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Medical Nanobots Will Connect Brain to Cloud Computing - Ray Kurzweil

Update on the emergence of DNA nanobots and nanocomputers.

Nicholas West
Activist Post

The Human Body Version 2.0 project features none other than arch-Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil as its main proponent. The goals have been openly stated for some time:
In the coming decades, a radical upgrading of our body’s physical and mental systems, already underway, will use nanobots to augment and ultimately replace our organs. We already know how to prevent most degenerative disease through nutrition and supplementation; this will be a bridge to the emerging biotechnology revolution, which in turn will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution. By 2030, reverse-engineering of the human brain will have been completed and nonbiological intelligence will merge with our biological brains.
Working toward the first Posthuman: courtesy of Ray Kurzweil and the Lifeboat Foundation

In fact, the reverse engineering of the human brain has already been announced to be well under way via new microchips and accompanying software. And, while full nanobot rewiring of the brain is not expected before 2020, has reported that our DNA has been successfully targeted by nanobots "for drug therapy or destruction."

Taking this even one step further, Ray Kurzweil said in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal (see below) that our extension into non-biological realms will include nanobot computers that will enter our brain and connect us to Cloud computing.

From science fiction horror, directly to the human body, the nanobots are no longer speculation. Also unlike science fiction, they won't arrive via immediate worldwide takeover -- they are already here, and will be introduced incrementally, as Kurzweil has previously stated:
It will be an incremental process, one already well under way. Although version 2.0 is a grand project, ultimately resulting in the radical upgrading of all our physical and mental systems, we will implement it one benign step at a time. Based on our current knowledge, we can already touch and feel the means for accomplishing each aspect of this vision. (emphasis added)

Researchers from Columbia University have developed a fleet of molecular nanorobots that can deliver drugs to specific cells and also identify certain genetic markers by using fluorescent labeling. After such identification, a chain reaction can be initiated:
On cells where all three components are attached, a robot is functional and a fourth component (labeled 0 below) initiates a chain reaction among the DNA strands. Each component swaps a strand of DNA with another, until the end of the swap, when the last antibody obtains a strand of DNA that is fluorescently labeled. 
At the end of the chain reaction—which takes less than 15 minutes in a sample of human blood—only cells with the three surface proteins are labeled with the fluorescent marker.
Naturally, this type of targeted therapeutic approach could prove beneficial, as the researchers highlight -- especially for cancer treatment which sweeps up healthy cells along with malignant ones, very often doing more harm than good (if one were to choose the establishment medical route).

This is always how new technologies are sold to the public, however, and it would be naive not to consider the darker applications as well.

Direct brain modification already has been packaged as "neuroengineering." A Wired article from early 2009 highlighted that direct brain manipulation via fiber optics is a bit messy, but once installed "it could make someone happy with the press of a button." Nanobots take the process to an automated level, rewiring the brain molecule by molecule. Worse, these mini droids can autonomously self-replicate, forcing one to wonder how this genie would ever be put back in the bottle once unleashed.

Here is one scenario offered by Kurzweil for how these nanobots could enter our bodies:
A significant benefit of nanobot technology is that unlike mere drugs and nutritional supplements, nanobots have a measure of intelligence. They can keep track of their own inventories, and intelligently slip in and out of our bodies in clever ways. One scenario is that we would wear a special “nutrient garment” such as a belt or undershirt. This garment would be loaded with nutrient bearing nanobots, which would make their way in and out of our bodies through the skin or other body cavities. (emphasis added)
That might seem to offer a level of participatory choice -- to wear or not to wear the garment -- but Kurzweil reveals that the nanobots will eventually be everywhere:
Ultimately we won’t need to bother with special garments or explicit nutritional resources. Just as computation will eventually be ubiquitous and available everywhere, so too will basic metabolic nanobot resources be embedded everywhere in our environment.
In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kurzweil highlights why Google has taken an interest in nanotechnology and the possibilities he sees for humans as they increasingly become non-biological and form direct connections with computers, augmenting and/or supplanting our natural processes as we head into the era of cyborgs and beyond:

