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School Pressured to Stop Making Kids Kneel Before the Principal

Heather Callaghan
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Activist Post

In San Bernardino County, southern California, parents got a rude awakening in the form of a flyer from an outraged parent. Yes, for some time, Calimesa Elementary School had a policy unbeknownst to parents that involved making the children kneel down on one knee with arms at the their sides at various times throughout the day.

Principal Dana Carter admits to enacting the policy for children to get down on one knee to be dismissed or admitted (usually after recess) by himself or administration as a safety measure. That's not how some parents saw it. To them, it felt like an unnecessary subjugation for their kids to practically bow before the principal who would be king.

After some parents spoke up, Superintendent Cali Banks reported that the policy, which was actually described as "positive behavior intervention," won't be upheld anymore. Positive for whom? Positively great for conditioning little ones for a future of subordination and yield.

According to the flyer, the students were notified and it asks, "Is it okay for your son and/or daughter to kneel down to them?" Not really clear on how this makes things safer.

A mass phone notification had to be sent out to all the parents to let them know that effective immediately, their children will not be made to kneel.

One mom told a Los Angeles station of her 7-year-old daughter:
She says that she has to drop down on one knee with her hands at her side, wait for the principal to come out, lift his arms and tell them to go to class. 
I feel that the principal wants to be like a king, and we don’t have kings in America.
That's right, sista! We only have one god besides the State that children are now praying to apparently.

As a former school secretary, I can tell you that subtle and not-so-subtle submission tactics take place all the time. It's part of the public school system fabric - which is why it was mostly openly discussed - because it really does seem normal for the school officials enacting those standards. But notice that parents didn't receive a mass notification to begin with? It took enough children casually mentioning it before one parent finally spread the word.

So, there's going to be a meeting for parents to discuss different safety options. That way, parents can choose which way they want the little human resources to submit to authority. I want to emphasize that choice, a common tactic to get children to behave, is going to be used on the parents! Why does there have to be some kind of ritual at all?

What is with the bizarre power-trippy behavior coming from teachers and principals in the last few years? Even Chinese headlines don't approve.  Don't they know that they, too, are just human resources for the almighty State? Guess it isn't just the kids who play make-believe....


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Mayara said...

WTF? People from USA are insane!

police state tactics said...

In Jamestown NY the Gym teachers made Kindergartners lie on the floor with their FACE DOWN - in order to calm them down.. We sent a letter to the School Principal to question this "police state" tactic with kids. He indeed corrected the gym teachers.. but we still wonder: where did the teachers get this idea to use heavy submission tactics with such young kids?????

Hide Behind said...

Screw all you anons, where and the hell is the outrage of not just parents of those children but of all parents in US today?
Damn maybe this fn dumbing down is even worse than some believe ; Because the actions by all who participated in that School Districts and did not scream bloody murder are" guilty of abusing those children."
The position is known as a" submissive position" and a means of control by the more powerfull upon the weaker.
It actually is ancient in origin kneel towards your betters or courtsy and only one position is more submissive than it, when one is told to lay belly down face in dirt and arms held out in supplication to gods or men who are godlike.
Thos drop to ones knees is an anthropological slave position.
This is all a part of what our full spectrum warfare psychological experiments done during "Abu Ghraib" by your nice paid educators and scientific do no harm shrinks.
It is mind conditioning on order of military, in fact this new methodology for classroom control. is an actual part of miltary traing methods within their organizations.
It seeks to erase any and all outside influence and reinforce the totality of the administrators power. over them.
The remedy should be to remove all credentials of teaching staff and vivil suits by parents upon each individual including school board members.
Sadly "his sort of conditioning goes on all over US in public, charter public/private and private educational establisments
The military minded will just love that type environment and there are plans for military to educate the less able or most unruly in a make believe school environment that is no more than boot camp and AIT military job traing methpdology.
Oh theres room yet for examples of the spare the rod by using a mental club instead of a wooden or leather belt.
Instead liberals such as in over 100 schools today require all students to make way in halls for staff members by leaning against wall and to please keep the noise down as they pass.

Anonymous said...

So I guess you want to bring back the monarchy? Kneel before your betters as ancient tradition? While we're on the subject of ancient tradition, it was also ancient tradition that one's betters could just kill or jail you with no consequence. It was also ancient tradition that they could torture you or even banish you from your land with no consequence. So stop harping on ancient traditions! There are very good reasons why people don't pander to them anymore. Because we are NOT inferior,we will NOT be treated as lessers, property or expendable anymore and so we will not act as the peasants of old did towards their kings. You sound like you WANT what the elites are setting up in the world... mindless obedience without question or sense of one's own worth or integrity. When we bowed to the kings we were expendable to them, beneath them and used accordingly. Perhaps you forgot that fact?

As for telling off people for posting anonymously, please explain to me how YOUR nick tells me anything about you other than a couple of words stuck together? What, you expect the right to track down people who say things you don't like? What are you going to do then? Ban them? Funny thing, that is EXACTLY what your own government it trying to do to you and everyone else in the US and spreading across the entire globe. WHY can't you people make the connection between government demanding the ability to identify, track and censor you at all times and your demanding people not post anonymously as a violation of people's right to privacy and the 1rst Amendment? People do NOT need to identify themselves to express their opinions or beliefs, it is a human right! And a Constitutional right! While complaining about the governments demanding to see your papers at checkpoints, tracking you in your everyday life, etc you then turn around and spit in the face of your own protest by demanding the same of anonymous posters! If YOU don't have to show your papers/ ID or be tracked/ censored, neither do we!

