Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Martial Law In America Will Affect You

Wendy McElroy
Activist Post

Martial law occurs when the military or militarized law enforcement replaces civilian authorities in order to impose military rule during an emergency. Civil liberties are suspended. In the United States, a pivot point that signals martial law is the suspension of habeas corpus – the right to a hearing on whether an imprisonment is lawful. In practice, habeas corpus means a person cannot be imprisoned without legitimate charges and due process. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the suspension of habeas corpus as an identifying feature of martial law in Article I, Section 9, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

Obama is preparing to declare martial law in America. He may decide not to do so but it is a prepared option that requires nothing more than the say-so of one man. The necessary Executive Order has been authorized. The National Defense Resources Preparedness grants Obama power over “resources and services needed to support...plans and programs” in “the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States.” The grant of authority is so complete that it includes the ability to commandeer technology, industry, and the nation's other resources down to its “food resources, livestock resources, and the distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer.”

The legal framework for martial law is in place.

The signs are unmistakable. They include: Homeland Security recently purchased $1.6 billion worth of ammunition for domestic use by its 100,000+ armed enforcement agents; it also acquired thousands of military-style armored vehicles.

The clearest sign, however, is the National Defense Authorization Act – the federal legislation through which the budget and expenditures of the Department of Defense are specified each year. In 2012, Sec. 1021 of the act allowed the military to arrest and imprison an American on American soil without habeas corpus if he was deemed to have “committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces" (e.g. the Taliban). The 2013 act included the same provision. In short, the NDAA authorized indefinite detention without due process. The 2014 act is currently under debate. It would expand the military's power over the civilian population through Sec. 1061 which is also known as Enhancement of Capacity of the United States Government to Analyze Captured Records. It authorizes the surveillance of an individual solely on the basis that he is or has been hostile to the United States. In short, the new NDAA would authorize indefinite surveillance.

The enforcement mechanism for martial law is in place. What would it look like?

There is no need to speculate. The police response to the Boston Marathon bombings provides a glance into what Americans can expect in the event of another terrorist attack or domestic unrest. Or, rather, it provides an example of a kinder, gentler martial law than is likely to occur. It is kinder and gentler because the agents in Boston had no reason to be hostile to the civilian population; they had the specific goal of capturing a fugitive rather than the general one of policing the population; no one resisted; and, the agents could have faced consequences such as lawsuits if they had inflicted injury. Most martial law scenarios are likely to be more brutal.

On April 15, 2013, three people were killed and hundreds injured when pressure cooker bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon. Two brothers named Tamerlan and Dzhokhas Tsarnaev became suspects. Tamerlan died, Dzhokhas escaped. An unparalleled manhunt occurred on April 19.

The Boston Globe (June 8) explained why law enforcement's response was so coordinated. “The [police training] scenario had been carefully planned: A terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall. But two months before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.”

The mainstream media reported that “officers in body armor were going door-to-door checking if families were safe” and checking out homes to find the fugitive. (Los Angeles Times, April 19) The unreported reality was more disturbing.

Watertown, a bedroom community of Boston, was one of the areas put on “shelter-in-place” – an emergency procedure that is most often associated with chemical spills. The procedure involves people staying indoors, mostly in their homes, while the danger is handled by authorities. It is a form of martial law with law enforcement replacing the military as actors. Civil liberties are suspended, of course.

When the fugitive was spotted in Watertown, agents in riot gear descended on 20 blocks of the town, accompanied by armored personnel carriers. The civil liberties of residents were suspended by the pronouncement of one word: “manhunt.” Two syllables – that's how quickly totalitarianism descends.

With dogs and without warrants, the agents went from house to house and forced people to vacate at gun point. Residents in robes were driven into the street and not allowed to turn off lights, lock doors, secure pets, or grab a cell phone. No questions were permitted. One video shows an agent violently slapping people's elbows upward to force hands behind their heads. Another shows a soldier in a tank pointing his rifle at a photographer. The following video entitled “MSNBC Host Caught Lying About Watertown Martial Law” describes typical encounters. The lies? No tanks were used, no guns were pointed at families.