And of course once our neocortex is uploaded to the Cloud, it positions Google perfectly for searching our every thought and pre-thought. While this might sound like an impossible amount of information to upload, let alone interconnect and search, it is being announced that researchers have designed the first nanocomputer that can push beyond the concept of Moore's Law, which imposes a theoretical limitation on the expansion of computer processing power.
The team designed and assembled, from the bottom up, a functioning, ultra-tiny control computer that is the densest nanoelectronic system ever built. 
A technical paper has been published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the research. 
The ultra-small, ultra-low-power control processor—termed a nanoelectronic finite-state machine or "nanoFSM"—is smaller than a human nerve cell.
In their recent collaboration they combined several tiles on a single chip to produce a first-of-its-kind complex, programmable nanocomputer. (Source)
It shouldn't be seen as coincidence that these developments are happening simultaneously. What appears on the surface to be discoveries in entirely different fields are coalescing rapidly as we approach the theoretical date of The Singularity - the full merger of human and machine - estimated to occur between 2029-2045.

Despite the benign language of futurists, we know that a concerted effort is already underway to manage and predict human behavior for a whole range of potentially anti-human applications. As our free will is also targeted like the cells of our body -- for drug therapy or elimination -- ethical concerns must be voiced loud and clear. Scientists seem content with opening Pandora's Box, then worrying about negative consequences later ... and that is only if we assume that their intentions are benign from the beginning. One should take time to examine the history of military experimentation on human populations to see all of this through a very different lens.

At the very least, instead of the fully realized vision of Human Body 2.0, this might be Big Pharma 2.0 -- a new phase where conventional drugs are incrementally replaced by nanodrugs and nano-fleet delivery systems. Coupled with applications that directly enter our brain to connect us to the computer matrix, we are rapidly entering an entirely new human paradigm.

The funding is already there, and a massive amount of money is waiting to be made by companies like Google. Here again, for those who might only see the bright side to this technology, we ought to question who is really in control of it.


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Anonymous said...

Danger danger Will Robinson!

Anonymous said...

Ain't technology great!

luxury slide said...

NO! The problem with all nano particles is that becaus ethey are so small, and the technology so new and untested and basically so very unnatural and so foreing to your bodies way of dealing with it, unrecognisable basically, the big problem thats been happening in the field of new nano health is that the nano particles have been PERMEATING tissue where there NOT meant to be...mainly the heart tissue and the lungs aswell, and popor naive people who trust these mad scientists are dying on mass as a result, becuase once there in, theres no way to get them out or cure the problem, steer well clear

Anonymous said...

All of these advances would be so wonderful if it weren't another means to make sure we remain controlled and stymied slaves.

Anonymous said...

Futurists like Kurzweil are nihilistic materialists who egotistically assume that living forever (even as a machine or part machine) would be a 'good' thing. Too bad that people who consider eternal life on earth as a good thing are totally lost in the illusion of form and so far removed from the natural world and the meaning of existence that life itself is not sacred to them, but merely another form to be controlled and manipulated. I feel sorry for them.

Besides, this immortality is an illusion anyway. Tell me how these nanobots would help someone whose head gets blown off by a shotgun blast (sorry for the disturbing image - I am just trying to make the point clearly).

Peter Greene said...

So I can download a new hair colour and voice every'll all give new meaning to the word "virus". I wouldn't mind vastly extended lifespan and the ability to see in the dark, I have to say. I think it's all part of the process Earth made us for: her machine makers. Not just humans...imagine the whole sea thinking, speaking with waves and seeing with water.

Anonymous said...

Now we know who to blame for the zombie apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

These nanobots are ubiquitous in the environment already, in different shapes and sizes. All one has to do is view them with a black light; apparently living (on some level,) and moving, awash in the environment. They are invasive and everywhere, called parasites or moving fibers by Morgellon's sufferers.

Anonymous said...

In the end times, the bible predicts this thing called the Sceptres of the Shadim. It's in second Baruch.

What it means is that along with the other awful catastrophes that will be upon us, is the release of demon spirits who will take possession of men. (zombies) It's one of the signs Christ said to look for.

That is the reason for all this zombie talk these days. They know this.

It's amazing. The powers read the bible. They just make sure we don't.

