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Thanks for the Super Genes - Weeds Receive Transgenic Material From GMOs

GMOs and wild weeds become friends with benefits...

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

A lot of GMO talk surrounds the rapidly growing appearance of superweeds due to herbicide resistance. Did you too suspect that genetically modified plants were also transferring their genetic material to these weeds? In addition to resistance from repeated use of herbicides, some 'Hulked' out weeds now have an even greater genetic survival advantage by taking on transgenic material from GMOs.

Nature reports:
A genetic-modification technique used widely to make crops herbicide resistant has been shown to confer advantages on a weedy form of rice, even in the absence of the herbicide. [emphasis added]
That would mean the weed form could potentially take its new-found benefits into the wild - and spread them. Of course, this type of glyphosate pesticide (Roundup) resistance spread through cross pollination hasn't been studied much until recently. That's because biotech giants who own patents on the technology aren't willing to let academic researchers poke around.

Some plant geneticists assume that this type of transfer wouldn't hold up in the wild due "extra machinery" and no selective tending. Ecologist Lu Baorong of Fudan University in Shanghai, China found out otherwise. The weed form of common rice, Oryza sativa is strengthened and produces more seeds even without glyphosate application.

First, Monsanto's glyphosate eradicates weeds by blocking enzyme EPSP synthase, choking out plants' ability to absorb nutrition. In order for a whole crop to withstand this heavy chemical use (instead of farmers only spurting the actual weeds and risk killing vegetation) it is genetically modified with bacteria specifically to make the plant produce extra EPSP synthase. This is how the crops survive under so much dousing. (Could this mean the crop still doesn't uptake much nutrition from the soil?)

In a study published in New Phytologist, Lu and team replicated the situation by actually genetically modifying the rice to over produce its EPSP synthase and then cross-pollinated it with the weedy rice. Then, the cross-bred offspring bred with each other. This generation would be all the same except some would have more EPSP synthase producing genes. Guess which ones produced more seeds?

Like Roundup Ready type crops, much of the newly transgenic weedy rice had greater EPSPS protein levels - among other GM traits like glyphosate resistance. More photosynthesis, flowers, surviving shoots and could produce up to 125% more seeds than their non-mutated counterparts. They had genetic advantages even without any use of glyphosate. Weedy rice, or "red rice," usually produces very few grains which is why it is considered a weed and an invasive pest.

If the GM rice goes beyond the trial phase - this would make the pest an even bigger threat than before. It is already a huge, financially devastating problem ... and not only in China. The crops could have some relentless competition - the very pests they were designed to thwart! Cultivated rice and red rice are so close that herbicide would kill them both - thus, development of glyphosate resistant cultivated rice, not yet approved for human consumption. Lu's research should serve as just one reason why.

Additionally, UK plant geneticist Brian Ford-Lloyd says:
If the EPSP-synthase gene gets into the wild rice species, their genetic diversity, which is really important to conserve, could be threatened because the genotype with the transgene would outcompete the normal species. This is one of the most clear examples of extremely plausible damaging effects [of GM crops] on the environment.
Will the real rice please stand up? And withstand? This rare, breakthrough study is a black eye for the already failing and unwanted GM Golden Rice trials with all their questionable "good intentions" arguments -- but globalists are forcing it on people anyway.

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gmo2ashes said...

Great article – especially because it doesn’t advocate labeling GMOs.

FYI, labeling GMOs will only postpone contamination of the food supply – and temporarily put off our inevitable demise.

KNOW THIS: you live in a war zone and GMOs are part of the arsenal used to weaken, maim and kill you and your family. The only solution to the GMO plague is to totally ban genetically engineered planting and burn any remaining GMO crops in the field.

Genetically engineered plant varieties cannot coexist alongside natural-bred varieties; this is a given. Through cross-pollination, GE plants will eventually contaminate and overcome non-GE varieties. There is no safe barrier between the two. You can’t have both type plants and expect labeling to save you or prevent destruction of the food chain.

Labeling initiatives placate GMO opponents and instill the impression of “winning” against the monster. Labeling gives Monsanto authority to sow its deadly harvest with impunity and be accepted by society. Monsanto wins either way, with or without labeling. And unless GMOs are eliminated altogether, someday in the foreseeable near future, the entire food supply will be damaged beyond repair.

There can be no compromise or negotiation with a murderer who intends to kill you. You flee, fight back and prevail, or die. Ultimately, their global agenda is genocide (under the cloak of greed). Monsanto and its biotech counterparts intend to kill you – and unless you fight back and destroy them completely, they will succeed.

The chant for labeling to identify GMOs in food comes from the biotech giants and supporters such as Mike Adams the so-called Health Ranger, not from independent-thinking people. Monsanto initiated both the call for more GMOs in the biosphere, as well as its opposition (labeling). The debate over labeling GMO food has obscured the real issue of educating the public on the dangers of GMOs and banning GMO crops entirely.

The following refs identify some of the culprits behind the faux labeling initiatives.




All said, if you think labeling foods is the answer over totally eradicating GMOs, you are not awake and you are only helping the biotech industry poison our food supply. To avoid the extermination of natural life on planet earth and survive, we MUST find the courage and the creative energy to fight this common enemy and eliminate it completely.

The fate of humanity is now in the hands of ordinary people fighting for their lives. Labeling GMOs would only postpone our inevitable demise. Without direct, decisive and defensive action to rid the planet of the GMO menace by every means possible, the human species faces extinction.

Hide Behind said...

In Oregon the far right and left have joined hands on presenting the neo agenda by radio host on clear Chanel such ss Lars Larsen.
Claiming to be Libertarians leaning Republicans they. and Even the old oregon liberals are beating advocates for GMO ACCEPTANCE, WITH HEAVY HITTER LARSEN YODELING THE GOP TALKING POINTS in an add that runs at least every hour.
CLEAR RADIO 101 PORTLAND HAS TARGETED Portland and all Oregon for their massive GOP PROPAGANDA Pograming sponsored by various orgs.
They launder the sponsorship through the individuals that they put under contract who then receive kick backs and down under the table sponsoring.
This is going on in all 50 states, hell the Alaskans must of had their minds froze as they eat this GOP propaganda and their monsanto GMO three times daily.
Palin is still dripping wet at thoughts of next presidential campain speaking tours.
You can hear it and damn it is as if each of these radoo and ztv. are reading from same teleprompters.
You want to fight then begin to shutdown the no more than political posturing on talk radio by writing or c alling sponsors not the station to say you will no longer buy their goods.
Here in Portland you got gun shops paying to sponsor Clear channels talking dickheads who are pushing for more gun restrictions.
Dumb and fn dumber. Clear Channel is far more profitable as a money laundering and capital mover of Off campaign funding by any number of supposedly Non profits and faithbased or charity and informstion groups sponsored by Koch and Monsanto plus others like Hunt abrothers and Familys or those Romney supporters,
So when just a few people complain they can ignore and telling them you won't listen and boycot a sponsor may never reach spinsors attention.
We lost GMO war and playing hippy farmer is just for hippys, hippys with spare coins and oh yes writers for hippys with spare coins.
You may. win own battle as a survivor if and only if you own own land and completely go off grid all the efn way in regards to thay portion of life.
Learn animal husbandry and stop feeding them gmo and steroidial feeds.
In goes shit you eat the shit.
Hydrophonics all the way with your fish farming added.
Buy enough seed and hide lots of it until you get your own seefs acclimated to your environment, as those will grow best.then branch out.
Best seeds are not from Us you get hardier seeds and far less GmO crossbreeding from Latin americann farmers, direct buys.
We lost but don't just siy and lick wounds, learn to SURVIVE.

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