Saturday, August 3, 2013

Utopian 'Harvest Your Own' Groceries Coming Up

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Places like Wal-mart brag that they eliminate the middle man; but they haven't seen the likes of The Farmery.

What if your food was grown at your store - and it's not even picked yet until you come by to cut the plants. You're not a shopper, you're a harvester. Better yet, what if Farmeries come to urban neighborhoods - both high and low end?

Meet the Willy Wonka of agriculture...

Farmery Vimeo from Gary Breece on Vimeo.

Founder Ben Greene (for real?) wanted to "tighten the gap" more than any retailer and farmer with an all-in-one 'stop, shop and grow.' A greenhouse shop made from shipping containers where shoppers can talk to the people who grew and learn like they never have before. Be assured of the absolute highest quality and fresh factor available. The plants are grown with 50/50 aquaponics/hydroponics technology.

Ben has the needed life's experience, even with unsuccessful past farming, and the vision and innovation to manifest this plan - still in action already for 5 years. It just didn't make sense to he and his team to have all these different stops - farm, distribution, retailer.

Imagine the ambiance of greens, strawberries, dwarf chili peppers, and herbs, and mushrooms when you walk in. As well as fare from local growers. Ben said:
The wonderful thing about agriculture is you don’t have to try very hard to make function look pretty. I just concentrate on making the growing system as efficient as the space will allow.
Maybe you could check out one of the two in-progress farmeries in North Carolina. One is being built in downtown Dunham, next to the Burt's Bees headquarters.


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Anonymous said...

That's great and cool and all, UNTIL big food feels threatened and enlists their thugs at the USDA and the FDA to threaten and sabotage. What then??

Anonymous said...

Amazing idea, I would shop their all the time even if I had to drive further, I would drive right past walmart.

laverneisgold said...

I pray the Farmery comes to NY soon ..... or wherever I'm staying
Its a wonderful plan and needs to implemented in especially all low income urban areas so the people don't have to eat fast food. At least we'll know it is non-GMO

Anonymous said...

What a truly marvelous endeavour!

Anonymous said...

I had this idea a few years ago but I was thinking all retailers could have rooftop greenhouses! Keep up the good work people! This would be great for everyone!

Anonymous said...

You can't get food no fresher than that!

Anonymous said...

disappointed at the environment you have created for the fish, shame on you! everything else looks good to go!

Anonymous said...

The best solution to eliminate these belly robbers is to grow your own fruit and vegetables and raise your own live stock. That way you put these corporate retail box stores out of business.

Anonymous said...

If this is promoted and backed by the system and starts popping up everywhere I believe it is whats called a "food shed" under agenda 21. It looks and sounds great, however it will be subsistence eating only just enough will be grown to sustain a bare living for the food shed zone, it will most likely be GMO crops. The little commercial reeks of UN propaganda if you ask me.
right down to the shipping containers.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to this for months but the idea would be to each town to build a bunch of green houses and it be organic of course and hire people to work them, I guess this is the same concept but we want all the people to get organic foods and then MONSANTO WOULD HAVE ROtting foods in the storE just like their personalities they are rotten to the core. WE NEED to START THESE STORES and GREEN HOUSES this is one way they will not be able to POISON us and they are they are AGAINST HUMANITY and animals and pets HURRY UP Organic foods are very difficult to find in the stores and sometimes you can not find it at all. We need solar power to get off the grid this should of ben set up centuries ago,

Anonymous said...

@ whoever wrote this shit:

" That's great and cool and all, UNTIL big food feels threatened and enlists their thugs at the USDA and the FDA to threaten and sabotage. What then?? "


That's what makes a difference between a p***y and a man. A p***y gets into panic mode and starts screaming 'What then?'. A man starts shooting the bitches off his property.

Thank you for your comment though, it makes hell of a lot easier to differentiate who a man can rely upon when tough times come.

Jack J. Smith said...

wont work

Anonymous said...

Hard enough running a natural foods store when you buy produce in a box. Now try to grow it too. Too labor intensive and specialized. Where would I find the green thumb to grow the produce for me? I can barley find people to run the till. Nice idea.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, this is such a great idea, but you shouldn't waste your time, the fascists will just shut it down."

"Growing food is too difficult.. derp derp."

What sort of comments are these? Go back to Huffington Post you zero-contributing nay-sayers.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a typo its in Durham NC

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