These tech things are spirits. They have the biggest computer in the world in Belgium. They call it the beast. The damn thing is alive.

Crazy? Or satanic? See the movie "Fallen" with Denzel Washington. It's prophetic. Call em nanobots or demons. Same thing.

Oh, I forgot. They took the 14 books of the Apocrapha out of the bible in the 1920's so you won't know.

PJ London said...

Er. actually.

A three-story computer in Brussels, Belgium called "The Beast," is described as being the brain-child of the European Common Market. It is said to be "self programming" and is intended to track the buying and selling activities of every person on earth. Additionally, the system is alleged to depend on invisible tattoos on the forehead or back of the hand of each person for identity purposes. Ominously, the tattoo will be of a unique, personalized number composed of three entries of three digits each.

The Truth
It's easy to see how this story would grab the attention of Christians. It's almost as though it were tailor-made to fit with the book of Revelation. And... it was.
Unlike most urban legends, we have a clear trail that leads to where the story came from.

There are various printed versions of the story that date back to 1973, but the most widely circulated early account appeared in Christian Life magazine in August 1976.

Three months after publishing the story, Christian Life received a letter from Christian author Joe Musser.
In it, he explained that the Beast Computer of Belgium did not exist in reality, but in fantasy.
Musser said that he created the scenario for a novel he wrote, titled Beyond a Pale Horse, and for a screenplay for the David Wilkerson film, The Rapture.
In the letter, Musser said that for three years he had seen the story he had created being passed along as fact.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

No WAY! It is against the law to do things to other people without their permission and consent. And for those who already have been violated by ET and other extra dimensional forces, I can tell you that feedback mechanisms in the brain have the potential to drive people mad, because no one truly knows how each individual consciousness and Soul will direct the energies of the mind. No fusion of technology is fitting for a Human being who is capable of doing super-human feats of strength, will, intelligence, and enlightened vibration. nano technology defeats many people's beliefs and scientific and spiritual efforts to use ONLY biological methods for managing the body. This pisses me off that so called scientists think they know better than everyone else and intend to FORCE nanotechnology on Humans, chipping and cyborging us AGAINST OUR FREE WILL! You should be put on trial RIGHT NOW for already declaring your intentions, Kurzweil, and in fact you could be brought up on ASAULT CHARGES Right the heck now.

Anonymous said...

Kurzweil and the ones who intend to do this to people without their consent and free will should be brought up on conspiracy charges AND asault charges, RIGHT NOW.


Anonymous said...

For martial artists and energy chi healers, having a quantum feedback mechanism in the brain will forever prevent Inner Peace from ever being experienced.

Ray Kurzweil should be put behind bars for wanting to do this to everyone without their permission. Reminds me of Spider man, where that crazy lizard doc wants to turn everyone into lizards.

Anonymous said...

Should the FBI be notified about this Dr. Ray Kurzweil?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ray Kurzweil is a bloody TERRORIST!

He's threatening to overrun the planet with nanobots that transform people's lives and biological systems without their consent, permission, and knowledge!

He needs to be put in a FEMA camp!

The FBI needs to know about Dr. Kurzweil!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been reading a novel about extending your life by having your complete consciousness duplicated and passed onto nanogel, which is then placed inside a completely fabricated body - Mindscan by Rob Sawyer (2005).

As with all good novels, problems develop. One of the problems he raises reminds me of a spinal cord injury I suffered some years ago, which laid me to bed for 30 days solid. The tear in my spinal cord lining healed finally, and I stopped leaking cerebral spinal fluid.

The migraines persisted for several months, but at first, as I was finally able to stand without pain, the headaches were weird. The neurologist had never heard of "rolling headaches" but that's what they were.

They started at the base of my skull and rolled forward toward my forehead, increasing in intensity until they exploded in a crescendo of pain and disappeared. The whole process lasted just a few seconds, but what struck me was that she had never heard of such a thing.

Marijuana cured the rolling headaches, but did nothing for migraines, which eventually stopped anyway once I stopped eating fast food and began eating organics, and avoiding GMOs as much as possible.

As much as science knows, it is still woefully ignorant of how everything works together. There are always unintended consequences, because they just don't know enough. And that's terribly dangerous.

