Fluoride – Public Enemy Poison #1

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Fluoridation Of City Water

Municipal water treatment plants have commonly added fluoride to the water since the 1950s. Gradually most U.S. cities were persuaded by authorities to follow suit, although a few cities have now removed it from their water by popular vote of a better educated public.

Fluoride is a common constituent of many mineral compounds. Small amounts of organic fluorine are present in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. However, substantial amounts of fluoride are toxic to biological organisms.

Fluoride is generated as a waste byproduct from the manufacture of glass, steel, aluminum and phosphate fertilizer. In the 1930s and ’40s, some manufacturers were accumulating fluoride. The growing stockpile of this waste was contaminating local water, harming livestock and crops near aluminum and fertilizer plants.

Looking for a profitable way to dispose of this toxic substance, they began to market sodium fluoride as rat poison. It is effective for killing rats, but that did not sell enough of it.

As the leaders of the growing Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom (aka, the “TICK”) contemplated the effective use of fluoride in the water by the German Nazis for mind control, diminishing the resistance of the people to their policies, and making their propaganda more effective, it was decided to pursue this in the United States.

Just a few years after World War II, fluoridation of city water was introduced in the United States, following the Nazi model. This has since been expanded to several other nations.

Utilizing some research that suggested it hardened teeth, the proponents of fluoridation worked hard to convince the American Dental Association to endorse fluoride for public consumption through the water supply. It took a few years and creative persuasion to generate that endorsement.

Once they had the backing of dentists, the push was on to get city water departments to add fluoride to their water. This provided a venue to get rid of a poisonous waste substance at a profit, while accomplishing another objective at the same time.

Water managers are asked to maintain a level of 0.7 – 1.2 mg/l of fluoride, recently cut nearly in half by the FDA after many years of seriously high poisoning. Fluoride is also in most dental care products. Concentrations above 4 mg/l are known to be severely toxic.

The reason for fluoridation offered by the establishment is that fluoride would help prevent tooth decay. However, drinking it is not really of much benefit to teeth. Overuse of it is actually detrimental to tooth structure as well as bones.

Mass Medication

Fluoride is a toxic chemical with a drugging effect. The mass medication of the population through the water supply is outrageous. A poisonous drug should not be added to the public water, forcing everyone to consume it or deal with it.

Fluoride is so poisonous it diminishes the immune system, interferes with the thyroid gland and the endocrine system, raises blood pressure, increases arteriosclerosis, incites cancer, reduces fertility, damages DNA, fosters arthritis, and causes mottling of the teeth (“fluorosis”), as well as hardening and fragility of the teeth and bones. The osteoporosis epidemic has been worsened by fluoride. All this is in addition to the serious brain problems from fluoride described further below.

There is NO evidence that fluoride has a benefit for teeth, but plenty of evidence that it causes them to become brittle!

Fluoride And Apathy

Fluoride is known to have a strange effect on the brain. It fosters apathy and lack of motivation. Consumption of fluoride chemically influences the attitudes of much of the population, which is a primary purpose of it being widely distributed.

Germany in the 1930s and 40s was the first to utilize mass drugging with fluoride without any choice. It was added to water supplies there to foster apathy in the populace, and even more to control the concentration camp victims.

Similarly, the growing global corporate state bureaucracy had an interest in avoiding vigorous opposition to their policies, particularly in the United States.

Fluoridation was recommended by Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, and originator of propaganda as a mind control tool through mass media. The reduced intelligence and apathy that fluoride fosters makes the population more susceptible to the hypnotic effects of propaganda.

Fluoride is now also being detected among the chemicals being sprayed in the atmosphere using chemtrail geo-engineering. In addition to almost universal exposure to drinking it and consuming it in food products made with water, we are now breathing the fluoride as well, along with several other toxic chemicals being sprayed on all of us.

Fluoride is also in insecticides and other poison products, toothpaste, mouthwash, and many psychotropic medicines.

So we are much more widely exposed to fluoride than most people realize.

Fluoride And Brain Impairment

Fluoride has been found to significantly lower IQ, even to the point of serious mental deficiency, in numerous human and animal studies, including a major one in China. It damages the brain of unborn fetuses. Scientists at Harvard University have also described negative effects of fluoride on the neurological development of children.

