Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How the Tea Party and Occupy Movements Are the Same

James Corbett

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KZeese said...

You got a lot right, both movement did come out of economic insecurity, anger at Wall Street and the corruption of government.

But, Occupy did not become an arm of the Democrats and did not support Obama's re-election. Van Jones, an Obama appointee who left the administration, tried to encourage Occupy candidates -- but no one followed him. We believe in an independent movement, outside of elections, seeking to transform the nation. See www.PopularResistance.org as one example of the evolution of Occupy.

Anonymous said...

As a staunch Libertarian (the real kind not the currently in vogue kind) I have often told my Progressive friends that we agree on many things. If we just stuck to End the Fed and End the Wars great things could happen.

Instead the fake Libertarians and fake Progressives keep the opposition to status quo split.

Hide Behind said...

Ony thing I see in common are that they all are looking towards government to get something for mothing and are hoping that things will stay judt like they were.
Only trouble is the way things were never was; A conglomeration of heads of eggss and egg heads running in circles wanting easy jobs for great pay and no risk economic lives are the occupiers.

Occupiers whoe parents and now themselves are no morethan temporary occpants in a workforce looking for their replacements, and finding them.
The Tea Party half assed activist. worship a creator and allclaim to be self made.
Theytalk of warsamd know not a fnthing of WHY WARS JUST GOOD TIMES WAVING FLAGS EATING POPCORN AND MAKING MONEY and bull shitting about how hard they had itback the, and of how differentpeople were "back then".
Sorry to both groups but back thenthe tea partyers parents were assholes whose kids grew up as assholes and the Occupiershave ben occupying space for far to long, useless in useless endeavors.
Hell parent or spouse of killed military gets 250k and bennies for themselves and kids.
You cannot blame youth or old for way nation is today, as in reality the populace, educated or not, has always been a nation of money grubbing better than thou and thee self centered assholes.
Almost all hiding behind church state and patriotic bullshit while enriching themselves at other ameticans and especially foreign nations and peoples expense.

Today the best of Americas Breed are running the show and the nay be's and maybe's are "Unfair" while searching for their own unfair advantage just to keep from bring bypassed as useless being in useless spaces.

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