While they keep moving toward H+ (Homo sapiens superior), they will keep running into gaffes and disasters.

We know this because 12 years ago they admitted that 30 genetically modified humans had been created, but we haven't heard a peep about it since. Why not?

Either they ran into calamity (most likely), or the program was so successful that it's gone completely sub rosa.

you can read about it here

anthony ofarrell said...

Think you guys need to read up on this a bit more, I mean, come on microscopic
Droids turning everyone into zombies and being soul's of the devil inside the nano's, they are an A.I they can replicate, learn and think for them self's they can travel freely from one person to the next or too any animal or anything with a DNA pattern, eventually they would replicate so much that the whole planet will be full of them, no more illness, cancer wiped out forever, if you cut your self you would heal in a few hours rather than days, no more death well not naturally anyway. See your body can still, shall we say be "terminated" you can still hold a bomb and blow your self up, can be eaten by a shark, can still be fried in the electric chair, you can still burn in intense fire.
So you will still die from the hand of another or by your self, the question is who will play God who will decided who will die and who will live eternal life. As the planet will become pool of life anything in it will never die but can be destroyed, over crowding will become a big problem very quickly forcing us to build into the clouds, by this time we would of invented bikes and cars like in judge dread, so now we are in the clouds and can't go any further, we would have to leave the planet.
By having the Technology to replicate our food that would not be an issue, the nano's would operate your vital organs from needing any type of space suit, as you would be in the same conditions like you would on earth all sealed up in the ship, once air locked you could travel for years.
But who would be allowed to leave earth ! Who will be able to keep control of the fast growing population who are almost indestructible, Pandora's box would of been opened who will hold the key? The new world order will be created before it got out of control, so don't be worried play ball and you will live, disobey and your life will be no more.
You will become the new human race a biomechanical being you will experience things that you would never of dreamed of being able to do, but the new world order will make use of that also. These nano's are here now they tested on a grade 1 cancer cell and the nano eliminated it in a matter of minutes this type of nano treatment once available will kick start things into action a new world will be born and you and your kids will live to see it provided you live that long estimated date 2040.

anthony ofarrell said...

New world order is what this is the army and world leaders know of this and want it to happen, They need to keep there scientists alive nano's are here now they still need a lot of work till they are ready to be released, I'd rather never to be I'll than to get I'll and free of disease.

Anonymous said...

Sounds an awful lot like Deus Ex...

Anonymous said...

Good nutcase..........

Anonymous said...

"As long as the intentions are benign..."

This is important. I don't see nanobots being used to let's say prevent and perhaps cure early forms as cancer as a catastrophic idea. We've created things such as pacemakers and artificial limbs that has saved many lives, why should nanobots be totally thrown to the side? I see a lot of potential in this technology.

However, "At the very least, instead of the fully realized vision of Human Body 2.0, this might be Big Pharma 2.0 -- a new phase where conventional drugs are incrementally replaced by nanodrugs and nano-fleet delivery systems. The funding is already there, and a massive amount of money is waiting to be made."

The business aspect is what concerns me. Let's not let being profit hungry companies get in the way of ethics and humanity. I understand the scientists needs the funds but if profit is going to reign over quality and concern of human lives; then the door needs to be closed until we're 'evolved' enough to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people just be content with living and then dying. People get so obsessed with the idea of always being something that one day they will create something that the whole world will wish never happened. These things are the first step to forever and the end.

Seth Yellin said...

Killuminati to thy Illuminati. :'(

I was brought here by a person after a '1st Battalion Rangers' spoke about it.

~Namaste.Bless~ :S :'(

Seth Yellin said...

:'( Vaccines are BADDDD enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out Anthrax Vaccine the military is using and what happens and that it takes months to heal. -_- :'(


'1st Battalion Rangers' activist on FB wrote a comment and someone gave this link on an activist page.

Killuminati to thy Illuminati.
:'( :S

~Namaste.Bless~ :'( :S

Anonymous said...

So this is what is in chemtrails.....

Anonymous said...

Question is who really controls these bots?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a collectivist wet dream. A hive mind with only a select few individuals actually self-aware.

