Knife Review said...


nota said...

Wait.....Isn't Obama ALREADY a war criminal many times over (confirmed, of course, by his Nobel Peace Prize)????

Anonymous said...

The evil people who have stolen power are now realizing that this may bring consequences far worse than they expected, and may back off. (Being the real cowards that they are)

But this is FAR from over. We may just dodge A bullet. These insane people will try again later undoubtedly.

This is why we must not be insane ourselves thinking that everything is going to be alright if that happens. If they are thwarted.




Anonymous said...

I would start by deputizing every man and woman between the age of 15 and 50.

150,000,000 ought to do it.

Angel Writer said...

Isn't a Nobel Peace Prize Winner supposed to work towards and for Peace?

Why Syria, by the way, when thousands of people are slaughtered around the world each year?

Hide Behind said...

What does Obama fear? What do people such as our upper house of congress what do they have to fear?
It is a term spoken as if everyone has a cleft palate and tring to hide it by camoflaging it by a mustache.
It is a term that the Weeping Willows and their Limp dicked mates use and use, and use as a cry for help of the world.
They hide behind that phrase their own F.c...g Cowardice to confront the fn criminals directly.
Hell it is illegal to actually mention the types of punishment the crooked officials deserve; And the fear of penalty is very real, not imaginary ar all.

Anonymous said...

This war is a Israeli/Saudi action to clear a path through Syria for a pipeline from the Persian Gulf to Israel which will then be extended under the Mediterranean to Europe. This pipeline will directly compete with Russian gas currently being delivered to Europe and could be expected to cut Russian energy revenues in half as well as providing a windfall for both Israel and the Persian Gulf nations.

Russia has not forgotten what George H.W. Bush and the Saudis did to it when the Saudis flooded the oil market and brought the oil price below the cost of Russian production. Make no mistake about it, Putin will do everything to make sure it doesn't happen again and if that means world war then so be it.

Anonymous said...

"Why Syria, by the way, when thousands of people are slaughtered around the world each year?"

Because Syria is one of the few remaining countries not in the grip of the central banksters. Also, Syria must be taken down to go for the next target: Iran.

Anonymous said...

Is this about Syria, Iran and the like not embracing the dollar? Here is the bottom line, if Mr Netanyahu is saying little chance of Israel getting into this, he is counting on Alferd E Newman (Obama) doing his bidding. But not his, the bankers...Iceland saw it why don't we.

Doreen Agostino said...

Foster Gamble co-producer of Thrive The Movie

@fbuijsadvies said...

David & Goliath | The Trojan Horse | Pacman | Queen | HumanitywinsIlluminatilose

Anonymous said...

i think he has already done that.

wethecom said...

there is contradicting information on canadas support for attack syria you may want to see

dale said...

The last President who was NOT a war criminal was Jimmy Carter.

Reagan sold arms to Iran, while helping Iraq, and used the funds to break the law by funding the Contras. Under his leadership, the CIA fought a handful of wars secretly and illegally. It's hard to understand the evil of a man who would arm both sides of a deadly war.

Bush I killed thousands of Iraqis and their families as they retreated into Iraq, a clear war crime.

Clinton's sanctions against Iraq are estimated to have caused the deaths of 500,000 children

Bush II started two criminal wars.

Obama's drone attacks and aid for LIbyan and Syrian rebels (thru the CIA) involve war crimes.

Anyone who threatens to make a significant departure from US neo-con foreign policy cannot get elected; and when Kennedy began to argue against involvement in Vietnam, he was killed.

Therefore, due to the plutocratic nature of American politics, no President can avoid being a war criminal; it's baked into the cake that any successful candidate must eat.

Ron Paul, who despite his cowardly vote to invade Afghanistan, presented a different foreign policy..and he got screwed during the primaries. Will his son sell out to the neo-cons or stand on principle and surrender any chance to be the candidate?

The criminality of American foreign policy, since Reagan, infects every President. No one should be surprised. And in a world of war crimes, where criminal wars and bombings are normal, only those who expose such crimes (like Ellsberg and Manning) or oppose them are treated as criminals.

When the system is criminal, all who serve it are criminal. The price of opposition is prison, assassination, exile, or marginalization.

Dr. Roberts, who blindly defends Reagan, stands at the end of his military crimes, marginalized. Like Chomsky and other real dissidents, he is ignored by the corporate media and estranged from political power. This is the least price of speaking truth to power.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue:
Bush(s), Rumsfeld, Kissinger are also war criminals.
You don't really think the Elites will allow their arrest do you?

Anonymous said...

Foster and Gamble's flick 'Thrive, The Movie' parallels much of
the 'Georgia Guidestone' philosophy.
Bill Still and Ellen Brown have a better tack on global econ solutions.
Take a look at Still's 'Secret of Oz' on Youtube..

Anonymous said...

From day one it was obvious that Obama was and is today a puppet on a string. A modern monster of Frankenstein called the Illuminati !
Have a good day.
Caesar Lion Cachet

Cal said...

Catch up with what is going on, please.

"Obama will have made himself an unambiguous War Criminal under the Nuremberg Standard created by the US Government."

Obama and much of his administration, including Panetta and dempsey were INDICTED already as war cirminals - we just need to PROSECUTE THEM.

Seen said...

If there is a trial, it will occur after the war

It grants the supranationalists, universalists, and globalists ammo; it needs to garner enough support to erode national sovereignty and grant supranational institutions more power or reformat supranational institutions with more power. It's about the only thing various sects of Bismarkianists agree with.

I don't see that successfully happening prior to the war; due to, it'll enrage the Neo-Malthusians aka the Malthusian and Eugenicist merged movement while it also leaves variables in tact such as the snake eating itself.

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