Sunday, August 4, 2013

New iPhones Will Come with "Biometric Kit"

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The rumors are true. The new iPhone will have biometric features.

The new operating system iOS7 for the iPhone 6 has been leaked for testing which revealed a fingerprint sensor and other biometric features. Located in a folder labeled "Biometric Kit", the fingerprint identification system is said to be used for unlocking the iPhone and for Apple products like iTunes.

Just about one year ago Apple bought fingerprint sensor technology company AuthenTec Inc for about $356 million.

At the time Reuters speculated that it would be used for "authentication" purposes:
Its fingerprint technology, used in mobile phones in Japan for authentication of mobile payments, could help Apple bring those services to markets such as the United States, where mobile-wallet services have been slow to catch on.
Other cell phone developers have used other biometric features in the past with mixed results:

Motorola released the Atrix 4G in 2011 which featured a biometric fingerprint sensor it claimed offered a level of security surpassing password or PIN locks. Customers reported mixed levels of success with the scanner, with many saying the sensor failed to recognise their fingerprint. Other digital security systems include the Samsung Galaxy S3's Face Unlock feature, also available on Google's Nexus 4, and in the future it's likely phones will unlock upon recognition of its owner's voice. (Source)
It's clear that biometric technology is becoming better and more prevalent.

This is troubling for privacy considering the recent revelations that the U.S. government is using big tech firms to spy on all citizens, and the FBI is expanding its biometric database.

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Cynkalan said...

And now the PTB can "without a warrant or arrest" get the rest of the worlds prints!!!

Anonymous said...

Apple sucks

Anonymous said...

And guess where all these prints will be stored?

You probably guessed it, cataloged and searchable anytime! Oh you jaywalked while looking at your eyephone, you're a felon now, boom riddled with holes by a minigun and swept away by a robot made in mexico!

Anonymous said...

Wow the NSA/CIA/FBI are going to love this. They already have everything from online, contacts, blogs, pictures, and now they'll have your finger prints!!

Anonymous said...

Hack the crap out of this crapola to nullify all, or simply boycott Apple ('Oh! Heaven Forbid!'). Please Note: Eric Schmidt, of Google fame, uses the new Blackberry, and makes sure all his lovers (and wife) use the same.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later you have to take the blue pill!!! LOL

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