Michael French said...

Let him implant himself and then hack it. This is what he deserves and should receive.

Anonymous said...

The author of the article properly defines what this twisted experiment is all about. Transhumanism. Transhumanism being the newer more PC friendly terminology for Eugenics. The commenters who think this nanotech plan is for the benefit of all better think again. The elites are already of the opinion that there are "too many useless eaters" on the planet, and that the Earth should be depopulated. Anyone who has done an iota of research can find this theme again and again for their plans.

Geoengineering, GMOs, flouridated water supply, etc..... this is just another tool in their arsenal to accomplish that task. Any benefits of this technology will be geared towards the elites for sure, but after culling the majority of the population, they plan on having mindless goblins to accomplish all the menial tasks they have no interest in doing. They have already stupefied the majority of the worlds populations into being ignorant of their agenda. (Go watch some sports. Have a beer. Mow your lawn. Pay your taxes. All is right with the world. Go back to sleep....)

Anyone who is awake and aware to their ghoulish plans is labelled a kook and a lunatic for trying to relate to the rest of the sleeping masses what is going on. We either get together en mass and stop this insanity, or not only us, but any future humans will be at their mercy from now until the time when this beautiful planet comes to a screeching halt. I pray the enlightenment comes before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

He's aging.

Anonymous said...

i cant even imagine why people would want, or even need these technologies.
we are born with everything we need to survive and thrive, our bodies don't need changing, it is our minds and souls that need to wake up to the true nature of reality and stop this insanity they call science.

Anonymous said...

put the pipe down Pete..

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it is like to join the Borg? Anyone stupid enough to submit to this insanity deserves their fate: to be controlled by a cell phone app. Look at pictures of a Morgellons sufferer, where experimental nano tech is erupting through the skin, and see how woundrous you would look. Of course, as the member of a hive-mind running in a cloud app on Amazon's servers, you would care less..

Unknown said...

The Borg is coming, resistance is futile!

Anonymous said...


Sum Dum Goy said...

Don't let them say,"42" is the meaning to life,happiness and everything.The universe gets angry at us when they do that.Don't abuse Deep thought like that.The cube wants to be round.Have patience.Don't jump to conclusions.

Meyer said...

I don't know what is more obscene, the contents of this article or the reactions of the readers. nanotechnology in it's proper place like any other drug, physical therapy, medical therapy, or psychotherapy has all of the possibilities that one could want. On the reverse side it could be like overdosing on morphine or codeine. The potential is there, it's all in how this is administered. The whos, the wheres, the hows, the whys... Don't be narrow minded, however; be cautious. Be grateful for what you have, others have less. Be thankful to your God, whatever you consider him to be, that you have had a chance to live, there's so much beauty to be enjoyed on this earth.

Anonymous said...

I believed this will end the world because remember the mark of the beast and how you dont get anything without it they'll probably keep us out of school until we get it always ask if any vaccines contain nanotechnology. What about actually being able to controll your body and mind this guy is just stupid

Anonymous said...

Nanobots will be very useful once they are finished being studied and made better. They could possibly in the future cure broken bones, tissue, organs such as the heart, cancer, and more. They would be activated with a remote control, a smart phone, or a simple movement. Once they are no longer needed, they will disintegrate into the bloodstream and leave no trace. Nanobots can release more than one type medicine without the medicines clashing and making any side effects. I think they will be very effective however sort of creepy because they can change genetic markers which means that you can change yourself such as changing eye color, hair color, and more. Now these nanobots can merge with our brains. If in the hands of the wrong person it could be dangerous.

Niamh said...

Nanobots will be very useful once they are finished being studied and made better. They could possibly in the future cure broken bones, tissue, organs such as the heart, cancer, and more. They would be activated with a remote control, a smart phone, or a simple movement. Once they are no longer needed, they will disintegrate into the bloodstream and leave no trace. Nanobots can release more than one type medicine without the medicines clashing and making any side effects. I think they will be very effective however sort of creepy because they can change genetic markers which means that you can change yourself such as changing eye color, hair color, and more. Now these nanobots can merge with our brains. If in the hands of the wrong person it could be dangerous.

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