In the end, Dzhokhas was apprehended only after the lock-down of Watertown ended and the agents had departed. A resident discovered Dzhokhas hiding in his backyard and reported him to the police. The agents had overlooked the fugitive's presence.

The lock-down of the Boston area is not an isolated incident. It is part of a well-funded, coordinated federal program called Operation Urban Shield. (The Boston training exercise received a $200,000 grant from Homeland Security.) The Urban Shield website states, “The overarching goals of Urban Shield include striving for the capability to present a multi-layered training exercise to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale events.” Law enforcement is being trained to impose martial law. Americans are being trained to obey without question.

People sometimes marvel over how a civilized populace like the pre-Nazi Germans were blind to the approach of totalitarianism. How could they miss the signs? Most Americans are missing the hint presented by armored personnel vehicles rolling into a peaceful community. They prefer media lies to the sight of agents aiming their guns at typical American families. That preference will also facilitate martial law.

The best way to avoid martial law in America is not to be here when it occurs.

Wendy McElroy is a renowned individualist anarchist and individualist feminist. She was a co-founder along with Carl Watner and George H. Smith of The Voluntaryist in 1982, and is the author/editor of twelve books, the latest of which is "The Art of Being Free". Follow her work at http://www.wendymcelroy.com.

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Hide Behind said...

And the people are saved from what they do not care, all they want is to be left alone to do whatever it is that the sheep of Boston Do.Cpme into their hoses whenever you want and chase them outdoors; As long as those poor policemen remember to lock thedoors when they left.

Robert Neville said...

Come and try this at my house and you will be sorry. No misdeed goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

As far as "signs" of martial law preparation go, you can add to the list;

1,000+ FEMA camps ready to go,

training religious leaders to encourage citizens to obey government orders,

soldiers from other countries stationed in America now,

more and more drones flying in America and discussions to weaponize them,

the millions of grave liners stockpiled around America to go with the billion+ bullets mentioned in the article,

the plan to reorganize the USA into 10 super regions,

underground military bases complete with transportation systems and stockpiled food and supplies for more than a year,

stockpiling military vehicles and hardware around the country and,

local police departments buying armored vehicles with gun ports.

I'm sure you'll find many more signs, if you just spend a few minutes looking.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, you left out a key fact about Boston. It was a staged event. No small oversight.

Hide Behind said...

I watched, reaf and listened to the Mc Carthy era policementality, tje dissed him or fif they.
The same mentality killed an aquaintence at Kent State. and beat mine and others heads as we tried to end a war and others went into and joined "The Man" within government.
Our military kept killing.with even more orgiastic abandonment voluntarily no longrr hindered by civilized men drafted and forced t lower themselves to their animal level.
They voluntarily went far beyond civilized behavior into a far greater mode of viscousness and effeviency with voluntary abandonment of cibilized more`s
There will be no change to majority of usefull people in their daily lives other than fall out ss the useless eaters are rid opening various advantages to good citizens.

If you have never pushed the boundarys of authority by expressing. displeasure of authority then you will remain the same policy following slave you always were.
All you will have to say is you were just doing your job and smile.

The Wiseman said...

Watertown MA is a working class blue collar suburb of Boston with many first generation immigrants - many from former Eastern-Bloc nations - who don't really know their rights as Americans, and don't have the knowledge or funds to sue. I guarantee you that "the gvmnt" would NOT has tried these tactics in the leafy suburbs of Wellesley, Cambridge, Harvard and other old guard villages filled with the homes of lawyers, corporate executives and government officials. No cop or TSA agent wants to strongarm a guy who once was the Harvard roomate of John Kerry.
You won't find such folk in Watertown.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No place is same. Time is the equalizer - the timeline assures all meet the fate the only factor is how long to elude one's demise at the hand of tyranny.