Fluoride contributes to loss of memory, autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition to reducing brain power, fluoride also fosters calcification of the pineal gland, which can cause disturbances in the personality and impair creative insight.

Fluoride And Cancer

Careful statistical studies in the 1970s by John Yiamouyiannis, PhD., biochemist and specialist in epidemiology (the study of population health statistics), showed no appreciable benefit to teeth from fluoridation of water.

I knew Dr. Yiamouyiannis, who passed away in 2000 at just 58 years of age. I was very familiar with his work.

On the other hand, Dr. Yiamouyiannis found a clear increase in cancer in cities where the water is fluoridated. His findings were supported by Dr. Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute, who in 1977 estimated from his own studies that by then 10,000 deaths had already been caused by fluoridated water.

Compelled Fluoridation

Dr. Yiamouyiannis testified as an expert witness in court cases opposing fluoridation in West View, Pennsylvania, in 1978, and in Houston, Texas, in 1982. It was proven in each court that fluoridation of water is harmful, and that it should be eliminated from the public water supply.

In each case, either a higher court overruled the decision or legislators bypassed the court’s finding with new legislation, maintaining fluoridation without regard to common sense. Were they persuaded by powerful interests behind the scenes?

Chlorine and Fluoride To Be Avoided

Virtually all city water is chlorinated for antiseptic reasons and fluoridated for no good reason. Both of these chemical halogens are toxic to biological systems and must be removed from the water before consumption to prevent long-term illness.

Although tasteless and odorless, fluoride is very harmful and should not be consumed. A strong overdose of this poison can be deadly. Children have been seriously harmed and have even died from swallowing fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash. Consuming one tube of fluoride toothpaste could kill you.

Fluoride is also an adjuvant that accelerates the spread of other toxins in the body.

Fluoride should NOT be in our water supplies. People who choose to use fluoride for dental purposes can find it in fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash for topical dental use and use it CAREFULLY. However, be aware that it ultimately weakens tooth enamel by short-circuiting an important enzyme.

Those who endorse fluoridation and use of fluoride in products are not aware of its harm. Without sufficient knowledge, they have unfortunately accepted the propaganda of the industry and the controlling interests behind the mass fluoridation.

Fluoride supplements, dental care products containing fluoride, and the drinking of fluoridated water and its use in foods and beverages should all be avoided.

Removing Fluoride From City Water

Until we can convince honest legislators to stop this ridiculous mass drugging, there are fortunately certain purifying methods that will remove fluoride from water.

Synthetic aluminum oxide, known as Alumina, is a unique media that is highly selective for the toxic minerals, fluoride, lead and arsenic. This high capacity synthetic adsorbent media’s extremely high surface area and pore distribution gives it the greatest possible operating capacity and lowest possible leakage.

Alumina is specially processed to have a minimum of fines (dust) and other foreign matter. It removes the toxic metals through a combination of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media. Alumina has minimal shrinkage or swelling and low pressure loss. It is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range, with nearly complete effectiveness in elimination of fluoride, lead and arsenic.

Coincidentally, both fluoride and alumina (aluminum oxide) come from bauxite, the ore from which the aluminum metal is taken. Alumina appears as a whitish powder. (Note: “alum” is commonly used in water treatment by cities as well.)

Alumina is very successful in removing fluoride from water, and is used for removal of high fluoride levels in industrial wastewater, as well as for the much lower amounts of fluoride added to city drinking water. It removes the fluoride almost completely.

The three forms of fluoride that are added to city water include sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, and hydrofluorosilicic acid. These compounds break down in water to ions of fluoride, and sodium or silica. Alumina attracts and removes the fluoride ions from any of these government sanctioned additives, while the benign sodium and silica ions remain.

No residual alumina carries over into the filtered water, but at a certain point the fluoride that the alumina removes will reach a saturation point, and no more will be removed. The alumina media should be replaced regularly to insure effectiveness.

Reverse osmosis systems remove fluoride thoroughly as well. There may also be radioactive particles in our water. Further, there are now reports that radioactive metals are purposely included in the fluoride supplies being provided to our cities. Reverse osmosis is able to remove all these poisons.

Watch James Corbett’s video on the fluoride issue to understand this issue better. Click here for even more on the harm of fluoride.

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Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as www.PublicPoisons.com.

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