Thursday, August 15, 2013

Einstein's Circle of Compassion


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Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous. I am Otter Walks on Two Feet...
Greetings, While I rarely attempt to watch You(less) tube, I did for this article. To my surprise it worked. I am on the "No Watch List" for "them" and have found nothing but frustration. Given who runs it, that is no real surprise for me.
On point: The article itself was optimistic, a rarity in media these days.
I will, as I have done in the past, in articles, and in comments state my knowledgeable Truth of "Einstein". He was Brilliant, yes? He was a brilliant con man working for "Intelligence".
He was "G2," a Psyop front man used as a propaganda disinformationist!
In a day that patents had to be renewed every ten years, he plagiarized the work of prior genesis. Most if not all of his alleged work was rearrangement of charts and text. All posited years prior to his name being pinned to it. Walter Russell, Tesla, and many others, lived in their time, and moved forward. Often leaving behind their patents; open to the public domain. Then after his obscuration, he filed patents, and wrote papers, claiming his authorship. You will even read how his wife aided him in his work, yet she is given no credit, why? Today we see that almost every theorem he set forth is flawed. This is due to his co-opting of the original posits to shade them from direct repetition.
The short and critical point to realize, is that he was the mouth piece that worked to engender, Americans acceptance of, the safe and progressive move to the Nuclear (New Clear) Age. It was his job, with the backing, in todays lexicon, of "Think Tanks" and Psychoanalysts, to propagate the disinfo that has lead us to Atomic Suicide!
He worked in a patent office. Albert Einstein evaluated patents and applications for electromagnetic devices, physics, Quantum theory, the periodic table of elements, et al. .
He frequently admitted his blunders. His life in Germany to Italy, Zurich, and return to Germany edified his knowledge of the Nazi Agenda and Globalization; The NWO.
You will read many histories that shine bright lights on this person; remember how history is written.
This man is worthy of no praise nor worship! Today we would say he was CointelPro. This is not my theory. It is second hand, it is extremely well researched, with numerous first hand accounts of persons (Whistle Blowers...) pointing me early in life to the truth of this "Bernaysian" propagandist. His dissemination of a politically biased and misleading nature was an agenda, and he worked it.
This is the extreme data compression of the full truths... It is a history that needs to be rewritten.
Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet... 16th August 2013

Anonymous said...

You said it! Become the change that you wish to see (Ghandi). As each of us grows in consciousness/awareness, it affects the whole of humanity as all ships rise in a rising sea (David R. Hawkins, MD).

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Would a true genius and compassionate man really give violent children his understanding of the atom, without knowing that it would be weaponized and industrialized to the detriment of the world?

How many people did he kill? Considering Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and at the rate that Fukushima is flowing into the Pacific, he is responsible for the death and mutilation of tens of millions, if not the eventual extinction of the species.

He sacrificed all that for his ego - so he could be 'a genius' in the eyes of the world, regardless of the consequences.

The same is true for GMO makers, vaccine makers, weapons designers, etc. - how intelligent are these clever monkeys who would destroy the world so they can pat themselves on the back for solving the difficult problems their bosses hand them? How responsible are they for the suffering in the world?

Anonymous said...

Einstein and Compassion is something like Obama and Work.

Anonymous said...

"Considering Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and at the rate that Fukushima is flowing into the Pacific, he is responsible for the death and mutilation of tens of millions, if not the eventual extinction of the species."

Wow. That's rich. What kind of twisted logic dictates that a person is responsible for the actions of others, even when the actions occur after the person's death?

By the same twisted logic, you are also responsible for Fukushima because you did nothing and have done nothing to prevent it.

Hide Behind said...

I can read and listen to ideas on changing mans image of himself but that does not mean I have to emulate and replicate myself into being what others envision.
Does mankind have only this material earthly plane: And we know why we ask that question?
Mankind cannot seem to break free of a creator that demands we stay confined by this material dimension.
It is the power within our mind that defys the traditionalist structured control freaks who interjected themselves and their organizations between that spark of real creativity and their ideas of godhood.
It is that religious and secular mindset that has to be destroyed before mankind can leave these petty questions behind to be ignored by thos who follow,

Anonymous said...

@ The "ANON" that posted at1:38 PM August 16, 2013.
My name is Otter Walks on Two Feet. I do not hide behind the "Anon tag"...
Well, in todays world you are destined to get a "Shill." CointelPro Lives. Through Trolls, Sock Puppet, and just plain ignorance. The duplicitous speak of the above "ANON", falls in with those ignorant of the Global Agenda! The last condemnation by this anon shill neither shows nor tells of "Their" personal, relevant, action or actions taken by them "to prevent it"!

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