The public UN website is very clear on their intent to remove the worlds population to well below one billion. their reasons are as self serving as one expects from any plutocrat elitist.

dale said...

So go to Galt's Gulch: what is this? End of the world paranoia as pretext to sell real estate in a 3d world country?

Oh, bull........................

Anonymous said...

The constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA corporation of 1871 (District of Colombia )provides the article which allows the suspention of habeas corpus and Constitutional Rights ...by the majority vote of Congress !........The original Constitution for the United States of America was modified so as to favor privet ownership of public domain . Up unitil the civil war , the United States of America was a Republic of commercial cooperatives ..divided only by preconcieved lifestyles that led to civil & commercial conflicts .
My personal note : Thomas Jefferson was the true founding farther of the Amezrican Revolution for he was against usery & slavery ...
* The Right to bear arms means the right to use a weapon for self defence ... not that of exibiting a weapon in public ...( open carry )as specified in some states ..

Anonymous said...

The ....NEW WORLD ORDER....was given in 1917 to the German SS Troops after finishing their Training in 1919 the First 10,000 Soldiers were Sent to 27 Different Countries in the Americas (both North & South America) perhaps only a few Hundred entered Each Country
Their ORDER to make Strong Large Families and select one of those Family Members to Train for the Third Reich
Along with those Duties they were to take Control of Political Venues, Law Enforcement Leaderships and Agriculture exchanges
By 1934 the Nazi SS was Sending 100,000 SS Troopers each Year to gain Control of Social Structures and Educational programs
There were more than a Few Different Orders given to the Vast Numbers of Troops Sent to the NEW WORLD
But all was to find and Prepare a Single Country

Anonymous said...

Clearly it was Staged but did the two Caught realize they were being Framed to take the Entire Blame
Obviously these two didn't invent this Plan on their Own

Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a Massive Highway System 10 miles below The White House that spans the Country all the Way to San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Totalitarianism often presents itself, initially at least, with a friendly face.
The the brutal reparations which were imposed on post WW1 Germany were universally and quite rightly abhorred by the Germans, who were being deliberately driven into the Stone Age by the victorious powers, who had previously been losing their industrial advantage against this most industrious and intelligent of peoples.
Consequently when Hitler appeared in the guise of saviour of Germany, and restorer of its pride, he was welcomed with open arms by the downtrodden people. The utilization of Gestapo force against the people was seen as a necessary but somewhat abstract evil by the majority, as its attentions were primarily directed against a target group with a known history of national subversion, and an immemorial agenda of global domination.
This ethnic group, living in Germany and amongst the Germans, had in fact already declared war on Germany via their International Spokespersons, prior to events such as "Kristalnacht", although this fact is conveniently ignored by their present-day apologists.
Once again, in our own times, we have the demonization of a target group; this time a mythical band of boxcutter-wielding religious maniacs allegedly stemming from caves in Afghanistan, from which hideyhole they were reducing the output of heroin from their nation. This could not be allowed to stand; entire Empires have been built upon this trade, hence the invasion of their land by the forces of fascism, communism, and pure evil; I refer of course to the United States Government, an industrially-based corporation since 1871, whose sole agenda is profit.
Further to the comment about the imminent declaration of martial law; this is, de facto, already in place, and has been for many years. The evidence for this is staring every American in the face, it is hidden in plain sight; it is the presence in every American courthouse of a gold-fringed US flag. Every flag is modified for a specific purpose; in this case, the flag is the personal flag of the Head of the Armed Forces, the "President of the US Corporation", who for the time being at least, is a foreign national from Kenya.
Tim Webb.

Save the Holy Headland said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a Massive Highway System 10 miles below The White House that spans the Country all the Way to San Francisco
August 8, 2013 at 1:57 AM


Anonymous said...

Will MK Ultra slaves be killed or utilized? The program is still very alive and well. They do many things, such as nightly sedation, kidnapping and surgery, altering a victim's face!

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