Then again, considering the massive propaganda against every kind of anonymity the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has been pumping, it looks like even you guys got caught by their conditioning. Time to deprogram yourself! They managed to slip some in. They're tricky bastards, the manipulators...

Anonymous said...

Why do idiots like these still have a job? FIRE THEM!

Anonymous said...

why do peoples still sends their kids to these indoctrinations camps, arent they dumb enough already ?

its getting sicker by the day. once you wake up could you stand after a while ?
DISOBEY, its the duty of everyone to disobey immoral orders.

Hide Behind said...

When one blames the government they blame an object, governments are not real material, why are so many people getting yo hide behind annonymous entitys.
The corporate, the police, the teachers the administrators, the Congress, EPA and the whole fn alphabet all those hundreds of thousands of anonymous employees, and then from cold dead fingrr bangers to fn gang bangers each has their anonymous group. even religious org or gov special interest granted by anonymous entitys to screw over whomever.
The Right hell, today the need, to try and be anonymous is a necessity on internet unless your narcism or need for fame and fortune is more important.
There were over 200 people within that district that knew what the hell was going on especially your teaching staff and they said not a fn thing.
They have names and are fn public employees so drag their worthless asses out in open and put faces to the actions.
Not one employee can claim any exemption for responsability not one.
As for so called Principles of education of youth that FN principal if it had been my child I would of beat the hell out of him jail time or not and I am a peacefull man.
My letter to each and every board member and hiree in that district does include my name.

Do not lecture me on ancient practices, I come from the lineage of an Irish Bastard. the prodigy of an an English soldiers rape of an Child of Erie.
He prefered to be rebel amd outlaw instead of knee scraping chinless english pawn and in 1660's he came here.
the anonymous I refer too ahole are the ones who hide behind official and commercial enterprises and then use that annonymity to escape personal responsability for their part in criminal or despicable practicesWe have the worlds largest group of faceless and spuneless bastards all propping up a fn criminal organization.Alphabet agencies of ppaid killers or wanna be killers or sociopaths abusing their government or financial stations.
We call for whistle blowers who become faces with names and ideals and then we let the gov destroy them.
The responders on net damned right they should be anons but even the best are not truly anons as we just found out
I never bowed or begged in life nor stole from any
one nor hid my actions for nefarious actions, my two nics are Honorably gained and I honor tjose who endowed me with them.
I need no foreign anon to tell me of freedoms, as my free mens bones are buried all over this land.

Anonymous said...

To Hde Behind from Anon poster earlier: Goddamit... I greatly apologize, Hide Behind. I completely misread and misunderstood your first comment... I apologize for being so harsh, and also did not understand who, in terms of anonymity, your were speaking about as well. I am so sorry for mistaking you as I did... And ashamed. Damn :(

I reread it and I do understand now, I agree with you and I hope we can shake all this insanity. I am glad you are so strong, we need strong people in these times. Stay strong and again I am sorry for my earlier dumb moment. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

I agree with other commenters about these sickos being dragged out into the spotlight. What the hell were they thinking???? We need to see their faces so we can properly call them what they are-- de-evolved power hungry humans.

These sickos, and all the people who knew about it, should be on the front page of the news so it can receive the proper amount of outrage. Kudos to that parent who made the flyer.

Anonymous said...

Should this really come as a surprise! Those in the education process are always looking for the so-called "teachable moment". Make no mistake future serfs the lesson here is, "It is better to live on your knees, then to ever stand against authority." Enforce it early and often enough and the sheeple won't question their place in the NWO.

midnightwriter said...

Our Country has sexual deviants in control and this is a sign of sadomasochism training. If we don't get our morals back, God will let it happen, giving our nation over to reprobate minds. This is just the beginning of the end of America, unless we change our ways and fight back spiritually to end this reign of darkness in our land.

Cpl.Michael Talamantes said...

No one has taken a stand to help our children. I can get on here and say that. When I put my son in preschool I let him finish but then when it was over it was over. His mom and I are now split after 19 years. I was not going to put my son in a dumb down class room full of lies and corruption. I home schooled him till 8th grade. Now he is in private and is a straight A student and honor roll student.I would never allow my son to bow to anyone. I'm retired from the army and I never bowed. And I won't so let your children be hurt teased kicked molested and stolen. Its your fault no one else. Stand up are stand back. But don't complain unless you are willing to loose everything to fight for everything you believe and not half. You either go all the way are no way. This is a war till the end. This is our time. The freedom lovers. The people who love there kids and are willing to die for them. For us who believe that each man woman and child are created equal. To stop the stealing of America's true family values. And to live by the law of our fine country that so many gave there lives for. When is enough truly enough. Stop for just a moment look around and see are you better off today than yesterday. What about tomorrow. If tomorrow never comes will those that you loved truly know you loved them?

Angel Writer said...

Why wasn't this story reported by the Mainstream Media? This is RIDICULOUS! It angers me, this isn't the nation I grew up in. What the hell is wrong with our government at ALL levels? What The Fuck!? We aren't a monarchy. We aren't a fascist state. We aren't bootlickers. We are Free people in this country. What the hell is happening????

Sorry for the vulgarity, I just can't believe our country is so messed up...

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